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Every show starts with the ’70s! We’ll rediscover forgotten rockers, revisit unfairly maligned disco beats and replay power-pop favorites. Next: plenty of new releases, occasional live bands and more. Don’t let the nickname confuse you.

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Options February 29, 2012: marathon week 2, with co-host MIKE LUPICA!

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Many thanks to everyone who pledged during this show! We exceeded our first two goals, but not our hubristic third goal. If you didn't have a chance to get your pledge in it's not too late! You can still pledge $75 (or more) to my show using the widget at the top of this page and you will automatically get my premium CD, 100% CanCon! 20 tracks from your favorite, least favorite, and unheard of Canadian bands including Nick Gilder, Trooper, Chixdiggit, Klaatu, Kim Mitchell, Liette & Francois, Battered Wives, Gilles Valiquette, The Disco Sound of Andre Gagnon, Coney Hatch, Teenage Head, Helix, Les Jaguars, Edward Bear, Sloan, Pagliaro, Diane Dufresne, April Wine, Stonebolt, and Chilliwack!

Artist Track Album Label Year Approx. start time
the jam  i need you (for someone)   Options 7"  polydor    0:00:00 ()
chambers brothers  time has come today   Options the time has come  columbia    0:02:55 ()
jacksons  goin' places   Options 7"  epic    0:13:34 ()
pagliaro  lovin' you ain't so easy   Options 100% CanCon - my 2012 marathon premium CD, yours with a pledge of $75 or more      0:16:59 ()
cute lepers  you don't have to belong to the religious right   Options smart accessories  12-3-4 go!  2010  0:27:54 ()
soft metals  the cold world melts   Options s/t  ca[    0:32:18 ()
wild flag  romance   Options s/t  merge    0:48:42 ()
liette & francois  un jour tu vas exploser   Options 100% CanCon - my 2012 marathon premium CD, yours with a pledge of $75 or more      0:52:23 ()
the feelies  should be gone   Options here before  bar/none  2011  1:08:33 ()
gilles valiquette  madame chose   Options 100% CanCon - my 2012 marathon premium CD, yours with a pledge of $75 or more      1:15:30 ()
the feelies  way down   Options here before  bar/none    1:15:38 ()
mr. chop  givn' up food for funk   Options switched on  5 day weekend  2011  1:31:30 ()
les jaguars  supersonic twist   Options 100% CanCon - my 2012 marathon premium CD, yours with a pledge of $75 or more      1:35:10 ()
hillary blaze  first burst of madness   Options exposure  rockadrome  2011  1:39:36 ()
flamin' groovies  you tore me down   Options   bomp    1:56:44 ()
tell-tale hearts  just a matter of time   Options   bomp    1:59:39 ()
nikki & the corvettes  just what i need   Options   bomp    2:02:19 ()
chixdifggit  (i feel like) (gerry) cheevers (stitch marks on my heart)   Options 100% CanCon - my 2012 marathon premium CD, yours with a pledge of $75 or more      2:18:32 ()
myelin sheaths  drugstore pharmacy   Options 7"  hozac    2:21:22 ()
people's temple  make you understand   Options 7"  hozac    2:24:01 ()
edward bear  best friend   Options 100% CanCon - my 2012 marathon premium CD, yours with a pledge of $75 or more      2:26:58 ()
lords of falconry  st. aberdeen   Options s/t  holy mountain    2:42:15 ()
helix  dirty dog   Options 100% CanCon - my 2012 marathon premium CD, yours with a pledge of $75 or more      2:46:41 ()
chilliwack  fly at night (radio edit)   Options 100% CanCon - my 2012 marathon premium CD, yours with a pledge of $75 or more      2:54:51 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 2/29/12 9:06pm NaterBater:

Time has come today!
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:08pm Sybil:

Good Leap Year Day all!

