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September 2, 2011 Options
Pepa Snabl will rock your world
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Options Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Options Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo' Wax 1990)

Marty D'Addario  Bummer's Reel   Options Oh Mother It Hurts Me So:
Traditional Music from Central Pennsylvania
(Union County Historical Society 1979)
Bob Scarce  Three Jolly Sportsmen   Options Fair Game and Foul
(Caedmon 1961)
Emmett W. Lundy  Talking about the fiddle and
the Devil /
Ducks on the Millpond   Options
Fiddle Tunes from Grayson County, Virginia
(String 1941)
Phil McGing & Grey Larsen  Maid Behind the Bar   Options Snow on the Roof, Fire in the Furnace:
Cincinnati Area Traditional Musicians
(June Appal )
J.R. "Peanut" Cantrell  Sail Away Ladies   Options A Bottle of Wine and a Gingercake
(Pine Breeze 1977)
Matthew Young  Traveler's Advisory   Options Traveler's Advisory
(Yoga 1986)

Talkover Music:
Clark Kessinger 
Red Bird   Options The Legend of Clark Kessinger
(County )

The Pyramids  Mexican Moonlight   Options The Pyramids
(President 1969)
Candy  Rome Wasn't Built in a Day   Options Queen of the World
(Trojan )
The Gladiators  Boy in Long Pants   Options 12"
(Studio One )
Rocking Horse  Hard Time   Options Arise Rootsman:
Jamaican Roots 1965-1983
(Trojan 1972)
Lambert Douglas  Natty Dread Stand   Options Living Man
(Rosso 1977)
Love Joys  Stranger   Options Lovers Rock
(Wackie's 1982)
Ranking Joe  Tribute to John Lennon   Options Tribute to John Lennon
(Tad's 1981)

Talkover Music:
Joe Claussell & Kerri Chandler 
Escravos De Jo   Options Copa Mundial Muzique
(Guidance 1998)

Joe Williams  September in the Rain   Options A Swingin' Night at Birdland
(Roulette 1962)
Gene Ammons' All Stars  The Real McCoy   Options The Big Sound
(Prestige 1958)
David S. Ware  It Could Happen to You   Options From Silence to Music
(Palm 1978)
Beaver Harris 360° Experience  Boogie on Dawn   Options Safe
(Red 1979)

Talkover Music:
Steven Bernstein 
L'Chaim   Options Diaspora Soul
(Tzadik 1999)

Oidupaa Vladimir Oiun  It Is Echoing All Over the World   Options Divine Music from a Jail
(Friends )
Pepa Snabl & Ondrez Ludvik  Smes Ceskych Narodnich Tancu   Options The Ace & Deuce of Pipering 1906-1947
(Heritage )
Elisabeth Waldo & Her Concert Orchestra  Festival of Texcatlipoca   Options Rites of the Pagan
(GNP )
Demetrio Stratos  Segmenti Quattro   Options Metradora
(Cramps 1976)
Peter Ogotoyev  Khomus: Jew's Harp Music of Turkic Peoples
in the Urals, Siberia, and Central Asia   Options
Khomus: Jew's Harp Music of Turkic Peoples in the Urals, Siberia, and Central Asia
(Pan )
Lászlo Hortobágyi  Ragamelan   Options 6th All-India Music Conference
(Erdenklang 1995)

Talkover Music:
Gender Wayan Pemarwan 
Gending Pemungkah   Options Music for the Balinese Shadow Play The Mahabharata
(CMP 1989)

Carl Simpson  Baby Blues Rock   Options '50s Rockers, Volume 1
(Lenox )
Ferlin Huskey  Slow Down Brother   Options Capitol Rockabilly Originals
(Capitol 1955)
Roger Miller  One Dyin' and a Buryin'   Options Third Time Around
(Smash 1965)
Van Brothers  Servant of Love   Options Rockabilly Country, Volume 1
(Redwood )
The Galaxies  Watch Your Step   Options Minnesota Rock-a-Billy-Rock,
Volume 2
(Collector )
Stud Cole  Stop the Wedding   Options Burn Baby Burn
(Norton 1968)
Smokey Joe (Baugh)  Perfect Girl   Options Step It Up and Go
(Redita )
Buck Jones  A Box of Grass   Options b/w I'm Made for Loving
(Tiki )

