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Three unstoppable hours of Dave playing face-melting hot rock jams, talking with extremely important guests, answering the telephone, and trying to figure out what all those knobs and buttons are for. A sincere effort to get the original members of Dokken back on speaking terms will also be made whenever possible.

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Options January 7, 2014: The First Goddamn Dave Hill Show Ever, with H. Jon Benjamin, Pantera's Phil Anselmo, Dick Cavett, Bobby Tisdale and Doug Gillard.

Dave shares an erotic short story, H. Jon Benjamin in studio discusses his acting research and mafia connections, Pantera's Phil Anselmo calls in for some fun, Dick Cavett calls in with some fantastic impressions, Bobby Tisdale's "Upstate New York Report", Doug Gillard in studio for some tunes and smiles.

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Kyuss  Thee Ol' Boozeroony   Options And The Circus Leaves Town  0:00:00 ()
Kinks, The  Mindlless Child of Motherhood   Options Kinks Kronikles  0:02:36 ()
Monster Magnet  Twin Earth   Options Superjudge  0:06:14 ()
Cheap Trick  Southern Girls   Options In Color  0:11:43 ()
Glen Campbell  Wishing Now   Options Reunion  0:13:37 ()
MC5  High School   Options Back in the U.S.A.  0:55:23 ()
Down  Stone the Crow   Options NOLA  1:00:05 ()
Dinosaur Jr.  The Lung   Options You're Living All Over Me  1:03:09 ()
Led Zeppelin  Celebration Day   Options III  1:05:43 ()
H. Jon Benjamin  Chats with Dave Hill   Options   1:09:11 ()
Phil Anselmo  Chats with Dave Hill on the phone   Options   1:20:17 ()
Dick Cavett  Chats with Dave Hill on the phone   Options   1:36:55 ()
The Raspberries  Tonight   Options Side 3  1:55:49 ()
The Smiths  There Is a Light That Never Goes Out   Options The Queen Is Dead  1:58:00 ()
Bobby Tisdale  Chats with Dave Hill on the phone   Options   2:04:16 ()
Doug Gillard  With Dave Hill   Options   2:14:29 ()
Gem  Something 2 Point 2   Options   2:21:50 ()
Doug Gillard  I Shalt Not Want   Options Parade On  2:33:50 ()
Death of Samantha  Bed of Fire   Options If Memory Serves Us Well  2:34:38 ()
Doug Gillard  Playing with Dave Hill   Options   2:38:35 ()
Guided by Voices  My Son Is Cool   Options Alien Lanes  2:40:11 ()
Doug Gillard  Playing with Dave Hill   Options   2:44:11 ()
Music behind DJ:
    2:55:50 ()
Kyuss  Thee Ol' Boozeroony   Options And The Circus Leaves Town   

Listener comments!

  Tue. 1/7/14 9:01pm Scott:

I don't want to be that guy that writes "FIRST!", so I'll write this:

Welcome to WFMU, Dave Hill!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:01pm Callieflower:

Hii. Welcome, Dave!
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:02pm KTTTTT:

whoa! playlist for Tuesdays @ 9! first time in years!!! Congrats Dave
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:02pm DaveHill:

Thanks, Scott!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:03pm JakeGould:

The first Dave Hill show is happening while it is a consistent 10 degrees all night. Makes ya think!
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:03pm hot 'n krusty:

W e l c o m e, D a v e ! ! ! Love your theme song
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:03pm Minnesota Jeff:

  Tue. 1/7/14 9:04pm God:

This Goddamn show better be good for my sake.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:04pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- do you like this Kyuss better than the 'Sky Valley' album ?
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:04pm crocodile wobble:

Much anticipated three hour hullabaloo DJ Goddamn Dave Hill.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:04pm Chris M.:

Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:05pm Polk Biggins:

*&# damn! So excited to listen to the first DH Show!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:05pm DaveHill:

sky valley
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:05pm JakeGould:

This Kinks is a good start.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:06pm BadGuyZero:

Hey everyone!
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:06pm Richard from Venezuela:

Bienvenido Dave.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:06pm VealCutlet:

Evening Dave and FMU folks!
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:06pm KTTTTT:

rolling my first joint (of hopefully many) for TGDDHS
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:07pm Chris in TX via RI:

Hey folks! Welcome Dave!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:07pm DaveHill:

Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:08pm Polk Biggins:

Just found Kinks Kronikles for $.99 the other day. More randomly vital facts to come.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:08pm AbeSomething:

Dave Hill! Let's do this!
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:08pm tilliebean:

go dave go! iii from hvn...
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:08pm Andrew Fetter:

Evening all!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:09pm Pseu Braun:

Welcome, Dave Hill. Sprinkling the rose petals on your virginal altar!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:09pm Minnesota Jeff:

Twin Earth, YEAH!
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:09pm Andrew Fetter:

Welcome Dave!
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:10pm EL:

Exciting! I've been looking forward to this!
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:10pm KTTTTT:

http://www.hazedandconfused.com/worst -- HOPE YOU R READY DAVE
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:11pm HandleHandle:

Alright, ready to get in on the ground floor here
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:12pm Mike East:

The first Goddamn Dave Hill Show ever...except for that fill in for 7SD. Or was that just practice?
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:13pm Drawmark:

So far so good.


