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Options December 28, 2011: The Tullis and Clark Expedition

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Artist Track
Dan Tullis & Joel Clark  remixes from: A Great Many, Otis Fodder, Beth Sorrentino, Lane Steinberg, Administrator   Options
  Der Christer Schytts, T. Gould, Paul Pearson (DJ Paul Shrug), Fran Blanche  
  Irwin Chusid, Drew Keller, AnAnonymousParty, Rabbit Hash Radio, and others  
  music beds featuring R. Stevie Moore, Marco Benevento, Jethro Tull, The Bran Flakes, and others  
  Program produced and programmed live by Irwin Chusid  

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Listener comments!

  6:02pm Matt from Springfield:

"Catch-all code for archives of random shows/events", here we come! (plunge)
  6:03pm Dan and Joel:

STAND BACK, YALL!!!!! We are the most eclectic dudes on this freaking station.
  6:05pm kat330:

So, um, this bit will be over...when?
  6:05pm Dave in PA:

I just shot milk.
  6:06pm Porter Stansberry:

If I subscribe to the newsletter, will it provide me information that can't help me SMOKE.
  6:06pm G:

6:59:59 EST
  6:06pm Dan B from Upstate:

This had better be archived. Prime nightmare fuel, here.
  6:06pm Matt from Springfield:

All we need to do now is intrude on other radio station's signals, say on a congested highway. Frustrated commuters will hear this commercial and change stations, only to realize...THEY CANNOT ESCAPE!! Mwahahahahaha!!
  6:07pm Droll:

This show is the antidote to a crowded room.
  6:07pm other david:

  6:08pm kat330:

Happy Twenty-Twelve ALL! Take and give care (T&GC)...
  6:08pm Caryn:

Listening to this while watching a fat bearded guy in a dress get totally drunk with his former army buddy/current husband, followed by someone smearing jam all over a crossword puzzle, followed by a giant robot annihilating the last remaining humans alive. Which is to say, I'm feeling kinda confused now. And if someone can name the program I'm watching, I'll toast to you.
  6:08pm G:

Just archive it under

  6:08pm Matt from Springfield:

Good one kat! T&GC yourself as well!
  6:09pm molly:

T'ain't funny, Mcgee...!
  6:09pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: "Wheel of Fortune"?
  6:10pm G:

This is "Dan and Joel Do WFMU"

They control the soundboard, they control the modulator
  6:10pm Dan Savage:

Caryn, we should talk.
  6:10pm Caryn:

@Matt: close but no cigar. No Vanna around.
  6:11pm other david:

Can we haz nummerz stationz?!11
  6:11pm Caryn:

@G: Is that a sequel to "Debbie Does Dallas"?
  6:12pm G:

Yes -- ever so slightly less sexy, though.
  6:14pm Tony Shalhoub:

This is worse than being thrown up on by Ken.
Or maybe the same.
  6:14pm Caryn:

@G: well, I suspected that, what with the "Outer Limits"-like "They control the soundboard, they control the modulator" line.
  6:14pm Jefferson:

I'm beginning to think this expedition is a little out of control. I wonder if Sacagawea is leading them astray...
  6:16pm Caryn:

This expedition is gonna wind up like the Donner party...
  6:16pm Pocahantas:

She always was a bit of an addled skanky pants.
  6:16pm Jefferson:


I'm gonna commit myself.
  6:17pm Jefferson:

I bet Sacky bagged 'em both. Now, *this* insanity.
  6:18pm Sister Hairy Hymen:

this is really really bad
  6:18pm Caryn:

Are the "sure"s gonna be followed by a bunch of "you betcha"s?
  6:18pm Jefferson:

Ignore the Sister. She hates everything.
  6:19pm trolly mctrollerson:

I think I prefer WEEV
  6:19pm Cliff:

I'm on blood pressure medication, but I'm only 33. What rate can I get?
  6:19pm Caryn:

Is she related to Sister Mary Elephant?
  6:19pm Sister Hairy Hymen:

I guess this is what you do when you do want dead air.
Dead air is better.
  6:20pm Jefferson:

Sister is a whiny old bitch. Like every nun you ever had in Catholic school.
  6:20pm other david:

I like this. I like this a lot.
  6:21pm autumn:

ok, this is the best one for cats.
  6:21pm autumn:

LOL. who is this? best one.
  6:21pm Sister Hairy Hymen:

NUNS HAVE MORE fun esp with my very own crucifix dildo
  6:22pm Matt from Springfield:

Ooooh, audio samples! Listen to the killer robot insurance, and that laundry list of drugs!
  6:22pm Caryn:

I'm starting to suspect they were following the comments board for Irwin's show and were inspired by the whole "play awful tracks and tell the listeners you'll continue until they pledge money" idea. Whether it'll work remains to be seen.
  6:22pm Dave in PA:

Please tell me this is gonna go on for at least another 33 minutes?!?!?
  6:23pm JMD:

This is terrific
  6:23pm G:

Irwin and listeners have been doing Dan-Joel mashups and montages since right after the spring marathon last March. I'm sure there are HOURS of this to pick from. Irwin's been saying this material will be his next premium.
  6:24pm G:

  6:25pm JMD:

yes, for $21.
  6:27pm G:

I actually laugh when this real ad comes on the radio now. That's a relief, compared to jumping to turn down the volume. This same vile ad has been like wallpaper on some stations for YEARS
  6:28pm Matt from Springfield:

We betcha, Tullis & Clark!
  6:29pm Dr. Fleischman:

Is select quote donating money to the station for this hour long commercial?
  6:30pm JMD:

Nothing says credibility like a phone interview insurance hack.
  6:31pm G:

@Fleischman: They'd probably send a cease and desist letter if they knew. And FMU would have to send back a letter asserting a parody exception to their intellectual property rights.
  6:31pm other david:

But Joel - what if one smokes anti depressants?
  6:32pm JMD:

It's not even funny. It's ridiculous.
  6:33pm bethie:

this is brilliant
  6:33pm G:

Ridiculous is from Latin ridere = laugh. You laugh at ridiculous things.
  6:34pm other david:

Ohh ohhh *Negativland senses tingle*
  6:34pm other david:

  6:35pm JMD:

Keep on calling, keep on jamming!
  6:35pm Cliff:

  6:36pm other david:

that's why we have to have computers
  6:36pm JMD:

Ready? Go!
1, 2 stupid!
  6:39pm Robert:

Interesting supposition, Caryn. I wonder how it might relate to the recent install'n of Jim Price's show.

