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WFMU's House of Horrors; with black/death/doom metal, punk/grind, Kosmische/Krautrock, filmmusic, and noise/improv. Regular live guests and film commentary.

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Options March 25, 2015: #260 Never

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Artist Track Album Label Year Format Comments Approx. start time
Fabio Frizzi & Giorgio Tucci  Zombie Theme   Options Zombie OST  Blackest Heart Media    CD    0:00:00 (Pop‑up)
Nightstick  Also Sprach Zarathustra   Options Rock + Roll Weymouth  At War WIth False Noise    CD    0:05:07 (Pop‑up)
Necrovulva  Black Stench Sexorcisto   Options Necrovulva / Chaos Cascade  Repulsive Evil Productions  2015  7"    0:06:41 (Pop‑up)
Two Million Tons of Shit  Cackhanded   Options Limbs Bin / Two Million Tons of Shit  Follow Me Into The Laser Eye    Cassette    0:12:17 (Pop‑up)
Night  Black Flame Eternal   Options Triumph of Satanic Beliefs  Vanguard Productions  2015  Cassette    0:33:54 (Pop‑up)
Folkstorm  I   Options Sweden  Cold Spring  2009  CD    0:41:00 (Pop‑up)
Two Million Tons of Shit  Cackhanded [THIS TIME AT THE CORRECT SPEED]   Options Limbs Bin / Two Million Tons of Shit  Follow Me Into The Laser Eye    Cassette    0:54:32 (Pop‑up)
Cretin  Cockfight   Options Freakery  Relapse    CD    1:05:37 (Pop‑up)
Svffer  Canvas + War Paint   Options Lies We Live  Halo of Flies  2015  LP    1:11:02 (Pop‑up)
Anasazi  Ash Wednesday   Options Nasty Witch Rock  Toxic State    LP    1:12:06 (Pop‑up)
Satan's Satyrs  Alucard   Options Wild Beyond Belief!  At War WIth False Noise    CD    1:16:44 (Pop‑up)
Glitter  Behind the Velvet Curtain   Options Self Titled Mini LP  Pee Blood    12"    1:21:56 (Pop‑up)
Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments  Outside My Scene   Options Straight To Video  STV    LP  vinyl reissue  1:27:22 (Pop‑up)
TRTRKMMR  Lightning and Thunder, I Break Asunder   Options Avec La Souillure Nous Entrons Au Regne de la Terreur  Iron Lung  2015  LP    1:29:43 (Pop‑up)
Monarch  Mortes   Options Sabbracadaver  Profound Lore  2015  CD    1:49:11 (Pop‑up)
Silva Nigra  Čas splatit dluh   Options Bible Bolestných Nářků  Slava Satan Records  2013  CD    2:17:06 (Pop‑up)
Barad Dûr  Unser Gott   Options Vergeltung  Nebelfee Klangwerke  2013      2:23:12 (Pop‑up)
Order of the White Hand  Hautaan Syntynyt   Options Korpimaa  Vanguard Productions  2015  Cassette    2:30:10 (Pop‑up)
Inquisition  Force of the Floating Tomb + Darkness Flows Towards Unseen Horizons   Options Obscure Verses for the Multiverse  Season of Mist  2013  CD    2:40:25 (Pop‑up)
Volahn  Bonampak   Options Aq'Ab'Al  Ajna / Iron Bonehead    2LP    2:48:39 (Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

Avatar 12:09am Ryab:

That picture of Eric. Haha evening William.
Avatar 12:14am Ryab:

Or morning I suppose.
  12:15am That Guy From San Jose:

This music sounds a little angst-y.
Avatar 12:17am Wm.:

It's a celebration!
  12:17am That Guy From San Jose:

I had an old dishwasher that sounded like this song when a plastic container shook loose.
Avatar 12:18am Ryab:

I'd say maybe cathartic
  12:18am That Guy From San Jose:

I want this song played at my wedding.
Avatar 12:18am Ryab:

That would be a great wedding. The faces of everyone being the best part.
  12:19am That Guy From San Jose:

Ryab, you are invited. I like your attitude.
  12:20am That Guy From San Jose:

Wm. can be your +1 if he minds his manners.
Avatar 12:20am Ryab:

Horror + confusion = hilarity.
Avatar 12:21am Ryab:

Usually anyway.
  12:21am That Guy From San Jose:

Have to admit, the feedback is nice.
Avatar 12:22am Ryab:

Weddings are like watching somebody make out on a bus for 6 hours.
Avatar 12:22am Mugsy:

Never in my life have I heard a more correct statement on your part, " I don't think I could picked a crappier song", and you did not make the Black Crowes more Okay.
Avatar 12:23am JakeGould:

