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Every show starts with the ’70s! We’ll rediscover forgotten rockers, revisit unfairly maligned disco beats and replay power-pop favorites. Next: plenty of new releases, occasional live bands and more. Don’t let the nickname confuse you.

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Options June 8, 2011: Martin Rushent, RIP: A three-hour tribute

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Photo via the Martin Rushent Memories Facebook group.

Legendary producer Martin Rushent, who died this past weekend at the entirely too young age of 63, is one of a select few to whom the term "legendary" can be applied without fear of hyperbole. His work on records by the Stranglers, Human League, Generation X, the Buzzcocks and so many others defined the sound of an era in the late '70s and early '80s, and his influence has continued ever since. Tune in to the Evan "Funk" Davies show this Wednesday night June 8th from 9pm-12midnight as Evan devotes his show to the music Rushent produced during his lengthy career, including some songs that may surprise you.

Artist Track Album Label Year Comments Approx. start time
stranglers  (get a) grip (on yourself)   Options iv rattus norvegicus  a&m  1977     
human league  non-stop   Options 7"  virgin  1981    0:03:46 ()
buzzcocks  you say you don't love me   Options different kind of tension  irs  1980    0:08:00 ()
flop  the great valediction   Options whenever you're ready  frontier/550  1993    0:10:47 ()
t. rex  bang a gong   Options electric warrior      engineered by Martin Rushent  0:12:56 ()
ian gomm  hold on   Options gomm with the wind  stiff/epic  1979    0:16:57 ()
the go-gos  i'm the only one   Options talk show  irs  1984  skipping record, folks  0:27:32 ()
the buzzcocks  what do you know   Options 7"  irs      0:30:51 ()
david essex  out on the street   Options out on the street      engineered by Martin Rushent  0:34:10 ()
the members  radio (dub version)   Options 12"  arista  1982    0:44:07 ()
abba  does your mother know   Options       special request for Jo Rushent  0:54:53 ()
pete shelley  homosapien   Options 12"  genetic  1981     
martin rushent   interview excerpt   Options         1:02:17 ()
human league  sound of the crowd   Options dare  a&m  1982    1:03:42 ()
league unlimited orchestra  things that dreams are made of   Options love and dancing  virgin/a&m  1982    1:07:48 ()
999  homicide   Options 7"  ua  1978    1:17:36 ()
stranglers  5 minutes   Options 7"  ua  1978    1:21:12 ()
generation x  ready steady go   Options s/t  chrysalis  1978    1:24:42 ()
rezillos  mystery action   Options 7"  sire  1978    1:27:24 ()
flop  a. wylie   Options whenever you're ready  frontier/550  1993    1:30:52 ()
chaos  down at the club   Options         1:39:38 ()
dr. feelgood  every kind of vice   Options 7"  ua  1979  b-side of "Milk & Alcohol"  1:41:38 ()
raybeats  tight turn   Options guitar beat  pvc  1981    1:44:58 ()
private lives  because you're young   Options 7"  chrysalis    instrumental version, inadvertently  1:48:59 ()
the stranglers  down in the sewer   Options iv rattus norvegicus  a&m  1977    1:56:33 ()
leisure process  love cascade   Options 7"  epic  1981    2:04:02 ()
visage  tar   Options 7"  genetic/radar  1979  recorded at Martin's Genetic Studios  2:07:48 ()
electric guitars  language problems (extended version)   Options 12"  stiff  1982    2:11:04 ()
human league  (keep feeling) fascination   Options 7"  virgin  1983    2:22:08 ()
human league  love action/hard times   Options 12"  virgin  1981    2:25:35 ()
altered images  see those eyes   Options 7"  epic  1982    2:35:26 ()
rachel sweet  spellbound   Options protect the innocent  stiff/epic  1980    2:38:35 ()
pete shelley  i don't know what it is   Options 7"  genetic  1981    2:42:07 ()
tom dickie & the desires  downtown talk   Options competition  mercury  1981  thanks to listener PL!  2:45:24 ()
buzzcocks  i believe   Options different kind of tension  irs  1980    2:54:56 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 6/8/11 9:03pm calzone!:

Make way! Here comes the Love Cascade!
  Wed. 6/8/11 9:07pm CHRIS LLOYD:

Great tribute! Thank you!
  Wed. 6/8/11 9:08pm cheri:

hiya evan---i'm really glad to hear that you're back this summer!!! you have no idea!!
  Wed. 6/8/11 9:08pm BSI:

listening live for once......... kill me nicely, EFD.
  Wed. 6/8/11 9:09pm comment readers:

oh but we do, cheri.

great tribute so far.
  Wed. 6/8/11 9:13pm efd:

Hi everyone, thanks so much for tuning in. This one's from the heart. Even more so than usual, I mean.
  Wed. 6/8/11 9:14pm CHRIS LLOYD:

I’d been in touch with Martin over the last month or so. We were planning on doing some remix work together. He only meassged me a week last Saturday.
  Wed. 6/8/11 9:15pm david:

just did a "did it just shuffle on my ipod" double take. you nailed me, davies. in a good way.
  Wed. 6/8/11 9:15pm john:

Evan--No doubt but this was going to be great. Terrible shame about the circumstances, but you're going to do him proud.
  Wed. 6/8/11 9:16pm BSI:

The education is much appreciated. I wasn't aware of the Rushent connection(s). But these first 5 tunes make a beyond-compelling case.
  Wed. 6/8/11 9:18pm CHRIS LLOYD:

I’ll do my best to stay awake. 2.15am here.
  Wed. 6/8/11 9:19pm calzone!:

Evan, I understand...this death is hitting me harder than I ever expected. Rushent was responsible for much of the great music I enjoyed during 'my formative years'....when I browse his discography...it's just unbelievable...I never realized how many great songs...how much great music we can thank him for!
  Wed. 6/8/11 9:19pm fleep:

Checking the discography on Wiki ... what an amazing range of artists to have worked with. Thanks for the show efd, it's a keeper.
  Wed. 6/8/11 9:21pm CHRIS LLOYD:

There has been an incredible response to the facebook page:
  Wed. 6/8/11 9:26pm calzone!:

In fact, Evan...it would be nearly impossible for you to do one of your 'Mayhem in the AM' shows without several Rushent productions included!
  Wed. 6/8/11 9:29pm CHRIS LLOYD:

Great work Evan. You’re a star!
  Wed. 6/8/11 9:31pm cheri:

chris lloyd,,,evan is a SUPERSTAR!!!
  Wed. 6/8/11 9:34pm CHRIS LLOYD:

Yep, sorry, Superstar!
  Wed. 6/8/11 9:37pm CHRIS LLOYD:

Great David Essex track!
  Wed. 6/8/11 9:44pm efd:

calzone, you're right - the bands Martin worked with were staples of my college radio shows back in the day, and naturally none of the shows I do now featuring music from that era would be complete without several Rushent productions, as you say.

Chris, thanks for staying up late - greatly appreciated! And John, David, BSI and all thanks for listening/commenting.
  Wed. 6/8/11 9:45pm CHRIS LLOYD:

I wouldn’t miss this! : )
  Wed. 6/8/11 9:46pm cheri:

evan--i hate to repeat myself over & over but i really love your shows,,,,,,,THEY ROCK!!!
  Wed. 6/8/11 9:46pm j:

Evan - a mix of emotions - so sad about the loss of Martin, so pleased to know you're on the summer schedule.

Wonderful mix. As usual.
  Wed. 6/8/11 9:53pm CHRIS LLOYD:

Love and Dancing:
Just under 36 minutes of music.
2,200 main edits and a further 400 small edits all on tape, this was 1982.
The work of a genius.
Peace, love and dancing.
  Wed. 6/8/11 9:57pm efd:

got that in the record bag, Chris!

j, thanks for your thoughts - greatly appreciated.
  Wed. 6/8/11 9:58pm CHRIS LLOYD:

Just blows my mind a bit with me working in Logic!
  Wed. 6/8/11 9:59pm cheri:

ohhhhh evan speaking of abba i just went to see mama mia this past weekend!! i loved it!!!!
  Wed. 6/8/11 10:01pm Stevel:

Doing radio proud. I will be referring many, many people to this show in the archives.