Come on and pledge! How do you spell "psychedeleciousded" any old how!
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:09pm Joshua K:

This show is starting with some heavy levels of badassery
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:10pm Sybil:

Pledge it all for Tek!
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:11pm Sybil:

Yow, with Mike Lupica? How can you not pledge?!
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:14pm Sybil:

EFD and Mike Lupica? This is some serious stuff!
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:14pm Marmalade kitty:

Awwwesome start to the show EFD! :)
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:15pm john:

Pledge for more singalongs!
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:16pm Sybil:

absolutely, john!
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:17pm Sybil:

come on, bring on the funk!
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:18pm john:

Thought you'd agree, Sybil! Although I have to admit that even after a couple million miles, the feeling I get when I'm riding in a jet remains queasiness.
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:18pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Will there be some Monkees' songs tonight?
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:19pm Sybil:

Got to admit, I'm with Ken. Hey hey!
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:21pm Ignore Function:

Sounds great, EFD
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:21pm Joshua K:

The monkey songs are during Dave the Spazz's show.
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:22pm Barkevious Shabazz:

Pledge for the glory of Chilliwac.
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:24pm Sybil:

Loving the marathon - even though I pledged in such a way that I'll get no premiums prob... two near-half-mouse pledges to efd, that's a dream.
I need you all to help me out and make his goals! Come on and pledge what you can! Wow, EFD and Mike Lupica!
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:24pm mrg:

kick-ass start! keep it going!
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:28pm Sybil:

"Time has come today" is totally motivating. I'm afraid I'm the problem, so I'll shut up.

After saying this: I can give an unusual amount this year, thanks to good luck. But whether you give a lot or a little, please pledge! You'll feel so good when you do!
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:31pm Sybil:

Ta Mike, for saying that "good at math" is not necessarily the same as "good at counting".
Heck, I can't add reliably. Took me two tries to post this comment.

That said, PLEDGE!
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:33pm Sybil:

Pledge so I'll actually shut up! (Or whatever)
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:35pm Sybil:

Who brings you the cute lepers? That would be EFD! Keep it funky1
Avatar Wed. 2/29/12 9:36pm Marathon co-host Mike Lupica:

Woo! First two prizes on deck tonight are the Cute Lepers and Soft Metals. Call now to be in the drawing 1-800-989-9368 or pledge online at wfmu.org
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:37pm Destroit:

hi Efd and everyone. Just getting settled in. Umm, Lupica? Explanation would be appreciated :)
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:38pm Sybil:

  Wed. 2/29/12 9:39pm Destroit:

I told ya SybIl, I was just getting settled in. Awesome acid house Lupica!
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:40pm Sybil:

How can you solve a problem like Lupica?
How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?
How do you find a word that means Lupica>
A will-o-the-wisp,,...
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:41pm Ursa Major:

Coney Hatch ----- there's a name I hadn't heard in years. Leave it to EFD to exhume the forgotten greats.
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:41pm Van in DC:

Oh. WOW! EFD! Hey!
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:44pm Sybil:

Pledge I will yes I said pledge...
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:45pm will:

Hi Evan, I just pledged as I must, since you've been the heavy favorite on my (internet) radio for quite a while now, Best Will J
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:46pm Geddy:

Lest we forget Triumph, Aldo Nova, FM and Brave Belt.
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:47pm will:

Oh and make sure to play some Davy Jones!
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:49pm Van in DC:

Y3K - I gotta tell ya...I thought it would be really easy to pick 18 premiums. ERRRRRR!!! I recommend tripling your $1K pledge to get EVERYTHING!
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:52pm Sybil:

I'm so passionately motivated tonight. But i'm all pledged out. Won't you join me and pledge? Do it till you're satisfied!
I'll never be satisfied, but my accountant* hopes I will stop complaining
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:52pm Van in DC:

Station Manager Ken is probably still wondering down sideroads scaring little kids, wearing his melted vinyl and wielding his skull scepter ha ha
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:53pm Joshua K:

This is what I look like when I have to pick premiums http://i.imgur.com/t6kBg.gif
Avatar Wed. 2/29/12 9:53pm Marathon co-host Mike Lupica:

OK -- decks are cleared, time for new prizes: Wild Flag! 1-800-989-9368 or wfmu.org. Pledge now!
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:55pm Sybil:

Love you Mike!
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:55pm dave:

i imagine that godspeed you black emperor! are currently fury-pledging en masse to express their outrage at the image of their homeland presented by evan's premium.
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:56pm Van in DC:

@Joshua K - that was great :)
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:56pm Destroit:

Oh, hi Marmalade! Didn't see you hiding there in the comments.
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:57pm chad from oregon:

Choosing my premiums last week left me with a headache which is still ringing. I'm afraid now that I may need to make another pledge I really can't afford.
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:57pm Elizabeth:

Just made my pledge- Love your show! Thanks for all the great music :) Can't wait for your premium!
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:58pm Sybil:

chad- you can totally afford it!
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:58pm Roberto:

"Twenty-twelve" is the way to go, EFD. Now if only we can get you saying "dot org" instead of "dot oh are gee."
  Wed. 2/29/12 9:59pm Sybil:

j'adore Mike Lupica.
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:00pm Marmalade kitty:

Hi Destroit, just been watching the video for squeeze - cool for cats.. hilarious!
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:00pm Jim Macnie:

Going to pledge now because I miss Evan.
Avatar Wed. 2/29/12 10:00pm Kenzo:

I like to say "dee oh tee dot org"
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:00pm Sybil:

Not that I don't love EFD!
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:00pm Bratty Kid:

Mike and Sybil, sittin' in a tree...
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:00pm Van in DC:

There's just THREE things WFMU wants from you right now. #1. Your MONEY. #2. Your MONEY. #3. uh, yeah, right, oops. That would be Your MONEY! AND THAT'S NOT A BAD THING! :) Money money money! Make it rain!
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:01pm Sybil:

What Van said!
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:04pm Sybil:

Mike L is very well married, I do believe. Never stops me loving him in a totally appropriate way...
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:05pm Bratty Kid:

Sounding oh so appropriate! :-)
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:06pm Sybil:

  Wed. 2/29/12 10:06pm Van in DC:

  Wed. 2/29/12 10:08pm Van in DC:

Hey Kenzo - be forewarned - I am SOOO going to insist on adopting you next year, so be ready for that. k? :)
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:11pm Holly in NC:

Hi Evan & Mike & everyone! @Destroit - are you in NC?
Avatar Wed. 2/29/12 10:12pm Marathon co-host Mike Lupica:

Thanks to everyone who's pledged so far! Up for grabs now is the new-ish Feelies album, call 1-800-989-9368 or pledge online at wfmu.org
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:13pm Van in DC:

I have so many ideas for you guys to do this whole drive better. I'm sure I'm not the only one, but wow. And this is the first time I've heard this stuff this past week or two. Could be better, and you guys should be ROLLING in dough. Station Mgr Ken, hire me right away. I'll make it all better.
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:14pm Sybil Queen of the Mux:

I will double the largest pledge (less than 100$) made between 10:15 and 10:30 tonight. In other words, they pledge it, I meet it. Announce it, evan.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/29/12 10:15pm efd:

THANKS to everyone who's pledged so far - I really appreciate it! Totally nuts in the studio tonight so I can't comment as much as usual, but I'll see all your comments later if I don't see them now. Please keep pledging!
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:15pm Van in DC:

@Sybil - I already did a matching thing and Joe was NOT pleased. You can't do it, really.
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:16pm Sybil Queen of the Mux:

I'll do it, anyway
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:17pm Van in DC:

Okey dokey :)
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:20pm Van in DC:

Silly me, addressing Station Manager Ken before. As IF he isn't still stumbling down some side street encased in burnt vinyl ha ha. That was epic earlier today ha ha.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/29/12 10:20pm efd:

Sybil, I truly appreciate the sentiment but for a variety of reasons we don't do matching pledges any more.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/29/12 10:20pm efd:

I mean, I can't stop you from pledging but I can't officially announce it either.
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:23pm Destroit:

Hey Holly, just got back from NC tonight. Got settled in a bit ago. Thanks for asking. Too hectic of a trip to coordinate anything fun, plus I suck at the Internet.
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:23pm Sybil Queen of the Mux:

That's so sad, efd. If only I knew some maths....')
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:23pm Van in DC:

I was told that doing a matching pledge is just too much headache for everyone on the other end of the pledge, and I get that. That is one of the things I could fix if hired, Station Manager Ken! :)
Avatar Wed. 2/29/12 10:24pm Kenzo:

Van, maybe you can adopt the little fading down arrow.
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:24pm Van in DC:

Julie is the BESTEST!!!!!!!!
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:24pm Van in DC:

ha ha Kenzo :)
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:25pm Destroit:

Courtney rules. (but do not call her Court)
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:26pm Sybil Queen of the Mux:

ach, they don't have to be on it. That's my problem!
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:26pm Van in DC:

clap clap clap for everyone doing the Mouse!
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:29pm Destroit:

A pleasure to give to you guys, glad I navigated the phone well enough to slam it to you!
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:29pm Marmalade kitty:

How come Courtney wins everything??
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:30pm Van in DC:

Yay Doug and Steinski!! :)
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:30pm Barkevious Shabazz:

@Geddy is that Triumph the insult comic dog or the astounding power trio dreckmeisters of "Rock n Roll Machine"?
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:31pm Van in DC:

We're all winners MK :)
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:32pm Destroit:

Saucer of milk, table for two Kitty? :) :0
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:35pm Marmalade kitty:

there's always one lucky bastard! ;)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/29/12 10:35pm efd:

just skimming the comments - totally do not want to be a buxzzkill regarding the matching thiing, but unfortunately we've been burned before by faux matchers so the policy is now to not make those offers on the air.
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:36pm Destroit:

This pledging thing is more sophisticated than I'm used to. (mr chop is great). Anyway, i'm used to giving to my local stations, all done. The mechanics of running a world wide pledge drive is fascinating. A committee to form a committee must commence.
Avatar Wed. 2/29/12 10:37pm Marathon co-host Mike Lupica:

Mr. Chop is the new prize! Call now and pledge $15 or more to win it! 1-800-989-9368!
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:39pm Van in DC:

ah. That explains that. Know that I will NOT burn FMU on my matching pledge that I did that so put Joe M. in a bad frame of mind...I had no idea. I only wanted to do my BESTEST to raise funds for FMU and my adopted DJ, Irene!
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:39pm Holly in NC:

Mr. Chop is great, agreed.
Any Teenage Head forthcoming, efd?
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:39pm Courtney:

Sweet - did I win something AGAIN?! I got a text right when the announcement (I listen on my phone) was made & missed it. This must be my year ...
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:41pm Courtney:

Don't worry, listeners. My pledge $ is running low .... I can only win a few more prizes
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:43pm Van in DC:

It's all good Courtney...it's my year to just be donating, so it all balances out :)
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:43pm Bratty Kid:

Courtney's got the whamma jamma mojo!
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:43pm Ian Dury:

Who wants tonight’s star prize?
A Rolex, original Rolex from Brixton market,

Blockheads, who wants it?
Blockheads, who wants it?
Blockheads (oi oi)

You can’t get any batteries,
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:43pm john:

This is rad, but totally needs spacesuits.
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:44pm Marmalade kitty:

well done Courtney :D
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:45pm Destroit:

Ground control to major John.....
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:50pm Danne D:

for those afraid they'll get me on the phone, I'm happy to report that commenter A Great Many (who did those great Tullis and Clark songs for Irwin) is now on phone #1! Call 800-989-9368 now!!!
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:50pm Bratty Kid:

Few adoption gallery items cost $1000 -- for example, Tom Scharpling.

The $1000 pricing for the efd ticket segment is a gauge of 1. how much work it is live on the air every week, and 2. the annoyance factor if you feel you MUST name it something annoying (not that that's ever happened :-) )
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:51pm john:

For what it's worth, I do endorse Bobby V's comments, and Davey Johnson's saying the gNats should fire him if he doesn't take the team to the playoffs.
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:51pm Destroit:

Bobby v is the best thing to happen to guys in a long time. My humble opinion.
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:52pm Van in DC:

Nice George!!!!
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:55pm Destroit:

I meant " to you guys", NYC and Bobby V will be fun.
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:55pm Van in DC:

One of my ideas on this fund raising? Want to make a quick $250? By just playing a song? ...and if it were requested in advance...? That's just one of my ideas. I have MANY. I could have you guys at over a million already :)
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:56pm cubicle carl:

There is always the possibility of starting the Aerosmith stream.
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:56pm Holly in NC:

Hey efd, Just pledged again)
Trying for the Bomp book, fingers crossed, fingers crossed!
But I do not have a coffee table, Ikea or otherwise...
  Wed. 2/29/12 10:58pm Bratty Kid:

Oct 25 2004:

  Wed. 2/29/12 10:59pm Doug S.:

How's the Stratego going, Holly?
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:00pm Barkevious Shabazz:

Tore me down-how great
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:00pm john:

The world's ACTUAL greatest rock n' roll band!
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:03pm Holly in NC:

Hi Doug! No rematch yet, phew. Today we created firebreathing llama-ogres, much more in tune with my special skills ;-)
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:05pm ?:

many FMU DJs dont take requests
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:06pm albie:

  Wed. 2/29/12 11:06pm john:

Got to pass on the Bomp book, even though it's nice. There are, however, some amusing sound bites from a date Becky went on with Greg Shaw in 1989, at least one of them involving his pride in being in at the founding of the Society for Creative Anachronism. D&D Rawks!
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:08pm Bratty Kid:

bump it to 6K!!!!
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:09pm Marmalade kitty:

1k to go.. BUMP IT!!!
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:10pm Bratty Kid:

less than 500 to go, they could even make 6K
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:12pm Holly in NC:

No, BOMP IT ;-) !!
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:12pm Bratty Kid:

I'd bomp that :-P
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:14pm Joshua K:

Somebody pledge $1k to name the ticket giveaway to Down in the Ticket Station at Midnight.
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:16pm Bratty Kid:

  Wed. 2/29/12 11:16pm Holly in NC:

Oh, now I'm crying... thanks, guys!
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:17pm Destroit:

Hi ?. Van, just fund the whole station, clearly you have the know how. Put trademarks on ALLCAPS and just do it.
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:18pm Destroit:

Holly is solid gold! :)
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:19pm Snooki:

What's a radio? WTF?
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:20pm chris m.:


  Wed. 2/29/12 11:23pm Careful Listener:

I notice some BostonCon here too...
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:23pm Holly in NC:

97%! Let's [gack] "exceed expectations" !
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:24pm G:

Go for an even 6K. They already raised the goal from 5 to 5.5K
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:25pm Destroit:

Great job efd and everyone involved, 97% and rising.
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:25pm Marmalade kitty:

Is that snooki the cat? :D
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:26pm David B (the other one):

Just looked up Gerry Cheever's mask. Man is that creepy. Would not want to go up against that playing hockey.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/29/12 11:26pm efd:

GOAL HAS BEEN UPPED!!!! Thanks everyone who's pledged so far!
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:28pm Destroit:

Cheever's mask is legend. Top 50 foaled mask search is worth the 2 minute run through.
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:29pm Holly in NC:

This is a fine, fine 4pack from the very nice Hozac people
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:31pm Marmalade kitty:

where's Julie tonight? and ms Cheri?
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:31pm Destroit:

Oh Lordy, 91% and rising! Make it work people, let's go!
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:31pm Kat in Chicago:

Hello all - sorry I can't join the conversation tonight, on deadline at work, but enjoying the show - and yes I pledged last week :)
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:32pm Holly in NC:

Quick aside: it's Goner Records birthday, 15% off everything 'til midnight @ http://ymlp.com/zCRlRv if anyone has discretionary $ left after supporting wfmu....
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:32pm G:

One Mouse from the new goal...
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:33pm Destroit:

Hey Kat, love ya! Keep workin':)
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:33pm G:

No offense, but I don't like you, David Gates, MISTER "GUITAR MAN" lmao
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:35pm Holly in NC:

Julie's going to be ON AIR with Mary in 25 minutes !
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:37pm Brian Kenny:

It's time to go in to THE SHREDDER!
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:38pm john:

Not that we can quite extend to it during this decade of at best semi-employment, but could we name it after our dog? The Mr. President Ticket Poop Bag?
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:38pm G:

or not, john :-)
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:38pm David B (the other one):

Has anyone else here adopted djs/puppets/random stuff? I had "Jersey City's Slowest Elevator" named after me.
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:39pm Destroit:

Oh dear, I seriously need to sleep, but I seriously, and I'm cereal, don't know how I can resist trying to not stay awake for wing/Julie fun time. I'm preparing semi-lucid funtime. Dammit.
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:40pm G:

@David: I adopted Monica's comments board, Irwin's last year, other DJs in prior years. You can see all named adoptions in the adoption gallery linked to on the home page.
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:41pm Holly in NC:

I'm taking care of 'George' the Miner.....
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:43pm Neil Jung:

Lorne Green Dammit!
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:43pm Kat in Chicago:

I adopted the Thunk Tank. First year I could adopt - usually have to pledge on the installment plan, but got a bonus at my Horrible Job this year so I paid up front.
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:43pm Marmalade kitty:

Destroit, me too! ..and I'm +5 hours!? :o
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:44pm Holly in NC:

Green Witch.
Pipe Dream.

Show Mike L. some love!
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:44pm Destroit:

THis is major John to ground control...;)
Avatar Wed. 2/29/12 11:45pm Marathon co-host Mike Lupica:

C'mon folks, we're super close to the new (cocky) goal! We need more pledges during these last 15 minutes of the show to get Evan his BEST EVER MARATHON TOTAL! 1-800-989-9368!
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:45pm G:

MK almost never goes to sleep before 9 or 10 AM UK time, it seems :-P
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:46pm Barkevious Shabazz:

Here's a vote for the ticket poop bag.
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:46pm Destroit:

Let's do this MK. Kat, traxx and go. (ultimate urban trucker stop)
Avatar Wed. 2/29/12 11:47pm Marathon co-host Mike Lupica:

  Wed. 2/29/12 11:47pm Marmalade kitty:

things are not always what they seem
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:47pm Rick In Springfield:

You Gotta Love Somebody!
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:47pm john:

20-sided die free with each Lords of Falconry elpee!
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:49pm Randy in NC:

Spreading the love to the EFD show! (Sheepishly admitting that most of my limited pledge funds went to Michael Shelley who has a killer premium.)
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:50pm G:

Marmalade Kitty ---> Mysterious Kitty
Avatar Wed. 2/29/12 11:50pm Marathon co-host Mike Lupica:

Throw the goats to Helix, then pledge the money to EFD!
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:50pm David B (the other one):

Oh man, just saw the Michael Shelley premium. AMAZING. Kind of wondering if I should have gone for that one.
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:51pm Destroit:

Shelley is great , giant belated hello to Randy!
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:51pm Retsyn:

  Wed. 2/29/12 11:51pm Holly in NC:

Even better - stained glass 20-sided die ...so, so cool
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:52pm David B (the other one):

Whoops. Misread that as Top-40s songs sung by your favorite WFMU DJs, not favorite artists of today. Still, pretty cool.
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:54pm Halsey:

Pewter Knights, Beasts, Dwarves, etc. Act Now!

  Wed. 2/29/12 11:54pm Barkevious Shabazz:

Would consider pledging a third time for a handsome Helix tshirt premium.
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:55pm Destroit:

Premium thing freaked me out, to be honest. It felt like voting for an individual, instead of voting for a concept, or a broad idea. Honestly, I didn't like to pick.
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:57pm Barkevious Shabazz:

I'm a fan of broad ideas.
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:58pm Destroit:

Wonderful night Efd, thank you, and let's properly bleed into Mary/Julie! awesomeness......
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:58pm Marmalade kitty:

well done efd &mike!!!
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:59pm Destroit:

Me too bark, gotta feeling we would get along great
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:59pm Barkevious Shabazz:

Half David Gates, half Neil Young, all Chilliwack
  Wed. 2/29/12 11:59pm David B (the other one):

Congrats on raising over $6000; that's still over $1000 more than you original aimed for!
  Thu. 3/1/12 12:02am john:

I believe it's brethren and cistern. Well done, all!
  Thu. 3/1/12 12:05am G:

Brother ---> Brethren
Sister ---> Sisteren
Ox ---> Oxen

some old plurals in -en have died out by changing to the now more common -(e)s, but a few have not yet
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