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July 8, 2011 Options
I'm in Pittsburgh and it's raining
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Options Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Options Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo' Wax 1990)

Georgia Tom & Jane Lucas  What's That I Smell   Options The Essential
(Document 1930)
Sara Martin  Teasing Brown Blues   Options Sylvester Weaver: Complete Recorded Works,
Volume 1 1923-1927

(Document 1927)
Carl Martin  I'm Gonna Have My Fun   Options Ain't TImes Hard:
Political and Social Comment in the Blues
(JSP 1936)
Tom Bell  Storm in Arkansas   Options I Can Eagle Rock: Jook Joint Blues from Alabama and Louisiana
(Travelin' Man 1941)
Guitar Slim  Come on Down to My House   Options Ain't Gonna Rain No More:
Blues and Pre-Blues from Piedmont, North Carolina
(Rounder ca. 1975)
Eddie Cusic  Catfish Blues   Options I Want to Boogie
(Hightone 1997)

Talkover Music:
Jimi Hendrix 
Born Under a Bad Sign   Options Blues
(MCA 1969)

John Maguire  Lovely Jane from Enniskea   Options Come Day, Go Day, God Send Sunday
(Leader 1973)
Louis Killen  The Recruited Collier   Options Gallant Lads Are We:
Songs of the British Industrial Revolution
(Collector 1980)
Dick Gaughan  Gillie Mor   Options Gaughan
(Topic 1978)
Terry Earl Taylor  I've Been Away   Options Another Time
(Dark Holler 2003)
Nick Drake  Blues Run the Game   Options The Complete Home Recordings
(Boyds Music )
Alisdair Roberts  The Cruel Mother   Options No Earthly Man
(Drag City 2005)

Talkover Music:
Annbjørg Lien 
The Water Lily   Options Felefeber: Norwegian Fiddle Fantasia
(Shanachie 1995)

The Fountainairs  Don't Steal My Baby   Options
Hubert Lee  Cherry Pie   Options
Granville Williams Orchestra  Tear Up   Options King Size Ska
(Trojan )
Pat Kelly  It's You I Love   Options One Man Stand
(Third World 1978)
Dave & Ansel Collins  Shackatac   Options In the Ghetto
(Trojan 1975)
Dillinger  Big Score   Options Phil Pratt Thing
Junior Byles  The Long Way   Options Sipple Out Deh:
Best of the Black Ark
(Trojan 1974)
Wareika Hill Sounds  Uhuru Pujama   Options Wareika Hill Sounds
(Honest Jons 2007)

Talkover Music:
Gulintangan Orchestra of Brunei 
Gadang-Gadang   Options Borneo: Traditional Music of Asia, Volume 6
(Playa Sound )

Kourosh Yaghmaie  Hadjme Khali   Options Raks! Raks! Raks!
17 Golden Garage Psych Nuggets from the Iranian 60s Scene
(Raks Discos )
Googoosh  Bemoun Ta Bamounam   Options Googoosh
(Finders Keepers )
The Golden Ring  Beauty   Options Iranian Styled '60s Garage & Other Exotic Sounds:
Complete Recordings
(Persianna )
Mehrpouya  Ghabileye Leyli   Options Persian Funk
(Secret Stash )

Talkover Music:
Dirty Dozen Brass Band 
Dead Dog in the Street   Options Buck Jump
(Mammoth 1999)

The Outcasts  I'm in Pittsburgh and It's Raining   Options I'm in Pittsburgh and It's Raining
(Collector 1966)
The Premiers  Get on This Plane   Options The East Side Sound 1959-1968
(Bacchus Archives )
The Dedications  Midnight Gray   Options Psychedelic States: Alabama, Volume 1
(Gear Fab 1969)
Les Rythmos  Frisette Fais Pas Ca   Options Ils Sont Fous Ces Gaulois!, Volume 3
(Disques Ronnie )
The Stone Cutters  Fellow Slave   Options Let's Dig 'Em Up
(No Tyme )
The Blue Things  Just Two Days Ago   Options Blow Your Mind
(Cicadelic )
The Sidekicks  Not Now   Options Die Today: '60s Garage USA
(Tombstone )

