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Three unstoppable hours of Dave playing face-melting hot rock jams, talking with extremely important guests, answering the telephone, and trying to figure out what all those knobs and buttons are for. A sincere effort to get the original members of Dokken back on speaking terms will also be made whenever possible.

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Options May 25, 2015: It's Memorial Day and no one can believe it. Meanwhile, actor Kevin Corrigan and Hollywood know-it-all Dan Dratch come by to chat and stuff. In short, it's incredible.

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Artist Track Album Label Approx. start time
        0:00:00 ()
Kyuss  Thee Ole Boozeroony   Options     0:00:58 ()
Dave talks about stuff and answers listener mail        0:21:57 ()
Faces  Debris   Options     0:22:07 ()
Dinosaur Jr.  In a Jar   Options You're Living All Over Me  SST Records  0:26:07 ()
Vickie Baines  Country Girl   Options     0:35:06 ()
Fantômas  Cape Fear   Options     0:35:19 ()
Angel Witch  Angel Witch   Options Angel Witch    0:35:34 ()
Angel Witch  Angel Witch   Options Angel Witch    0:41:13 ()
Minor Threat  Stand Up   Options      
Dick Diver  Waste the Alphabet   Options      
Trouble Funk  Let's Get Small   Options      
The Pretty Things  Come See Me   Options      

Listener comments!

Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 9:02pm DaveHill:

Hello! Can you feel it!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 5/25/15 9:02pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Hey, team!
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 9:02pm DaveHill:

Testing. Get tested.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:02pm HTTP:

  Mon. 5/25/15 9:02pm Deb:

Hello Dave!!! I'M FEELIN' IT.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:03pm Danne D:

  Mon. 5/25/15 9:03pm Deb:

I forgot my important question of the day because it's a holiday and I'm not thinking straight.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:04pm HTTP:

Phew I was worried
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:04pm Danne D:

I believe that is a record fast scolding
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:04pm Deb:

How's Little Joe Franklin?
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:04pm Danne D:

call in and you'll remember it 201-209-9368
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:04pm Carmichael:

God dammit, I forgot us was Monday.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:05pm brycepunk:

I am so happy your show is on :) I need this.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:06pm JeffHQ:

Whoa, just exiting subway, and this shiz is meltfest!...brb
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 9:07pm tonyb:

i was hoping to see you and your pup
at mastodon/clutch/graveyard in the park tues nite
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:08pm JeffHQ:

Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 9:08pm j sakaarson:

Springtime is just the start of arboreal bukakke season.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:08pm Carmichael:

Vahevala, homeward sailor!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 5/25/15 9:09pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Besides tree junk, there are grass pollen and mold spores in the air at various times of the year.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:09pm JakeGould:

Hey America!
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:09pm ?:

Dave Hill is the funniest. This is going to be good.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:10pm JeffHQ:

Easy, smoothe, blistering and sensitive.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:10pm Supermeowy:

I just discovered the WFMU app!!! I am so happy about this!
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:10pm Corey in Sea:

Yeah Dave!! :)
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:10pm JakeGould:

Are you my mother?
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:11pm Deb:

Hullo Supermeowy!! Another woman in the chat room.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:11pm JeffHQ:

Hail F-berg.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:12pm Carmichael:

"Chat room"? So '90s ...
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:12pm JeffHQ:

Diet of worms is kale-free.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:13pm Dave's Memorial Day Pants:

I know where it's really hot...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 9:13pm JakeGould:

“Diet of Worms” rocks.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:13pm JeffHQ:

Aren't we all a forum?
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:13pm Deb:

Forum sounds so Roman
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:13pm Danne D:

technically, Dave, it's called the Live Accuplaylist or Live Comments or Comments.

But basically it's a chatroom minus people going private to cyber
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:14pm ?:

The order of Christ was eggs over easy hold the bacon, rye toast
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:14pm Carmichael:

No sweat, Dave. Most DJs call it the comments board. But fuck it, you are IN CHARGE!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 5/25/15 9:14pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Excuse me while I assume my chat form.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:15pm whoopie cushion:

i guess if this is a chat room a/s/l?
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 9:15pm j sakaarson:

Yeah, if there's one thing this board's missing, it's the "going private to cyber" option.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 9:15pm JakeGould:

Dave’s genitalia is fine. I am saying that because I don’t want to know and want to be nice.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:15pm Carmichael:

This could be a BBS.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:16pm JeffHQ:

Industrial grind ska band: Diet of Ska
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:16pm Karl:

Hello everyone
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:16pm goodgollymissmollie:

Things are heating up fast here guys
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 9:17pm j sakaarson:

Who would you rather trade places with, Dan Aykroyd or Eddie Murphy?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 5/25/15 9:17pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Hi, Supermeowy. Are you safe from dangerous thunderstorms this week?
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:17pm Darrel M:

I would trade places with Ron Jeremy. Then I would have the hummus all to myself after I first touched it!
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:17pm Supermeowy:

hi Deb!! we need more ladies here!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 9:17pm JakeGould:

I like Eddie Murphy.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:17pm Danne D:

Hey Mollie :)
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:18pm Danne D:

Hey Karl :)
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:18pm Dave's Memorial Day Pants:

I'll kick this off. Age: Vintage, Sex: ambiguous, Location: Dave's legs in Studio A
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:19pm Debbie:

Dan A. is my fav! He signed one of his wine bottles for me a few years ago.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:19pm Tom:

Stop second guessing yourself, Dave. The eleven hour time difference is really putting strain on our thing.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:19pm JeffHQ:

@Meowy@Deb: i will spike my smoothie w estrogen for the team.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:20pm Debbie:

@JeffHQ Free to be who you are!
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:21pm Tom:

Just been inspired to buy 'Talk Radio' on Blu-Ray..
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:22pm goodgollymissmollie:

Dave we are all here don't be lonely
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:22pm Danne D:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 9:23pm JakeGould:

Free to be you and me.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:24pm Debbie:

@JakeGould You know it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 9:24pm JakeGould:

Freedom isn’t free. Neither are french fries.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:24pm HTTP:

Flippin Monday
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 9:25pm DaveHill:

Thanks, Tom! I gotta get it together! Wait-where are you that is an eleven hour time difference!
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 9:25pm DaveHill:

Thanks, Mollie! Call in! It's been too long!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 5/25/15 9:26pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Free ice cream.
Cones are $3.95 each.
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 9:26pm DaveHill:

Dave's Memorial Day Pants! I like it!
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:26pm JeffHQ:

@Meowy: FYI, the app is the secret to immortality and good fortune.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 9:27pm JakeGould:

There’s a lot of free rain in Texas. Anyone else see that? It’s insane the rain.
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 9:28pm DaveHill:

a/s/l?! Wait- so what is this thing called if not a chat room. I'm an old, old man just trying to stay hep and stuff.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:28pm Carmichael:

@jakegould: today they're called Freedom Fries.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 9:29pm JakeGould:

@DaveHill: This is just a comment board.
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 9:29pm pierogie:

mmmmm, fried freedom.....
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:29pm JeffHQ:

@Jake: crosscountry driving, got stuck once in the mud w a rental truck. Good times. Red rain was coming down.
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 9:29pm DaveHill:

You do NOT want to trade places with Ron Jeremy. Trust me.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:29pm Debbie:

Hep cats rock it old school. :-)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 9:30pm JakeGould:

Wall of Rain: www.youtube.com...
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:31pm Karl:

Do you think Dave will find true love today... I do...
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:31pm Ellen L:

Explain about beard feces Dave.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:32pm JeffHQ:

Thx for the Mascis, Dave!
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:32pm Carmichael:

Ron Jeremy, the warthog of porn.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:32pm Matt G:

First time listening to the show live! It's nice to finally be able to see the "chat room" and hear all the songs
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 9:33pm JakeGould:

@EllenL: “According to a group of microbiologists in New Mexico, the rancid bacteria that beards collect could be putting owners’ health at risk.” nypost.com...
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 9:34pm j sakaarson:

It's nice that we're getting out of the drought here, but not nice that my parking lot's flooded
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:35pm Carmichael:

Doesn't anyone shave anymore? Hepcats and their beards...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 5/25/15 9:35pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Weird Beard
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:35pm JeffHQ:

@jake: Rancid? slang for a dirty beard cleansing in the spa industry is an "Operation Ivy".
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 9:36pm JakeGould:

Is that Charles Nelson Reilly doing that “This is not a show… It’s a bacchanal… This is an orgy of talent…”
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:36pm Danne D:

welcome aboard Matt :)

call on in 201-209-9368 :)

  Mon. 5/25/15 9:36pm JeffHQ:

  Mon. 5/25/15 9:36pm Danne D:

it sounds like the late night dude on WABC radio John Batchelor to me
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 9:37pm JakeGould:

Angel Witch by Angel Witch from the album Angel Witch.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:37pm Danne D:

it does not sound like CNR to me
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 9:38pm DaveHill:

Angel Witch!
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:38pm Ellen L:

Sorry I asked. Thank you JakeGould.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 5/25/15 9:38pm Ken From Hyde Park:

No one's invented beard shampoo yet? Where's my patent application?
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:38pm JeffHQ:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 9:38pm JakeGould:

@EllenL: I shave. Nuff said.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:40pm JeffHQ:

Man. Is this real life?
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:40pm Debbie:

I love that you can play the same song twice in a row! You don't hear this on mainstream radio stations. Dave is radical.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 9:40pm JakeGould:

@JeffHQ: I’m just a poor boy… Nobody loves me…
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 9:40pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey all hepcats in the chat room!
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 9:41pm Matt from Springfield:

@Debbie: Don't let Dave get down to the heart of the matter...you'll never give him "Forgiveness".
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:41pm JeffHQ:

Tony Hawk just set up an XGames halfpipe for this song.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:41pm Karl:

Just cooked stuff over a fire...like a damn MAN! I bet this is how Dave feels after every show.
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 9:42pm j sakaarson:

Angel Witch is the anti-Henley
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:42pm Debbie:

@Matt from Springfield I applaud that you know the definition of radical.
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 9:42pm MadameLuke:

my timing is perfect. ANGEL WITCH!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 9:43pm JakeGould:

The flooding in Austin is covering up the base of the Stevie Ray Vaughan statue. twitter.com...
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 9:43pm Matt from Springfield:

@Debbie: Cleveland sincerity to the NYC market itself is radical! And Dave just stacks it up from there..!
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:43pm Debbie:

Welcome to the chatroom/forum/comments board.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:43pm JeffHQ:

Kevin. Breathe easy.
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 9:44pm Matt from Springfield:

The flooding is in Austin TX as well? Well they'd better hope their Vietnamese taco trucks and beards will help them float.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 5/25/15 9:44pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Holy crow, Jake! I've been to that statue. Zilker Park is by that river. Next thing you know, the bats are going to be flooded out.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:45pm JeffHQ:

BBQ is brutally awesome. Im hungry again.
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 9:46pm j sakaarson:

Hipsters here in ATX are now cuffing their skinny jeans unironically
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 9:46pm Matt from Springfield:

I like commenter Isaac "Ike" as well! Who knew!
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:46pm JeffHQ:

Nobody rush the studio. Stay hydrated.
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 9:47pm Matt from Springfield:

@j sak: "Hey! My feet are wet, but my cuffs are bone dry! Everything's coming up MILHOUSE!"
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 9:48pm JakeGould:

@Matt: Boom! www.youtube.com...
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:49pm Danne D:

Miss Mollie bringing the heat
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 9:49pm j sakaarson:

@matt I never thought about it before, but Milhouse really is a hipster icon
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:49pm Karl:

Dave should be a tourist ... here in Milwaukee the Hamburg of the Midwest.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:50pm WayneGretzkyBarfBag:

happy memorial day
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 9:50pm Matt from Springfield:

BOOM! Thanks Jake, you've proven yourself as Captain Supplemental Information again!

Correction: "Hey! [They're working!] My feet are [soaked], but my cuffs are bone dry! Everything's coming up MILHOUSE!"
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:50pm JeffHQ:

Truth be told, the chat room earlier bent space-time. Sorry.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:51pm JeffHQ:

5 points: LA reference in context of NJ
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 9:52pm Matt from Springfield:

DAVE! Ask Kevin what it was like playing Jerry Rubin in "Steal This Movie!" alongside Donal Logue, BEFORE they acted together on "Grounded For Life"!! Did they come up with that show's idea while working on the movie?! SPECULATE!
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:53pm Danne D:

MFS call in :) 201-209-9368
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 9:54pm j sakaarson:

Did Kevin take the light rail from the PATH station to WFMU? Interesting sights abound, especially if you continue south to Bayonne. Just bring a switchblade.
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 9:54pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey Danne! Mayhaps...
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:54pm MONEYBAG$:

Today I watched Benny Hill while wearing a Deerhunter shirt
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 9:54pm JakeGould:

Do you kids remember WOR editorial replies? www.youtube.com...
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:55pm WayneGretzkyBarfBag:

Is it true Kevin is starring in a movie with Billie Joe from Green Day?
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:55pm JeffHQ:

Well turned heel. Sorry, brb.
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:55pm Karl:

Calling Dave is a lot like being Icarus flying too close to the sun...
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 9:56pm j sakaarson:

I was more familiar with the WPIX editorials: www.youtube.com...
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:57pm Danne D:

@MFS your question is a good one. give it a go :)
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 9:57pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey, the related videos is showing Joe Franklin! On WOR-9 2/14/76!