So far so great!
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:13pm Gloria:

Every cheap trick in the book...
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:13pm Maestro of Malaise:

So are Dokken back together yet? It's been 13 goddam minutes already Dave.
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:13pm Rickwaukee:

Rockford Strong
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:14pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

That was the 1st Gawdamm 3rd of a Dave Hill Show. Totally doesn't count...as one...
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:14pm Forrest:

Awesome inaugural playlist
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:14pm JOE:

KYUSS, a bold opening move...I like it.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:14pm BadGuyZero:

You know what pairs well with The Goddamn Dave Hill Show? Smirnoff Ice. I think Jon Benjamin would agree.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:15pm JakeGould:

  Tue. 1/7/14 9:15pm Dahngul:

  Tue. 1/7/14 9:15pm tom:

Kinda weird I had the Kyuss song One Inch Man in my head for no reason at all and a few minutes later I heard you play Kyuss.
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:16pm David (chudleycannons):

Hill also showed up on an episode of Seven Second Delay the day after BS ended; he took some calls and I think that's when he created the name for the show.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:16pm Dale from North Dakota:

Welcome Dave, good start so far :-)
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:16pm Eric:

Good luck Dave.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:16pm JakeGould:

Tom, you might be having a stroke. And not the Billy Squier kind.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:16pm kevin g:

Truly so far so great.

Also, interesting little reveal I hadn't heard before on facebook just a moment ago about a guest for tonight.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:17pm Ben a Little Slow:

@Tom it seems the below freezing temps are improving those weird synchronizes in the air waves.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:17pm dB from Oakland:

Hi Dave Hill, hello Best Show refugees. Happy 2014 to all of us!
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:17pm Gloria:

I have to say I definitely trust you for playing kyuss
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:18pm Ignore Function:

Welcome to Tuesday night, Mr. Hill.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:18pm Fernando M Pacheco:

I'm on Dave's! who still cares about that Tom guy?
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:18pm BadGuyZero:

I hope Witch Taint provides the theme song.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:18pm fleep:

Welcome Dave Hill and Friendship Society, glad to see Dave lets us comment.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:18pm JakeGould:

Dave & Tom’s was a great arcade.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:19pm BadGuyZero:

Survivor of Parmageddon.
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:19pm Not Spike:

I hope the first caller is Spike.
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:19pm Richard from Venezuela:

Stoner rock fan.
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:19pm Austin:

i'm giddy with excitement! i think this is the start of something beautiful
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:19pm a moth from outside:

dayvan tomboy would have been a good postrock track
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:20pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...so I hear he brought back some kinda giant gorilla - ? Probably just the usual song & dance...We're all safe, right ?...
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:21pm God:

Considered yourself damned, Dave
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:21pm tom:

Reel Big Fish
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:22pm Lumpy:

Back up a little, mic is distorting.
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:22pm HandleHandle:

I would unironically listen to a 90s ska show. But I do have terrible taste.
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:22pm Andrew Fetter:

Where so you start with a ska show? Where ska itself started: Madness.
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:22pm FLIX:

Congrats Dave!
I really appreciate much better your good music show tan the one we used to hear at this time slot.
Go with everything!!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:23pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Welcome, Dave!
Nice to have you on board.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:23pm Mike East:

One time as a guest on college radio I asked if I could test the cough button. It totally worked.
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:23pm Richard from Venezuela:

For ska?: Desorden Publico.
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:23pm Rickwaukee:

This whole gig is unprofessional
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:23pm Alex of Chicago:

Love the erotic short stories on Twitter.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:24pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...careful careful...gorilla doesn't like coughing...
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:25pm fleep:

Gotta take a cold shower now. Damn you, Dave Hill.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:26pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...an infectious mood...
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:26pm Rickwaukee:

Dave's first GOMP
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:27pm Christie:

He needs a hug Ken
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:27pm static cling:

Daniels sweet revenge
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:27pm BadGuyZero:

Was that a numbers station calling?
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:29pm Rickwaukee:

I've been where I live, almost daily
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:30pm Uncle Michael:

Somebody put a pencil in Dave's mouth.
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:30pm Andrew Fetter:

Juggalo talk this early on?
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:30pm Lumpy:

Does Dave Hill do his own engineering too? Back up, your mic is distorting.
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:32pm Dan From Orange:

Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:33pm Ken:

Lumpy, our main transmitter is broken and our backup transmitter at 91.1 is distorted as shit, so that's probably what you're hearing - are you listening at 91.1 fm?
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:33pm JakeGould:

Ken, 91.1FM is 100% fine in Bay Ridge.
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:34pm a moth from outside:

except when is the song remains the same not on palladia
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:34pm BadGuyZero:

I've been getting back into menthol lozenges lately.
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:34pm Dan From Orange:

Dave could even be a little hot on the stream.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:34pm Uncle Michael:

I have a bee stuck in my ear. I always assume that's what I'm hearing.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:34pm Chris in TX via RI:

Sounds great online
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:35pm kevin g:

I'm also listening to 91.1 and it sounds totally fine.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:35pm BadGuyZero:

Lady caller!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:35pm VealCutlet:

As Jake said, 91.1 sounds good in Bay Ridge...so far
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:36pm JakeGould:

Veal you’re in Bay Ridge?
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:37pm VealCutlet:

Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:37pm Matt from Springfield:

Goddamn Dave Hill Show, The!
Evening people!
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:39pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Nicole: you are not allowed not to call?!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:39pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Hi Matt !
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:39pm Matt from Springfield:

H. Jon Benjamin! Really?!
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:39pm LovecraftDude888:

but White Lion will be calling in on their 1985 fifty pound car phone
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:40pm VealCutlet:

Wow. Stacking the deck for show #1
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:40pm LovecraftDude888:

God I haven't liked Morrisey or The Smiths in 20 years
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:40pm Frenchy:

Isn't that Morissey book a Penguin "Classic"?
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:40pm Matt from Springfield:

Hi RRN63! :)
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:41pm JakeGould:

I like the Smiths.
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:42pm LovecraftDude888:

I used to back in der day...I can listen to some of them now but so little
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:43pm VealCutlet:

I like Johnny Marr...not so fond of Morrissey anymore. His act is pretty tiresome
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:43pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Full disclosure: I did a pencil drawing of Phil Anselmo for high school art class.
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:44pm LovecraftDude888:

I haven't even heard Marr's new stuff on his own...that might be good
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:44pm Matt from Springfield:

They make snap-on, temp bidets, but I just wanna try the *real* thing...
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:44pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Hi....just tuned in. Will there be free giveaways on the show tonight?
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:45pm multiplex enima:

I would make double sure the thing won't accidentally shoot boiling water up my bum!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:45pm steve:

five taint crushing ounces of hot sauce, thats quite a sell
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:45pm Callieflower:

Slightly more anus talk than I was expecting. But only slightly
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:46pm Matt from Springfield:

Dokken is due for a revival--not so appreciated in recent years, though they oughta be.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:46pm Matt from Springfield:

@steve: One ounce that can crush five taints, or....??
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:47pm race stripe on white:

Stay away from the combination coffee maker / bidet gadget as seen on TV.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:48pm steve:

seems like it would be a one to one ratio?
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:48pm VealCutlet:

I'm told that Dokken was among the best of the 80s "hair metal" bands. Not the greatest compliment, eh?
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:48pm BadGuyZero:

It's on DuMont Network.
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:48pm marc:

Lockup is on MSNBC
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:49pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Something tells me Clay Pigeon might have a lead or two on the members of Dokken...
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:50pm Matt from Springfield:

I got moved up to the courtside seats of a Fleetwood Mac show, due to open spots! Shame it wasn't sold out, but I'm glad it wasn't!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:50pm Matt from Springfield:

@Greg: Are they from Iowa or the Midwest? Clay will be more likely to know Slipknot, or terrible bands if they're regional.

The Bottom Line! Great old venue!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:51pm Matt from Springfield:

Oh, The Bitter End...ne'eryoumind...
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:51pm Rickwaukee:

Mr. Hill's pleasant nature and lack of contempt is strange and confusing
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:51pm Gloria:

Don Dokken is not a real name. No way. Don Dokken.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:52pm PKNY:

I, for one, must thank you for unchaining the night with all the Dokken talk.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:53pm fleep:

Donald Maynard "Don" Dokken (born June 29, 1953)
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:53pm Polk Biggins:

Not knowing my Dokken lore as I should I actually just Googled "Wild McBrown" to look up the drummer's name.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:54pm Matt from Springfield:

Txtme l8r, k?
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:54pm Andrew Fetter:

Dave's not judging you. The rest of us are, however.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:55pm Light:

Dave Hill, you know you're loved...! I'm listening to a radio station I've never heard of, just to hear your awesomeness... FFS, play some L.Z...
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:55pm Greg from Bloomfield:

I didn't think I cared about Dokken until I realized that they did "Dream Warriors."
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:56pm JakeGould:

“Living Colour” is good. Is this show going to be more indie rock snootery?
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:56pm steve:

am i the only one here who couldn't name a single Dokken song?
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:57pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Can't go wrong with the Motor City 5! Coincidentally, do more than 5 people still live in Detroit?
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:57pm Uncle Michael:

I loved Keenan Ivory Waynans on that show.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:57pm Matt from Springfield:

@steve: I actually can't, myself! But, I like the sound of the Dokken that I've heard. I trust their ability to rock it.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:58pm Matt from Springfield:

@Adam: I believe they've rebranded themselves as "West Windsor" now.
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:58pm Rickwaukee:

Dad: "Living Colour and Dokken are both awful. Now get to bed."
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 9:58pm Matt from Springfield:

@UM: Plus David Alan Grier and Jim Carrey! ;)
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:59pm LovecraftDude888:

I was never a big Dokken fan back in the day but they're probably better than any of those awful hair metal bands I could never tolerate inc. Whitesuck. Urgh. If I were listening to metal in the 80s (which was rare) it would be Maiden, or Sabbath, or Priest maybe. But I wasn't much of a metal guy anyway.
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:59pm Nate:

Dokken was the first band I ever saw, opening for pre-VH Sammy Hagar
  Tue. 1/7/14 9:59pm LovecraftDude888:

I gotta get offline soon my eyes are gonna fall out of me head soon..been on too much today
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:00pm Minnesota Jeff:

  Tue. 1/7/14 10:00pm LovecraftDude888:

never was a big Hagar fan....solo or with VH I am a VH fan though to some degree
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:01pm Uncle Michael:

Sammy's good people.
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:01pm LovecraftDude888:

More into Hagar the Horrible the comic....ok night all...brain fried...eyes tired....I might listen though
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:01pm Minnesota Jeff:

Never thought I would heard Down on WFMU. DAVE HILL!!
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:02pm Johan:

Play more Glenn Campbell !!
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:02pm Nate:

It was a consolation prize from my dad for not getting Motley Crue tickets... I was the only kid in 5th grade with an "I can't drive 55" tank top after that.
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:03pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

I'm sorry I glanced at the title of this Down track. I thought it was about Cronuts.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:03pm Chris M.:

i literally can't think of a weirder transition than down to dinosaur so Dave fits right in here!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:03pm dB from Oakland:

DownaSaur Junior
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:03pm Matt from Springfield:

Who was playing "Galveston" recently? Clay P, I think?
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:03pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Come to think of it, maybe it *is* about a crow's nuts.
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:04pm God:

Good God's balls this show is swell. I wish you all the best my son.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:05pm Minnesota Jeff:

Chris M, not to mention MC5's "High School" transitioning into DOWN. R-R-R-RADIO!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:05pm Uncle Michael:

Galveston is a masterpiece.
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:05pm Johan:

Play some Pere Ubu
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:06pm Matt from Springfield:

Jimmy Webb can do no wrong; at least not any detectable by humans.
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:06pm Gloria:

Wait is it "Dawn Dokken?"
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:06pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

I wonder if Phil might be coaxed into saying "Downasaur, Junior!" tonight on the show, Dave?
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:06pm JakeGould:

But it seems that “Dokken” is pasty hipster dude bro cool, right? Goodnight folks!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:07pm dB from Oakland:

Zep zep zep zep zep zep zep zep zep ... CELEBRATE!
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:07pm God:

Sweet Jesus it is a day to celebrate.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:07pm Matt from Springfield:

  Tue. 1/7/14 10:07pm Gloria:

Woah, is that a real guitar?? Real drums??
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:08pm Johan:

Greetings from Indiana
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:08pm Light:

L.Z. yessssssss.........
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:08pm PKNY:

Not minding the Zep, as long as you don't go full-on classic rock attempt to fill my Floyd void.
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:08pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Mit Hamin would be a great transition from nothing, to nothing.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:09pm Matt from Springfield:

@Adam: The transition is from a dream, that I never had.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:11pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey Bob! Grill up!

Hey Coach McGuirk! Get those soccer players in shape!
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:11pm Rickwaukee:

HJB's been binge watching Sopranos
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:11pm Andrew Fetter:

Johan, where in Indiana?
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:11pm tom:

Home movies
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:12pm Matt from Springfield:

I thought the "club music" punch-top can commercial was good for marketing its target audience, binge-drinking college students. I thought the binge-drinking blue collarites would already be in that column.
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:12pm royvis:

  Tue. 1/7/14 10:13pm matt from hillsborough:

dr. katz
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:13pm raku glazed doughnut:

They do recycling on the side
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:13pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Jon Benjamin has a keg.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:13pm Matt from Springfield:

Bodies go into the foundation--they don't come out. That's buzinez in Joirsey. What you do for me, I'll do for youse...
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:13pm fleep:

"Sanitation" as in "taking out the trash" if you get my meaning.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:14pm Matt from Springfield:

  Tue. 1/7/14 10:15pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

"Miller Light, punch punch..."
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:17pm Matt from Springfield:

Will the "Christmas Kangaroo" be the puncher? I might consider purchasing some then.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:17pm lime belt buckle:

Doing sanitation work for the mop?
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:18pm fleep:

Blue can is for recycling, red can is for people we're better off without.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:18pm Matt from Springfield:

@lime belt: He's what they call "the cleaner"...
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:18pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Sounds like Dave Hill is going fishing soon.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:19pm Matt from Springfield:

"John Schoolero, good thing I'm not on the Air...wait, WHAT??!"
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:19pm bully apron:

@Matt Hah! Mr. Clean with an florescent vest
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:20pm Matt from Springfield:

@bully: "Show's over, nothin' to see heh, move along..."
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:21pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

"Awwwwww Geeeeezzzzz!"
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:21pm Matt from Springfield:

Sounds like borderline Coen Brothers' John Goodman.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:21pm BadGuyZero:

Ask Phil if he likes french fried potaters.
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:21pm kenny:

phil h. is always a riot!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:23pm Polk Biggins:

I have no idea what's going on right now. And for that, I give Dave bonus points for this hour of the show.
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:23pm Rickwaukee:

bring on the looping delay
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:23pm Minnesota Jeff:

This is amazing.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:24pm Matt from Springfield:

Los Illegieros
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:25pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Please ask Phil how Ryan from Ohio is doing?
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:25pm analogkid:

Oh yeah that a-hole!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:26pm Matt from Springfield:

Just to be the next to be with you?
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:26pm Phantom_Hugger:

This is killer!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:27pm Matt from Springfield:

In a ditch! Oh good, you and Benjamin will have a lot to talk about then!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:28pm Matt from Springfield:

SEVEN! 5 of whom are regulators with the FCC!!!
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:29pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Is this Satanic?
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:30pm Matt from Springfield:

Is Chuck Woolery hawking ads on that network?
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:30pm echotecture:

  Tue. 1/7/14 10:30pm Phantom_Hugger:

Ask Phil how he became so true.
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:31pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

"Right back atcha, Deep Voice!"
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:32pm Rickwaukee:

Anybody else up for a Slim Jim?
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:33pm Matt from Springfield:

Or if not them, the '85 "Super Bowl Shuffle" Bears.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:34pm steve:

Coach McGuirk truly is one of the greatest tv characters ever
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:34pm Uncle Michael:

I have that on VHS.
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:34pm Comedyfish:

more battle of wits!!!!
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:35pm Frenchy:

Phil v. Jon round 2 next week pls.
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:35pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

I'm calling it: future late night show on WFMU hosted by Phil Anselmo.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:35pm Minnesota Jeff:

This is fantastic, so great. Phil Anselmo talking cats, catheters, football, and Coach McGuirk on WFMU. Wonderful!
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:35pm Phantom_Hugger:

Gene Holgan
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:35pm Matt from Springfield:

Brendan Small!! Of "Home Movies"!! ALSO with H. Jon Benjamin!!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:36pm Minnesota Jeff:

"Let the street gangs roam" - Phil
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:37pm Maestro of Malaise:

Phil Anselmo going for more of a Ginsburg thing!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:37pm Minnesota Jeff:

Jeeesus christ, Dick Cavett!?!
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:37pm Rickwaukee:

I thought Rich Little was dead
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:38pm echotecture:

Go Saints!
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:38pm Frenchy:

holy god is it really dick cavett???
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:38pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Oh, you have GOT to get Phil and Dick together for a chat...
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:39pm Matt from Springfield:

Keith Olbermann was hired-then fired a few minutes later.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:39pm jmd:

@Greg. No shit! I was just gonna say that. Whatta show!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:39pm VealCutlet:

This was some segue fromPhil to Dick
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:39pm Rickwaukee:

get your finger back on the dump
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:40pm Matt from Springfield:

-40 degrees below, according to Jack London's "To Build A Fire".
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:40pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

The Cavetts?! WOW! Phil Anselmo in the bathroom into Dick Cavett! Wha? Greatness!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:40pm steve:

im not gonna be happy til its so cold in nyc that i get to do the spit-freezing-in-midair trick
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:41pm a moth from outside:

this is nuts
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:41pm steve:

nice callback Matt!
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:41pm Frenchy:

How can you possibly improve on this guest list so far for next week? Or are you not planning on coming back?
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:43pm jmd:

"...and in the 8 o'clock hour David Bowie, Dennis Rodman, and Bjork."
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:43pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

From the outhouse to the guest house.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:43pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks steve!
And to those who haven't listened to Clay Pigeon's story last week, "Dumpground Dan", I highly recommend checking the Archive!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:44pm good under overpass:

I thought this Dick Cavett wasn't real. I Googled, he's still alive, so, SHIT! This must be Dick Cavett....and his wife.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:45pm Matt from Springfield:

"My wife's too fat" polka? That's an old standard.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:45pm Matt from Springfield:

YES! That's the one! :)
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:45pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

This is bonkers! Hahaha! Ummm, I love it?!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:45pm Uncle Michael:

Dick nails the yankee accent.
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:45pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Awwwwww, let him sing the whole thing!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:45pm VealCutlet:

He's knocking those demographics out of the park!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:46pm Minnesota Jeff:

Free Form at its finest right now.
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:46pm Rickwaukee:

Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:46pm dB from Oakland:

Fuck yeah Spike JOnes! Not the director!
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:48pm Frenchy:

Amazing, Dick is a legend!
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:48pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

He's referring to TCM as Turner, because he *knows* Ted Turner! Haha. <3
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:48pm trapped in Amber:

He just played the 'color' card.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:49pm steve:

god, Jon Benjamin has one of the best voices ever. ive actually been revisiting old episodes of Dr Katz lately, its held up really well
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:49pm Matt from Springfield:

"My sinuses won't take it, that's why my Medicare card covers acid rock..."
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:49pm Rickwaukee:

Acid Rock - awesome
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:49pm VealCutlet:

Dave has to take it easy with that acid rock
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:49pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Dick: I'll look for you "on the boards," as they say.
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:50pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

HOLY (dump!)
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:51pm Matt from Springfield:

No need to dress, Dick!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:51pm glenn:

i worked at colorization, ted turner had nothing to do with the idea. it was developed for nasa. then it became a tax write off.
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:51pm a moth from outside:

maybe the distortion earlier was due to this episode being broadcast in squiggleaudio
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:51pm Rickwaukee:

They dont make em that cool anymore
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:52pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Glenn: Dick Cavett trumps fact. ;-)
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:52pm ksek:

Thanks to Dave for mentioning "the chat" - didn't realize this was here!
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:52pm Grant:

so cool great back to back calls
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:52pm echotecture:

we believe
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:53pm VealCutlet:

Dick has to have a closet full of ascots - he's going to dress for it if he wants to
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:53pm echotecture:

ascots for days
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:53pm Matt from Springfield:

You go out to Dick Cavett's house, you tie him up, and give him a wet willie. Now *that's* the tops.
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:54pm echotecture:

  Tue. 1/7/14 10:55pm nec13:

Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:55pm glenn:

that aside, it was a great call.
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:55pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Cavalcade of Stares.
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:55pm Grant:

great song!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:56pm Matt from Springfield:

Power Pop It!!!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:56pm VealCutlet:

Well this has been quite a remarkable debut. Either H. Jon Benjamin or Dick Cavett would have been impressive...but both?
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:57pm echotecture:

Dave Hill alone is impressive
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:57pm Kormodd:

What about Phil Anselmo?
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:58pm nec13:

Will Dick Cavett be on every week?
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:59pm VealCutlet:

Not sure about Phil Anselmo. I'm not a big acid rock fan
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:59pm nick:

The pope of mope!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:59pm Uncle Michael:

Dick was next down the list after Dave.
  Tue. 1/7/14 10:59pm Nate:

ugh, I was on the phone with my insurance company through all of those interviews! is this going to be a podcast?
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 10:59pm Matt from Springfield:

One of the best Smiths songs to follow up!

Check out the Dum Dum Girls, they do a great cover of this one.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:00pm Minnesota Jeff:

I am willing to believe that The Moz will call in next.
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:00pm Rickwaukee:

PA was sloppy drunk
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:00pm mb:

Wow. That Kyuss opener is just. Wow.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:00pm Matt from Springfield:

I would bet so, Nate. Most of the talk shows here are available as podcasts.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:01pm Minnesota Jeff:

PA is sloppy drunk/stone personified.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:01pm VealCutlet:

If not a podcast you can check out the archive
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:02pm Pseu Braun:

Don't forget, listener-supported WFMU has archives of every program available usually only hours after broadcast.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:02pm Minnesota Jeff:

Also, I've seen a few Phil Anselmo interviews and that's easily the most personable and jovial I have ever seen him.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:02pm bannedinjapan:

This is all very good. Thank you, Dave.
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:03pm Nate:

I just remembered you can save shows via the iphone app, podcast or no. great feature
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:05pm Danne D:

Hi Folks :)
So I understand there's a hashtag war raging eh?
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:05pm Matt from Springfield:

Bobby Tisdale...doesn't he voice "Zeke" on Bob's Burgers? Cool!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:06pm Matt from Springfield:

Hi there Danne! :)
#stayoutofthis !!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:06pm bannedinjapan:

Yes, he does. He was also a co-host of "Invite Them Up" with Eugene Mirman for many years. Funny guy!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:06pm Danne D:

Late to the party cuz of the Devils game - ecstatic that I got to hear all of Dick Cavett's call :)

I think something Phil Anselmo said at the end makes a good hashtag #TalkToDaveWFMU
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:07pm brycepunk:

Bob's burgers is my family's favorite show. My daughters (2 and 5) love it. And woo hoo Delhi shout out!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:07pm JakeGould:

Okay I am back. Have we gotten up to dissing prog rock ad infinitum yet?
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:08pm Matt from Springfield:

Wow, that's cool brycepunk! 'Specially for so young.
Do they respond to Louise, with the manic personality and pink bunny ears?
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:08pm VealCutlet:

Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:08pm VealCutlet:

Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:08pm Danne D:

Though the idea of saying Hey "GodDamnDaveWFMU" is trending worldwide has an appeal.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:09pm JakeGould:

Veal, where in Bay Ridge are you? I’m near the Alpine near 5th Avenue.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:09pm Danne D:


The Goddamn Dave Hil Show should do live episodes in the space at the station!!!!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:09pm VealCutlet:

I'm a stone's throw from you Jake...75 and 6th
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:10pm Danne D:

@kTx20 I think in time they surely will.
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:10pm HandleHandle:

I'm partial to "GodDamnDaveWFMU" myself
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:10pm Matt from Springfield:

Save the afterbirth. It's good luck in some cultures.
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:10pm Bambi Kino HQ:

Hallo Doug!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:10pm Matt from Springfield:

The state of Pennsylvania is offering CASH BOUNTIES for killin' coyotes!
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:11pm brycepunk:

@MattSpringfield.. they just laugh and laugh. I don't know if they have a clue what's going on.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:11pm Uncle Michael:

I'm paying big money for your unwanted gold.

