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December 16, 2011 Options
This program accepts Christopher Hitchens as its personal savior
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Options Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Options Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo' Wax 1990)

Francisco Carlos  Como Os Rios Que Correm Pro Mar   Options Interpreta Noel Rosa, Ary Barroso, Lamartine Babo, Custódio Mesquita
(RCA Victor 1956)
Sergio Ricardo  Não Gosto Mais de Mim   Options A Bossa Romântica
(Odeon 1960)
Ary Lobo  É Cosme e Damião   Options Ary Lobo
(RCA Victor 1962)
Samba Chula De São Braz  Samba, Cachaça e Viola   Options Quando Dou Minha Risada, Ha Ha
(Funarte 2009)
Cajú e Castanha  Roda, Rodete, Rodiano   Options Sensação Estranha
(Copacabana 1982)
Ile Aiye  Civilização do Congo   Options Canto Negro
(Braziloid 1989)

Talkover Music:
Nicola Conte 
Forma 2000   Options Bossa Per Due
(ESL 2000)

Asha Bhosle & Kishore Kumar  Jeevan Ke Har Mod   Options Jhoota Kahin Ka (OST)
(EMI 1979)
Asha Bhosle & Kishore Kumar  Aaja Ya Aajane De Pas   Options Ek Haseena Do Diwane
(Odeon 1971)
Asha Bhosle & Kishore Kumar  Yeh Pal Chanchal   Options Kalicharan
(EMI 1975)
Asha Bhosle & Kishore Kumar  Ek Main Aur Ek Toot Gaya   Options Khel Khel Mein
(HMV 1974)
Asha Bhosle & Kishore Kumar  Hello Darling   Options Darling Darling
(Polydor 1977)

Talkover Music:
Rupaka Thalam   Options Thavil
(Vani )

Joe Lee Wilson  Hey Look at You   Options Without a Song
(Inner City 1969)
Eddie Jefferson  Zap! Carnivorous!   Options Godfather of Vocalese
(Muse 1976)
Jimmy Scott  Everybody's Somebody's Fool   Options Regal Records: Live in New Orleans
(Specialty 1951)
Bob Dorough  Midnight Sun   Options Devil May Care
(Bethlehem 1956)
James Brown  The Man in the Glass   Options Soul in Top
(Verve 1969)
Frank Sinatra  Noah   Options Ol' Blue Eyes Is Back
(Reprise 1973)

Talkover Music:
Organic Grooves 
Gold Weave   Options Black Cherry
(AUM Fidelity 2022)

Johnny Hodges  Squatty Roo   Options Johnny Hodges/Rex Stewart:
Things Ain't What They Used to Be
(Koch 1941)
Al Grey  Stone Crazy   Options Having a Ball
(Argo 1963)
Reggie Workman Ensemble  Earthly Garden   Options Synthesis
(Leo 1994)
INTERface  476   Options This Time
(Reentry 1976)
Sun Ra & His Outer Space Arkestra  Nuclear War   Options A Fireside Chat with Lucifer
(Saturn 1982)

Talkover Music:
Hot Music (Jazz Mix)   Options Stop and Listen: Volume 1 (compiled by Dr. Bob Jones)
(BBE )

Perry Ernest & the Afro Vibrations  Jungle Man   Options Arrival
(Polydor 1977)
Adjaho G. Coffi  Tokinto   Options Hommage à Behanzin Samory Bio Guerra
(TIM 1977)
Orchestre Kiam  Baya-Baya (pt. 2)   Options Music from Zaire, Volume 6
(Soundpoint )
El Rego  Cholera   Options b/w Ya Maria
(African Songs Ltd. mid-1970s)

Talkover Music:
The Whitefield Brothers 
Weiya (Serengeti Beat)   Options In the Raw
(Soul Fire 2002)

Donald Woods & the Vel-Aires  Mighty Joe   Options
( 1956)
Lee (Moore) & the Leopards  Don't Press Your Luck   Options b/w What About Me
(Fortune 1964)
Johnny Sayles  The Concentration   Options The Johnny Sayles Story
(Official )
Stacy Johnson  I Stand Alone   Options b/w Don't Try To Fool Me
(M-Pac 1966)
Fred Martin  I Want Another Chance   Options The Best of Merlon Records: The Early Philly Sound
(Philly Archives )
James "Big Sambo" Young & the House Wreckers  Barkin' Up the Wrong Tree   Options b/w Funky Booty
(Jetstream ca. 1967)
Cold Blood  Kissing My Love   Options Funk Drops 2: Breaks, Nuggets And Rarities
(Warner Bros. )