All weddings are beautiful. All babies are beautiful. Home buying decisions? Always a great move. And career choices? Always flawless unless you have a nervous breakdown and want to start selling homemade pickles at the farmer’s market.
  12:23am That Guy From San Jose:

Wm. are you taking requests, my good sir?
Avatar 12:24am Mugsy:

1:24:29 video2
  12:24am Three Oranges:

Oh my, that was very noisy indeed
Avatar 12:24am Ryab:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:25am Rory:

  12:25am That Guy From San Jose:

Wm. loves me most.
Avatar 12:26am Ryab:

Yeah we know
  12:27am ian:

who is the hot dude in glasses?
  12:29am That Guy From San Jose:

I thought it as Deed Runley?
Avatar 12:30am JakeGould:

Eric Wareheim from Tim and Eric.
Avatar 12:30am Ryab:

Looks like a shot from their Billion Dollar Movie but I can't be sure
Avatar 12:31am Ryab:

I have to say I do fancy this track more at the proper speed
Avatar 12:32am Mugsy:

I like homemade pickles.
  12:34am blee:

Fuck yeah that's Eric Wareheim!

Beautiful, all of it, in all it's filthy glory.
Avatar 12:35am JakeGould:

@Mugsy: Homemade pickles are great. Having a breakdown to make them? Not so great!
  12:37am blee:

Wm. Thank you for the marathon prize. I look forward to it's arrival at my doorstep. Of course I can sign in blood, not a problem.
Avatar 12:37am Mugsy:

I guess not.
  12:38am blee:

Homemade pickle breakdown would make a great low budget movie.
Avatar 12:39am Ryab:

Damn that transition was great.
Avatar 12:42am JakeGould:

“Homemade Pickle Breakdown” is a great old time blues number that has never been recorded yet.
Avatar 12:45am Ryab:

But I love your bed music.
Avatar 12:48am Mugsy:

And that's awesome I'm sorry.
Avatar 12:49am Ryab:

Well I think I have a bunch of lag in my stream
Avatar 12:50am JakeGould:

@Ryab: Then drink some cranberry juice.
Avatar 12:51am Ryab:

Hopefully it helps.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:52am cory:

i'm off to bed. happy hunting mr. wm.
Avatar 12:52am Mugsy:

It would have been a lighthearted jab with a wink if your tape player was not set to the wrong speed. Hip bone is quite a compliment William.
Avatar 1:01am Wm.:

The Hip Bone was the title of my show here from 1984-1999, that's what Ken was referring to. ...And doesn't this sound SO MUCH BETTER @ the correct speed? I tend be very unforgiving about careless, oblivious behavior. I would rather deal with malice, honestly. Someone who messes up your thing by spacing on something they should have done, to me that's more unforgivable than doing the same on purpose to be mean. Don't be a spaced-out doofus, remember that other people use the gear here; that's all I ask. ...
  1:13am ian:

Avatar 1:14am Ryab:

Ya blew it!
Avatar 1:15am JakeGould:

“Someone who messes up your thing by spacing on something they should have done, to me that's more unforgivable than doing the same on purpose to be mean.” How many of life’s mistakes have been caused by laziness, slack and sloth? Tons.
  1:15am ian:

I feel vyour frustration but thats why everything has to be idiot proofed..
  1:18am ian:

or as they say, to assume is to make an ass of you and me. I guess the point is you can always pass the buck ;)
  1:19am ian:

Its no big deal!!
Avatar 1:19am Wm.:

Not my job to check all the pitches on all the gear at the start of every show, those first moments are hard enough. Idiot proofing could / should happen AT BIRTH. OR, I could krazy glue the pitch knob in zero position. I don't go around fixing other people's mistakes, picking up their garbage, not gonna start now...
  1:21am ian:

its cool man, i have worked in radio, i feel you. Just playing the devils advocate. I am an fmu listener!!
Avatar 1:21am JakeGould:

William, just write a note that says, “We Live in a Society!” in your own blood and tape it to the console.
  1:24am ian:

Idiot proofing!
Avatar 1:25am Wm.:

The button comes off; thinking about just taking it home with me. "If you can't use this responsibly, you don't deserve to have it!"
  1:26am ian:

My shower handle does that. not trying to be a dick, loving the show.
Avatar 1:30am JakeGould:

So how about my “note in blood” idea but with you removing the knob and the note just says, “This is why we can’t have nice things!”
Avatar 1:31am Wm.:

Ohh I like that!
  1:33am ian:

where is my last comment?
Avatar 1:33am JakeGould:

