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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options September 7, 2012: What Did You Ruin?

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Michele & Frangry  Shut Up, Weirdo   Options

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Listener comments!

  6:00pm the glowing one:

the first one?
Avatar 6:00pm bryce:

  6:00pm peteheavycream:

hello, weirdos
  6:01pm Pinball:

  6:01pm hamburger:


Are you PUMPED, ladies?
  6:01pm Caryn:

Hi, weirdos! And, on a side note, loving today's Google image.
  6:01pm The Marmot:

I just ruined my pants
Avatar 6:01pm FRANGRY:

OOPS, bryce was still logged in....
  6:01pm dick cheese:

It's 6 pm and Friday. It must be time to drink
  6:01pm peteheavycream:

frangry, hung over this morning?
  6:02pm The Marmot:

Frangry's Drunk

Better bring Andy back to run the board...

Whatca drinkin', FRANGRY?
  6:03pm pooty tang:

Oh man, aint nuthing sweeter than a tanked Frangry
  6:03pm cee dubbles:

"who did you ruin with your big umbrella?"
  6:03pm robyn:

it's JIF like the peanut butter.
  6:03pm peteheavycream:

SUW has ruined my ability to tolerate bad radio

  6:03pm Pinball:

Love drunk Frangry!
  6:04pm Doug in Tangiers:

Is it illegal to be drunk on public airways?

New movie idea: "12 ANGRY WEIRDOS"
  6:04pm peteheavycream:

it's GIF
Avatar 6:04pm DJKurtG:

it's pronounced like the peanut butter
  6:05pm Cliff:

I say GIF with a hard G because the G stands for Graphics.
  6:05pm Pinball:

gif. frangry wins. shes our leader

I wonder what FRANGRY would blow on a drunk tester???
  6:05pm Sir shags a lot:

Michele is the "DB." Designated broadcaster
  6:05pm mike noble in dc:

the original creators said it like the peanut butter. but i think the people own it now, and just like the overhand method of hanging toilet paper is CORRECT, gif like the g in "graphical" is CORRECT.
  6:05pm Caryn:

I swing both ways. On the gif-pronunciation issue, that is.
  6:06pm Skirkie:

gif... like gift.

  6:06pm peteheavycream:

that "my weirdos" made me blush
  6:06pm cee dubbles:

There will be no winner; both are acceptable. From Wiki "The creators of the format pr"onounced GIF with a soft "G" /ˈdʒɪf/ as in "gin".
  6:07pm Cliff:

Underhand TP is WRONG.
  6:07pm Marc in the Office:

Did Shelly do that to Andy on the calendar ??
  6:07pm mike noble in dc:

Also, jif files exist, and Jif peanut butter exists. So gif like "guilt" is just less confusing.
  6:07pm shanks for the mamrys:

Michele + booze = dullness. Frangry + booze = Hells YEAH!!
  6:08pm peteheavycream:

i think jenna's drunk

It wasn't the real Jesus, right?
  6:08pm DJKurtG:

  6:08pm Pinball:

I dropped the host once in mass. the decon had to wash the floor with holy water
  6:08pm James Bondage:

make my martini a double...shaken not stirred.
  6:09pm peteheavycream:

Michele's a nerd. nice weather report, nerd
  6:09pm Caryn:

Well, if it's the baby Jesus, a little dropping won't harm him. He can rise from the dead, people!
  6:09pm Mr E:

Im with foodbed....its jiff

Why were you holding the host, Pinball?
  6:09pm the glowing one:

at least Jenna's brother won't get concussions and won't be a drooling vegetable by the time he gets 40
  6:09pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I go with soft for gif (sounds like jiff).
  6:10pm Brett:

"The creators of the format pronounced GIF with a soft "G" /ˈdʒɪf/ as in "gin". An alternative pronunciation uses a hard "G" /ˈɡɪf/ as in "graphics", reflecting the expanded acronym. Both pronunciations are given as correct by the Oxford English Dictionary[2] and the American Heritage Dictionary.[3]"
  6:10pm Frangrys mom:

stop bogarting the Tito, bitch.
  6:11pm peteheavycream:

i can't wait to meet spike on oct 23
  6:11pm Choosy Mothers:

Choose Jif. Listeners with non drunken memories recall this contest happened before.
  6:11pm Pinball:

The preiest was setting it in the palm of our hands and then we put it in our mouth (i know, dirty).