Talkover Music:
Milt Jackson 
Olinga   Options Olinga
(CTI 1974)

The Nu Tones  Jump Figaro Jump   Options Have Yourself a Ball
(Gotham 1951)
Darby Hicks (Devonia Williams)  Court Room Blues   Options Outside the Law: Gangsters, Racketeers & the Feds
(Buzzola 1949)
Cecil Gant  Hit That Jive Jack   Options Cecil Gant 1944-1945
(Flyright 1945)
Johnny "Guitar" Watson  Don't Touch Me (Hit the Highway)   Options Johnny "Guitar" Watson 1952-1955
(Chronological Classics 1955)
Christine Kittrell  Next Door to the Blues   Options Rock 'n' Roll Mamas
(Charly R 1952)
Jimmy Witherspoon  Big Heart   Options Swing Time Shouters
(Night Train )
The Magnificents  Let's Do the Cha Cha   Options b/w Up to the Mountain
(Vee-Jay 1960)
Calvin Spears  Doin' the Rock 'n' Roll   Options The First Take Is the Deepest: Previously Unissued Alternate Versions from the Vaults of Ace
(Westide )

Talkover Music:
Milt Jackson 
Olinga   Options Olinga
(CTI 1974)

Curtis Mayfield  Move On Up   Options Curtis
(Curtom 1970)
Little Royal  Soul Train   Options b/w I Surrender
(Tri-us 1972)
Harvey & the Phenomenals  Soul and Sunshine   Options Local Customs: Burned at Boddie
(Numero Group )
Gil Billingsley  That's All She Wrote   Options b/w I’m Me Just Me
(Landy Bug 1980)
Brother Soul  Cookies   Options b/w Do It Good
(Leo Mini 1974)
The Limp Twins  Moving Closer to the Sofa   Options Tru Thoughts Funk
(Tru Thoughts 2002)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Options I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  8:51am Bob:

Cool to hear Dino on the pre-show stream...
  8:53am Drummer Some:

In the early days of the stream, Dean was playing all the time. Had to figure out how to stop him!
  8:55am listener james from westwood:

Happy Friday to all and sundry streammates!
  8:58am annie:

hotrod has some great drumming to usher you in, doug..
  8:58am Drummer Some:

Ah! I see our recording secretary is here. Sharpen your pencil, Listener James! Remember all, decaf is in the pot with the orange handle...
  8:58am texas scott:

Happy Give the Drummer Some Day!

Where's the cake?
  8:59am Drummer Some:

Hi Annie, yes I noticed she was playing some Burundi Drummers. Fantastic stuff.
  8:59am annie:

hey ts, thanks for the link, bud
  9:01am texas scott:

  9:01am Bob:

Theme song coming through loud and clear
  9:01am Drummer Some:

Oh Texas Scott, you big-eared bi-pod you.
  9:04am monica:

good morning to the drummer and his audio accomplices.
  9:05am ndbob:

morning Doug and everyone!
  9:05am Drummer Some:

Oh hey Monica! Why you're up early. You can listen to the first hour in bed.
  9:06am still b/p:

Bipodal locomotion was an important evolutionary advance for our species.
  9:07am Drummer Some:

still b/p,
Not to mention bi-polar as well...
  9:11am Alex in Illinois:

Good morning. I am working from home this morning, so I get to hear te whole show instead of missing the first 15-30 minutes during my commute. Good morning all. What's That I Smell? Is that home cookin'? It's only the river, It's only the river.
  9:12am listener james from westwood:

I smell bacon and home fries. And yet my stove is bare. If I gotta hallucinate, let it be about a country breakfast.
  9:15am annie:

my breakfast smells wafted down to you james, i had sausage and eggs... and the coffee is all gone, .. bummer
  9:15am Drummer Some:

Great to have you on board early, Alex. This first set is in your honor.

