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December 9, 2011 Options
More toot? Gai Aas!
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Options Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Options Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo' Wax 1990)

Wilfrido Vargas y Sus Beduinos  El Calor   Options En el Madison Square Garden
(Karen 1976)
Pijuan y Su Sexteto  Yo No Quiero Otro Swing   Options Ahora Es Cuando É
(Troplcal 1970)
Ismael Quintana  Vacilo Con Tumbao   Options Dos Imagenes
(UA Latino 1972)
Grupo 2000  El Destape a Los 2000   Options El Destape
(El Virrey/Masstrópica 1974)
TNT Boys  Musica Del Alma   Options Sex Symbols/Symbolas Sexuales
(Cotique 1969)
Paco Mendoza  La Frekuencia   Options Cumbia! Bestial
(Chusma )

Talkover Music:
DJ Gregory 
Block Party   Options Hi-Life: An Uplifting Selection of Afro-House Grooves
(Fuego 2002)

Fisk Jubilee Singers  There Is a Light Shining for Me   Options Roll Jordan Roll:
In Chronological Order, Volume 2 (1915-1920)
(Document )
The Bells of Joy  No More Sorrow   Options The Collection 1951-1954
(Acrobat )
The Southwinds  The Call Me Crazy   Options Powerhouse Gospel on Independent Labels 1946-1959
(JSP )
Blind Roosevelt Graves & Brother  Telephone to Glory   Options Complete Recorded Works (1929-1936)
(Document 1929)
The Caravans feat. Shirley Caesar  He's Got Everything You Need   Options Amazing Grace
(Charly )
Reliable True Tones  I Came a Long Way   Options b/w Got to Work Till Jesus Come
(Reliable True Tones )
Pastor T.L. Barrett & the Youth for Christ Choir  It's Me O Lord   Options Like A Ship (Without a Sail)
(M.Z.G.P. 1971)

Talkover Music:
Glenn Lee 
Joyful Sounds   Options Sacred Steel Instrumentals
(Arhoolie )

Unidentified  Hok Bot 2 Chan   Options Lao Damnoen Sai
Onuma Singsiri  Sao Isan   Options Sao Isan Ro Rak
Sai Sai Mao  Mo Hum   Options Ahmadaya Shan Tei Su Mya, Volume 2
Somprasong Phinsayam  Khaek Mon Bang Khun Phrom   Options Phinsayam Klom Nong
Prasan Wiangsima  Mother-in-Law Blames Son-in-Law   Options Mother-in-Law Blames Son-in-Law
( 1974)

Talkover Music:
The Steps 
Babendi Bendi   Options Krontjong Warna-Warni
(Time Stereo 1960s)

Shirley Bassey  Sex   Options Live at the Café de Paris
(Philips 1957)
Eartha Kitt  Once We Loved   Options Sentimental Eartha
(Spark 1970)
Timi Yuro  I Love My Man   Options The Amazing Timi Yuro
(Mercury 1964)
Ellerine Harding  To Whom It May Concern (All I Need)   Options Ellerine
(Mainstream 1972)
Sarah Webster Fabio  Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues (vocal version)   Options Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)

Talkover Music:
Clifford Coulter 
Big Fat Funky Shirley   Options East Side San Jose
(Impulse! 1970)

Khansahib Abdul Karim Khan  Soch Samajh Nadar   Options Khansahib Abdul Karim Khan
(Columbia 1966)
Begum Akhtar  More Toot Gai Aas   Options Thumris and Dadras
(Odeon 1968)
Ustad Ahmed Jan Thirakwa & Ustad Amir Hussain Khan  Jhap Tala   Options Rhythms of India Tabla Recital
(EMI 1966)
Mohammad Rafi  Jeko Sabahi Siyaka   Options Rafi Sings Sindhi Songs
(Polydor 1980)
Mukesh  Socha Tha Pyar   Options Bluff Master (OST)
(HMV 1963)
Nahid Akhtar w/Mehdi Hassan & A.Nayyar  Zambo Zambo   Options Life Is Dance!
Plugged in Sounds of Wonder at the Pakistani Picture House
(Finders Keepers )

Talkover Music:
Dave Pike Set 
Mathar   Options Noisy Silence - Gentle Noise
(MPS 1968)