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Options I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  8:50am listener james from westwood:

happy friday all and good morning doug!
  8:52am Jack:

Good morning Doug, everybody. Sun is shining here in NY upstate, it's a beautiful morning.
  8:52am glenn:

hey kids. 'sup?
  8:53am listener james from westwood:

ditto on the sun here, jack; went to the gym this am sans coat or even sweatpants. a mild late fall thus far.
  8:53am Doug Schulkind:

A sunny, happy Friday to all y'all (unless your a cave-dwelling bat).
  8:54am listener james from westwood:

mornin' glenn!
  8:54am earwax:

Morning all!
  8:54am listener james from westwood:

will be in & out here as i plow thru some proofreading at the other desk, but will be listening to keep the blood moving thru the brain!
  8:57am ndbob:

morning Doug and everyone!
  8:57am glenn:

i wish to accept irish mccalla (in her prime) as my personal saviour.
  8:58am Doug Schulkind:

Greetings Earwax! I'm so glad you weren't irrigated.
  8:59am earwax:

Christopher Hitchens - anyone who dislikes Mother Theresa and Princess Di can't be all bad.
  9:00am glenn:

i loved the guy, and he's right. m.t and p.d. were even bigger media sluts than madonna.
  9:01am Maricôt:

I myself prefer Terry Eagleton
  9:03am Doug Schulkind:

So glad you are here, Maricôt! I think you will enjoy the first set. Please have your pronunciation corrections ready!
  9:05am still b/p:

Didn't Madonna and Mother Teresa share a big brazen bad-girl kiss onstage during some MTV awards show?
  9:07am ndbob:

RIP Christopher Hitchens
  9:07am glenn:

irish would eat terry eagleton for lunch, and still have room for lady gaga AND that stupid meat dress.
  9:09am Doug Schulkind:

How very Hitchens of you, Glenn. Don't stop, you're on a roll. With butter!
  9:12am chris in durban:

Heita Doug - greetings from Durban - glad to be able to be back with ya
  9:12am earwax:

I didn't know who Irish McCalla was. This show is always educational. Sheena is my personal savior.
  9:13am glenn:

i spit on celebrities. figuratively, of course. the real thing would be rude and messy.
  9:15am Doug Schulkind:

Hallo Chris in Durban! Always an honor to have you in the crowd. I did an all South African special this past Tuesday that borrowed extensively from Electric Jive:
  9:16am ndbob:

a blog that has posted particularly great music lately
  9:19am earwax:

If SOPA becomes law will we have to break Doug out of jail?
  9:22am listener james from westwood:

we form a wall of bodies around fmu and force THE MAN to cut through
  9:23am Paul Sherratt:

Blimey, I was thinking about Samba Chula only yesterday !
  9:23am Doug Schulkind:

I'll be breaking rocks in the hot sun, I fought the copyright police and the copyright police won. On this same subject, a MUST read:
  9:24am Doug Schulkind:

Thank goodness you're here, Paul. I will need someone to walk me later during the show. Woof!
  9:26am Paul Sherratt:

You'll need those snow boots, Doug !
  9:28am Doug Schulkind:

This amazing embolada can be downloaded here:

(Don't forget the password = vibes)
  9:29am listener james from westwood:

i remember laughing/crying at get your war on while i should've been working an unthinkably long 10 years ago.
  9:30am trrs:

I think thinkable.
  9:31am Doug Schulkind:

Jeez, that's a long time to work, Listener James. I hope you got up and stretched some.

Good morning Trrs!
  9:33am glenn:

see, comments like that are why the comments board needs a rimshot button.
  9:33am dc pat:

wish I had a voting member of congress...
  9:36am glenn:

one of my absolutely favourite records is on celluloid. george higton - my life with einstein.
  9:37am Brian in UK:

Hello folks, quick drop in. Reference Christoper Hitchins, anyone who extols the virtues of Phil Ochs is alright by me.
Paul, we had some sad sleet earlier, guess you got some serious stuff.
  9:39am ndbob:

Snowing lightly here
  9:40am Doug Schulkind:

OK, I take it all back about Celluloid, Glenn.
  9:42am Parq:

She's the one who keeps the dream alive, through the morning, past the evening, to the end of the line.
  9:44am Doug Schulkind:

There is a certain mystery about that comment, Parq. Please don't explain. Let it hang there like a ripe pomegranate.
  9:45am glenn:

nah, you're pretty much 100% dead nuts, but that is a good album, although the cover is very monochrome.
  9:47am dc pat:

I have an interview for a job that I don't really want today. I'm going to where my 3 chord monte shirt to it.
  9:47am david:

this is what 99% of the American population would think hell sounds like. I'm proud to be the 1%!
  9:51am glenn:

but what if they're big 3c.m. fans? maybe you should wear your mitt romney blows dead bears t shirt..
  9:52am Doug Schulkind:

The T-Shirt I'd like to see: Tim Tebow blows dead Hitchens
  9:54am glenn:

or the madonna kissing mother teresa t shirt.
  9:58am dc pat:

well I'm not going to try NOT to get the's just the shirt I happen to be wearing.
  9:58am Doug Schulkind:

Naw, Lisa Marie Presley kissing mother Theresa. Now THAT'S passion.
  10:03am glenn:

i feel there should be a tie in to bubba hotep's tag line there. " the king vs. the king of the dead".
  10:05am still b/p:

IIIIIIIIII saw Mommy Teresa kissing Saaanta Claus....
  10:05am jk:

there are muffins and coffee on the fourth floor of my building, if anyone's hungry
  10:08am glenn:

the '27 yankees were a good team though. i hate the boston bruins, but bobby orr's the greatest hockey player of all time, period, full stop.
  10:10am trrs:

"poetry everywhere!"
sweets too.
good morning.
  10:11am monica:

wow, this guy's great! kinda like joe williams but further out. straining more.
  10:11am Doug Schulkind:

I am an Ovie guy, Glenn. He put the biscuit in the basket with a minute to go to beat Winnipeg 1-0 last night. Ah, hockey talk!

Good morning still b/p and jk!
  10:13am Doug Schulkind:

I love that connection, Monica. The both sing from way down in the register. You got good ears.
  10:14am still b/p:

The other day I walked by the sidewalk sculpture of Bobby famously in mid-air after his game-winning, Cup-winning goal, and while the real moment was fantastic, the artwork trying to recreate it....not so much.
  10:15am Doug Schulkind:

Three years after recording this, Eddie Jefferson was shot dead outside a nightclub in Detroit. No one was ever caught.
  10:19am Gregory:

Eddie Jefferson, zow! Doug, could you please post who the keyboard player is? I have to go to a meeting and may miss it if you announce it over the air. Maybe the 70s weren't as bad as I remember them if this is its music. Of course, there was also "Fly, Robin, Fly"....
  10:20am Doug Schulkind:

Check this out and tell me if you don't think a young Jimmy Scott looks like President Obama:

That was Mickey Tucker on keyboards behind Eddie Jefferson.
  10:21am Gregory:

Thanks for the Mickey Tucker shout-out.
  10:23am monica:

ah yeah! jimmy scott.
  10:23am jill:

  10:23am ndbob:

wow - quite a bit Doug
  10:24am Michael:

sounds like a Monica premium...=)
  10:24am dc pat:

is this the chap who sang on Blue Xmas?
  10:25am jill:

"devil may care" - great album cover
  10:25am Hugo:

Eddie Jefferson was also on a Frank Wright album from the late 70s. Good stuff, for sure.
  10:26am jill:

don't forget "conjunction junction" too, dcpat
  10:27am Doug Schulkind:

Hey there Jill! that live in New Orleans made me thinka you.

Good afternoon, Brother Hugo.
  10:28am trrs:

A gift to the stouty tasters:
St-Ambroise Russian Imperial Stout
oo ah
  10:29am jill:

coincidentally, that's where i met Jimmy Scott. He was hanging with Hadda Brooks backstage and i have wonderful photos of that...
  10:30am dc pat:

ah it was. man has a very recognizable vox
  10:31am Hugo:

I have a feeling that Christopher Hitchens is of the view that saviours are not great.
  10:31am Bec:

Hi dudes! It's been a while since I've been up late enough to hear the drummer being given some! As per always, digging these tracks as my tuck in music (2.29 am over here). jimmy scott! Wig out.
  10:31am listener james from westwood:

just scoped the scott shot. darn close, that resemblance.
  10:33am Carmichael:

Good last day of work before vacation, Doug and listeners.
  10:33am Doug Schulkind:

Jimmy Scott came down to WFMU once, back in the East Orange days. He actually lived not far from the station. He chatted but didn't sing, if I recall. I think it was good old Stork who had him as a guest.