Charge $$ at the door!! Station FUN-raising
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:11pm JakeGould:

Whoa! You are close. Should we talk about how many Laundromats there are out here? Tons of bars, but so many laundromats that close early.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:12pm Matt from Springfield:

@brycepunk: Heh, I love it, so there must be something good in there! :)
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:12pm JakeGould:

Also I have so many hookah bars near me. So many.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:12pm Danne D:

Damn Chris M beat to being the first to WFMU friend Dave Hill *sigh*

You guys are doing excellent btw :)
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:13pm JakeGould:

Love was confessed on the air. Illegal.
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:13pm brycepunk:

Was he also Moth Monster Man on Aqua Teen Hunger Force? Season 2? If I had balls (or more vodka) I'd call in and ask.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:13pm VealCutlet:

There's that new laundromat on 5th next to Gino's that's open all night, I think...stick in a load of wash and hop to the Owls Head for a glass of wine...not a fan of the hookah scene
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:13pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Jon, I also love you! Accept it! Or don't....yet.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:14pm JakeGould:

I’m not a fan of hookah’s but I am like dead center in it. So many. And yeah, that 24 hour laundromat. Have to try it out. But I actually like my dumpy local.
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:14pm echotecture:

H. Jon Benjamin don't go
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:14pm Matt from Springfield:

@Danne: Oh hey, Dave IS in the FS! Well I third that notion! :)

If you like Dave Hill, be sure to Friend him through the Friendship Society!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:14pm fleep:

Pretend we're all applauding here.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:15pm JakeGould:

You mean like Quakers, Matt? Should I buy oats or furniture? Or is that the Shakers? Who makes nice furniture.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:16pm Matt from Springfield:

Ooooh, Nada Surf!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:16pm Danne D:

I saw Doug at the Bell House the other month when he was on the bill with The Both. Dave Derby was one of the folks backing him up. Great show.
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:16pm Johan:

Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:17pm Pseu Braun:

Pop Brilliance -- YES to Doug Gillard!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:17pm JakeGould:

What about, Jaja Surf: The spanish Nada Surf.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:17pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jake: The Society of Friends are good people. But, so are the WFMU Society of "Friendship".

Use a Quaker Oats jar, and the oats can also be shaken.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:17pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Doug Gillard, the artist from Pseu's current theme song.
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:18pm ProgLuv™:

Yes to Yes!
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:18pm Rickwaukee:

Death of Samantha - havent heard that name in forever
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:18pm Johan:

Don't forget Doug's band Gem
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:19pm Matt from Springfield:

Yes to Prog! And to Luv! :)
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:20pm Danne D:

Clicking on ProgLuv™'s profile hyperlink was totally worth it :)
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:20pm nowah:

yo - twitter is voting on the hashtag for this show http://www.easypolls.net/poll.html?p=52cccde0e4b08a14ac5d10c1
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:20pm Minnesota Jeff:

Dave is really setting the bar super high with this show. Sorta bonkers.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:20pm shrunken head:

I'm pretty sure that the Shaking Quakers was a punk act...no?
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:21pm JakeGould:

Quaking Shakkur.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:21pm Matt from Springfield:

@Danne: Even hovering over it works for me! ;)
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:21pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

"3J Miles, deeeeep in the Q!" I can do this, because I was born Cleveland. But, really, anyone can do it. Try trying.
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:21pm Johan:

I'm just a someone????? Thanks a lot !!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:22pm Ken From Hyde Park:

This show probably merits a WFMU meet-up at some point.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:23pm Matt from Springfield:

This song has a nice Flying Nun/Kiwi feel to it.
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:24pm Rickwaukee:

  Tue. 1/7/14 11:24pm jeremy wein:

whelp im sold, look forward to tuning in every tuesday, congrats guys!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:26pm grant from michigan:

Solid first episode for sure!
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:26pm echotecture:

I hope I remember to come back
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:28pm Clay Pigeon:

Hill of a Show! Welcome to FMU, Dave.
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:28pm Amos Humiston:

Dave Hill = Martin Mull, Doug Gillard = Fred Willard?
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:29pm VealCutlet:

That's almost a snigletized SAT analogy there, Amos
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:29pm Uncle Michael:

A most auspicious beginning. I never realized comedy could be funny.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:30pm Minnesota Jeff:

That Gem song was real nice.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:30pm Matt from Springfield:

Typical analogy question--think of four other multiple choices and sell it to the testmakers.
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:30pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Dear Clay Pigeon, Jeff Pilson.

