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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options August 24, 2012: Forgive Me Weirdos, For I Have Sinned

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Frangry & Michele  Shut Up, Weirdo   Options

Listener comments!

  6:00pm stinkbug:

  6:01pm PeteHeavyCream:

hey, weirdo's. ladies!
Avatar 6:01pm FRANGRY:

  6:01pm Carmichael:

Robot music: time for Michele and Frangry!
  6:01pm Spike:

Hello Pets.
  6:01pm the glowing one:

duh duh duh duh-duh duhduhdaa
  6:02pm PeteHeavyCream:

tonight's show is gonna bring up some bad catholic school memories
  6:02pm Mr. Potato Head:

awwwww yea!!!!! PUMMMMPED!!!!
  6:02pm Skirkie:

You got that voice disguisey thing?
  6:02pm robyn:

so which one of you is diddling kids?
  6:02pm luvs2bang:

two hot ladies of the cloth. Wish I was a nubile pre teen alter boy so I can get punished.
  6:03pm Roadkill:

+I'm sticking around just to hear the punishments.
  6:03pm stinkbug:

Is it a sin that Andy is gone?
  6:03pm Carmichael:

I went to Catholic school, so this should be Memory Lane for me.
  6:03pm g:

What's a Mormon? Are they sinners?
  6:04pm the glowing one:

can you make Michele sound like Andy with the voice disguiser?
  6:04pm nut lube 2112:

Is it a sin to covet two radio babes at the same time?
  6:05pm Willard "Mitt" Moneyr:

I confess - I paid no taxes for the last 5 years
  6:05pm g:

I confess to liking this show.
  6:06pm robyn:

ooh, this is good. i have thought many sinful thoughts against my coworkers. and not sexy sinful, angry sinful.
  6:06pm Jay Z's mom:

ooo, 10 hail Frangrys and 10 shelly roseries.
  6:06pm g:

We need a priest to cleanse this show at 6:59. Any takers?
  6:07pm PeteHeavyCream:

these are nerd sins.

I've had impure thoughts about Frangry & Michele.

Please absolve me!
  6:09pm Roadkill:

+Forgive me Weirdos, for I have sinned. (12 yrs Catholic school. Alter boy. The whole schtick.)
  6:09pm drunken monkey:

Jonny Muller + Frangry + 2nd Crazy chik = BDSM extravaganza!
  6:09pm spanx rangler:

I need my pants pulled down and my creamy white hiney paddled.
  6:09pm g:

Spike could do the whole show!
  6:10pm PeteHeavyCream:

frangry and michele's response to all of these is, "well, they deserved it." i love it
  6:10pm Double D's:

is being gay a sin? then spike is damned.
  6:10pm g:

Michele should run Guantanamo.
  6:11pm Mr. Potato Head:

I confess that I friended Frangry on FB but so far I've been denied =( sniffle sniffle

I was an Altar Boy too!

One time when I was serving at a wedding, I checked out the bride's cleavage as she knelt at the altar. Forgive me, Weirdos!
  6:12pm The Marmot:

When i was in middle school, i lived in an apartment building with a common laundry area. I would go down there and check in the machines for the hot 20-something girl's delicates, if you will. When I would find her clothes, I'd snatch a pair of panties, and use it, you could say, as a receptacle of sorts. At which time i would return them to the machine I found them in.

Mistress Michele would make a great dominatrix!
  6:14pm Skirkie:

That guy gets a prize.
  6:14pm PeteHeavyCream:

Sleeping with your babysitter isn't a sin. it's a victory for all young men every where
  6:14pm G:

Snatching maids' linens, marmot! FOR SHAME

Say three Hail Masturbs.
  6:15pm G:

Where's Jenna? Or has she never sinned?
  6:15pm Zodiac Killer:

Yeah, so I killed a whole bunch of people.

Please forgive me!
  6:16pm PeteHeavyCream:

did anyone make the list yet?