Spike has ruined being gay...
  6:12pm Bristol P.:

I did not sleep with my dad (but he is HOT!)
  6:12pm Pinball:

spike is insane but i like it!
  6:12pm robyn:

LOL. Spike just took this in a pleasing direction. I wasn't aware there was a Palin Incest crowd.
  6:12pm the glowing one:

he's ruining Bristol Palin's reputation
  6:12pm peteheavycream:

nice mister johnny

Better to go old school, Pinball, and let the priest put it on your stuck out tongue.
  6:13pm Spike's neighbor:

Spike steals my morning paper!
  6:13pm peteheavycream:

drunk frangry rules
  6:13pm jizzy jeans:

alternative pronunciation: Hard G like "graphics." suck it.
  6:14pm J:

I'm out! This show has been downhill since the dentist met with frangry. I remember that the following topic was something to do with dentists experience and it was the worst show. And after the two girls came together, with Andy gone, trying to save it from something it only got worse. Good day and good riddance to you all. cya around.
  6:14pm Pinball:

haha mister johnny
  6:14pm Bristol Palin:

my dad is hot.
  6:15pm mike noble in dc:

I think J thinks that Andy should call in and talk about how he ruined this show by leaving.
  6:15pm g:

BYE J! You are OBVIOUSLY NOT weirdo material.
  6:15pm peteheavycream:

GiF, suck it michele
  6:15pm Tito:

Frangry LOVES me!
  6:15pm ADifferentDJKurtGNotTheSameOneAsTheOtherOne:

it's pronounced with a soft g
  6:15pm the glowing one:

yeah, who did ruin Shut Up, Weirdo actually? who was it?
  6:16pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Coming next week: LED as "led" or "ell-ee-dee"?
  6:16pm rude dude:

yeah, thats what to do...have the drunk girl tally the score!
  6:16pm Pinball:

I wish girls (adult not Jenna) called. its gonna be weird going to a meet up and watching a room full of john mccaines stare at frangry one arm drinking.
  6:16pm hamburger:

the .gif was meant to be pronounced as jif as in 'jiffy' even still, gif, cos it's got a G,
  6:16pm Mitt R.:

Hey Frangry, we're gonna need some diplomats soon...
  6:17pm notpeteheavycream:

  6:17pm the other robyn:

it's definitely GIF as in JIF, frangry.

I wonder if the Judge brought FRANGRY back to his private chambers???
  6:17pm not Pinball:

Im with Frangry I vote Gif
  6:17pm ass munch:

How to resurrect Frangry's career: just add alcohol.
  6:18pm g:

I prefer Skippy.
  6:18pm panty sniff:

Frangry comes to life with two things: Tito and Johnny
  6:19pm Gif:

Frangry is right!
  6:19pm (*◕ω◕):

what other G word do you pronounce as a J? apart from Va Jay Jay?
  6:19pm G:

I'm an expert on G's. For GIF, G as in Gift, stands for Graphics

A little bit of psychopathic rage, huh?
  6:19pm peteheavycream:

frangry, ruining muller's education

Will the Johnny Mueller drawings be on display at the MEET-UP???
  6:20pm Pinball:

Muller seems like hes trying to bum out Frangry today?
  6:21pm G:

Still waiting for Andy to vent about the inside baseball of his termination
  6:21pm robyn:

what did i ruin...christmas, one year. i found and opened all my presents, then blurted out crying 45 minutes later to my mom.

