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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options August 26, 2011: Aholes You Hate Loving

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Artist Track
Andy & Frangry  Shut Up,. Weirdo   Options

Listener comments!

  6:01pm FRANGRY:

  6:01pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

  6:01pm Irene:

I coming for you, Andy Cohen!

Watch out!
  6:02pm Cris the Waiter:

I hope this will be the greatest hour of my life.
  6:03pm Carmichael:

Hey, you two.

Are the MIKES in mono????


John McCabe in L.A.?
  6:05pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Who is Mike?
  6:05pm hubba:

hello... got one, right off the bat:

Myself <3!!
  6:05pm NY Mexicans:

Still with the ,. No punctuation Nazis on this show!
  6:05pm hamburger:

hello weirdos
  6:06pm Spike:

Hello Pets
  6:06pm pgw in mntclr:

how 'bout that paz de la huerta?


  6:07pm hamburger:

I agree with Andy.. let's not take the first call.. for reasons unstated :)
  6:07pm Carmichael:

The 2nd call should be the 1st call.
  6:08pm hubba:


That must be what my gut is feeling after I ate that burrito-chimichanga
  6:08pm Merle Allin:

Pffffbbbbttttttt....candycorn buttheads.


  6:09pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Let's hear some cheers.
  6:10pm Kreskin:

I predict a giant will 'make water' this weekend.
  6:10pm ?:

She was a webelo cheerleader

The poor man's cheerleader...

Could you do some cheers for us Frangry?
  6:10pm Steve balboni:

I was the cheap man's first baseman.
  6:11pm Tom S. listener:

People on the friends of tom chat hate Spike, too. Just like here.
  6:11pm Carmichael:

I was the biggest bastard's wingman.
  6:11pm hubba:

Oscar Meyer?
  6:11pm Johnny Muller:

  6:11pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Ed Gein was in WI.
  6:11pm Steve Buscemi:

A picture of Frangry in a slutty cheap cheerleader uniform might help "close the deal".
  6:11pm Ed Gein:

I'll make a lamp of you! Wisconsin, dummy...
  6:12pm Johnny Muller:

He was the inspiration for both. He was also part of an amalgam of serial killers used in Silence of the Lambs along with Gary Heidnik and Ted Bundy
  6:13pm hubba:

Charles Manson was a great folk singer
  6:13pm leather head:

I'll cut you up, then wear your face!
  6:13pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

You should think that Spike would be a serial killer expert.
  6:14pm hubba:

Sarah Palin
  6:14pm Balloon Boy:

my dad
  6:14pm ?:

  6:14pm Reality Check:

Spike is a loser moron even on the loser topic of serial killer trivia. Spike is an a-hole I don't respect or admire.
  6:14pm Downey junior:

James Coco
  6:15pm I hate....:

Corky from the television show.

  6:16pm The Dude:


Coco Chanel

She was a total effing NAZI.
  6:16pm whiz:

I hate people who steal gum from my purse on airplanes.
  6:16pm Cris the Waiter:

I finally got thru and had the mute button on :( trying back now.
  6:17pm Joe Pesci Mode:

Didn't Ken use the word 'asshole' on the air this week?
  6:17pm hubba:

So... You self-identify with Glenn Beck... hang-up right now!
  6:17pm Tread Carefully, Hosts:

"some talk radio loser" HAHAHAHAHA!
  6:17pm Robert in Seattle:

Just tuned in. What's the topic?
  6:17pm g:

Frangry is my favorite ahole. (SOMEONE must have said that already, right? Sorry.. I just tuned in).
  6:18pm hubba:

Joe Piscopo
  6:18pm Hall of Mirrors:

It's a love/hate relationship - I love to hate large bags of sorosis.
  6:18pm Robert in Seattle:

Oh, just saw it - and Frangry just said it. Never mind.
  6:19pm Aholes You Hate Loving:

Some guy named Barry, plays golf a lot.
  6:19pm hubba:

Andrew Dice Clay...
  6:19pm clocker:

Vick on a stick....
  6:19pm Fantasy Football Guy:

I hate Michael Vick but mofo helped win my fantasy league last year. Props.
  6:19pm hubba:

Vick is a big dick... oh, that was last week.
  6:19pm g:

Vick fans are ahioles but I don't love them.
  6:20pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Yes, you can say a-hole as long as it doesn't refer to a body part.
  6:20pm Steve Perry:

Oh Sherri, she holds on!
  6:20pm hubba:

Andrew Dice Clay... because he set the bar fairly low.

How good a dog-fighter was he???
  6:20pm Sonny Bono:

I hate trees!
  6:20pm hamburger:

Steve Jobs...
  6:21pm g:

Animals die every day from vodka poisining.
  6:21pm hubba:

Jesus.. he died on the cross, but geeze, what an asshole.
  6:21pm Asterisk:

@Sonny: Make that trees and skis.
  6:21pm thudycles:

Carrot Top
  6:21pm Carmichael:

Irving R. Levine.
  6:21pm Cris the Waiter:

I like to think of Vick shooting a bb gun and making dogs dance rather than throwing a football thru a tire swing to practice.
  6:22pm Johnny Muller:

The Washingotn DC mayor who got caught in a sting smoking crack and then was re elected

The classic one is ERWIN ROMMEL.

