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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options August 26, 2011

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Ghédalia Tazartès  [track B1]   Options Repas Froid    0:00:00 (Pop‑up)
AF Ursin    Aika    0:13:53 (Pop‑up)
  Chant Dédié à la Divinité protectrice Midü [excerpt]   Tibet: Traditions Rituelles des Bonpos    0:19:44 (Pop‑up)
    Tibetan Buddhist Rites from the Monasteries of Bhutan: Rituals of the Drukpa Order    0:24:54 (Pop‑up)
Jani Christou  Enantiodromia   Options Jani Christou    0:31:35 (Pop‑up)
Iancu Dumitrescu  Temps Condensées   Options Ed. Mn. 1014    0:43:54 (Pop‑up)
David Dunn  Chaos and the Emergent Mind of the Pond   Options Angels and Insects  collage of microscopic aquatic insects from African & N. American freshwater ponds  0:56:06 (Pop‑up)
Bernard Fort  Fractal V   Options Fractals    1:20:16 (Pop‑up)
Bernard Fort  Fractal XI   Options Fractals    1:25:34 (Pop‑up)
Francisco López  Klokken   Options Machines    1:30:08 (Pop‑up)
Pierre Andre-Arcand  Fer su Fer   Options Eres+7    2:02:11 (Pop‑up)
Crawling with Tarts  Surface Noise Opera Nr. 4   Options Operas 3 and 4    2:20:08 (Pop‑up)
Trevor Wishart  Machine 2   Options Machine    2:45:43 (Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

  12:18pm βrian:

I likes. May I suggest some Hamlet Gonashvili?
  12:19pm Major Tom:

ashes to ashes, spook to spooky.
  12:20pm Irene:

listening...this is lovely
  12:21pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

gettin spacey all up in here
  12:21pm bryce:

hello o
  12:22pm Irene:

great music for dissecting
  12:24pm frog:

Depends who's on the dissection tray.
  12:24pm bryce:

oh! hello more!
  12:27pm βrian:

This would make a great drinking song.
  12:29pm R I S K Y!:

  12:30pm Monks:

@Brian: Chant Dédié à la Divinité protectrice Al-Co-Ol
  12:30pm Irene:

i started drinking immediately as i tuned into the show
  12:31pm βrian:

Que Dieu soit loué !
  12:31pm bryce:

i'm trying to make my way through this can of wd-40
  12:33pm Ike:

Goddammit Bryce, you dirty WD-40 whore.
  12:34pm Looms:

Irene, just listen and chill out.
  12:35pm Irene:

couldnt get more chill than choppin heads off of small wasps. takes some steady nerves.
  12:35pm still b/p:

When Doug decreed the Welsh flag first among all flags a little while ago, I was going to mention Bhutan's. Not necessarily better, just emblematically suited to a cage match.
  12:36pm WiLd Neil:

Are you a insect scientist?
  12:37pm Monks:

Maybe she's a science insect.
  12:37pm Van in Dallas:

Hi Bryce and peoples
  12:38pm Carmichael:

Ooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmm. Woooooooo woooooooooo ooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  12:38pm T-Zero:

... or just sadistic
  12:38pm Bugs and Bugs:

Wasp heads
wasp heads
choppy loppy wasp heads
  12:39pm Irene:

dont know if you can see this link but its an image of the cross section of a wasp head.

  12:39pm Monks:

From my studies of Greek in theology school, "Enantiodromia" would mean a runway or raceway where things are moving in two opposite directions at once.
  12:41pm Van in Dallas:

Drinking and dissecting? Chopping wasp heads off? Strangest protein chaser I've heard of
  12:42pm Monks:


1. Do you have a comparable cross section of a human head?

2. Was this photograph obtained while maintaining a nonviolent relationship to all life?
  12:43pm Irene:

its got a great tongue...or the preferred term is glossa
  12:48pm Ike:

If your name is actually Irene, then your namesake is (likely) striking NJ (etc.) just as my namesake struck TX. Dumb symmetrical coincidence.
  12:53pm bryce:

yeah, wtf? is it way bigger than the paraglossa?

monks, hahaa
jani christou's ghost is gonna fuck up your transmission
  12:54pm WiLd Neil:

Very striking!
  12:56pm still b/p:

Here's my favorite bit so far from the SR-71 flight manual just forwarded to me by a coworker at my request, a request made without easily explainable cause:
"A dinghy stabber, on the pilot's glareshield and on the RSO's right console, is provided to deflate the dinghy if it accidently inflates in the cockpit."
  12:57pm bryce:

  12:57pm WiLd Neil:

@still b/p-
That sounds cool! Where can one get such a manual? I would like to learn to fly such a fine aircraft!
  12:58pm βrian:

With repeated use, those dinghy stabbers get dingy.
  12:58pm WiLd Neil:

Maybe you should listen to some starcastle...how low a note can you hit?
  12:59pm annie:

BRYCE!!!! i'm here to rescue you from posting offenders
  12:59pm still b/p:

  1:00pm Irene:

oh hey. Yes way bigger than the paraglossa...the brown blotch in the middle is the feeding tube..the path from the glossa to the rest of the body
  1:01pm Lorange:

Oh dear lord... that was the best station ID ever!
  1:05pm Lorange:

Grasshopper and preying mantis replicas constructed from used edamame pod shells
  1:05pm nic:

so cool_this sound collage
  1:07pm bryce:

i just don't want to wind up in Camp No
  1:11pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

"I am sitting in a stream"
  1:13pm βrian:

@DCE: Did someone place your hand in a bowl of warm water?
  1:13pm hubba:

Can't stop thinking Wrath of Khan...