Morning to you, too, ndbob.
  9:16am ndbob:

just waking up.. about the have my first sip of coffee
  9:16am listener james from westwood:

I reduced my caffeine intake to a daily cup of green tea last year, but I still find the smell of coffee enchanting. Also miss the ritual of making it.
  9:18am annie:

use a french press, myself .makes the ritual all the more special
  9:18am trsh:

Coffee, breakfast, music and a good morning, all.
  9:20am Drummer Some:

Hiya Trsh. Any cold fronts you could send us down from the north?
  9:20am Brian in UK:

Hello playmates.
annie is a french press aka a cafetiere?
  9:21am ndbob:

warm and mostly sunny here in North Dakota
  9:21am Drummer Some:

Allo Brian!

This compilation is here: (hope the link still works)
  9:22am trsh:

I wish. I'm a malamute crossed with a husky in the heat.
  9:22am marcury:

Good Morning Drummer Somers.
  9:22am david:

With any drug the ritual of preparation is such an important part of the process.
  9:23am ndbob:

and the link works:).
  9:24am listener james from westwood:

david: True that. The descriptions in Wm Burroughs of fixing are written with as much loving detail as his sex scenes.
  9:24am Drummer Some:

Trsh, that's way better than being a malamute in heat. (What's a malamute?)

Mornin' Marcury!
  9:28am trsh:

(heh!) Malamutes look like enlarged huskies. They get a spring in their step with increasing cold and the opposite with the heat.
  9:28am trsh:

aka 'sled dog'
  9:29am Drummer Some:

Mush Trsh mush!
  9:35am listener james from westwood:

That's how my friend's husky was. He was always glum during the summer. Come winter you couldn't keep up with him.
  9:36am trsh:

It's so nice to see that turning point, too. After thinking uh-oh. Dog in decline..
  9:37am holland oats:

  9:38am Drummer Some:

Shout it to the hot winds, holland oats!
  9:40am still b/p:

Shout it to the Arizona haboob!
  9:47am jill:

Morning Drum Some etal...
made it in - wheesh! thanks for keeping the internets warm for me...
  9:50am Drummer Some:

My daughter desperately wants us to get a dog. (My wife is for it, too, though not desperately.) She fell in love with this 6-year-old pup named "Bear" on a local shelter's website. So far I've put my foot down. We have three cats and I just don't want to be outnumbered by the four-footers. (And let's be honest. I will be the one walking it at 5:00am in the snow.) The other day she came to me in tears because Bear was gone. I feel pretty rotten.
  9:50am BodegaMan:

Morning all! wish I were floatin down to river with some chaw in me mouth listening to ole Terry Taylor.
  9:51am Jessibird:

Morning everyone. Enjoyed the set from the Isles just now. I just wish I could keep listening while I'm in the shower, but I haven't got GTDS receivers surgically implanted in my brain yet. Sorry to hear about the dog anguish, Doug. Stay strong! And loyal to the felines!
  9:51am holland oats:

"run the game" nick, you idiot! take 2!
  9:52am listener james from westwood:

dang, that's rough. four animals in the same place would be a squeeze though.
  9:52am Drummer Some:

Goes easy, holland, it was a home recording after all.
  9:53am ndbob:

Morning Jessi! .. yep - that's a difficult situation Doug.
  9:55am trsh:

Can she try some dog walking? It's the biggest diff from caring for les kitties.
  9:56am annie:

trsh, your thinking was closest to what was going through my mind.. and she can get to know the rigors..
  9:56am holland oats:

heh, i know, sorry
  9:57am Drummer Some:

She has started babysitting. I realize it's not quite the same...
  10:02am holland oats:

making music in the sixties
  10:02am Brian in UK:

Doug, have you thrown this dog business (mess) into the public domain for any reason? I fear a balanced dialogue is out of the question.