ROMMEL, you magnificent bastard, I read your BOOK!!!
  6:22pm klicky moo:

Lurleen Wallace
  6:22pm Listener:

I think Andy is even boring himself.
  6:23pm Joe Pesci Mode:

Justin Timberlake used to be one of those guys I loved to hate but he's fallen into the topic category.
  6:23pm G:

@Johnny M: Marion Berry (spelling?)
  6:23pm G:

fake nazi, BORING
  6:24pm Ronald McDonald:

The Burger King V guy. I'm wait HE"S DEAD! HA!
  6:24pm Johnny Muller:

Barry yeah
  6:24pm Carmichael:

Carrot Top was good on Reno 911.
  6:24pm $$$$:

The band "Bread".
  6:24pm Ronald McDonald:

scrolling back up is a show killer
  6:25pm Jesus Christ:

My father
  6:25pm hamburger:

Simon Cowell?
  6:25pm jk:

if you are referring to the part where he throws stuff out the window i second that
  6:25pm pillboy:

Jimmy the Greek
  6:25pm Carmichael:

Shadoe Stevens.
  6:25pm Michelle Bachmann:

Obama is a pussy.

Ho Chi Minh???
  6:26pm G:

Ken asked Frangry, "What's a pussy?" Frangry then did show and tell.
  6:26pm Karl Marx:

John Boehner wears some smart ties
  6:26pm Maurica:

Bring back my puerto rican chica. Das it! You like ass pussy?
  6:26pm conflicted:

Colonel Sanders
  6:27pm broken lense:

Rick Dees
  6:27pm Carmichael:

  6:28pm dhowl:

Tila Tequila, pretty much lowered the bar for reality dating shows, but I have to say that when I met her, she was actually nice and professional.
  6:28pm Xinthunaluk:

World of Warcraft

  6:29pm bag of smashed assholes:

The maker of 'Peeps'.
  6:29pm G:

Andy's jealous
  6:29pm hubba:

Look, Andy has tourettes... or irritable bowel syndrome, either way, it is a bitch...

E! has the exclusive rights to the divorce already!!!
  6:30pm Robert in Seattle:

Robin Byrd.
  6:30pm hubba:

we need to be with him in his time of need...
  6:30pm Carmichael:

  6:30pm bag of smashed assholes:

Uncinch the diaper, Cohen
  6:30pm Hillary:

Monica Lewinsky.
  6:31pm G:

She also sold rights for their first domestic vioience call to the cops. $5 million.
  6:32pm Bubba:

@Hillary: But she always kept her head, even when she was givin' head.
  6:32pm Karen carpenter:

  6:32pm JG:

Max Hardcore
  6:32pm Lou Reed:

Andy Warhol.
  6:33pm hubba:

Regis and Kelly, like Station from Bill and Ted's bogus Journey, but creepier
  6:33pm Michael Jackson:

Kids with verbal skills
  6:33pm Cris the Waiter:

Mayor Bloomberg - he campaigned for a third term and then made it illegal again. Good mayor I guess, but come on dude.
  6:34pm JG:

Ted Kaczynski
  6:34pm Larry Craig:

All the male ones.
  6:35pm Robert in Seattle:

Mother Teresa
  6:35pm JG:

did the topic flip around at some point?
  6:35pm All FMU listeners:

Station Mgr Ken.
  6:35pm hubba:

He's like Obi Won Kenobe
  6:35pm Barry:

I enjoyed being bitch slapped.
  6:36pm hubba:

Kenobi, Obi-Won
  6:37pm hubba:

I already said her douche
  6:37pm Al Fragoshin:

Palin's a pig with lipstick!
  6:37pm JG:

Timothy McVeigh
  6:38pm hubba:

Pauly Deen, she makes rib-sticking good food, but she's killing us with Crisco.
  6:38pm mckenzie Phillips:

My dad
  6:39pm Barry:

Gay on the line discussing Leona! I called it first!
  6:39pm Glenn B:

Rupert Murdoch.
  6:39pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

What ever happened to the Jenna/Jillers war?
  6:40pm Robert in Seattle:

Are you saying I'm gay?
  6:40pm pgw in mntclr:

i hate that i love when Frangry says "mister"
  6:40pm 7SD listener:

The hacker's pals on 7SD comments Weds. were TOTAL assholes.
  6:40pm Mrs. Clotworthy:

I was gonna say Leona!
  6:40pm Robert in Seattle:

I totally am, BTW.
  6:41pm hubba:

uh, selling SPAM to Hawaiians
  6:41pm Barry:

  6:41pm Rod Stewart:

Getting my stomach pumped
  6:42pm hubba:

oh, oh... People that wear adult diapers...
  6:42pm Richard Gere:

  6:42pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Robert, I would never have guessed. Just kidding.
  6:42pm 7SD listener:

The producer had to go through 7SD comments at the end on Weds., deleting dozens of comments where they would paste 50 or 100 lines of the same comment. Over and over. How dopey.
  6:43pm glenn B:

Rod Stewart and Richard Gere are assholes no one should love.
  6:44pm Robert in Seattle:

Is it my voice? Or the fact that I once called in wanting Ewan McGregor and Gael Garcia Bernal to fight over me?
  6:44pm H. Katrina:

H. Irene
  6:44pm kate moss:

  6:45pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I think it is the combination of your voice and your comments. Although it isn't super obvious.
  6:45pm hubba:

yessssssssssssss, yesssssssssssssss
  6:45pm 7SD listener:

I wanna see Hurricanes Katrina and Irene together on video. Wow, that totally wet girl-on-girl action!
  6:46pm Bob Fosse:

  6:47pm Bob fosse's mom:

Who's that?
  6:47pm Bob Fosse:

I'll put my cig on in that bitch Frangry's eye!
  6:47pm hubba:

asshole, that is gendered... can we also suggest bitches we hate loving?
  6:48pm 7SD listener:

@Robert in Seattle: Next time, talk about Judy Garland, not Leona. That would be more subtle. :-P
  6:48pm Robert in Seattle:

How is asshole gendered? Do women not have assholes?
  6:48pm Joan Crawford:

Bob Fosse gets my vote.
  6:48pm JG:

Milli Vanilli had the balls to do it before autotune
  6:49pm j richman:

pablo picasso
  6:49pm hubba:

In context, men are typically called assholes... how often do we refer to women as assholes?
  6:50pm hubba:

I mean, leona Helmsly, good asshole
  6:50pm Robert in Seattle:

I do all the time.
  6:50pm 7SD listener:

people call women assholes all the time.
  6:51pm Kees:

Robin Hood stole from the state, not the rich.
  6:51pm Con Man:

I don't appreciate Andy's comments.
  6:51pm hubba:

then again, leona helmsly gets masculinized through her behavior and actions...

really, all the time? I call women assholes, but, nevermind... you're right
  6:51pm 7SD listener:

In Robin Hood's time, the rich were the state. Unlike today HHAHAHAHAHAHA
  6:53pm Slutlana:

  6:53pm hopey:

When in doubt: blame the comment board.
  6:54pm Robert in Seattle:

No. not really all the time. But. basically, anyone who almost runs me over because they're talking on their cell phone is an asshole. And that happens all the time. About half and half on the gender pie.
  6:54pm 7SD listener:

He was thinking sex would feel good DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  6:54pm Dick Cheney:

  6:54pm hubba:

@7sd listener & Robert in Seattle: true, it is not gendered, but if you took this message board and the callers as a sample... it is primarily men... while men may be more asshole than women, amybe it is jsut the word asshole connected to men, through frequency... but, yes you're right. I agree.
  6:55pm Ricky Ricardo:

Lucille Ball
  6:55pm Bob Fosse:

My life was no Caberet!
  6:56pm Lucille:

Ricky, you got some splainin to do.
  6:56pm Robert in Seattle:

I really want a damn t-shirt.
  6:56pm hubba:

Assholes = people that have that bumper sticker that says, "Life is a Cabernet."
  6:57pm Ricky Ricardo:

Just don't come down to the club tonight...
  6:57pm Cris the Waiter:

I don't like this dude backing me up. He sucks.
  6:58pm June Bug:

I will see you tonight in your sleep Andy...
  6:58pm June Bug:

Andy is the Jack the Ripper of June bugs.
  6:58pm hubba:

FRW's furniture sucks but looks cool... asshole
  6:58pm Robert in Seattle:

Frangry knows everything about Frank Lloyd Wright, but had no idea who Bob Fosse was?
  6:59pm hubba:

nevermind... i'm a retard
  6:59pm FRANGRY:

  6:59pm June Bug:

@Robert: Youth are very spotty in their cultural knowledge.
  6:59pm Robert in Seattle:

No, hubba - I'm in agreement on that one.
  7:00pm g:

Good show for end of August. Hope you all make it through Irene!
  7:00pm hubba:

Thanks for the shirt guys! Thanks for the fun!
  12:06am Danne D:

Hi Weirdos :) I hope you guys stay safe in the hurricane :( I am away this weekend for the Nascar Race - apparently I may be here a few extra days! Have a good one!
  2:30am lz:

Why and when did Frangry get upset with Svetlana? I missed the episode where she made the "stupid call" and subsequent calling out.
  1:12am lz:

Nevermind: July 9, 2010. Also: cityofspheres.
  8:02am Chase the Vegan Smoker:

Good point Slutlana hasn't been around in awhile
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