Yoo-Hoo SUCKS!!!!!
  6:21pm Princess Peach:

Yoo Hoo and Tito: what a combo.
  6:22pm Cooter:

Michele is to Frangry what Donald Trump is to crack head Dave

Will FRANGRY be playing beer pong at the MEET-UP?
  6:23pm robyn:

well, that's definitely not how you say "entrepreneur."
  6:23pm G:

Probably Ken told Andy if he plays nice, he could theoretically come back in the future on some show or other, when his work schedule fits better
  6:23pm Pinball:

Meet up at the Blackbird on ave B in the old lakeside lounge. they have a VIP back room kind of place we could reserve
  6:24pm Weed Head:

Michele is to weather what Frangry is to booze.

"Jump-starter" for Shut Up, Weirdo?
  6:25pm G:

The caller thinks Gif is pronounced like Jive?

Will Franny & Food-Bed be wearing sexy Halloween Costumes at the MEET-UP???
  6:26pm puddin pants:

puke stories = radio gold.
  6:27pm peteheavycream:

i made the list, sweet.
  6:27pm G:

You're creeping the ladies out there, MJ
  6:27pm Pinball:

food bed two words.
  6:28pm Rush:

I hope I ruined that birth control taking sluts life!
  6:28pm head 2 toe:

Michele is a "star?" In what universe?
  6:28pm Akin:

@ Rush: Amen!!!
  6:29pm Pinball:

food bed and johnny muller seem to be coming at frangry tonight!
  6:29pm G:

@Rush: She's been making a career out of the attention. I just heard her interviewed a few days ago.
  6:29pm Skirkie:

You mean it's your PAIR of words.
  6:30pm Mr E:

Foodbed should be one word
  6:30pm Weed Head:

Michele = a star is born...in her mind.
Avatar 6:30pm FRANGRY:

  6:31pm peteheavycream:

foodbed's not a word. it's an essence
  6:31pm Caryn:

@(*◕ω◕): you mean apart from "gin", "genuine", "engine", "ginger", "range" etc. etc. etc.?

Michele: Foodbed
Frangry: Drunkradio
  6:31pm Diabetes:

I love this story!
  6:31pm Johnny Muller:

Nothing but love for F
  6:31pm Skirkie:

Oh as an altar boy I once threw up in front of the altar, probably ruining mass.
  6:31pm Barry:

I ruined the jobs picture, neener neener you moneygrubbing losers
  6:32pm Orlando R.:

Is "pee butt" one word or two?
  6:32pm Orlando R.:

Is "pee butt" one word or two?
  6:32pm Pinball:

Vod Ka
  6:32pm robyn:

foodbed the book. a guide to a full and meaningful life in bed.
  6:32pm Barry:

Pizza puke is DA WORST
  6:33pm g:

No one wants a foodbed/food bed scent...except weirdos.
  6:33pm peteheavycream:

  6:33pm Jesus:

Gif with the "G" sound
  6:33pm Caryn:

Eau de Foodbed: a heady mix of pizza and fabric softener, with just a hint of old under-the-covers farts.

SpaghettiOs puke its the worst, I think...
  6:35pm peteheavycream:

i love the casual dropping of "rape van"
  6:35pm Tito's Fritos:

McCabe got his "jack out." heheheh
  6:35pm Perv:

About the Gif bet: Does the loser have to service the winner orally? On the air?