Hey Bec! Thanks for staying up past your bedtime. This show is like a glass of warm milk for the ears.
  10:35am Bec:

no, it's my pleasure! mmmm....just pour that big ol' glass right on in there, dig up some rare wax.
  10:37am monica:

a righteous set, doug. love that dorough cover of "midnight sun." @michael, i wish!
  10:37am tony:

Happy birthday Frank (12/12)
  10:38am annie:

kitchen staff just came out and gave me a dirty look..i told them it was only one frankie song..they would get over it..morning all!
  10:45am Doug Schulkind:

Very best morning, Annie!
  10:46am Doug Schulkind:

By the way the image I posted on Facebook to announce today's show was from this album cover:
  10:49am Michael:

Monica - you had Morning Sun on one of your premiums I think - had them out last week.
  10:49am david:

i feel the same way, annie. never was a big frank fan. there was a time when I was younger when I would have called myself a fan of one of the 'franks' but not that one.
  10:52am annie:

they forgive me, cause they know i would always try to avoid grating nerves... i was actually happy to hear it, as long as it was one song, though..
  10:53am still b/p:

I was involved with a woman years ago who had worked at Capitol Records in some quality control capacity. And she had such an aversion to Frank that she would swap with coworkers for another artist rather than listen to him.
  10:54am glenn:

frank ifield?
  10:56am Doug Schulkind:

Jeez, you guys, you're making me wanna throw on some more Sinatra. (Just to mix it up a little.)
  10:57am annie:

i'll warn anneke you're doing it.. i promised i'd turn it down ....
  10:58am annie:

then, again, there's no accounting for taste, she just doesn't understand my hot-dogs in the toaster oven method..
  10:59am glenn:

i just don't understand hot dogs, period.
  11:00am annie:

(well, these are organic, no junk in em)
  11:01am still b/p:

Somethin' Stupid! Or Summer Wind. Or Saturday Night Is The Loneliest Night of the Week. Or Softly, As I Leave You.
  11:04am annie:

something stupid
  11:11am listener james from westwood:

ah, love that fcc-free stream!
  11:12am dc pat:

yeah, I jumped out of my seat when I heard "motherfucker". Forgot it was web-only.
  11:14am listener james from westwood:

ditto; always a bit of a surprise.
  11:15am trrs:

and yet, unaffected by the so called 'bad' word.
  11:15am Artie:

We are genuinely surprised by uncensored content. The motherfuckers may have already won.
  11:16am Doug Schulkind:

What, you're not allowed to say "nuclear war" on the radio?
  11:16am Carmichael:

I didn't notice. Just another typical conversation around here.
  11:17am Carmichael:

They must have dug it at Annie's restaurant!
  11:18am annie:

THAT one i had to turn down, yep...
  11:18am listener james from westwood:

in my case, it's more like, oh shit, if they get fined by the fcc, next marathon i'm gonna have to donate like, well, like a motherfucker!
  11:19am still b/p:

You can hear
any cuss you want,
  11:19am Georger W. Bush:

That's nucUlar.
  11:19am listener james from westwood:

The Gem Saloon in Deadwood
  11:21am jk:

regarding the nucular pronunciation, a friend of mine works for Merriam Webster and recorded this smart-sounding video:
  11:21am Carmichael:

LJFW, have counted the number of times they say fuck (or a variant thereof) in a single episode? Must be 100, at least.
  11:24am Hugo:

nu killah
  11:24am Doug Schulkind:

And how about that amazing scene in the Wire when the two detectives inspect a murder scene. The only word they utter for the entire scene is fuck. Absolutely brilliant.
  11:28am glenn:

Al Swearengen: They butt into other people's business; and make the business of other's their own - these bought-out, no good cocksuckers.
Tom Mason: Hickok, you talkin' bout?
Al Swearengen: Oh, fuckin' big shot he is.
Persimon Phil: Big fuckin' shot, when he's standing in front of you.
Al Swearengen: One in his ear from behind, I'd like to see how fucking tough he was.
  11:29am johnr:

then again, Jimmy Carter says it 'that way' and he worked on a submarine powered with 'that stuff' and spent some time inside one of 'those reactors' during a cleanup after a meltdown in the fifties -
  11:29am glenn:

deadwood and the wire. 1 and 1a on the best show ever list.
  11:31am Doug Schulkind:

So maybe people who mispronounce it newk-u-llar have been exposed to massive amounts of radiation.
  11:31am listener james from westwood:

@Carmichael: NSFW:
"Fucks" and "cocksuckers" tabulated.
  11:32am glenn:

Al Swearengen: In life you have to do a lot of things you don't fucking want to do. Many times, that's what the fuck life is... one vile fucking task after another.
  11:32am listener james from westwood:

In case you're at work: 2.980.
  11:33am listener james from westwood:

Pain or damage don't end the world. Or despair. Or fuckin' beatin's. The world ends when you're dead. Till then, you got more punishment in store. Stand it like a man...and give some back. —Al.
  11:34am still b/p:

Tabulated Fucks or Tabulated Cocksuckers are good know....
  11:34am listener james from westwood:

whoops, that should be 2,980. Might be more like 2.980 fucks per *minute.*
  11:35am listener james from westwood:

@doug, yesss to that wire scene. fuuuuuuck.
  11:38am david:

the fuck ratio for the big lebowski is insanely high, too. can't recall the exact number off the top of my head.
  11:38am glenn:

“The bald contempt of it. Why not come out five abreast, cavorting and taunting – ‘E.B. was left out. E.B. was left out.’ Cocksuckers. Cunt-lickers. I’ll make you filthy gestures. Public service was never my primary career.” – E.B. Farnum
  11:38am still b/p:

Early effed-up f-bomb memory:
A sister (probably 8, I was 7) reports at dinner table that she and another sister were in the park across the street that day and heard boys using bad words. Dad asks what the boys said. Sister declines to repeat it -- it's bad. Mom sternly directs sister to "answer your father's question." Sister softly, warily says, "Fuck."
Dad: "You go to bed right now!" ..for uttering such a word.
  11:39am earwax:

Over four minutes and forty seconds Bunk and McNulty use 31 fucks, 4 motherfuckers and one Fucking A
  11:40am glenn:

i'm thinking deadwood dialogue t shirts for d.c. pat's interview.
  11:41am listener james from westwood:

william sanderson's soliloquy as e.b. farnum when he's scrubbing the floor in season 1 said it all about that character.
  11:41am glenn:

“And startin’ tomorrow morning, I will offer a personal $50 bounty for every decapitated head of as many of these godless heathen cocksuckers as anyone can bring in. Tomorrow. With no upper limit! That’s all I say on that subject, ‘cept next round’s on the house. And God rest the souls of that poor family. And pussy’s half price, next 15 minutes.” – Al Swearengen
  11:43am dc pat:

sorry no going back now...
  11:43am listener james from westwood:

ken freedman posted a "seven minutes in deadwood" file on the blog that distills all the filth from the "mister wu" ep into one wallpaper-peeling mp3.
  11:44am ndbob:

great set here!
  11:45am Doug Schulkind:

Wait a minute, wait a minute! David mention the Big Lebowski.

Let us pray.
  11:47am Hugo:

Swear-engen, appropriate name, I thought ... and apparently not made up.
  11:48am glenn:

“Who would argue that the venue was the cause of these happy memories, nor the bill of fare? The bitter coffee, the rancid bacon, those stale biscuits that were tomb and grave to so many insects. No, gentlemen, it was the meandering conversation, the lingering with men of character – some of whom are walking with me now – that was such pleasure to experience, and such a joy now to recall.” – Merrick
  11:49am glenn:

not that i'm suggesting gtds radio has buggy biscuits.
  11:50am Doug Schulkind:

I always read it as "Swear Engine."
  11:56am listener james from westwood:

one of the best aptonyms in fiction. records do not indicate whether the real al swearengen was as blue-tongued as our man mcshane.
  11:56am listener james from westwood:

doug, this show had my buggy biscuits jumpin'. loverly!
  11:57am trrs:

I find the word 'bomb' offensive. Violence and fuck are like comparing apples and violence.
F-bomb?! Fuck that.
  11:59am Doug Schulkind:

Well put, trrs.
  12:03pm ndbob:

excellent show of course Doug!
  12:04pm david:

that time already? the last song was a good set closer. better than frank.
  12:08pm Doug Schulkind:

Love you all. Thanks for hanging with me!
  12:09pm earwax:

Wonderful show, as always
  12:12pm Doug Schulkind:

Thanks Earwax. You hung in for all three hours. (Except for that nap in the middle.) Gold star!
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