Michele - naughty or nice? I'm thinking naughty!
  6:16pm g:

Michele is the reason women should be allowed to be priests.
  6:17pm PeteHeavyCream:

def naughty
  6:17pm lucybluebear:

they are not punishments, they are penances
  6:18pm Skirkie:

Some one needs to clip and remix Michele saying, "I like handing out punishments."
  6:18pm Uncle touchy:

I once watched porn in a hotel room for 3 straight days. Now, can I get a spankin?
  6:18pm PeteHeavyCream:

punishment; listen to last week's show

Can I buy an indulgence???
  6:20pm G:

Michele should up the ante more. Tell some dude to chop it off for penance.

Michele loves to mete out punishments.
  6:20pm Anthony, Esquire:

how bad was my sin?
  6:20pm current dude on the phone:

My sin is : I like to call into radio shows with fake, salacious tall tales
  6:20pm fallen angel:

I once saw my step mom on the crapper. A sin? could have fooled me!
  6:20pm PeteHeavyCream:

new catch phrase. "I'm gonna beat my kids."
  6:21pm G:

Unmemorable, Anthony :-P
  6:21pm Roadkill:

"I'm gonna beat my kids..." LOL!
  6:21pm Anthony, Esquire:

  6:22pm G:

I call scenic route on this caller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I once shot a woodpecker dead with a BB gun. That still bothers me. Please forgive me.
  6:22pm Anthony, Esquire:

I wanted to have a bad sin...I thought pissing off the girls would be the worst thing I could possibly do
  6:22pm PeteHeavyCream:

  6:23pm Woody W.:

@Johnny: I am the ghost of BBs past!!!!!!!!
  6:23pm Instant BJ:

I once called out to a guy crossing the street: "Hey RE-TODD!"
  6:23pm hamburger:

what is going on
  6:23pm Mr. Potato Head:

It was a bit long winded LOL Sorry Frangry!
  6:24pm Anthony, Esquire:

I think Father Frangry thinks we are all weirdos
  6:24pm Roadkill:

+When we acted up as kids, my dad would give us the standard hold your hand while you swing around him trying to avoid the belt. Then he'd lock us in the basement, where our bedrooms were, to await the coming morn. Sometimes he'd forget to unlock our door, making us crawl out the basement window.
  6:25pm Roadkill:

+The lie is the sin. Punish him...
  6:25pm Modern Times:

Can you say "child abuse", Roadkill? I knew you could.
  6:26pm PeteHeavyCream:

any dates?
  6:26pm the glowing one:

Michele sounds really upset
  6:26pm Lance Armstrong:

I took roids, Frangry & Michele. Please forgive me!
  6:26pm Mr. Potato Head:

  6:26pm Mr. Potato Head:

activate the voice thing LOL that would be awesome!
  6:27pm Roadkill:

+Different times, MT. We expected to be addressed as impetuous youngsters. Still here, still admire my deceased father... RK

Did Frangry admit to cheating on her boyfriend?
  6:28pm g:

I made tiny frogs jump off the roof of our summer cottage. Does that make me a sinner/future serial killer?
  6:28pm Anthony, Esquire:

yes she did!
  6:28pm G:

@Michele: What's the punishment for stealing gum out of a woman's purse on an airliner?

Michele needs to give Frangry a punishment for cheating!!!
  6:29pm g:

Why are all the sinners (on this show) men? Didn't they write The Book, the one with The Rules?
  6:29pm PeteHeavyCream:

my biggest sin is I always tell girls that i'm wearing a condom.

Nice one, @G!!!
  6:30pm Anthony, Esquire:

not enough penance being handed out
  6:30pm bag - o- douche:

I once had a three way with two hot radio girls pretending to be priests. Oh, my bad, I was dreaming.
  6:30pm G:

@PHC: They can't tell the difference???????
  6:31pm andymorphicc:

its called a dine and dash

Cashew nuts? You musta been really stoned, dude!
  6:32pm Mr. Potato Head:

Pete Heavy Cream's dates must be retarded-- how can they not tell the difference! LOL
  6:32pm g:

This show seems to quite cathrtic for this audience.