So funny, Caryn!!!
  6:35pm g:

"What? We were little kids. We didn't know what we were doing." I believe is the excuse the Manson clan used...
  6:35pm Jesus:

even when he says, "I get my jack out" that sounds creepy
  6:36pm I X Key!:

"G" sound like "Frangry" & not like "Franjry"
  6:36pm Tito's Fritos:

McCabe fought for "every inch." heheheh
  6:36pm Perv:

No duh, Jesus
  6:36pm robyn:

sexy story...rape van...mistress...hose me down...sweaty pig...misfortune.
  6:37pm Pinball:

frangy likes getting hosed down with a hose or peed on when sleeping
  6:37pm peteheavycream:

the loser of the gif bet should have to write a love letter to the winner
  6:37pm robyn:

actually laughing out loud at michele mimicking that noise.
  6:37pm Jesus:

It means "Graphics Interchange Format" that's with a "g" sound

Will McCabe be driving the "rape van" to the MEET-UP?
  6:37pm g:

@ Robin: you ruined the story, it's Miss Fortune!
  6:38pm schlomo:

Frangry will have no memory of this show in the morning.
  6:38pm g:

Girls dancing on the radio...HOT!!!
  6:38pm robyn:

@g you ruined MY name!
  6:38pm Jesus:

I got here late, is this a result of the ECCE HOMO painting?
  6:39pm Plant Feeder Guy:

Maybe you weirdoes should start punishing people who don't have good stories of breakage and ruination. Some of your listeners seem to like punishments.
  6:39pm yoo hoo lvr:

Drunk Frangy dancing on air = Elaine from Seinfield.
  6:40pm L. Ron Hubbard:

Neither of you are qualified to date Tom Cruise.
  6:40pm robyn:

when was this "miss fortune" story introduced? i think i missed like the last 2 shows. i can't remember.
  6:41pm Grammar Girl:

Neither of you *is*, genius scifi writer and messiah.

Will there be a pinata at the MEET-UP, filled with those little bottles of alcohol???
  6:41pm Miss Fortune:

I loves me some rape van.
  6:41pm Jesus:

What would your names be if you were dominatrixes?
  6:42pm peteheavycream:

frangry was soo excited to hear how that guy ruined his life. and was dissapointed when it wasn't that bad. awesome
  6:42pm Danne D:

Hi Frangry! <333
Hi Foodbed! <3
Hi weirdos!

I am still on this business trip so I cant listen :( hope you have a good one and hope to see you next week!
  6:42pm the glowing one:

I miss the mean Frangry
  6:42pm Jesus:

"I complete you"

  6:43pm Skirkie:

How's the convening DD?
  6:43pm shouldn't franny win:

For ruining SUW? Come back Andy. Regardless of what the douchebag dropouts say when they can't turn down the radio.
  6:43pm robyn:

  6:43pm Ken From Hyde Park:

When I was a kid, I ruined a batch of my mom's pancakes when I put some green food coloring in them. No one wanted to eat them.
  6:44pm ludes 4 dudes:

Dominatrix name? Miss guided
  6:44pm Pinball:

michele's dom name would def be two words
  6:44pm bilk linton:

it's pronounced gif as in jiffy lube!
  6:44pm ludes 4 dudes:

miss themark
  6:44pm Skirkie:

I'm entertained with Michele's getting pissed off at everyone's flawed reasoning.
  6:44pm DPCD:

Amen, Mr Johnny.
  6:45pm Jesus:

Miss UrineTrouble
  6:45pm Jay L.:

I ruined late night TV.
  6:46pm Double D:

Sorry Frangry, but it's JIFF
  6:46pm Orlando R.:

I pronounce it: gif.
De nada, Señoritas.
  6:46pm Mike:

Gif with a G
  6:46pm Gary from Union:

Michelle= Foodbed of Nails.
  6:46pm Rhett:

My wife has taken to pronouncing "ruined" very emphatically as "rooo-eeeend!!!!". It sounds weird now when I hear it said correctly.
  6:46pm Jesus:

Miss Steak
  6:46pm Bride:

I felt like Christine!