@Dean: You’re not one of these morally neutral types? Like an assistant principal, right?
  1:34am ian:

gah. it was so witty..
Avatar 1:36am JakeGould:

@Dean: I am not alluding to National Lampoon. Just assistant principals do the “dirty work” of the administration.
Avatar 1:38am Ryab:

Stop leaving the toilet seat up!
  1:39am ian:

Stop leaving it down!
  1:40am ian:

good times
  1:41am ian:

I do!
Avatar 1:42am Ryab:

Avatar 1:42am JakeGould:

You can leave the seat down and a man can still pee into the toilet. But if you leave the seat up, it makes it easier for the dudes but women fall in. I learned that from “Defending the Caveman.”
Avatar 1:43am Ryab:

No because then it splashes onto it and creates an even more bitchy problem. Bad move.
  1:44am ian:

it's a real dichotomy. I am in the considerate camp but thats how ya get screwed.
  1:44am GGG:

No. Christ, just cue up the record/tape and see if it sounds right. not everyone is on 100% full attention to the needs of everyone else at all times.
Avatar 1:45am Ryab:

OH they'll know.
  1:45am ian:

point taken.
Avatar 1:47am JakeGould:

Tim and Eric, “Father and Son” www.youtube.com...
  1:47am ian:

if you get screwed by accident, that is tragedy, on purpose it is comedy..
Avatar 1:47am Ryab:

I'll check it out.
Avatar 1:50am Ryab:

I wonder if he went all caps in the email at any point.
  1:51am ian:

lol. I hope it alll comes out in the wash.
Avatar 1:51am Wm.:

GGG, tape was already cued. No need to re-cue it, or so I thought. In a collective organization like this one, I think it's a case where all participants should do their absolute best to be attentive to the needs of others that share the same gear. PERIOD! I'm not going to be talked out of my opinion on this one.
  1:54am ian:

they should, but the stakes here are low.. this is starting to resemble seinfeld or poirtlandia :)
Avatar 1:56am JakeGould:

Some people are just animals. Maybe WFMU needs a helper dog?
  2:01am ian:

its not an excluusive comic trope, but essentially those tv shows are about people with narrow focus just blowing things out of proportion even though the principle of the complaint is understandable to anyone. It creates dramatic tension.
Avatar 2:03am Wm.:

I think Seinfeld is a valid, applicable comparison here. That said, I agree, for the greater part, with all the little untoward behaviors that they satirize and point to on that show, "close talkers," etc. I think people should know how to behave, without having a road map drawn for them.
  2:05am ian:

that is very cool of you. own it. respect. maybe fmu can do a sitcom? gotta beat wkrp. remember that, gen xers?
Avatar 2:06am Wm.:

...and ultimately, I will probably be seen as the "bigger dick," for sending that email to part of the staff, despite the validity of my complaint, because I acted out in frustration, while the source of my frustration did so in negligence. But that goes to the very ROOT of my point....
  2:07am ian:

you can blame me. it totally does adress yor poiunt. i am a bad listener.
  2:09am ian:

now we have found the real shit stirrer. thx dude.
Avatar 2:11am Ryab:

Can't have too much guac.
  2:14am ian:

thank you for doing this shift, this is when wfmu comes alve. Shame my life has to be sketch to hear it live. Who here has a regular paycheck??
Avatar 2:14am Wm.:

Dean, I think you're thinking of yourself, or perhaps "most people." I can assure you that some people do need their behavior pointed out to them, like my neighbors not realizing that loud hammering was not acceptable at 12:30 a.m. Knowing them as I do, I can tell you this was negligence, obliviousness, in their case, where a great many others would just know that's not acceptable. When I say behave, I don't mean "behave any old way," as in live. They need that road map, some of them, to point out that what they are doing is wrong. "Behave," as in "behave WELL." That should have been obvious. You're just being a contrarian, an agent provocateur.
  2:16am CDToaster:

1. The dj who left the control knob below the center position was so caught up in the music they were playing that they simply forgot to turn it back.
2. The previous user of the cassette deck never touched the knob and DID leave it as they found it.
3. Ken Freeman turned the knob as a test to see who would pick up on it and turn it into a rant.
4. The knob wasn't misadjusted; a technician discovered the perfect pitch for the machine was actually slightly off center but didn't place a note on it.
5. Too much pot was being smoked at the time for anyone to remember anything.
6. It was a simple accident through forgetfulness by someone who otherwise is extremely considerate.
7. Bill Berger did it himself but wanted to invent an interesting discussion topic for his show.
8. The show's beginning was so good, it demanded to be repeated.