People who dine and dash should be forced to eat waitress's poop!
  6:33pm PeteHeavyCream:

not retarded, well maybe, but usually drunk, ha
  6:33pm Ms. Jackie O:

I think I should be on the list . Throwing out my supervisors I love Jesus coffee mug was awesome !
  6:33pm Ms. Jackie O:

I think I should be on the list . Throwing out my supervisors I love Jesus coffee mug was awesome !
  6:33pm Ms. Jackie O:

I think I should be on the list . Throwing out my supervisors I love Jesus coffee mug was awesome !
  6:34pm Mr. Potato Head:

I agree! Ms. Jackie O for the list!
  6:34pm shaun the midgit:

I still look up the skirts of unsuspecting ladies on the street and post pics. on my web site.
  6:35pm Anthony, Esquire:

I dont think frangry likes her audience
  6:35pm Mr. Potato Head:

Frangry-- you're going to be just fine =)
  6:35pm SF'er:

I tricked my boyfriend into a three way and then left him for her

I don't hear any remorse in Frangry's voice when see talks about her serial cheating!!!
  6:36pm SF'er:

oh and I'm a guy!
  6:36pm Anthony, Esquire:

whats with frangry...i got here late
  6:36pm the glowing one:

  6:36pm Mr. Potato Head:

ok that janitor WINS... that's it. END THE SHOW.
  6:36pm g:

Jackie O gets my vote (despite forgetting the most important part of her story).
  6:37pm David weave Roth:

I have a bogus handicap sign for my car so I get sweet parking spots. By the way, I'm totally healthy.
  6:37pm g:

Mr Tukar is an a-hole.
  6:37pm PeteHeavyCream:

justifying your actions with, finders keepers, is an even worse sin then stealing.
  6:38pm aaa:

I snitched on that janitor because I wanted to keep the quarters for myself

I cheated on Frangry at ever opportunity - and I once put pee-pee in her coke!
  6:38pm Mr. Potato Head:

PeteHeavyCream.. you took the words out of my mouth LOL
  6:38pm PeteHeavyCream:

jenna must be too innocent
  6:38pm Anthony, Esquire:

not enough christian love in this church
  6:39pm L. Ron Hubbard:

Forgive me ladies: I started a totally bogus religion that caters to wealthy celebrities.
  6:39pm PeteHeavyCream:

michele is a punishment machine.
  6:39pm ?:

Her sin is a knockup? Is she cute?
  6:40pm SF'er:

haha L. Ron wins!
  6:40pm dusty crevice:

I stole: I use "have a good one, mister" like it was my own. sorry.
  6:41pm PeteHeavyCream:

me too. i call all women sister. thanks to frangry
  6:41pm g:

Rusty sounds rusty.
  6:41pm Mr. Potato Head:

PeteHeavyCream, stop stealing my thoughts! LOL
  6:41pm G:

Rusty is CREEPY

Frangry & Michele hate the sin AND the sinner!
  6:42pm John McCabe in LA:

my biggest sin is not calling in for like a year
  6:42pm Mr. Potato Head:

I confess I miss some guy that used to be on this show-- not naming names... but I do LOVE Michelle!
  6:42pm Anthony, Esquire:

are we really that weird for tuning in each week?

It depends what part of her body he massaged, right?
  6:42pm Johnny Muller:

Michele should write a book of punishments. They're that good!
  6:42pm Anthony, Esquire:

amen mister johnny
  6:43pm likes2jack:

I once got a happy ending at a hair salon. The stylist was hot and I had a premature sit-u-ation.
  6:43pm g:

Giving someone a free massage is better than giving them an free STD.
  6:43pm Roadkill:

+That is your sin, Anthony, Esq...
  6:44pm Anthony, Esquire:

the ocean water punishment was awesome
  6:44pm g:

$100 + interest!!!