"The Bride Wore Gazpacho"
  6:47pm g:

Crappy Waitress wins!!!
  6:47pm some jerk:

they should just call this show "Male Gaze Radio"
  6:47pm Dimebag:

Jif, like the peanutbutter
  6:48pm robyn:

that's weddings for you. weddings are fucking retarded.
  6:48pm paintball:

Gif with a G!
  6:48pm sister christian:

Bev needed a great big glass of shut the hell up.
  6:48pm Grammar Girl:

Dominatrix Names: Franzilla and Miss Shellacking
  6:48pm Bride::

I mean I felt like CARRIE!!!
  6:49pm DPCD:

Bev must win. All nerds say Jif.
  6:49pm peteheavycream:

give it to the waitress. weddings are lamesville
  6:49pm John McCabe in LA:

i say "gif"
  6:49pm Rob from Maryland:

The "g" in gif is pronounced like the "g" in "gaffe" or "go".
  6:49pm paintball:

dont upset Bev she may be the only women to go to the meet up
  6:50pm Weed Head:

did I just hear "green stuff?"
  6:50pm the glowing one:

I pronounce it ".gif" with a .
  6:50pm bilk linton:

it's "J"iff buddy.
  6:50pm paintball:

michele invented foodbed and she was wrong. gif with a G and food bed two words
  6:51pm robyn:

so sayeth paint ball...
  6:51pm Weed Head:

It's definitely gif. No doubt, gif.
  6:51pm John McCabe in LA:

with a "g". sorry Mistress
  6:51pm Grammar Girl:

You married her hand, dude?
  6:51pm Skirkie:

Alexander Graham Bell wanted everyone to say, "Ahoy Ahoy" when answering the phone. Just because you invented it doesn't mean you're right about stuff.

He ruined his girlfriend's life by marrying her...
  6:51pm chuckie:

  6:51pm g:

I don't believe Garter Guy...
  6:52pm Weed Head:

"paid for it." hahah. Thats code for No booty.
  6:52pm Jesus:

Shut up Weirdo- Never Forget
  6:52pm Dan B From Upstate:

Gif with a hard g, not a j. And foodbed is one word.
  6:52pm peteheavycream:

michele's arch nemesis is a position you never want to be in
  6:53pm Caryn:

@Skirkie: but heck, since both AGB and Mr. Burns say so, it's fine by me, even if I don't use it myself.
  6:53pm g:

  6:53pm The Marmot:

id like to be in any position with Michele. *rimshot*
  6:53pm Rhett:

It's pronounced Γ-Ι-Φ
  6:53pm Orlando R.:

Skippy is better that Jiff. Duh!
  6:53pm hannah:

I say "GIF" with a "gu" cause otherwise it sounds like the peanut butter.
  6:54pm Pinball:

Michele is trying to ruin Gif by making it a jiff.
  6:54pm robyn:

ugh. i almost want to call people i know up and have them comment that it's jif. IT'S JIF!
  6:54pm g:

Is it phoodbed?
  6:54pm Board Op:

What mic works best for a peeing sound?
  6:54pm Jesus:

Misstress Thyroid
  6:54pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Who ruined the English language by assigning two different sounds to one letter?
  6:55pm Pinball:

dont let michele pee on Pee Butt
  6:55pm Board Op:

Wear Depends on the air, kid.
  6:55pm the glowing one:

@Ken: the Normans?
  6:56pm Smallish Bladder:

whatever you do Frangry, don't put your hands in warm water.
  6:56pm robyn:

these two ladies are about to ruin two wfmu chairs.
  6:56pm Michele's bladder:

She ruined ME!
  6:56pm Jesus:

Michele = Mistress Orina
  6:56pm Orlando R.:

I hear the sound of a waterfall.
  6:57pm pearl necklace:

whiz yourself already! Make radio history!
  6:57pm peteheavycream:

Great show ladies!! Seeyou next week. Adios, Weirdos.
  6:57pm Frangry's Shoulder:

Frangry ruined me!
  6:57pm Caryn:

@Ken from HP: and more
  6:57pm the glowing one:

that is MEAN!
  6:57pm g:

This show is ruined.
  6:58pm Board Op:

I call made up on this story
  6:58pm peteheavycream:

  6:59pm Pinball:

  6:59pm Caryn:

So long, weirdos!
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