Talkover Music:
Taboo   Options

King Kennytone & His Western Toppers Band  Nwayo Twist   Options Dancing Time With King Kennytone
(Soundway 1960s)
Siagbo Dieudonne Eddie  Célibataire   Options b/w Nonvio ô ô (Franternité)
(SDE )
Nestor Hountondji  Fifa Kede   Options Nestor Hountondji & Les Axes 80 de Porto Novo
(Nesto-Disco 1980)
Michel Boyibanda  Sassa 1   Options Le Retro de Boyibanda Michel
(Pathé Marconi/EMI 1978)
African Kings au Gabon  Maria Thereze   Options Les Grand Succes Africains
(Pathé Marconi/EMI 1977)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Options I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  8:51am listener james from westwood:

morning, doug, and happy friday all!
  8:52am Doug Schulkind:

Bon jour, mon frere.
  8:56am ndbob:

morning Doug, James, everyone
  8:57am listener james from westwood:

been in and out all week, so i've got some archives to catch up on. today most likely too. but at least all's calm here after the 'cane.
  8:57am listener james from westwood:

morning ndbob!
  8:57am Doug Schulkind:

nbbob ain't no slob!
  8:58am Jack:

Hey everybody, Doug...
  8:59am Doug Schulkind:

Ahoy Jack. Welcome to the poop deck.
  8:59am listener james from westwood:

hey jack!
  8:59am Parq:

Be witcha in a minute. Hanging in for Hot Rod's final words to the troops.
  9:00am listener james from westwood:

howdy parq!
  9:03am seang:

alrighty, let's do this
  9:03am Parq:

DrumSum and Miss Hot Rod -- such different radio personalities, yet so perfectly matched. That's FMU all over.
  9:04am ndbob:

hi parq!
  9:04am Doug Schulkind:

Greetings Parq / salutations seang.

I miss seeing Hot Rod every Friday morning. She's an inspiration.
  9:07am Bec:

Hi Doug! Finally catching your show live. Heck yes! It's a good evening from over here in Aus
  9:09am Doug Schulkind:

Melbourne is it, Bec? Hope you had a sweet Friday!
  9:13am ndbob:

it's good to be back to my normal schedule and be here for the beginning on the Friday show.
  9:14am Paul Sherratt:

There's no stopping Bob Scarce is there !
  9:15am Bec:

yup melburn town where we have had innocent sweet spring weather - thoughts go out to all yo doods rocked and whacked by the weather this week in the states.
  9:15am Doug Schulkind:

'He had a mighty savage look..." Love that!
  9:17am listener james from westwood:

Mornin' Paul, seang, & Bec!
Diggin' the olde stuff this morning, Doug!
  9:17am annie:

yes i am..
  9:19am Doug Schulkind:

How are you holding up, Annie? Your storm-relief info updates on Facebook are wonderful.
  9:21am Roger the Cabin Boy:

Reportin' fur duty, Sir.
  9:22am annie:

not too shabby, and i'm glad you appreciate them, it's so important to get this info out. watershed post is phenomenal in their coverage of this. i'm doing my small bit.. we are all so worn are most of those affected by irene.. it's been trying.. the human spirit is alive and well here..
  9:25am Doug Schulkind:

I've seen photos now of the Farm & Wilderness Camps (where I went in the '70s and where my daughter now goes) up by Plymouth, VT. Just devastating stuff. I was there during the flash floods of June '73 and the roads were shredded then. This is 10X worse.
  9:25am ndbob:

This is really nice.
  9:26am Paul Sherratt:

Good morning listener james , afternoon or evening anyone and everyone ! This set bears no resemblance to BBC Radio 2 which the decorators have playing in the room below ..
  9:27am annie:

yeah.... whole roads washed away.. the power and force of water is incredible. i have a friend who knows people up there and he posted a video of a 20 minute ride to work.. wow.. nature's force is not to be trifled with.
  9:29am monica:

good morning doug and fellow listeners. nice matthew young track. am a pushover for dulcimers.
  9:29am annie:

the sweet thing coming from this is that the bela fleck concert at bellayre saturday night is now a benefit. i was going to go, but my ride has changed her mind about attending. bellayre is housing refugees from the villages. it's an amazing coming-together of support
  9:31am listener james from westwood:

heya roger, annie, and monica!
  9:31am annie:

morning james!..and everyone else..!!
  9:32am ndbob:

Have you heard from Charlie lately Doug? I did the day after the storm but not since then..... morning Annie!
  9:33am MD:

The Drums have stopped! What happens now!?!?
.......BASS SOLO!!!
  9:34am jill:

Good morning all - what a fine, fine day today...
Any NY people headed to the 7 walkers show at City Winery tonight?
  9:35am ndbob:

Hi Jill and MD!
  9:37am Doug Schulkind:

Happy Friday, Monica! I missed you last Sunday night.

Yes I have heard from Charlie. (He's doing fine up near Brattleboro, Vermont. Water all around, but not in his house.) Charlie is building a home studio that will allow him to broadcast his show LIVE on the stream. I will keep you posted...