Gay Flamingoes Steelband  Black Man's Cry   Options Tropical Funk Experience
(Nascente )
Original Shleu Shleu  O.S.S. Merengue   Options Original Shleu Shleu Soul
(SS Records )
Lancelot Layne  Yo Tink it Sorf?   Options Calypsoul 70:
Caribbean Soul & Calypso Crossover 1969-1979
(Strut 1976)
Black Machines  Soul Martinique   Options Rare Afro & Caribbean Funk,
Volume 2
(Mokili Production )
Silverton's  Make It Funky   Options West Indies Funk, Volume 3
(Trans Air )
Carlos Malcolm  Bustin' Outta the Ghetto   Options Bustin' Outta the Ghetto
(BGP 1970)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Options I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  8:45am glenn:

i was sitting around boring myself, so i figured i might as well bore everybody else while i'm at it.
  8:46am Doug Schulkind:

Glenn, you aren't boring, you are flanging! You put the wrong bit in the drill!
  8:48am glenn:

har har har.
  8:56am listener james from westwood:

a happy friday to all from the frosty northeast of new jersey!
  8:56am ndbob:

morning Doug, Glenn, everyone
  8:57am jill:

very frosty! good morning. Poll question: do i play hooky on monday and go to Hubert Sumlin's funeral?
  8:57am ndbob:

a frigid but even zero degrees outside
  8:58am Brian in UK:

I lent on the work surface & the counter sunk. now that's what I call boring. Still in the thrall of Pharoah from last night.
  8:59am ndbob:

hi Jill.. hmm playing hooky might be well worth it
  8:59am Doug Schulkind:

Very best morning to you ndbob, Listener James from Westwood, Jill, Brian in UK and Hubert in heaven.
  9:00am Paul Sherratt:


Yes, also to represent folk from the UK, please.
  9:00am Brian in UK:

I'm sure if he knew you, Jill. Hubert would go to yours. would he give a stuff for hockey.
  9:02am Doug Schulkind:

Brother Paul is in the house!! OK, now wipe your feet, Paul.
  9:04am listener james from westwood:

jill, i say do it. wish i'd done so for james brown when he lay in state at the apollo.
  9:07am Michael:

Yea Charlie!! Was going to ask for an update,,,
  9:08am ndbob:

have you decided what time Charlie's show will be on?
  9:09am jill:

i should have known that asking fellow music lovers would warrant the answer that i wanted to hear
  9:09am glenn:

are you dissing hockey, brian? i take that all personal like, you know.
  9:09am Doug Schulkind:

Fingers X'd, Charlie will be back on during the 1st week of January. Most like 12-22pm on Thursdays. Nothing set in stone, but that's what we're shooting for. You can always peruse Charlie's playlists/archives here:
  9:10am jill:

Listener James, it's in totowa by the way - thanks Keith and Mick.
  9:10am Paul Sherratt:

>>OK, now wipe your feet, Paul
Amazing how you know I've just been out dog walking in the fields behind, along with the black sheep.
  9:12am Doug Schulkind:

OK, pup, wipe your paws.
  9:16am monica:

also just back from walkin' the dog. buenos días , doug and delegados!
  9:16am Paul Sherratt:

Listeners loving Pijuan may also enjoy reading this
  9:17am Doug Schulkind:

Good morning, Monica! I hope you are toasty, Butter!
  9:20am ndbob:

morning Monica!
  9:20am still b/p:

Old artists pass, young ones bloom. Should I try to see Esperanza Spalding in Boston tomorrow night?
  9:22am Paul Sherratt:

The sound is absolutely superb today, Mr DJ, and so is this set !
  9:23am Brian in UK:

Just going to walk doggo.
glenn, by hockey I mean that played on grass or astro, not ice. Love ice hockey personally used to watch it here in the late sixties.
still b/p just watch her?
  9:24am monica:

hey there, ndbob!
  9:24am Michael:

See John Waters @ Berkley instead.
  9:24am Paul Sherratt:

Was there another item between Ismael & TNT ?
  9:24am Michael:

Berklee oops
  9:25am glenn:

call me ismael.
  9:25am Doug Schulkind:

Hey there still b/p. And howdy to you, Michael.

Yes, you are RIGHT, Paul. I fell asleep on that one.
  9:26am glenn:

i just discovered imelda may. she's awesome.
  9:29am still b/p:

Oh, Waters is also appearing in Maine about 2 miles from my house on Sunday, but I don't think I'll make it. Funny to see the appearance written up in local paper, complete with ref to Pink Flamingos scene of infamy and "adults only" emphasis.

