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Order and disorder in a freeform haze of terribly-played guitars, shorted-out electronics, found audio detritus, strange sounds from strange lands all around. Psych-punk-junk, collage, even pop. Lots of in-studio live performances to boot.

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Options June 21, 2011

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Artist Track Album Label Comments New Approx. start time
Tim Buckley  Happy Time   Options Morning Glory: The Tim Buckley Anthology  Rhino      0:00:00 (Pop‑up)
The Special Moments  The Brothers Is Back   Options Various: More Music Less Parking, Live at WFMU  WFMU      0:02:46 (Pop‑up)
Master Musicians of Bukkake  Prophecy of the White Camel / Namoutarre   Options Totem Three  Important    *   0:06:40 (Pop‑up)
Allen Ginsberg w/the Clash  Capitol Air   Options Holy Soul Jelly Roll  Rhino      0:15:14 (Pop‑up)
Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds  Our Other World   Options Gorilla Rose  In the Red    *   0:20:24 (Pop‑up)
The Men  Lotus   Options Leave Home  Sacred Bones  coming to the show live August 2nd (postponed from last week!)  *   0:22:33 (Pop‑up)
Skullflower  Celestial Highway III   Options Exquisite Fucking Boredom  Tumult      0:31:08 (Pop‑up)
Dust  Hallway   Options Ballet  Phaserdrone    *   0:37:30 (Pop‑up)
Rubble  On the Road South   Options The Farewell Drugs  Latino Buggerveil    *   0:46:16 (Pop‑up)
Prurient    Bermuda Drain  Hydra Head    *   0:48:04 (Pop‑up)
The Body  Do They Owe Us a Living?   Options The Body  Corleone    *   0:50:37 (Pop‑up)
Al Hansen  Andy Warhol Attentat Sound   Options Andy Warhol Attentat Sound  ? Records      0:57:50 (Pop‑up)
Coprophagic Substratum  Excerpt   Options A Libidinal Hypothesis  Subsubtropics    *   0:59:33 (Pop‑up)
The Men  Think   Options Leave Home  Sacred Bones    *   1:06:08 (Pop‑up)
Ice Age  Shadows   Options New Brigade  Dais  live here on the show next week!  *   1:08:03 (Pop‑up)
Swans  No Word / No Thoughts / Eden Prison   Options Live WFMU broadcast from Primavera Sound 2011    downloadable along with some other tracks from Primavera on the Free Music Archive    1:15:13 (Pop‑up)
Bo Diddley  You Don't Care   Options Various: Songlines  New Atlantis Studio      1:40:20 (Pop‑up)
Milk Music  Fertile Ground   Options Beyond Living  No Label  Live here on the show on July 5!    1:43:02 (Pop‑up)
Charles Albright  I am the Counter Culture (Drop Out)   Options 7"  Permanent    *   1:50:51 (Pop‑up)
Horrid Red  The Horror & the Cruelty   Options Silent Party  Soft Abuse    *   1:53:34 (Pop‑up)
Andy Votel  Excerpts (Colosseum, Manfred Mann, Marsha Hunt's 25)   Options Vertigo Mix  Family Recordings      1:56:25 (Pop‑up)
Starfuckers  Dead Metal City Blues   Options Metallic Diseases  Holy Mountain    *   2:04:08 (Pop‑up)
Pentagram  Teaser   Options Various: Ugly Music For Ugly Minds  Relapse      2:08:16 (Pop‑up)
Black Mayonnaise  Our Senses are Mysteries To Us, and We Are Mysteries To Ourselves   Options Dissipative Structure  Fedora Corpse    *   2:20:08 (Pop‑up)
Asian Women On the Telephone  Excerpt   Options Grandpa From Chelsea  No Label    *   2:21:18 (Pop‑up)
Delired Cameleon Family  La Boeuf   Options Musique du Film "Visa de Censure n C. de Pierre Clementi"  Wah Wah    *   2:24:26 (Pop‑up)
Tim Berne/Jim Black/Nels Cline  Impairment Posse   Options The Veil  Cryptogramophone    *   2:28:26 (Pop‑up)
The Magic I.D.  Children's Tale   Options Sleepless I Feel  Staubgold    *   2:31:48 (Pop‑up)
Razen  A-5   Options Split tape w/Classwar Karaoke Friends  Stand-Up Tragedy      2:36:36 (Pop‑up)
Geraldo Azevedo & Alceu Valenca  Novena   Options Various: Psychedelic Pernambuco  Mr. Bongo    *   2:39:32 (Pop‑up)
Socrates That Practices Music  The Measures   Options Further Conclusions Against an Italian Version (BAT)  Junior Aspirin    *   2:41:10 (Pop‑up)
Boris  Party Boy   Options Attention Please  Sargent House    *   2:56:17 (Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

  3:05pm Matt from Springfield:

Brian STARTING OUT with Tim Buckley? An unusually mellow opening to this show.