Shall I go on? Very funny show tonight.! And excellent music!
  2:17am ian:

wut that is insane. Can we givee the last commenter a t shirt??? QUALITY
Avatar 2:18am Ryab:

This show is awesome haha. Would have missed if I decided to sleep haha
  2:19am ian:

music is ok too. reminds me of an evil norwegian bitch that fucked me over, ah late nites
Avatar 2:20am Ryab:

Omg you too? Tch
  2:21am CDToaster:

Thanks ian; I get a T-shirt every year.
  2:21am ian:

she was a barista in portland. in the 90s.
  2:23am ian:

I want your email dean. and not sexually.
  2:25am ian:

clearly you are super dedicated CDtoaster. is that a reference to the videotoaster?
  2:26am ian:

it happens dean. cool runnings.
Avatar 2:26am Wm.:

The point regarding my neighbors is that their thought was, "we need to hammer, get this work done." They were not thinking, "this might annoy the neighbors, doing it this late," as many / most would. They're real dim bulbs; you can trust me on this one. Or not.
Avatar 2:30am JakeGould:

William, I just want to let you know that venting here is the only productive action. Also, neighbors are stupid. Women? I don’t get them. And airplane food! My lord AIRPLANE FOOD! It’s SOOOO BAD!
  2:31am ian:

aw now i feelbad. let the dude vent..
Avatar 2:33am JakeGould:

@Dean: “I am a contrarian, both in real life and on comments boards.” So the dress is blue and black to you?
  2:34am ian:

we should all be both considerate and forgiving.

i dont claim any authority to judge. Just chillin late wit the death metal. it does remind me of a bad breakup. isnt it all a complex web..
Avatar 2:37am Wm.:

Certainly was not a ban based on the Steve Jobs comment. Just got tired of the dicky contrarianism, and deliberate subversion of my points through pretending to not understand. Sleep it off Dean, or have a drink, whatever you need to not be a douche on comment boards.
  2:40am CDToaster:

@ian: Thanks ian, yes you're quite right, I'm a dedicated fmu listener - since 1967 when I was 14 years old. Been listening ever since the first show broadcast by Vin Scelsa. No, CDToaster is my website; I burn CDs. I'm also known here as (mta) Tony.
Avatar 2:42am JakeGould:

Whenever I think of people who proudly claim they are “contrarian,” it’s like they got a masters degree in ruining a conversation.
  2:42am ian:

I dont mean that comment about this music being like a breakup metaphorically, i mean i dated a girl who was into this sort of music. who dumped me. She has a radio show in port townsend, wa, which is like portland in the 80s but under the radar and with only 300 ppl.
  2:43am blee:

Pitch is a Bitch
  2:44am Hel:

Me likes this track, had to come and see what it was. Thanks William.
  2:47am ian:

u fink dey used a double pedal??
  2:49am blee:

  2:49am ian:

should it be a warning if you meet a girl who likes this sound?
  2:50am ian:

if you are a het male
  2:51am blee:

This has been an excellent post-marathon show Wm! I'm sure you are not in a dress shirt and tie for this one.
  2:51am CDToaster:

CDToaster will continue listening but is leaving the comments board.
G'night all.
  2:52am Hel:

@Ian, if you're talkin' to me, i ain't no musician and i'm purely into atmosphere as far as bm goes. I'm female w/ a mountain of metaphysical knowledge so I'd say definitely don't f*ck w/ women who listen to thia music or you'll end up a newt
  2:53am ian:

peas I was afraid of that :(
  2:54am Hel:

@Ian, run along then,..while you still can
Avatar 2:54am Wm.:

I WANT to meet ALL the women who love this music! For fucking sure. That's my tribe!
  2:55am ian:

wm berger hates me. I was inept and not even intentionally flirting. You win this time wm.
  2:56am ian:

you ever actually met any wm? I am no big dude but one was enough to tell the stories.
  2:57am blee:

  2:57am ian:

god bless one and all or the diety of your choice.
  2:58am Hel:

@William, I think you should form The House of Quiet Coven..hehe
  2:59am ian:

If he wants to play with fire
Avatar 2:59am Wm.:

I'm so confused- I don't hate you Ian, and yes I know many women who love black metal. Their taste is neither her nor there as to whether they will be straight with a guy. Black metal female fans are by and large top-shelf people.
Avatar 2:59am JakeGould:

William, if you want to meet women into noise then heck… Noise night at Monty Hall. Boom!
  3:02am Hel:

@Jake, no one just listens to one type of music
Avatar 3:16am Wm.:

In an ideal world, all my friends are witches of one kind or another. Strong women are the best....
Avatar 10:38am SiHV:

Thursday morning. Listening to filthy noise as I cram for a job interview, for a job I don't really want. But it's in Mahwah!
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