Loves me some cumbia.
  9:29am ndbob:

indeed Glenn
  9:29am Paul Sherratt:

Listeners enjoying Paco Mendoza may also have fun with the music of Axel Krygier
  9:31am glenn:

the stuff with her and jeff beck at the les paul birthday tribute show is really good.
  9:31am ndbob:

I met Waters a couple times. The video store scene in "Serial Mom" was filmed at the video store I worked in when I lived in Baltimore.
  9:34am listener james from westwood:

this is one of my absolute favorite gtds music beds.
jill, totowa's a hop skip and a jump from me along rt. 80.
b/p, if there's any way to make it out for waters, do it. he was a gas when i saw him at the chiller theatre horror con in nj.
  9:35am Van in Dallas:

Yeah, looked really cold.
  9:35am Brian in UK:

Glad you are on the ball, Paul.
Just got Miles' 'Get Up With It'. Your Destination Out Jeffs could become an expensive addition, Doug.
  9:35am glenn:

i like scene of infamy. very, uh, polite.
  9:35am listener james from westwood:

i've only ever seen jets games live. during the 90s, no less. they were very depressed gatherings.
  9:37am John Smith:

Infamy, infamy, they've all got it in for me.
  9:37am ndbob:

a little bit Doug, but I think it's more the style. This one isn't bad - a lot of those early jubilee records are too formal and stilted for me
  9:38am glenn:

i watched a bit of that steelers game on t.v. it was awful.
  9:38am Doug Schulkind:

Hello there Van, how are you?

LJFW, I love you EXTRA for having a favorite music bed.
  9:38am BodegaMan:

I was listening to the last set thinking, 'Doug is really doing something different this week. It's not exactly what I tune in for, but I'll let the drummer man take me where he feels.'

Then Scott McDowell started talking.
  9:39am Van in Dallas:

Hi Doug, trying not to get sick from coworkers who insist on coming in to work sick ;)
  9:39am Paul Sherratt:

There's a play about the Fisk's UK tour. ( wondering if Brian caught any of their dates ... )
  9:40am ndbob:

this is great!
  9:40am Paul Sherratt:

Mad coworkers disease ?
  9:41am Doug Schulkind:

ndbob, I just love the old-style high-dcition style of early vocal singing. It is stilted, but it's such contained fury.
  9:42am Van in Dallas:

Exactly so :)
  9:43am Doug Schulkind:

Greetings, BodegaMan. Scott does a wonderful show. So glad he is holding down the fort in my "old" slot on the Mothership.
  9:44am Van in Dallas:

@BodegaMan - I have done that same thing more than once :)
  9:46am Brian in UK:

No Paul, it's been mainly live stuff recently apart from Tartuffe. Putting off walk, bluddy cawd.
  9:47am ndbob:

I do like it Doug for it's historical value... have you ever played anything from the "Earliest Negro Vocal Quartets" series?
  9:50am Paul Sherratt:

Tartuffe, Brian ?
  9:53am Doug Schulkind:

ndbob, I surely have played that Document series. I agree that that style is an acquired taste. But it tastes mighty fine to me... in the right quantities and contexts.
  9:55am Brian in UK:

Irish play by Molly Eyre.
  9:56am larry:

Hey, Doug. To listener above too far up to find: YES! to Esperanza Spaulding...don't think you'll be disappointed.
  9:59am Brian in UK:

Three cheers for Captain Spalding, the African Explorer. Which MB film was that in?
  10:00am Paul Sherratt:

As school lads we persuaded a teacher to arrange a trip for
us to see an Irish play performed in French. We had to go Paris to see it. Had to ...
( En Attendant Wotsisname )
  10:00am still b/p:

Animal Crackers.

Well, I've learned Spalding sold out (for the whole weekend of shows), so maybe bright 'n twinkly Johnny Christmas will get my moneys after all.
  10:00am ndbob:

yep I had that one - 5CD's
  10:01am BodegaMan:

I just picked up the second McGonigal box set "This May Be the Last Time" and am pretty damn excited.

DrummerSome, what was the wooden box set you mentioned?
  10:02am Brian in UK:

Thanks b/p (can I call you that after this long?)