All jerks should be severely punished!
  6:44pm willie d:

im on the bolt bus and i just farted :(
  6:45pm crustypubes:

I worked at Dairy Queen and used to stick my mouth on the twisty cone machine and let her rip.
  6:45pm G:

For that guy, it would be more like $100 and disinterest

Michele's wrath is awesome!
  6:45pm PeteHeavyCream:

framing your sister for plant eating is legendary.
  6:46pm Roadkill:

+Is monetary punishment extortion? (Anthony...?)
  6:46pm Mr. Potato Head:

the plant feeder guy is going straight to H-E-double hockey sticks!!!
  6:46pm weedhead:

I once toked up in the rear of a synagogue. By the time everyone realized it was me, I bolted.
  6:46pm Mr. Potato Head:

plant feedin guy should have to brush his teeth with cockroach larva!
  6:47pm aaa:

Michele's punishments are becoming more harsh as the show continues
  6:47pm Anthony, Esquire:

no, that is an indulgence roadkill
  6:47pm PeteHeavyCream:

what are man shoes?
  6:47pm aaa:

Can she win a shirt for most creative punishment?
  6:48pm g:

Where is this show going?
  6:48pm Pancake:

Sorry mommy. I pooped in the cereal box.
  6:48pm Roadkill:

+Ahhh, the perks of life...
  6:48pm Frequent Flyer:

Some crazy bitch stole my gum while I was taking a dump, so I put a voodoo hex on her!!!
  6:48pm Anthony, Esquire:

frangry is mean
  6:49pm PeteHeavyCream:

Frequent. NICE
  6:50pm Mr. Potato Head:

like chunk from Goonies!!!
  6:50pm Mr. Potato Head:

shelly is a punishment machine!
  6:51pm Frangry:

I confess: I LOVED 50 shades of Grey
  6:51pm g:

Purse puking is abominable.
  6:51pm PeteHeavyCream:

jenna; confessions of a serial killer.
  6:51pm Atheist:

I desecrated a bible once when I was a young teenager. I spit in it, then ripped out the pages. It was my bible. Is that a sin?
  6:52pm Mr. Potato Head:

JENNA!!!! HOORAY!!!! SO she didn't run off with andy! (wipes forehead) phew.
  6:52pm SF'er:

i totally sinned on this one;i farted in vegas at a craps table and looked back at a big fat guy standing behind me and everyone at the table blamed him for the stench!
  6:52pm Roadkill:

+I confess, I'll read 50 shades after my wife's finally done with it... RK
  6:53pm OK Cupid Computer:

I set Frangry up with total weirdos to sabotage her love life. So funny! She'll never get laid again!!! Please forgive me!
  6:53pm g:

Jenna needs to mother a groundhog.
  6:53pm Father James:

I dittle young boys, but ONLY the hot ones, only the hot ones.
  6:53pm G:

The rare Late-Show Jenna
  6:53pm Mr. Potato Head:

Angry gophers! the next big game from rovio!
  6:54pm Mr. Potato Head:

flannel and stripes are no where near each other! imagine business major vs. art major in college circa 1996
  6:55pm aaa:

That lunch lady needs to be punished as well
  6:55pm God:

I accidently washed Atlantis away. My bad.
  6:55pm PeteHeavyCream:

Great show, ladies!! Keep on crushing. PUMMMPED! Later, Weirdos.
  6:55pm g:

This show is so weird.
  6:55pm Roadkill:

  6:56pm Mr. Potato Head:

it's freakin' 2012 people-- how do you not know that you have to turn down your radio!!!! PFFFFFT!
  6:56pm Anthony, Esquire:

shut up weirdo
  6:56pm Baby Haysoos:

I sneezed and wiped out the Mayan empire. sorry Mexicans!
  6:56pm John McCabe in LA:

this show is really turning me
  6:57pm John McCabe in LA:

  6:57pm robyn:

wait, what. a merkin? i thought a merkin was for ladies...
  6:57pm g:

Weirdos are the coolest sinners.
  6:57pm Mr. Potato Head:

Michelle needs to make a punishment book... and johnny muller could illustrate it.
Avatar 6:57pm FRANGRY:


I must confess...I prefer "Seven Second Delay."

  6:58pm God:

Ladies, for impersonating me, you are now condemned to hell
  6:59pm God:

+I absolve thee of all sins.
  7:03pm God:

By the way, you are both hot
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