I had an ant in my ear when I was a child, and my parents didn't believe me. After a day or so, it either leapt onto my pillow or died.
  1:15pm Irene:

this pond is brimming!
  1:15pm northguineahills:

These sounds are causing a feedback loop w/ my hungover brain....
  1:18pm Looms:

These lovely sounds make me feel like having a nap.
  1:19pm Heavy:

Pond lullaby.
  1:20pm WiLd Neil:

I feel like insects are eating my head.
  1:21pm repost from yesterday:

ST. LOUIS (AP) — The moth that forced Matt Holliday from the outfield is done causing mischief. What remained of the offending bug was tucked inside a sandwich bag, perfect for TV cameras and for the St. Louis Cardinals' star to show it off around the clubhouse.

"He died overflowed of wisdom being inside my head," Holliday joked Tuesday, a day after the insect flew deep inside his right ear during in the eighth inning of a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers.
  1:22pm Irene:

thats how it starts pouring etoh in an ear for swimmers ear and the next thing you know its being drunk and heads are rolling!
  1:23pm Monks:

Isn't this the sound bed for reading the headlines on the WINS-AM all-news station?
  1:24pm Clinic:

@WiLd Neil: You were told to use the Lindane shampoo
  1:25pm Kenzo:

insects are eating your head
  1:26pm bryce:

beats snorting vodka...ask APHEX TWIN
  1:26pm bryce:

  1:30pm Photo Caption:

Personal Hygiene Class at Bryce's Day Camp
  1:30pm Looms:

Thanks from abroad (again) for the data work, Kenzo!
  1:31pm Ike:

Kenzo, you are apparently smarter than my employers. I tried to get one of our people to institute a Kenzo-style math Captcha so we wouldn't get so much auto-spam via email forms, but they say our back end is not good enough. They tried a honeypot Captcha and it didn't work. Damn code scripters. You'd think a sinister domain-eating behemoth would know better.
  1:32pm raga:

the boy looks like his mother's best friend's sister-in-law. coincidence? i think not...
  1:33pm nic:

fractal brain sounds good 2
  1:36pm Tick Tock:

I'm running out of time...
  1:36pm Pink Floyd:

What's our cue to start playing "Time"?
  1:37pm bryce:

just hand over the dmt
  1:37pm Nick Mason:

I know exactly how I'm going to play the drum part.
  1:39pm Zeusie:

Release...the Klokken!
  1:40pm ZEUS:

  1:40pm Carmichael:

The clocks are playing = Klokkenspiel.
  1:41pm T-Zero:

Metronomes run amok. Gives new meaning to "get clocked" eh?
  1:41pm Promoter:

So that's your spiel, eh?
  1:42pm J J:

This song is klokken in at 32 minutes.
  1:42pm Promoter:

Are all these notes in any order? Just asking.
  1:43pm Promoter:

This track's really kleaning my Klokk.
  1:43pm Kenzo:

Employers like my back end
  1:44pm Don Dokken:

This sounds a lot like Dream Warriors.
  1:44pm Kenzo's Employers:

Yes, he keeps it very clean back there.
  1:44pm most wonderful time:

Klokken around
the Klistmas tree...
  1:44pm Ike:

  1:45pm Kenzo:

Merry Klistmas har har har
  1:46pm Mechanic:

You hear that grinding sound? Yer alternator needs to be replaced.
  1:46pm βrian:

That sure is s white, white room.
  1:47pm Mechanic:

I gotta special this week, only $800, no tax.
  1:48pm still b/p:

...with black curtains......near the station?
  1:50pm Mechanic #2:

Or it could be the windshield wipers. Looks like you replaced them with a string of barbed wire with broken glass glued to it?
  1:50pm So-Called White Room:

I'm actually more like off-white. Beige. Kind of a cream color.
  1:51pm Carmichael:

The top of the hour should be a cacophony.
  1:51pm Hugo:

Klokken er nå 19:51.
  1:52pm So-Called White Room:

More like a klokkophany.
  1:52pm Porter Wagoner:

I hear footsteps poundin' on the floor. God. I hope they don't stop at my door. Hmm, I'm in the rubber room.
  1:53pm still b/p:

Mrs. Blanding's paint directions:
  1:53pm Looms:

@Hugo: you're wrong, it's 19:52 PM here! 19:53... Oh, fuck that!
  1:54pm NY Mass Transit:

The clocks are ticking toward shutdown people
  1:54pm So-Called White Room:

Oh, Klokken that
  1:54pm Dokken:

dokken me klokken, ya?
  1:54pm Sonny:

  1:55pm So-Called White Room:

You're Klookoo this hour, dood.
  1:55pm Marshall Stacks:

Tempus fugit.
  1:55pm jim barker:

this is one of those tracks that gives mr DJ time to pop to the shops and get something for dinner. are we having meatloaf?
  1:55pm Looms:

7:54 PM... 19:55... 7:56 PM... Make it stop!!!!
  1:57pm Hugo:

Is time too fast or too slow?
  1:57pm Bryce's Lower Digestive Tract:

I feel much better after that last bathroom run.
  1:58pm northguineahills:

Tick Tock, you don't stop! (to the....)
  1:59pm bryce:

those eyebrow-threaders are absolute magicians
  2:00pm John Cage:

Seriously, are you going to play the last 6 minutes of silence?
  2:00pm FCC:

[leering] We only want you for one thing right now, Bryce, and I think we both know what that is.
  2:01pm fats or slow domino:

I'm klokken,
yes indeed,
and disc jockin',
all the sounds you need..

and stoppin'......................................
  2:02pm Simon and G.:

Amid the Sounds of Si...
  2:02pm nic:

wow crazy silence
  2:03pm Silence:

  2:03pm Looms:

Jokes apart, this brilliant Lopez piece is always giving me a hard time. Always brings me back to work: "set your deadline"! ;)
  2:03pm bryce:

you're nottttt CLOSE ENOUGHHHH
  2:04pm jim barker:

silent running. the jerrys will never find us.
  2:04pm diana:

my god! i was sort of bored, waiting to go to a concert, so i was like what can i do now to stop being bored until the time i go out......... oh WFMU, i havent listen to that for a while.. so i turn on WFMU, and I'm fucking mesmerized!!! this Klokken "TRACK" was the best thing that happened to me today, thank you!
  2:04pm Lopez Lover:

This shit is like so deep, man.
  2:04pm dave:

you know, it says something about WFMU that the most shocking thing you can hear on it is nothing at all.

i'm not sure WHAT it says, but there you are.
  2:04pm Listenership:

My computer sound is already maxed. Your dynamic range is IN-SANE!
  2:04pm Hugo:

Time has stopped ...
  2:06pm Looms:

(enjoy the silence)
  2:06pm raga:

4′33″ perhaps
  2:06pm Timid Tim:

If the next track is a bunch of squawking saxophones I'm going to punch you in the nuts.
  2:07pm βrian:

In typesetting this is known as a non-breaking space. (&nbsp;)
  2:08pm jk:

I think my hard drive is acting up
  2:08pm Dynamic Range:

@Listenership: Bryce's show is CFZ -- a compression-free zone
  2:09pm Terror Tim:

How bout I typeset my foot up your ass? I call that breaking space (taint)
  2:09pm nic:

ok this is great
  2:11pm jim barker:

oh I've got this Pierre Andre-Arcand. It's got a weird sleeve that is only the front booklet, with no back tray, but came in a normal jewel case. Fascinating eh?
  2:11pm bryce:

yeah, i REALLY love him. he actually performed in new york once, several years ago. not sure what he's up to these days....
  2:12pm Dynamic Range:

@jim: It was all weirdass? Duh, who woulda thunk it.
  2:12pm bryce:

-140 dB with you!
  2:14pm bryce:

wait come back
  2:16pm nic:

actually this is awesome !!
  2:18pm Dynamic Range:

Because decibels are a logarithmic unit, the difference between say 10 dB and 120 dB is that the latter means 100 billion times more energy is striking each square unit of eardrum than in the former case. This requires some brain adjustment. But you knew that.
  2:20pm Looms:

Nevermind decibels, just BUMP UP the volume!
  2:22pm william:

good show thus far, bryce. had to research the lopez work; elevator bath has some stellar material. heard keith berry - the cartesian plane?
  2:23pm Hugo:

Who let that concrete mixer in here?
  2:26pm jim barker:

oh! and now Surface Noise Opera by CWT! This is like my own CD collection!. I love this track.
  2:30pm MD:

  2:40pm bryce:

hey, william, haven't heard mr. berry! will have to check in the library.....

jim, haven't heard this forever. totally forgot i had it!
  2:47pm Confused:

Is this Bryce's Thing Without a Hook?
  2:51pm bryce:

it's my thing with a nurdle
  2:52pm Less Confused:

Nurdle on, Garth.
  2:57pm bryce:

er uh, chin-chin
  2:59pm Hugo:

The machine is restless tonight ...
  2:59pm Ike:

Excellent show, Brycelcreem!
  3:00pm Looms:

nam nam thx bye!
  3:00pm nic:

yeah awesome show
  3:02pm jk ii:

today's theme is the buddha fractal machine opera
  3:09pm saul nudetape:

wow. thx. i always fancied myself as a ventriloquist and now im learning the technique live on your show. thx please.
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