White Bicycles: Making Music in the 1960s
  10:05am jk:

just tuning in now, the rain in boston kept me in bed longer than expected. Just a light rain, not a bad bike ride. Can't wait for the Iranian music promised in the email!
  10:06am Jessibird:

Doug, you can also point out that throwing a dog into a cat-dominated household would be cruel to the dog. The cats would terrorize it, most likely.
  10:06am annie:

above all, though, doug, your enabling her self-determination is of the utmost..
  10:06am holland oats:

totally gonna read white bike - curious if there are any other favorite music book recs out there? i liked eye mind alot, and that father yod thing...
  10:07am Jessibird:

jk, nothing wrong with a little light spray to keep you cool while cycling. Bikes forever!
  10:08am Leigh:

Mornin' Doug!
  10:08am Drummer Some:

Greetings JK! My Iranian music sets only dream of being your Iranian music sets.

I got a beagle for my 10th birthday. What a sweetheart. Luby was her name. (Just so you know I'm not a cold-hearted dog hater.)
  10:09am holland oats:

cats + dogs = ya never know
  10:09am Jessibird:

holland oats, I've been relishing Ned Sublette's musical histories of Cuba and New Orleans. Highly recommended. Also the "best music writing of 20**" anthologies.
  10:10am Brian in UK:

All music biographies are crap. Discuss.
  10:10am Jessibird:

and howdy ndbob! were you the californian from ....i forget where?
  10:11am ndbob:

interesting version of "Cherry Pie" here/
  10:12am ndbob:

actually i live in North Dakota Jessi - I'm originally from Maryland tho... those books sound interesting.
  10:12am Drummer Some:

I gave away Sublette's Cuba book as a marathon prize a few years ago.
  10:13am jk:

agreed Jessibird, there is a very certain pleasure to biking in the rain, could be there are fewer bikes on the road:)
  10:14am ndbob:

woops- North Dakota... my typing is horrible - usually i'm pretty careful here since comments are archived
  10:14am Jessibird:

ndbob, I also recently discovered a PBS series called Black in Latin America which is historical and very much about music. Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Brazil...You can watch it in full online, check it out!
  10:15am Jessibird:

ndbob, i thought it was a cute nickname i didn't understand ;)
  10:15am Drummer Some:

Hi Jessbird!

Fixed your typo, ndbob. Where in Maryland are you from? I grew up in Bethesda.
  10:17am ndbob:

thanks Jessi:) ... North Dakota isn't a place people generally think about.. as I didn't until I decided to move here/
  10:18am Brian in UK:

Doug, should this set not be in that indescribable green? Typos notwithstanding (I loves that word yuk yuk yuk)
  10:19am Jessibird:

ndbob, you are so right. anything the rest of us thoughtless ones should know about ND?
  10:21am ndbob:

it's cheap to live in, safe, economy is good, and even colder then you might think it is.. and not exactly exciting.. which has it's good and bad points.
  10:21am Brian in UK:

I met a girl from Fargo over here. The cold cuts right through to the marrow & that's in summer!!.
  10:22am Drummer Some:

Brian in the UK, I owe you a pint!
  10:22am texas scott:

The last shuttle mission is about to launch:

got any rocket music,Doug?
  10:23am still b/p:

I stayed in a Pembina motel on my way to Winnipeg with friends to see the '79 total eclipse. There's my whole ND experience.
  10:24am holland oats:

thnx @jess @drummer - fmu book club ho!
  10:24am annie:

i traveled through ND by train back in the mid-70s on my way to oregon, i was astounded at its immensity!
  10:25am Drummer Some:

What's this about cold cuts, Brian. You're making me hungry.
  10:25am ndbob:

I'm in Jamestown -halfway between Fargo and Bismarck - best know for having the world's largest buffalo statue and for the three white buffalo here.
  10:25am Brian in UK:

Doug I seem to be the only one class that is prepared to speak up. Praps it's cause I'm over here.