@Jake: When WOR Secaucus was a superstation, an old VHS of mine has some kinda equal time response. But why did stations make the editorial statement to begin with? Faux News tells us what to think..
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:57pm Carmichael:

"One shot. Two's pussy."
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:58pm ScottC:

When I was 11 I saw "No Blade Of Grass" at the Castro Theater in SF and I'm still trying to recover.....
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:58pm JeffHQ:

Deerhunter Bible School
  Mon. 5/25/15 9:59pm Danne D:

you heard Dave - call in with questions if ya got em 201-209-9368
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 9:59pm JakeGould:

@Matt: Yeah, they would have the editorial staff of the station air and opinion and then they would provide equal time for rebuttal. Then I believe Reagan era FCC changes and deregulation got rid of that requirement.
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 10:00pm MadameLuke:

I've had a crush on Kevin since Slums of Beverly Hills. Swoon....
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:00pm Danne D:

@MFS back when there was only like 7 channels the newscasts took the whole news thing more seriously and did editorials and stuff the way newspapers do
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 10:00pm Erma Gherd:

I lived at 205th and Hull for a time.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 10:00pm Ike:

I was just in Norwood yesterday, for the first time, for a Bangladeshi-American festival. Good lentil fritters.
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:00pm JeffHQ:

242nd is the last stop on 1 train, right?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 10:01pm JakeGould:

@Ike: You with the ethnic festivals and the food!
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 10:01pm Matt from Springfield:

@Danne: "took the whole news thing more seriously" .. sad that it isn't the case anymore.
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:01pm WayneGretzkyBarfBag:

Im wearing Don Dokken cologne ...i smell like a greasy dink
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:01pm herb.nyc:

(oops, Philip Glass was on npr. great intervw, talked about yoga, driving a cab, arpeggios, Ira Glass...)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 10:01pm Erma Gherd:

Yes, JeffHQ. This is the end of the D train they are talking about.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 10:01pm Erma Gherd:

McDwyer's was my hang!
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:02pm JeffHQ:

Sweet crawl.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 10:02pm JakeGould:

More on the Phoenix; serious old school, “At least one area bar, The Phoenix, was raided by law enforcement in 1994, with Irish authorities simultaneously raiding its owner's holiday home in Donegal. Thomas Maguire, the owner, and five others, were charged with smuggling thousands of bomb detonators to Ireland from Tucson via New York. A jury found the defendants not guilty on all counts.” en.wikipedia.org...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 5/25/15 10:02pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@Erma - You should call and talk about The Bronx.
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:03pm JeffHQ:

@erma: remembering times w an old gf who was med student way back
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 10:03pm Matt from Springfield:

Did you live around there Erma? That was quite a traditional "Hiberno-centric" lineup of bars! :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 10:03pm Erma Gherd:

That was not a good time in my life! Too many Irish boys.
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:03pm WayneGretzkyBarfBag:

I took a dump at the dump!
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 10:04pm Matt from Springfield:

Lost __ Sutherlands
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 10:05pm Erma Gherd:

I lived up there for a year, yep. It was past its prime. I think it was 1999 when I was there.

I loved "Lost Angels" - man, I wish I had the stones to call and chat.
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:06pm WayneGretzkyBarfBag:

Rossif Sutherland
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:07pm JeffHQ:

Note to self: Gotta hit Cinefamily again next trip west.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 5/25/15 10:08pm steve:

wow its Rocky from Buffalo 66, no kidding
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:08pm Julie:

Grounded for Life was a darn good show
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 10:08pm Matt from Springfield:

ZING! :)
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:09pm yykys:

Kevin must be checking the chat!
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 10:09pm Matt from Springfield:

@steve: And Goodfellas! And Pineapple Express! I had forgotten about those.

@Julie: I agree! Fox cancelled it after 2 seasons because that's what they did with their good shows back then.
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 10:10pm Matt from Springfield:

@yykys: Wunnerful! (He's the anti-Andy Breckman! :)
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:10pm Danne D:

he's even been on after school specials on both ABC AND CBS
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:11pm Julie:

I don't think it was on fox it was on WB
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 10:11pm Matt from Springfield:

A lot of morals to teach! But Jerri Blank *learned* something today -- GET TESTED!...
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 10:12pm Matt from Springfield:

@Julie: It started on Fox; in fact, this was right before Adult Swim began "saving" cancelled shows, it was still up to UPN and WB to continue series.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 10:13pm JakeGould:

If Kevin is reading this: Keep stirring. Please don’t let the sauce stick.
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:14pm JeffHQ:

Caruso in First Blood = age of Morrissey in Smiths. Hmm...
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:15pm jon:

evening dave and hillcats
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 10:16pm Erma Gherd:

it's gravy, Jake!
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 10:16pm Matt from Springfield:

Hi Hillraiser jon!
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 10:17pm Matt from Springfield:

Uh oh, Morrissey hiring his band on looks..!
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 10:18pm Matt from Springfield:

That's the problem with Morrissey's style in general, I really like his stuff with the Smiths but his solo work is just too slow...moany...melodrama.
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:18pm JeffHQ:

@dave: tweet your section at msg and he'll throw you flowers.
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:19pm Julie:

my issues with MOZ are too numerous to list
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 10:19pm Hola-soymilk:

Hi is this where we hang out?
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:19pm JeffHQ:

No, not just you.
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 10:20pm Matt from Springfield:

I'll tell you who that was...that was PATRICK BATEMAN and his other soulless assholes, those soulless assholes!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 10:20pm JakeGould:

I used to think I liked Morrisey’s solo stuff. Then I recently relistened to “Bona Drag” and man… I can’t stand his solo work. The Smiths are great… Except for “Strangeways…”
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 10:21pm Hola-soymilk:

Oh yes moz beisbol hats
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 10:21pm Matt from Springfield:

Hi hola!
Yep, below the bleachers. Grab a wine cooler and e-cig and eavesdrop on Dave Hill!
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:21pm JeffHQ:

Counterculture is an aisle at Urban Outfitters?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 10:21pm JakeGould:

Yo Hola!
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:21pm Danne D:

Hola Hola :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 10:21pm Erma Gherd:

Counterculture is next to Festival Wear...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 10:22pm Erma Gherd:

hola hola!
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 10:22pm tonyb:

keep the faith, hola...
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:22pm Debbie:

The internet is great and horrible just like life. If it wasn't for this website I'd never hear Dave Hill LIVE every week.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 10:22pm JakeGould:

Counter culture is easier to access nowadays, so everything is compartmentalized more. So the magic of going to a store and discovering stuff is really diminished.
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 10:22pm Matt from Springfield:

Hot Topic has a counterculture COUNTER!...I think they have Daft Punk helmets.
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:23pm Debbie:

and near Urban Decay...
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:23pm Matt G:

The Internet is to blame for the terrible coffee a barista gave me this morning
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 10:24pm JakeGould:

WFMU is really the only place I know of to casually hear new music easily. It’s like the record store of the airwaves.
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:24pm JeffHQ:

Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 10:24pm Matt from Springfield:

"I want a - TempoRRRRRary - SecreTTTTTTTTary..."
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:24pm Julie:

I LIKE temporary secretary, I remember it from my youth
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 10:25pm JakeGould:

Paul McCartney is cool. He wears Converse hi-tops.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 5/25/15 10:25pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 10:25pm Matt from Springfield:

The record store/Facebook/Reddit/news site you need.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 10:25pm Hola-soymilk:

He is definitely not cool, jake
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:25pm Danne D:

I'm a Reebok hightops guy
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 10:25pm chad from oregon:

That Temporary Secretary performance was pretty great. It was the first time it had ever been performed. Not bad for a goofy 30 year song.
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:26pm JeffHQ:

Rupert G expands into Ed Sullivan Theatre.
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:26pm Danne D:

I get all the counter-culture from that 'Against All Odds' store
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:27pm Carmichael:

I get my counter culture stuff at the mall.
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 10:28pm j sakaarson:

They all used Ringo sporadically on their solo albums and Lennon used to instruct guys like alan White and Jim Keltner to play like Ringo
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:28pm JeffHQ:

Sneaker Fields mix hop.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 10:28pm Hola-soymilk:

Please tell me this is about portishead
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 10:28pm Erma Gherd:

Spencer's Gifts is my favorite store at the mall.
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:30pm BriJet:

  Mon. 5/25/15 10:30pm JeffHQ:

I have that album.
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:30pm Danne D:

BriJet :)
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 10:30pm Matt from Springfield:

"No Slouch" Starr!

@Erma: Me too! It has all kinds of funny and ridiculous stuff, and in a way is the "anti-mall" store - no one worries about being "seen", or looking for stylish status symbols there. I guess mall owners have that scam for my type, providing something like that at the mall you ONLY find at the mall.
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:31pm jon:

lol erma! and what was spencer's gift anyway?
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:31pm Carmichael:

ALL flowers are in the dirt.
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:31pm Karl:

Can't believe I called in and talked with Kevin and Dave... pretty great moment! Guys at work won't even believe it!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 10:33pm Erma Gherd:

Spencer's gift was making you believe you really were going to fool someone with that hot pepper gum...
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:34pm JeffHQ:

Im ready for MSG. Why not?
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:34pm BriJet:

Danne D :)
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 10:34pm Matt from Springfield:

That was you Karl? Congrats! All the "hold" time is worth it! :)
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:35pm JeffHQ:

What is the old Knit space now?
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:35pm Danne D:

Great call Karl :D
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:38pm JeffHQ:

Kevin dont sell your self out of formula.
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:39pm Karl:

Thanks Danne D, I was pretty nervous but it was totally worth it. If you haven't called in...just do it!
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:40pm Danne D:

See MFS - callers really do win!
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:41pm JeffHQ:

@erma: blacklight LA flashback
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:41pm JeffHQ:

Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 10:41pm Matt from Springfield:

I don't have as much of a "block" as hola - I do intend to call in...one of these days! ;)
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:42pm JeffHQ:

Any traffic on the 10?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 10:42pm Erma Gherd:

I need that black velvet Zeppelin wall hanging with blacklight stuff, Jeff. My birthday is in November.
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:42pm Debbie:

The 10 is clear sailing now.
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 10:43pm Matt from Springfield:

Whoa - so Dave and Kevin are the new jungle rhythm/"Burundi beat"??
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 10:43pm Matt from Springfield:

San Fran and San Diego rock! Who needs LA?!
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:44pm JeffHQ:

CSI: Van Nuys
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 10:45pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jeff: With theme song "Squeeze Box", as they're running out of Who songs...