Paul, it was Roger McGough's rewrite so it was fun & smart.
  10:06am Doug Schulkind:

Hey Larry! Welcome aboard. We allow economy-size shampoo bottles on this flight.
  10:06am ndbob:

"Goodbye Babylon" Bodega
  10:08am Doug Schulkind:

Thanks, ndbob. Yes Goodbye, Babylon is the set I was referring to:
  10:11am ndbob:

Which includes an entire sermon disc
  10:11am Doug Schulkind:

And three cheers to the beloved Spalding Gray (who once fell asleep listening to me and my wife Jessie reading from Gertrude Stein's "Making of Americans" at about 3 in the morning early one New Year's Day. True story!
  10:12am ndbob:

Wow Doug!
  10:13am glenn:

his brother rawlings gray was wearing a lampshade and emptying the punch bowl.
  10:14am Doug Schulkind:

Coming up next is the fellow featured in the photo accompaying my Facebook notice of today's show. Go check me on Facebook and see the photo:
  10:17am ndbob:

ah I see Doug - and sent you a friend request
  10:19am Doug Schulkind:

ndbob, you are my "friend" now. OK, can I borrow some cash?
  10:21am ndbob:

is it ok if i lend it to you in drachmas?
  10:26am Van in Dallas:

Enjoyed all the Thai music :)
  10:27am Van in Dallas:

Ha. I was reading that as you were saying all that.
  10:27am Van in Dallas:
  10:29am Doug Schulkind:

Yup, that's the photo, Van. Thanks!

Drachmas always welcome, ndbob. With a small conversion fee.
  10:29am monica:

ah, yeah!
  10:30am Doug Schulkind:

Eartha, Timi, Ellerine Harding and Sarah Webster Fabio coming up!
  10:32am glenn:

love was my stallion? yikes.
  10:33am Doug Schulkind:

The last track in this set will be the VOCAL version of the opening theme for Give the Drummer Some. (I use an edited version of the INSTRUMENTAL version for my opener.) Coupla other tunes come first, though.
  10:34am Doug Schulkind:

I will always be indebted to Monica ( for introducing me to Timi Yuro (and so much more).
  10:38am ndbob:

Timi made many good records
  10:40am Carmichael:

Hi Doug and listeners.
  10:40am monica:

Sounds a bit like Mary J!
  10:41am ndbob:

Hi Carmichael!
  10:42am Brian in UK:

Anyone who has not got Monica's premium take one step rearwards.
Can you taste that barley & hops already Mr C.
  10:42am charlie:

greetings, doug, monica, ndbob!
  10:43am Doug Schulkind:

Monica, do you know Ellerine Hariding? Mel Wright, one of my longest-time longtime listeners turned me on to her. Sent me a cassette of her back in the day. If you don't have her LP, the Red Rovah will send it on ovah!
  10:44am Doug Schulkind:

Hey Brother Chazz!
  10:44am ndbob:

hi Charlie!
  10:45am charlie:

tuned in just in time to hear timi yuro's held high note, now the vocal gtds !
  10:46am Paul Sherratt:

I was going to make a coffee but that Ellerine made it unnecessary
  10:46am listener james from westwood:

howdy charlie!
i feel like it's 9am all over again. not a bad thing, as today's going....
  10:47am Michael:

Charlie! Your legion of fans miss you!
  10:55am monica:

doug, you know i need to get a piece of that!!! thanx so much. yo, chazzeroo!
  10:56am Carmichael:

Did someone say "barley and hops"?????
  10:57am Doug Schulkind:

It's yours, Monica. If anyone else would like a copy of the Ellerine Harding record, email me and I'll send you a download link after the show...
  10:58am ndbob:

Thanks Doug
  10:58am Brian in UK:

Carmichael, here is your virtual present. Have you seen the author?
  11:00am Brian in UK:

Here is he.
  11:05am glenn:

no. we said harley bops. and then some big silly article started playing bagpipes.
  11:05am listener james from westwood:

rafi; lovely!
  11:06am Michael:

Hale Bopp?
  11:07am charlie:

michael, james, bob... as doug mentioned, i'll be back in january. the rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated!
  11:08am still b/p:

burly hips?
  11:09am Doug Schulkind:

This Rafi is a departure. He is singing Sindhi devotional music and not standard Bollywood fare. A real treat. Thanks to Washerman's Dog:
  11:10am Carmichael:

Brian, I have seen the Bible! I will now aspire to live like Garrett Oliver.