Love, Adam Bernstein
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:30pm Matt from Springfield:

@UM: Funny how that works.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:30pm DaveHill:

Thanks, guys!
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:30pm MrFong:

I'm listening! You're my new favorite Tuesday night highlight. (At least from 9-10. Don't know how I'm still up now) xo P
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:31pm dB from Oakland:

  Tue. 1/7/14 11:32pm Maestro of Malaise:

Dokken is still not on speaking terms.I thought this was a metal show.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:32pm Danne D:

Looking forward to you being able to chat a tiny bit more maybe when you get the swing of things with running the show, Dave :) Glad you've managed to check in a couple times
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:33pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

This is a Dokken class.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:33pm Danne D:

resisting every urge to make a truly truly outrageous joke here...
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:34pm Danne D:

  Tue. 1/7/14 11:36pm reberb:

The Mice!
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:39pm Glen Campbell:

Damn. I thought the show was going to be more about me.
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:40pm Jimmy Webb:

Me, too!
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:40pm Pete Best:

Can I play drums in Bambi Kino?
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:42pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Can I eat a lobster roll? I mean, without my throat closing up?
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:43pm VealCutlet:

lobster roll ain't bad but it isn't worth going into anaphylactic shock
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:47pm Rickwaukee:

I'm ready for bed
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:48pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Orrrrrrr, is it? ;-)
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:48pm Johan:

I'm ready for more cowbell
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:50pm Pseu Braun:

Doug and Dave playing I AM A TREE together - WILD!
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:50pm Frenchy:

That Lonnie Donegan teaser...
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:51pm James in ATL:

Hello Pseu - Yes this is terrific! The whole Goddamn Show has melted my face.
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:52pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Well done, Sirs! Great show, all! Great company on the airwaves and across the board! I'll be back next week!
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:52pm reberb:

I did a speech about this song 20 years ago in junior high.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:52pm Minnesota Jeff:

Damn, this show is hog wild! Hahah, good luck next week. Better hope Dave Mustaine and Phil Donahue are the guests or something.
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:52pm Pseu Braun:

Totally.James, YOWZERS!
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:53pm tommisunami:

Doug killed a stompbox rat right in front of me!?! Dec 31 2000...the TRUE MILLENNIUM @ Cats Cradle Chapel Hill NC ...I wanted to ask him , specifically....what kind of tree he is....Deciduous or what ?!!!? ...signed Curious Borges
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:53pm Rickwaukee:

like Rodrigo y Gabriela
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:53pm James in ATL:

He had me at "Southern Girls".
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:58pm Danne D:

@DaveHill in case you're not aware the callers can hear the show on their phone while on hold :)
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:58pm Danne D:

Doug i strumming roundabout!
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:58pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Southern Girls truly is one of the greatest songs of all the times!
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:58pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

"Caller Gepin"
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:58pm JoeyCee:

wow this is strange
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:59pm Minnesota Jeff:

Play more Roundabout!!!
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:59pm Hechicero:

I Am A Tree is one of my fave GBV songs, in particular because of the guitar work. Didn't realize one of the guitars uses a capo. At which fret is it positioned?
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:59pm echotecture:

good job
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:59pm Nate:

Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:59pm JoeyCee:

ya more Roundabout!
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:59pm VealCutlet:

Good night folks...Great show, Dave...see y'all next time
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:59pm fleep:

Appointment radio for sure, great show, type you next week.
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:59pm Frenchy:

weirder an shit
  Tue. 1/7/14 11:59pm God:

Thank you
Avatar Tue. 1/7/14 11:59pm JoeyCee:

  Wed. 1/8/14 12:00am Johan:

Great debut !! Cheers !!
  Wed. 1/8/14 12:00am reberb:

I Am a Tree is a Gem song by the way
Avatar Wed. 1/8/14 12:00am burnt bean circuit:

What just happened here?
Avatar Wed. 1/8/14 12:01am Danne D:

Great job Dave :)
Have a good night everyone!

oh and hi/bye Frenchy :D
Avatar Wed. 1/8/14 12:01am BadGuyZero:

  Wed. 1/8/14 12:03am Hechicero:

Thanks for the clarification. Did not know that fact.
Avatar Mon. 1/5/15 9:24pm LeftCoastGrrl:

Hi Dave! Love to hear you on Monday nights. Makes my Mondays a whole lot better.
Avatar Mon. 1/5/15 9:41pm Cereal Eater:

Checked google maps...Perry's address is an empty lot.
Avatar Mon. 1/5/15 9:43pm Cereal Eater:

Avatar Mon. 1/5/15 9:47pm Cereal Eater:

I was misinformed. 1104 Troost Ave is a nice house.
Avatar Mon. 1/5/15 9:48pm Cereal Eater:

Will you invite Mr. Dick Cavett on the show soon? I'm sure he has his own pants.
Avatar Mon. 1/5/15 9:58pm Cereal Eater:

Avatar Mon. 1/5/15 10:20pm Cereal Eater:

One man can do a lot!
Avatar Mon. 1/5/15 10:28pm Cereal Eater:

Thank you for the great answers! I was bored at work and wrote you that email.
Avatar Mon. 1/5/15 10:32pm Cereal Eater:

Leonard Cohen is my fav besides Joni
Avatar Mon. 1/5/15 11:17pm Cereal Eater:

Kale, kale, Kale Americans! Really?
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