Sipple out Deh must be taken from War Ina Babylon, it means it's dangerous out there if I'm not mistaken.
  10:26am ndbob:

so I'm in a town of about 15,000 - 100 miles to a larger town.
  10:28am Brian in UK:

Ofcourse Lee Perry is the common denominator.
I could rustle you up a quick salad if you fancy, bit early though. Glad to see how early we have gotten onto food & drink.
  10:29am ndbob:

eating my eggs now..
  10:30am Drummer Some:

What did the Kenyan freedom fighter wear when he went to bed?...
  10:31am still b/p:

  10:37am holland oats:

two drink minimum? fuck this shit!
  10:39am Jessibird:

Iranian set!! Woot!
  10:40am ndbob:

indeed Jessi:).
  10:42am jk:

I'm on my third drink of the morning so any extras I have can count towards everyone else. love that Kourosh song, haven't hear the finders keepers comp yet
  10:44am ndbob:

has anyone seen the documentary about Googoosh?
  10:45am Jessibird:

ndbob, didn't know about it! Adding it to my netflix queue NOW.
  10:45am annie:

i should mention i saw a fabulous homage to jacques tati last night: "the illusionist" french cartoon, feature-length.
  10:48am texas scott:

PERSIAN FUNK at it's finest!
  10:48am Drummer Some:

  10:50am ndbob:

In my queue Jessi, but I haven't seen it yet.. and ty Annie.
  10:51am annie:

doug, he is (was) a genius.. love love love "playtime" you will enjoy this film, then
  10:52am ndbob:

I heard this for the first time on the first or second Pebbles LP.
  10:54am Drummer Some:

I once had an architect girlfriend. She would show me Playtime practically frame by frame, explaining the genius behind every set construction and camera angle.
  10:55am Jessibird:

Doug, did that take the fun out of the movie, or add to it?
  10:55am annie:

i know i'll find my perfect mate in the one that can sit through "playtime" and laugh at the best parts..
  10:59am Drummer Some:

Way added.
  11:01am Carmichael:

Better late than never. Hi everyone!
  11:01am annie:

hey carm, you just getting here and i have to do the ice run to the cafe..
  11:01am Drummer Some:

OK, Carmichael, but you've got to walk the dog.
  11:02am ndbob:

hi Carmichael!
  11:04am Drummer Some:

OK, then YOU can walk the dog, Annie.
  11:05am ndbob:

great one here.. from a great Kansas group
  11:05am annie:

makes sense, doug, it IS the "lucky dog store and cafe"
  11:06am El Thatchmo:

No way! There's a song called Pittsburgh & Raining? Next song:
Sephardic DJ in his basement?
The Presidential Daughter?
The stream runs Deep and Wide?
  11:10am Can of ELPo:

Oooooh, what a lucky dog....he was.
  11:10am ndbob:

If you haven't seen this story check it out...Scientists Play World's Oldest Commercial Record
  11:11am jk:

you are not announcing the Persian stuff?
  11:12am quiet human dignity:

streaming the last shuttle launch is a perfect companion to any playlist:
  11:13am Leigh:

My life is about taking apart those ads
  11:13am Leigh:

  11:14am Drummer Some:

You must've missed it, JK. I swear I back announced. Can anyone vouch for me?
  11:15am Carmichael:

Doug, I was in the same situation as you, dog-wise. I quickly gave in, to save my sanity. There's a Cairn terrier digging a hole in my yard as I type.
  11:16am ndbob:

You did Doug.
  11:16am jk:

I'm very distractible this morning, I probably missed it. sounded great!
  11:16am Drummer Some:

Can we come collectively liberate you, Leigh?