Glenn, you can't fool me with mere words, when my beerdar is tuned in.
  11:12am Doug Schulkind:

Hey Carmichael!

This next track is a real make-sure-your-socks-are-gartered number. I'm not kidding. Bend down and hold those suckers up...
  11:12am glenn:
  11:14am Brian in UK:

Never thought I would write this but America is leading with microbrewing at present. Though it was not difficult to improve from the multinationals.
We used to have a brewer here called Watneys with a brew called Red Barrel. The joke was it was like making love in a punt, it was close to water.
  11:15am glenn:

i patriotically disagree.
  11:16am charlie:

zambo zambo!
holy cow!
  11:19am A Phlebotomist Write:

Think you have tapped an artery today Mr Drummer. Will need several more appointments.
  11:21am Doug Schulkind:

Always happy to see you, Phlebby!
  11:21am Brian in UK:

Life is Dance! Oh Yeah.
  11:21am MVL:

My co-worker is trying to drown you out with dreck, Doug....enjoying the show nonetheless!
  11:23am MVL:

Unknowingly drowning you out, that is....
  11:24am still b/p:

Was kind of a Zamboni Zamboni -- cleared and resurfaced my rink.
  11:25am earwax:

@Brian in UK Watney's may be canoe beer (as we say in the US), but it still much better than the swill that the major brewers produce here: Coors, Bud etc. Here in Albany there are signs that say "Man Up Albany Miller Lite" - Man UP Lite Beer?!
  11:28am Brian in UK:

@earwax like canoe beer tag, same piss different name.

Wot no Desperadoes?
  11:30am Carmichael:

I used to drink Watney's for a time here in the US of A, but made the switch to Boddington's. Then I walked into a microbrewery and had my 1st India Pale Ale. "light" beer is called near-beer here, and Coors is downstream beer.
  11:30am Brian in UK:

Can we all reconvene in six weeks in Trini to play mas?
  11:31am Doug Schulkind:

Welcome welcome, MVL. Tell all your co-workers they can toot my gai aas!
  11:33am ndbob:

this is great!
  11:33am Brian in UK:

They should call that IPA Road to Damascus Special Brew.
  11:37am Carmichael:

I loves me some steel drum, Doug. Even played by gay flamingoes.
  11:38am MVL:

  11:40am listener james from westwood:

I don't have enough tropical funk experiences in my life.
  11:41am Doug Schulkind:

Carmichael, I played in a steel drum band in the early '80s (though I played percussion, not pans). Here's the alumni page of what used to be called the Oberlin Can Consortium. (We once played with Tiny Tim. True story.)
  11:44am Doug Schulkind:

Stick with me, LJFW.
  11:50am Brian in UK:

As I remember Doug when I saw him; Tiny Tim was a tall fella to use as a drum but hey you chaps are resourceful. There are a powerful sound especially indoors. Heavier than a rock band, I kid you not.
  11:51am Doug Schulkind:

Tiny Tim was maybe the smelliest person I ever met. Not sure the gent was ever introduced to running water.
  11:54am Doug Schulkind:

That was a mean-boy comment and I apologize.
  11:56am Doug Schulkind:

Tonight I am seeing a production of Twelfth Night. If I may paraphrase the good Duke Orsino of Illyria: "If music be the food of love, munch on!"
  11:56am Van in Dallas:

The end is near! The end is near!

...sure have made my morning at work fly by, many thanks for a great show Doug! :)
  11:57am Doug Schulkind:

My esteemed pleasure, Van!
  11:59am ndbob:

another excellent show Doug!
  12:00pm listener james from westwood:

dug it, drummer! enjoy twelfth night tonight!
a fine weekend to all!
  12:01pm charlie:

another goodun, doug, thanks!
  12:01pm Carmichael:

Thanks, Doug!
  12:02pm Brian in UK:

A nose by any other name would still be runny!

Twelth Night early this year! Top job. Doug.
  12:03pm Doug Schulkind:

Thanks ALL. Enjoyed it immensely. Happy times to you all.
  12:04pm Paul Sherratt:

Doug - the Dick Fosbury of DJs !
  12:06pm still b/p:

Great show again. Enjoyed it.
You go out and bardy hard tonight.
"Methinks sometimes I have no more wit
than a Christian or an ordinary man has: but I am a
great eater of beef and I believe that does harm to my wit."
  12:43pm Domenic:

A beautiful tune....Joanna
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