YES to separate seasons! That's one reason I like the East, and couldn't live in CA permanently.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 10:45pm JakeGould:

Callback: Angel Witch.
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:45pm JeffHQ:

@erma: duly noted. Xoxo. Let's do lunch. Call me.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 10:46pm Erma Gherd:

OK, we can meet at the mall! Let's hit up Auntie Anne's and split a Cinnabon after.
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:47pm Jed G:

Funny shit MrDaveHill
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 10:47pm blankemon:

Aww I missed Dave playing "Debris"
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 10:47pm Matt from Springfield:

Auntie Anne's sugary dyed lemonade drink - I won't sleep tonight! And Cinnabon, I can already smell it from here!!
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:47pm JeffHQ:

@matt: Squeeze Box summons the demon from Hades. [cue San Andreas]
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:49pm JeffHQ:

Conversationalists In Cars Getting Coffee.
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:49pm BriJet:

Love this!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 10:50pm Erma Gherd:

Riffers on the Radio being Ribald.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 5/25/15 10:50pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Crime blotter alert: B.B. King's daughters allege he was poisoned.
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:51pm JeffHQ:

Arkin, Arkin, Arkin!
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 10:51pm Matt from Springfield:

Ken HP, seriously???
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 10:52pm Erma Gherd:

there was something about it before he died - his family alleged his caregiver was negligent, I think. So sad.
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:52pm JeffHQ:

Well, I do need to shower...
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:53pm Jim S.:

“Los Angeles is a city of losers.” --Robert Mitchum
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 10:53pm Matt from Springfield:

Ugh, you idiot! It's the HYDRATION levels you gotta worry about! Save your cholestrol talk for email!
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:53pm JeffHQ:

Angel Witch.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 10:53pm JakeGould:

“Forget it Jake, it’s Chinatown… In Los Angeles… California…”
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:54pm Deb:

We need a hydration break!
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:55pm marc:

Play "Guilty" by Barbara Streisand
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 10:55pm Matt from Springfield:

Rachel Dratch is the only Dratch I know of. Looks like, that's about to change...
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:55pm JeffHQ:

  Mon. 5/25/15 10:55pm Karl:

A great song would be Public Image Ltd - Rise ... just saying.
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 10:55pm Matt from Springfield:

Stay hydrated, Deb! Drain bladder and re-hydrate during this music break!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 5/25/15 10:56pm Ken From Hyde Park:

B.B. King poisoning allegations - www.reviewjournal.com...
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:57pm Danne D:

@MFS ever watch Monk?
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:57pm Deb:

Thanks, Matt!
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:58pm JeffHQ:

I've gotta crate edge."- Employee at Crate
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 10:58pm JakeGould:

@Matt: Dan Dratch is Rachel’s brother.
  Mon. 5/25/15 10:59pm JeffHQ:

More tired. Back to one.
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 11:00pm DaveHill:

「野々村議員 政務費不正疑惑 泣き乱しながら潔白主張」を弾いてみたょ【ギター】
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:00pm JeffHQ:

  Mon. 5/25/15 11:00pm Deb:

This is weird.
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:00pm Danne D:

you said it, Dave!
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:00pm JeffHQ:

Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 11:00pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jake: The easiest answer to believe is the right one!

@Danne: It's been awhile - what character did Dan play?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 11:01pm JakeGould:

Yo you tried playing the " innocence claim crying disturbs NONOMURA lawmakers Parliamentary expenses scandal " [ guitar ]
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:01pm Carmichael:

This guy's a jumper.
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:02pm JeffHQ:

Gold. Let's get his people. Danne!!!
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 11:02pm DaveHill:

Alan Arkin!
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:02pm Deb:

he really live in New Mexico
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:02pm Danne D:

the In Laws is probably my mom's favorite movie
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:03pm Danne D:

@MFS Dan wrote several Monk episodes
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:03pm JeffHQ:

  Mon. 5/25/15 11:03pm jon:

i love a good alan arkin impression
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:04pm Carmichael:

Alan used to play in the Boston Terriers. Folk Music.
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 11:04pm Matt from Springfield:

And Dan does know it ALL!
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:04pm JeffHQ:

Deb? Meowy? Erma? MOLLIE?
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:05pm JeffHQ:

He is enraged. Send a fruit basket.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 5/25/15 11:06pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@JeffHQ - They're probably watching hockey.
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:07pm Deb:

He could pass on this call.
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:07pm JeffHQ:

Can we get a dinner reservation at Olive Garden in Westwood?? Make it snappy.
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 11:07pm Matt from Springfield:

But it's not Memorial Night in Halifax...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 11:08pm chad from oregon:

This is beyond painful to listen to.
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:09pm JeffHQ:

NASCAR tech David Letterman. More fluids!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 5/25/15 11:09pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Happy Thanksgiving Day, Canada (according to ChrisM this morning).
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 11:09pm Matt from Springfield:

Could we get Amy Schumer on to talk about real-or-possibly-not Hollywood gossip? We could call the segment "Schumer Has It..."
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:09pm Deb:

Is Hamburger Hamlet still in business in Hollywood?
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 11:10pm Matt from Springfield:

Zain was originally named "Glenn Frey" too, and had to change that.
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:10pm Deb:

What happened to Kevin Corrigan?
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:10pm jon:

can you pull strings at the westwood olive garden jeffhq? how about the fresno chilis?
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:10pm JeffHQ:

Shut the front door.
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:10pm Deb:

It's gold, Dave, it's gold!
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 11:10pm Matt from Springfield:

And no, Justin Timberlake couldn't have been in NSYNC, he was 20 years younger than the other members.
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:11pm marc:

It doesn't sound like he knows anything
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:11pm Mira:

Too bad the name was taken.. Eagles go in many more directions than they do!
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 11:11pm Matt from Springfield:

BURN, Mira!
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:11pm Deb:

No one is really FROM Hollywood!
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:12pm Deb:

Is his daughter a little person, too?
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:12pm Deb:

Peter D. went to my college.
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:12pm JeffHQ:

@Jon: No, but I know a guy at In'N'Out there. Let's do lunch. FAX ME.
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:12pm marc:

Did he hang out with Donald Trump? He's a TV star
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:14pm Deb:

Text me and we can meet up
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 11:14pm JakeGould:

I love In'n'Out burger. NYC has nothing close to it. Maybe Shake Shack?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 11:14pm Hola-soymilk:

According to wiki Peter Dinklage is from Jersey
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:14pm Karl:

I can't wait to see what 2D Dave Hill does this weekend...
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 11:14pm Matt from Springfield:

@JeffHQ: He has a "secret" menu too - order "the Hypocrite" (veggie burger loaded w/ bacon).
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:15pm Danne D:

Jimmy :)
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 11:15pm Matt from Springfield:

2D? Does Dave Hill now star in an animated series/web comic?
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 11:15pm j sakaarson:

Does Jimmy know the words to Angel Witch? The only thing better than hearing the record a third time is to hear Jimmy's rendition.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 11:15pm JakeGould:

He’s stirring. He’s stirring.
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:16pm marc:

There's nothing wrong with quoting Wikipedia pages. Rand Paul uses direct Wikipedia page quotes when he writes his speeches
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 11:17pm Hola-soymilk:

I adore Jimmy! I wonder if he knows Peter Dinklage
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:17pm Danne D:

Jimmy knows from gossip :)
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:17pm Deb:

  Mon. 5/25/15 11:17pm JeffHQ:

Charlton Heston has carrots in his cold dead hands.
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:17pm Karl:

Taking 2D Dave Hill on a pub crawl this weekend... what fan wouldn't
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 11:18pm Matt from Springfield:

Ha! Jimmy said "Cedar-Cyanide" - easy Freudian slip to make! :)

Actually, I think Dean Martin fought with Jerry Lewis over celery sticks - it's what finally split up their partnership.
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 11:19pm Matt from Springfield:

@marc: You're telling me! I modified Wiki's "History of the Federal Reserve System", so that Rand could read a tribute to Kate Bush into the Congressional Record! I still don't think he noticed!
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:19pm JeffHQ:

Dwight Statham helps me out at Staples.
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:22pm JeffHQ:

Fix it in post, Jimmy.
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 11:22pm Matt from Springfield:

Jimmy's voice just gets the connection so emotional...
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:24pm Deb:

I choose the middle square.
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:25pm JeffHQ:

Can Eddie Murphy do another Great American Hero?
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 11:27pm Matt from Springfield:

This is a family radio show, God dammit!
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 11:28pm Matt from Springfield:

"If you're not laughing, it's true." Huh, I guess that's true.
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:29pm JeffHQ:

Quentin seen at Coffee Bean
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:30pm mr. 40s:

The whole family gathered around.. I smoking my pipe, my daughter playing with her cornhusk dolls, my son fiddling with his red rider BB gun, and of course the wife knitting affectionately by my side
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:31pm Tom:

I'm sorry , Dave. I know about the dump button and the moment got the best of me. I'm just a motar man. Unlike you probably maybe..
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:31pm JeffHQ:

Reese is a high school mathlete and pot dealer.
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:32pm Tom:

(s***) Mortal man.
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 11:33pm DaveHill:

No problem, Tom!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 11:33pm JakeGould:

As Alf would say, “No problem!”
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:34pm JeffHQ:

Dan Pasternack was a quarterback?
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:34pm Tom:

Thanks...and that's why we stick together. Basically.
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 11:35pm blankemon:

Bum Phillips!
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 11:35pm blankemon:

Dan Pastorini was great.
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 11:36pm Matt from Springfield:

"Zeppelin on Bassoon and Contrabassoon: Vol. 4, ZoSo"
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 5/25/15 11:36pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Billy "White Shoes" Johnson!
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:36pm JeffHQ:

Geena was a hotel lobby pianist.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 11:37pm JakeGould:

Here’s your bloody “Middle Mass” As Alf would say, “No problem!”
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 11:37pm blankemon:

Billy "White Shoes" was the best...and of course, the Tyler Rose - EARL CAMPBELL!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 11:38pm JakeGould:

I mean, HERE is your “Middle Mass” www.youtube.com...
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:40pm Danne D:

last minute questions? call on in! 201-209-9368
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 11:40pm Matt from Springfield:

Nice early hip hop cut!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 11:41pm JakeGould:

Steve Martin, “Let’s Get Small” www.youtube.com...
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:43pm Danne D:

Steve Martin's "Let's Get Small" was a CD I bought at the FMU record fair :)
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:43pm Deb:

Who said this? I'm very feminist, man. I was raised by four women, my dad worked the 4 P.M. to midnight shift, so I was basically raised by four women. I'm so pro, pro female.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 11:44pm JakeGould:

@DanneD: The first comedy cassette I ever bought was “Wild and Crazy Guy” from Alexander’s in the cut out bin back in the early 1980s.
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:45pm Danne D:

@Jake I first heard Let's Get Small on my brother's 8-track player :D
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 11:46pm JakeGould:

@DanneD: Dang! Now that is hardcore. I saw folks at the record fair selling 8-tracks. I can’t even.
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 11:46pm Matt from Springfield:

Cut out bin!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 11:47pm JakeGould:

Dan! Dan! Penis size. Let us know about the size of Hollywood penii. THANK YOU!
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:47pm Danne D:

and somewhere in a Bergen County wearhouse is the old Alexander's mural that was at the interchange of Route 4 and 17 in Paramus
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:47pm JeffHQ:

Kathleen Hanna is cohosting The Talk with Adam Sandler next week.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 11:48pm JakeGould:

@DanneD: I appreciate the fact you remember Alexander’s as well, “But I buy at Alexander’s!”
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 11:49pm JakeGould:

Helen Slater “Supergirl” is HORRIBLE! So bad. So horrible. Matt “Max Headroom” Frewer was in it as a potential rapist trucker.
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:50pm Danne D:

Via Hola News Network - Hawks have tied the Ducks and they are going to overtime!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 11:51pm JakeGould:

Matt Salinger is “Captain America” www.youtube.com...
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:51pm JeffHQ:

Steven Tyler is next judge on Arctic Animal Hunt.
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 11:53pm Matt from Springfield:

Mind o' it's own, I tell ya.
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:54pm JeffHQ:

Dave Hill secures worldwide distribution for Wonder Woman vs. Superman.
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:55pm Danne D:

no joke the toy gun is possessed
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:56pm JeffHQ:

Back to one.
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:56pm Danne D:

i put it in the kitchen
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 11:57pm JakeGould:

@DanneD: Like ED-209.
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 11:58pm Matt from Springfield:

My emotions have been disrobed! :O
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:58pm JeffHQ:

Night all. Stupendous evening. See you this side or the other.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/25/15 11:59pm JakeGould:

Smell you later, America!
Avatar Mon. 5/25/15 11:59pm Matt from Springfield:

All right, thanks Dave! Thanks Kevin, Dan, "Alan", Danne, callers and commenters and everyone! Great show!

Have a good night, people! :)
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:59pm Deb:

A Dramedy
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:59pm Danne D:

thanks for a great show Dave and everyone! til next week :)
  Mon. 5/25/15 11:59pm Deb:

  Tue. 5/26/15 12:00am Deb:

Louden Wainwright!!!!
Avatar Tue. 5/26/15 4:20pm DaveHill:

Thanks for listening, everybody! See you next week!
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