Is this anthology a New Bin item or something?
  3:06pm Lemonade Stand:

Hello, Reginald
  3:07pm Lemonade Stand:

Did they block the driveway?
  3:07pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

are we in a Monty Python skit?
  3:08pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

or maybe a Christopher Guest movie?
  3:09pm Lemonade Stand:

WFMU/Beatles seems like a good swap
  3:09pm Hubba:

Watch for floating finger-pointing hands, or is that Yellow submarine?
  3:10pm Matt from Springfield:

@DCE: Close on both counts. "Bas and Reg" were a early 90s parody on the "outdated" BBC1 personalities shortly before they were purged in favor of a more young, modern pop setup. They since made movies about their "history", and evidently an FMU appearance as well!
  3:11pm BSI:

Everything I've heard from this MMoB album has been annoyingly awesome.
  3:12pm Matt from Springfield:

The stand-in for Radio 1 was "Radio Fab", reflecting the immediate post-pirate radio atmosphere in the 60s. The actors said they were disappointed the BBC used their sketch as a justification in purging the old fogies, and later gave cameos in their films to the personalities they erstwhile mocked.
  3:12pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

this is one of those bands that I've downloaded stuff from and never got around to actually listening to. Remedy this, I will.
  3:14pm rude rudy:

nobody's said "hi" to Brian yet, so HI BRIAN
  3:15pm Matt from Springfield:

@BSI,DCE: DAMN my workplace filtering and Google's effective spotting of (presumably foreign language) bad words! "The word "bukkake" has been filtered from the search because Google SafeSearch is active." Not joking! I wish I was!
  3:16pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

my work actually blocked the wiki page for bukkake
  3:16pm BT:

Bout fucking time! Just kidding. Hi everybody. How are you. Im a disaster. I have an ear infection from diving, a stye in my eye, a broken toe, sunburn and I was stuck in a car listening to a terrible faux garage rock channel all weekend. BUT I AM NOT COMPLAINING.
  3:16pm Hubba:

Ditto, to both ya'll
  3:16pm BT:

Actually, I am complaining. It shall end.
  3:17pm Matt from Springfield:

Well rudy, that was actually nice of you and not rude!
Afternoon, Brian!
  3:17pm J J:

@DCE I'd like to sit on in that meeting when they decided on all the things that should be banned from viewing.
  3:18pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Brian must have had one helluva week...all those maladies must have yielded some good memories
  3:19pm Matt from Springfield:

@DCE: My work also blocks the Wiki PAGE, but search for PAGES CONTAINING Bukkake, and you get the article preview: "Bukkake (sex act)
is a group sex act portrayed in pornographic films, in which several men take turns ejaculating on a man or woman Bukkake videos are a ..."
  3:20pm J Edgar Hoover:

well, Ginsberg, what DO you like? dressing up in ladies' clothes, maybe?
  3:20pm BT:

Yes, I got to hear someone play Dog Police at least.
  3:20pm Matt from Springfield:

Bukkake is originally "A Japanese method of serving various types of noodles, in particular udon"
  3:21pm BSI:

okay, Dog Police makes up for everything but the busted toe.
  3:21pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

@Matt (3:19), that's probably why I never bothered listening to the band.
  3:22pm Crunk Jenkins:

If the alternative to a police state is Allen Ginsburg, bring on the truncheons.
  3:23pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

@ Matt (3:20) do eight men throw noodles on a man or woman?
  3:23pm Matt from Springfield:

@DCE: If you have to ask, it's probably best not to watch the movie!
  3:24pm BSI:

DCE (3:21): that's exactly my story. It may be unfair, but I wrote 'em off as a jokey thing but this Totem Three release has some serious head-groove to it. I am reformed.
  3:25pm Handsome Harry:

I was subjected to "Home" by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros at least 30 times this weekend. Oh the humanity. That was a fantastic track from the Master Musicians of Bukkake however.
  3:25pm Matt from Springfield:

@BSI: At least, my eyes are opened to MMoB now.
  3:26pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Matt, you're setting yourself up, but I am not going there.
  3:26pm Justin Marion:

Hey Sir how are you doing figured I would crash the party. I understand you get alot of CDs but I just wanted to know if you knew if my the CD I recently sent came safely unlike the last one that got lost haha. thank you so much for your time hit me via email if you wish thanks again sir.
  3:29pm Matt from Springfield:

@DCE: Just re-iterating a general principle: "If you have to ask..." ;)
  3:35pm murph:

well timed skullflower Turner! my head was about to implode, now my skull is blooming again
  3:40pm BT:

Justin, I'm not sure, please email me info at bt@wfmu.org and I'll check off air.
  3:42pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

good space/stoner jam here but I bet that water sound is doing a number on restroom-deprived listeners
  3:42pm Hubba:

Did I leave the faucet on... in my pants!
  3:44pm Matt from Springfield:

Space/stoner jam...I like it!
There's quite a lot going on with this track, you need both earphones to listen in stereo.
  3:45pm Hubba:

Awesome! State Controller announced he will block State Legislature pay until the budget is balanced. I live in Sacramento, so there goes another few heavily franchised schmooze parlours
  3:47pm Sacramento Mistress:

Whaddaya mean my birthday trip to Tahoe is getting "put on hold"??!! My birthday (and my present to YOU) waits for no one! (storms out with fur coat)
  3:48pm Marky Ramone:

That band Dust can be expecting a letter from my lawyer.
  3:48pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

California's a mess, Ohio's a mess, these United States are coming untied
  3:49pm Hubba:

I'm sorry honey-baby... We can still go to Circus Circus!? Fire juggling clowns, marmalade cheesecake, and Keno!?
  3:51pm BSI:

hey kid, don't tell me my business. Perhaps I WILL pee-pee. Now go play in traffic.
  3:54pm Hubba:

Whoa... bowels just moved.
  3:54pm Lemonade Stand:

That poppy sounding ditty was Prurient?
  3:54pm Rodney:

Is this a Crass cover?
  3:55pm Hubba:

This is like hot milk and egg after 13 Assassins
  4:01pm Matt from Springfield:

Is this the audio to one of Andy's films?
  4:09pm Mike:

This is extremely bad its good
  4:15pm Looms:

Hello there!
One of the previous tracks (The Men's, I think) reminded me a bit of The Accused - very funny.
  4:24pm Greebler:

It's so good to have the Swans back.
  4:27pm creatured:

sounds good!!
I wish my reception was better though. Can you aim your antenna more southwards...just a little...pleezszzee...and thank you
  4:30pm Matt from Springfield:

@Greebler: Yes, killer Swans set! I'm glad WFMU broadcasts the Primavera--the bands there are usually right up our alley.
  4:31pm Looms:

Agreed about Swans, the current line-up is brilliantly opening new musical perspectives. And they sound terrific here :)
  4:35pm Das:

I agree, this set is killing
  4:36pm BSI:

  4:37pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Swans are touring later this summer with Sir Richard Bishop...may be the only show I go to this year with more than 50 attendees.
  4:41pm Matt from Springfield:

Now DCE, I know you may feel "unhip" and "mainstream" going to shows with more than 50 people, but good music is good music and more attendees simply validate what you already know :)
  4:41pm J J:

  4:42pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

yeah, I just really prefer less humanity between me and the music these days. Plus I really like being able to chill out on a couch.
  4:43pm Matt from Springfield:

Wow, Bo Diddley, playing that Bo Diddley beat!
  4:45pm Matt from Springfield:

@DCE: Yes, I myself love chill-out couches.
  4:47pm Hubba:

I still have "beween-bands-phobia"; I hate making small talk... prefer non-sequitors and impersonal observations, but if you don't have "in-group" stylings, well, trtuhfully, yeah, you could be looking in. I just don't go to shows. The misses is in a band, and she palys shows... I stay home with child. oooh child, things ar egonna get, something, something.

Gotta love Milk Music!
  4:47pm Matt from Springfield:

Milk Music's "Fertile Ground" -- got to remember that title and band, because I immediately spotted that riff! BT must be diggin it!
  4:48pm Greebler:

That's why there should be sections in clubs for old people who still want to go out but hate clubs and hate people. I would totally pay a premium for that.
  4:48pm Hubba:

Are these guys on a label? SST?
  4:50pm Matt from Springfield:

YES! Another 2+ weeks of live music, the 28th and 5th! This, fellow commenters, is The Summer of Live!
  4:50pm Hubba:

I even hate other old people... I'm 31, soon to be 32, but feel like I've done my time, and it wasn't well spent, so I'm still chasing the dream, man..
  4:51pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

well, you just gotta take your time and find a few people you really like. it took me a long time to find a good group of folks who I see at pretty much every show, very low-key....
  4:52pm Hubba:

Paint the Town Brown?
  4:53pm Hubba:

I get that.. i've got some buddies that I've known for a while, but I don't see them at the house shows, unless it is sitting down medative drift type stuff... wait, Poop Ship Destroyer?
  4:54pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

that is one loud guitar
  4:56pm Lumpy:

This Charles Albright sounds a lot like Hawkwind's "Silver Machine"
  4:56pm Hubba:

This guy has "Ginn" burnt into his boob-arm, you know the flabby part of our arms just down from the pit. Used a Bic he found after a Rollins spoken word performance... true story.
  4:58pm BSI:

as for "between-band" stuff @ live events, there's no damn reason for clubs to pad that time as much as they do. 15 minutes is all you need, no matter what the gear is. Off / on. Go. Done. Great show and everybody gets home in time for sleepies. Me? Grumpy old fart? Hell yes, why do you ask? HAH!!?!?
  4:59pm Lemonade Stand:

Vertigo, amen.
  5:03pm Greebler:

Who in the world actually would like standing around for 45 min waiting for a band to start? Oh, wait--youngsters on the make. That's when they get all the networking done. Or something. Who knows, I'm tired and it's past my naptime and I need my afternoon meds. Nurse!!!
  5:03pm lordgrenville:

big sound......ass kicky mix
  5:04pm other david:

yeah, really liking this Andy Votel
  5:08pm Hubba:

This so radically different than "Sinistri"... same band?
  5:09pm Lemonade Stand:

Man, Infrantumi doesn't sound anything like this
  5:10pm BT:

It is! 1989 early stuff
  5:10pm Matt from Springfield:

Hi other david!
  5:12pm jaycjay:

BCE, as a "sound guy" I'd love to have no more than 15 minutes between bands. It's not that clubs are "padding" that time, though. It's that while you and I should say nobody should need more than 15 minutes to do the changeover, very very few bands manage to get it done. Everybody just screws around. Everything's set up finally? OK, time to run out for a cigarette or the rest room (gee why not do that while the band before you is playing?) Schedule that tight and you either run way late or cut sets short.
  5:15pm other david:

Hey Matt! - long day of listening to and enjoying WFMU :)
  5:15pm Matt from Springfield:

Thank you jaycjay! In my own experience the biggest delay is the main acts doing drugs backstage--I'm not saying you can't, but why not do it WHILE THE OTHER BAND IS STILL ON!
  5:16pm Matt from Springfield:

Agree david! I love talking to the same listeners on several different shows in a day--it's the WFMU spirit!
  5:19pm mark:

I've eaten black mayo it was truffle based..yummy
  5:19pm jaycjay:

Just had a guy the other night who took over 40 minutes to set up, for a solo act with just a keyboard and sequencer. Granted it was more performance art than a music act so much of that was probably to put on his elaborate costume but still... last act of the night and you leave people hanging for 45 minutes, don't be surprised if your audience numbers six people.
  5:19pm jaycjay:

Just had a guy the other night who took over 40 minutes to set up, for a solo act with just a keyboard and sequencer. Granted it was more performance art than a music act so much of that was probably to put on his elaborate costume but still... last act of the night and you leave people hanging for 45 minutes, don't be surprised if your audience numbers six people.
  5:26pm BSI:

Jaycjay - Oh absolutely. Me no place blame on the clubs exclusively (though it sounded that way) - often it's artists that don't have their shite together and/or feel they need some precious twelve-hour soundcheck because they're signed to some indie label. ... But there are definitely venues that are repeat-offenders as well. So it's more like a plea to everyone to make these things run like well-oiled military actions........
  5:30pm Mike East:

When I did a lot more gigging, I prided myself on my 5 minute setup abilities. Soundcheck is the first song. No Prima Donna I. The guys I was playing with had a lot to do with that as well. Too many bands are just lazy.
  5:32pm Hubba:

Renegade shows... solves the rpoblem, you take 15 minutes to set-up, the cops take your gear...
  5:42pm jaycjay:

@Mike East, "soundcheck is the first song" hallelujah! I tend to tell bands who ask for a soundcheck that it's pretty much pointless anyway. We can check your relative levels, but the room doesn't sound at all empty like it will when the full crowd is there, so it's still not going to be done. Give me the 60 seconds of your first song, and you'll be dialed in. And. if you have anything drastically different than what you do at the start of the set planned for later on, let me know up front (switching vocalists, etc.". The pros are the guys who get that.
  5:57pm Matt from Springfield:

Great long sets today Brian! Have a good day everyone!
  5:58pm Handsome Harry:

Great show.
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