Hi Jill! Hi Jill!
  9:38am Andy S.:

Re: "Rome Wasn't Built In A Day" I have another version of this song by Johnnie Taylor, produced by Sam Cooke for his SAR label.
  9:39am jill:

PS: Doug, that el stinkeye blog is really fun! thanks.
  9:40am ndbob:

That's a good version Andy.
  9:40am Doug Schulkind:

Surely Taylor's (or maybe Sam Cooke's, if he did one) was the original.
  9:40am Hugo:

Cool dis ya Studio One ting ...
  9:40am Paul Sherratt:

I'm wondering if items in this set are taken from The Hugo Collection ? ( the one you'd need seven lives to listen to! )
  9:41am Doug Schulkind:

El Stinkeyes:
  9:42am Doug Schulkind:

That Gladiators cut came from a trove of 1,000 Studio One singles given to me by Listener Hugo. All hail Hugo!
  9:45am Hugo:

All praises to the creators! Seen I?
  9:45am david:

Doug, you should do a show of all this kinda stuff on sunday mornings. I miss Jeff Sarge
  9:47am Doug Schulkind:

I would LOVE to do that. Jeff and I go back to about '86-'87 at FMU. I hope he'll be back on.
  9:51am david:

it's very strange waking up and not having him on the radio. I was so confused the first week. If you talk to him tell him to come back to us.
  9:53am Doug Schulkind:

I find it very strange waking up and finding myself in Pittsburgh. That I get to continue doing radio for WFMU from here is still completely surreal.
  9:54am Jack:

agreed; miss Jeff Sarge and my weekly dose of reggae. Heck, I still miss Charlie on Monday morning, he was the startup of my week.
  9:56am ndbob:

Charlie's Monday show was the first show I heard on the Internet.
  9:58am still b/p:

Unhappily late to the show. But buddle loo bung bung bung is a fine starting note.
  9:59am Paul Sherratt:

55 minutes in Ranking Joe and the rest have made that earlier coffee totally redundant.
  9:59am david:

jack, I don't know if you can get WKCR but they have a (usually) good reggae show on saturday mornings. and then a good funk/soul show after that. as for sunay mornings I usually play some Reggae mix cassette tapes I got from Domino Records in New Orleans.
  10:02am listener james from westwood:

Miss Charlie on Mondays, but also miss Hova on Mondays. That Clash cut was like a kickstarter to the week. (But love Liz where she is!)
  10:03am annie:

wkcr has the BEST jazz and blues on saturday afternoons.. it drives me home after a long stretch working at the store... and the music sounds great on the store speakers! all listeners are happy
  10:05am trish:

Semi-human, my ass. Heh
Hey Doug, do you recall the blog you mentioned on your Tuesday show?
  10:06am BodegaMan:

Drummer Some, What software are you using to manage the queue on the webstream? curious about the kind of instructions you can give it.
  10:08am Paul Sherratt:

Other listeners may well share my desire to see a picture of Pee Wee Maarquette :
  10:08am Bob:

For better or worse, hearing Joe Williams always makes me think of seeing him sing "Just the Way Your Are" on Johnny Carson once, of course with the amazing Joe Williams enunciation.
  10:10am Doug Schulkind:

I am using SAM Broadcaster from Spacial. I set up a rotation clockwheel, telling it to pull (MP3) tracks from specific folders in specific sequences. (I have several dozen folders filled with MP3s in various categories.) You can also program the software to do specific kinds of segues between songs. I have it set so that it mimics the kind of crossfade transition I'd do as a live DJ. It doesn't work for every segue, but it's pretty damn good.
  10:10am Hugo:

Paul, if those decorators had been listening to Radio 3, I would have been very surprised.
  10:10am jill:

Paul - brilliant!
  10:11am Doug Schulkind:

Trish, here is that blog again:
  10:11am Doug Schulkind:

This Gene Ammons track presents John Coltrane on alto sax, by the way...
  10:12am Ike:

Belated response re: Sunday monrings but IMHO DJ Lamin's show on Sunday mornings is brilliant -- don't miss out.
  10:14am Chris from Durban in Nairobi:

belated hello doug - nice to tune into the trane while sitting in a Nairobi hotel writing up notes - cheers - Friday evening suddenly got better
  10:15am Doug Schulkind:

Hello Chris! Thanks for that new Jazz Ministers...
  10:15am trish:

Thanks Doug. (That cross-fade auto-action is pretty damn good.)
  10:16am Hugo:

Just to add to what Doug was saying at the mic break: The source I've been drawing from, is HUGE. The Studio One singles are barely the top of iceberg, so to speak. Amazing that so much music has come out of such a small place.
  10:16am annie:

signing out, have to get some work done,sadly, away from the joyful noises of drummer's some
  10:17am Brian in UK:

Hello folks. Think Charlie will be broadcasting from the river not the stream if the pictures of those poor folks up in Vermont is anything to go by.
Love the vox, Doug. How'd'you get a cold when you're a stay at home?
  10:18am ndbob:

That's great Hugo.
  10:19am Paul Sherratt:

A freak event happened many years ago. Daytime BBC Radio 1 was playing The Swan Silvertones via some decorators radio at a job I was on. My utter confusion was sorted when it turned out that the regular DJ - that stomach churning Simon Bates was on holiday and Whitney Houston was guest presenter.
  10:20am Andy S.:

From Gene Ammons to David S. Ware is a classic Drummer seque!
  10:20am Doug Schulkind:

Charlie's house is up a hill, so he didn't get flooded. Brattleboro has had a rough year. Big fire in a downtown building (that knocked their community radio station off the air), disgruntled-employee shooting at the Coop, now the flood. Bleh.
  10:21am Paul Sherratt:

jill, that's a fine image isn't it.
  10:21am Lore:

A very nice, recent short film on David S. Ware is here:
  10:22am Hugo:

The view of Simon B was shared by a certain Andy K. Picked up the AK bio in London, hope to read it soon.
  10:22am Maricôt:

This is just too good to be true, I'm somewhere else now.
  10:22am Doug Schulkind:

How is DSW's health, do you know, Lore? He received a new kidney a few years back.
  10:22am Brian in UK:

Paul, I will not have a good word said against Simon Bates!! Your toon.
  10:25am Doug Schulkind:

Just as long as you continue to be somewhere, Maricôt.
  10:26am Paul Sherratt:

In that autobio there's a photo of young Sonny, child of Andy, with a saintly Willie Nelson at BBC Maida Vale studios. It's a lovely pic if I do say so myself ...
  10:28am Paul Sherratt:


BBC Radio 3 ( our classical station, folks ) is now apeing the horrible 'our tune' idea in the ' Breakfast ' show. There are letters complaining to The Times as you'd expect !!
  10:32am Brian in UK:

There will be a motorway driving show to Flight of the Bumble Bee next. Speaking of which, have you ever heard it played on the tuba/euphonium?
  10:33am Brian in UK:
  10:34am Hugo:

Radio 3 is becoming Radio 2 1/2? I thought that was Radio 6?
  10:35am Hugo:

Paul. I'll have to check that pic closely ...
  10:38am Carmichael:

Hi Doug! Just flew in from L.A. Boy, are my arms tired!
  10:40am ndbob:

Welcome Carmichael!
  10:41am mark:

Thanks for Beaver tip, Doug! That didn't sound right.
  10:42am jk:

you are the man, here
  10:45am Doug Schulkind:

No! I can't be the Man! I am a rebel, dammit. Look, I'm kicking over the amp and bass drum. See! Rebel! Dammit! (It's no use.)
  10:46am Doug Schulkind:

Welcome back Carmichael. How's that wing doing?
  10:47am Carmichael:

Thanks, Bob. Doug, it's supposedly fixed up real good. The grueling bouts of physical therapy, however, are casting doubts on that prognosis.
  10:48am Paul Sherratt:

I'm a HUGE Oidupaa Vladimir Oiun fan. I wasn't ten minutes ago.
  10:49am ndbob:

The collection this is from is great.
  10:50am jk:

but you are also THE man, so it balances out.
  10:50am Doug Schulkind:

  10:51am jk:

and hey, this music reminds me that if any of you are in the Boston area, Ian Nagoski is doing a listening party of international 78s at Spectacle tonight.
  10:54am Doug Schulkind:

Brian Turner at WFMU just put out an offer to an FMU staffer to have Nagoski on the air. I'm sure it'll happen. Keep checking on
  10:56am ndbob:

Ian is a great guy and a great collector. I've heard a few cuts from his new "Music of the Ottoman Diaspora" set and many others. Haven't talked to him since I moved from Baltimore though.
  10:57am Doug Schulkind:

Here is that Ottoman collection from Nagoski:
  10:57am Brian in UK:

Momo Soumah would fit in nicely with this set.
  10:59am Hugo:

That Demetrio Stratos record is amazing! One needs a bit of Stimmhorn to top that.
  11:01am Doug Schulkind:

I nicked that Demetrio Stratos from the wonderful Inconstant Sol blog:
  11:01am Brian in UK:

There is an early version of Misirlou on the Ottoman comp. from 1929. Dick Dale?
  11:03am Hugo:

Doug, you're welcome, but you knew that ...
  11:03am Brian in UK:

Got any Uighur toons, Doug?
  11:03am ndbob:

I'm trying to catch up with the five weeks of blog posts I missed when I was away - going to take a while.
  11:04am Carmichael:

Likely the other way around, Brian. I know Dale played bouzouki in his dad's Armenian restaurant, and he used to modernize lots of old classic Middle Eastern tunes.
  11:06am Doug Schulkind:

Hugo, grateful is what I am.