Carmichael, I know I have no chance. It's only a matter of time. (But don't any of you tell my daughter I said that.)
  11:18am Leigh:

Si vous plait
  11:25am ndbob:

T minus 2 minutes.
  11:27am ndbob:

and stopped at t -31 seconds
  11:27am Drummer Some:

I still don't understand the sense of spending trillions on Tang when people are hungry on this planet. Everyone please respond in French.
  11:28am trsh:

En français? Vraiment?
  11:29am still b/p:

Yuck a L'Orange.
  11:29am Leigh:

Ce qui est tang?
  11:29am ndbob:

and lift off!
  11:29am jill:

Sacré bleu.
  11:30am trsh:

Nous le disons, 'orange drink'
  11:31am listener james from westwood:

It's only legal to spend money on Tang in Nevada.
  11:31am Leigh:

la bière?
  11:33am la mère l'oie:

Un Tang, poon Tang, hommes sur la lune Tang.
  11:36am Carmichael:

Prune Tang. Yuck!!
  11:37am Drummer Some:

Don't you mean poontang, Carmichael?
  11:38am listener james from westwood:

boosting the volume on curtis!
  11:38am ndbob:

I'm heading back east for a month in a couple weeks myself so my listening will be sporadic late July and August.
  11:40am Drummer Some:

Leigh, Tang was a powdered kids' sugar drink that was famous for going to the moon with one of the early(is) space shots.
  11:40am Brian in UK:

Coarenessabounds. F & D to maintain some degree of decorum.

The breed that you decide on is key, Doug.
  11:42am Leigh:

What kind of hard liqour could we mix with it? And pass the pint!
  11:43am annie:

lots of vodka
  11:43am Brian in UK:

A guava based drink I would suggest.
  11:43am Drummer Some:

Or I could just give the dog the hard liquor and let him walk himself.
  11:44am Brian in UK:

Our dog's a hard licker.
  11:46am Drummer Some:

Forgot to say hey, Thatchmo. How's it hanging?
  11:47am Carmichael:

Hey, this is actually Jackie Payne's "Go-Go Train", off of Doin' the Mod VA collection.
  11:48am trsh:

I met an interesting dog downtown that I'd never seen before. 'Vizsla'
Pronounced 'veez-la'. Hungarian. Adorable.
  11:51am Drummer Some:

Carmichael, you mean the exact same song, or a version?
  11:57am Jack:

Thanks Doug! catch you later...
  11:57am Drummer Some:

Adios Jack!
  11:58am Carmichael:

The exact same song, with the title "Go-Go Train", and sung by Jackie Payne:
  11:59am still b/p:

Speaking of notable records, such as world's oldest commercial one mentioned earlier --- saw one of the oddest the other day in exhibit at Boston ICA: a video of an ice record playing. Water's frozen against real record surface to make a cast of it, then the ice is played with a regular needle. It does reproduce the sound (unless I was gettin' art-punked) until it gets wonky and interesting due to melting.
  11:59am ndbob:

great show as always doug!
  12:00pm Carmichael:

I don't have my iPod with me, or I could tell you the exact credits. Mike Stevens & The Shevelles also do a version.
  12:01pm Drummer Some:

Weird, Carmichael. This playlist ( shows both of those tunes, so obviously one of them is mislabled on either of the compilations.
  12:01pm Drummer Some:

Thanks ndbob, and thanks everyone!
  12:01pm ndbob:

checking that exhibit's webpage now b/p
  12:02pm Brian in UK:

Steady boys, compilers are human after all.
  12:03pm Miss Lee:

Is that all there is?
  12:03pm listener james from westwood:

thanks, doug; sonic tonic much appreciated! have a grand weekend, all!
  12:03pm Leigh:

Until Funkytown, thanks Drummer!!
  12:04pm jk:

thanks Doug!
  12:05pm Carmichael:

I'll send you the mp3s, if you don't already have them. Thanks for the set!
  12:06pm still b/p:

Ice records...(Sean Connery voice)...that's the North Dakota way!
  12:06pm holland oats:

awes show woohoo!!!
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