I'm just amazed at the density of the comments thread for this.
  6:41pm Caryn:

Oh, Robert, you're only amazed because you labour under the false assumption that we have lives...
  6:41pm G:

Define "life".
  6:42pm JMD:

good one Caryn
  6:42pm Davice:

Life stands for "Love Idiots For Ever"
  6:43pm Caryn:

Define life? What am I, Plato?
  6:43pm G:

I wonder if this gets a back announce at the end. Or does it simply speak for itself.
  6:43pm Davice:

No, you are Caryn
  6:44pm Caryn:

That's what you think, Davice...
  6:44pm Davice:

Back announce just means they play it backwards
  6:44pm G:

Caryn and Diogenes founded the Cynics.
  6:44pm fleep:

Life is a breakfast cereal made of whole grain oats, distributed by the Quaker Oats Company.
  6:45pm Davice:

This sounds like a Tom Waits song
  6:45pm G:

and Mikey likes it, as long as the check cashes.
  6:45pm Caryn:

What with this show and the one-minute programme they have on every week, WFMU's new schedule seems more experimental than before.
  6:45pm Davice:

Life is like a vacuum cleaner!
  6:46pm G:

You cant let the grass grow under your feet, Caryn...
  6:46pm Caryn:

Yep, G, but The Cynics eventually broke up due to uncreative differences after our second album.
  6:46pm G:

those Cynical bastards.
  6:47pm Davice:

I thought differences were entirely creative . . . maybe on wednesday's?
  6:48pm Caryn:

Feel bad for Διογένης Σινωπεύς though. He just went back to living in his clay pot. Whereas I went back to smoking pot. Cynically.
  6:49pm Davice:

This reminds me of the time I was abducted by those aliens from A23Zm9.
  6:49pm G:

@Caryn: You need your own wikipedia entry, obviously
  6:50pm Davice:

Caryn is Wikipedia entry!
  6:51pm Brass Knuckles:

I'm still not convinced I want to drop $21 on this. Tell me more.
  6:51pm Davice:

I forgot the "a" what an ass.
  6:51pm other a23zm9ians:

Davice, that never happened.
  6:51pm Caryn:

You know, it's hard to be in a band with a philosopher who believes that music is an unnecessary and useless art. Not to mention the constant public masturbation! That was a turn-off.
  6:52pm G:

@Caryne Kynike: Dude was a dog.
  6:52pm listener mark:

This is great. Did they take Ken and Andy to a farm? So they can play with all the dogs and cats and gold fishes that are taken to the farm?
  6:52pm Davice:

It did happen, and that probe . . . oooooh boy!
  6:53pm G G Allin:

Diogenes? Freaking piker.
  6:53pm Davice:

Do I replace the P with an F and the I with a U?
  6:54pm other a23zm9ians:

You sat on that. It was a cooking utensil.
  6:54pm Caryn:

@G: well, what did you expect from the son of a banker? Even in those days, those a-holes spelled trouble.
  6:55pm Davice:

Really? Then maybe I was dreaming the entire thing? It was all so real!
  6:56pm Chris:

Great show. Is Goldline next? They really have it coming, them and those fiends from Carbonite. Bite the only hands feeding AM radio! Force them to at least get some more spots out there.... good spots that is.
  6:56pm JMD:

GG Allin? They said you was dead?
  6:56pm G:

At least Dio wasnt as big of a royal a-hole as Sokrates. No wonder they offed S. The only wonder is it took them till he was 70something. He was more annoying than a comment board mayven.
  6:56pm Caryn:

Didn't Davice's whole storyline happen on one of the later seasons of "Dynasty"?
  6:56pm G G Allin:

Punk never dies.
  6:58pm G:

nearly done...
  6:58pm JMD:

10-8. Over and out.
  6:58pm G:

  6:59pm other a23zm9ians:

  6:59pm Caryn:

Dio was annoying, but I did enjoy what he said to Alexander the Great.
fanboy Alexander: "OMG! Sqee! Can I do anything for you, dude? I'm a huge fan!"
Dio: "Yeah, you could move and stop blocking the sun, pissant."
  6:59pm give me an example:

loved this. reminded me a bit of Negativland's Over The Edge radio show
  7:00pm Archimedes:

Alex was a spoiled little bitch boy, totally
  7:00pm Davice:

@other a23zm9ians: I feel so used!
  7:00pm Cliff:

Why did I listen to the WHOLE THING?!
  7:00pm other a23zm9ians:

@Davice: We probe because we care
  7:01pm G:

  2:01pm fullenglishbreakfast:

so this will be a marathon premium? "the fantastic expedition of tullis and clark"?
  10:57pm Adam:

Holy crap this thing is great
  10:58pm Riley:

This shit SNAPS
  10:59pm David:

This is art.
  3:27am 40,000 Antidepressants:

I showed this to more people than I should have and now I don't have the best price on S M O K E
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