Brian in UK, I MUST have some Uighur music here somewhere. Problem is, which pile?
  11:06am ndbob:

Yep.. and Dale did a nice version of "Havah Nagila"
  11:07am Hugo:

I am planning to upload a live set of the singer from Stimmhorn on the blog in the foreseeable future, I hope. Meanwhile, there's always 3 1/2 hours of Eliane Radigue (for those who want to get deeply immersed in sound).
  11:07am ndbob:

There is some Uighur rap on YouTube.
  11:11am Brian in UK:

Hugo, Eliane Radigue was over in London recently.
  11:13am Brian in UK:

Laszlo Laszlo was a classical musician in an episode of Top Cat, Played the fiddle if memory serves.
  11:16am Brian in UK:

Doug. Think you have a name for todays show now.
  11:16am Hugo:

Yes, she is still active.

Have a look at this video (after the show):
  11:17am ndbob:

great one here!
  11:19am Brian in UK:

Hugo, Scott McDowell is playing Eliane Radigue right now
  11:20am trish:

Clicked that one, Hugo. Looks good. Will watch altogether after the show.
Thanks for that.
  11:24am Paul Sherratt:

Folks, that wonderful Roger Miller reminds of a big favourite in this house - Jerry Jaye's ' Standing Room Only ' It might be out there somewhere or other.
  11:28am ndbob:

didn't he record for Hi Paul? ..did a version of "My Girl Josephine".
  11:28am seang:

this rocks big time
  11:30am Doug Schulkind:

This reminds me of Yoko Ono on Mind Train. Really!
  11:31am Brian in UK:

Barrence, we need you now.
  11:31am Hugo:

Brian, that's the one I posted.
  11:35am Paul Sherratt:

You're right, Cream / Hi. I have that song on a
compilation issued over here in the UK by Demon titled ' My Girl Josephine ' in 1992.
  11:35am Brian in UK:

You cannot put the Jeanie back in the bottle!!!
  11:36am Carmichael:

That poor Jeannie, hoplessly stoned for all eternity ... <sob>
  11:42am Paul Sherratt:

King Kennytone, not courtesy of the legendary and much missed BBC management scourge King Kennytone, also founder of The Japanese Knotweed Preservation Society by any chance ?
  11:44am Paul Sherratt:

ha ! I see wonderful Soundway have put it out. But it was first aired here by The Drummer way back then.
  11:45am Brian in UK:

Good keyboard action today, Drummer.
  11:46am Doug Schulkind:

Using all ten digits today, boy!
  11:47am Brian in UK:

Love the funny o's
  11:47am Paul Sherratt:

Way back then, aka 10/14/05
  11:49am Doug Schulkind:

I refuse to lop off even one track, so yes, we are going over the waterfall at noon. Hold on for an extra bit. (See, I'm NOT the man.)
  11:50am Brian in UK:

Paul, that's 'bout the time I started listening to this wacko radio station. Takes one to know one.
See the guy who mastered the Niagara ferry has retired.
  11:53am Doug Schulkind:

You're right, Paul! I forgot I had that King Kennytone before downloading the new reissue from Soundway!
  11:56am Brian in UK:

Au revoir thanks for a special one.
  11:57am Doug Schulkind:

See you, Brian in UK.
  11:59am listener james from westwood:

Missed a bit (had to move some large items around my parents' house) in the 11:00 hour, but will look fwd to the archives. Thanks, Doug! Enjoy your weekends, all!
  11:59am ndbob:

excellent show as always Doug!
  12:00pm Doug Schulkind:

Thanks LJ from W. Take some Ibuprofen so your back doesn't seize up. (Mine did just reading your comment.)

Thanks ndbob and thanks everybody!!
  12:02pm listener james from westwood:

One of the items was oxygen. If the back acts up, I'm stopping by their house for a puff!
  12:05pm Carmichael:

Thanks Doug. Mental note to forward you the Go-Go Train songs I have promised a few weeks back.
  12:07pm Doug Schulkind:

You are so MENTAL, Carmichael.
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