Nice job.
  Wed. 6/8/11 10:03pm calzone!:

'Homosapien' is both a genre and era defining moment in post/punk-pop. It was a stunner back in the day, and still sounds amazingly current, edgy, and vital today.
  Wed. 6/8/11 10:04pm cheri:

evan do you have the sdt to mama mia?? please tell me if you do,,,
  Wed. 6/8/11 10:06pm CHRIS LLOYD:

Great little piece of film history for anyone who hasn’t seen it:
  Wed. 6/8/11 10:11pm CHRIS LLOYD:

Don’t know whether to smile or cry.
  Wed. 6/8/11 10:12pm efd:

I know, I've had a case of the crooked mouth myself a few times tonight already.
  Wed. 6/8/11 10:13pm CHRIS LLOYD:

: )
  Wed. 6/8/11 10:16pm randy in NC:

... and all done before MIDI also...
  Wed. 6/8/11 10:20pm AZ:

Pedantic AccuPlaylist correction: Love & Dancing came out in 1982, not 1981. (I was in London the week it was released.)
  Wed. 6/8/11 10:22pm cheri:

since martin rushent was a huge abba fan may i suggest that you play more abba ,,huh evan??
  Wed. 6/8/11 10:23pm efd:

whoops, thanks AZ! The LP label has both 1981 and 1982 so I opted for the earlier thinking that was the UK release.
  Wed. 6/8/11 10:23pm efd:

Cheri I think the one Abba song was sufficient.
  Wed. 6/8/11 10:24pm CHRIS LLOYD:

Think I’ll staying up for the whole show now.
  Wed. 6/8/11 10:25pm jeff k:

We need some Yachts
  Wed. 6/8/11 10:27pm Stevel:

What punk, techno, alt productions WOULDN'T sound different without M. Rushent's influence?
  Wed. 6/8/11 10:29pm randy in NC:

The soundtrack of the late '70's, early '80's...
  Wed. 6/8/11 10:30pm Stevel:

What I really mean to say, belatedly, is

Thank you.
  Wed. 6/8/11 10:41pm Aharon:

Good stuff. I never heard of the guy until now. Glad to have, and, of course, sad about the circumstances.
  Wed. 6/8/11 10:41pm Holly in NC:

  Wed. 6/8/11 10:43pm efd:

You know, I saw a posting by Chris in the Facebook group talking about going to his studio to work on some mixing, I think, but I don't know which songs specifically he was involved in.
  Wed. 6/8/11 10:43pm randy in NC:

allmusic says that he was in on the mixing of Stands for Decibels along with Easter and Litt. They learned from the master!
  Wed. 6/8/11 10:43pm efd:

Jeff, I'd love to play some Yachts but it's sadly lackiing here, and I only had the non-Martin stuff at home.
  Wed. 6/8/11 10:43pm calzone!:

EFD, Make Way, Here Comes....
  Wed. 6/8/11 10:45pm herb:

great show, what timeless music. martin rushent could do no wrong. (wait, any stories of him *regretting* his work? or saying "i shoulda done this differently"?)
  Wed. 6/8/11 10:45pm Andrew:

yesterday morning, without warning, Trouble playing "Louise" right out of the box, talk about techo-poignancy - had to pull the car over - still have it on cassette
  Wed. 6/8/11 10:47pm Frisco Kid:

Martin worked with a French rock band called Telephone that I am not at all familiar with. Anyone know what they sound like? Any good?
  Wed. 6/8/11 10:47pm cheri:

well i have to head out now evan,,thnx for your company,,if you see danne please tell him i said hello,, god bless martin rushent!!
  Wed. 6/8/11 10:49pm CHRIS LLOYD:

Ewan.I’ll send you a message on facebook tomorrow about that.
  Wed. 6/8/11 10:49pm Frisco Kid:

By the way, Evan, I vote for something off Rachel Sweet's "Protect the Innocent" album if it's available.
  Wed. 6/8/11 10:50pm efd:

Frisco, yes, they're good! I have an LP of theirs at home, but not one that he produced. Worth checking out though in any case.
  Wed. 6/8/11 10:50pm efd:

Got that Rachel Sweet album in the record bag, will spin it for sure.
  Wed. 6/8/11 10:53pm CHRIS LLOYD:

I meant Evan!
  Wed. 6/8/11 10:58pm efd:

no worries Chris, thanks!

Andrew, thanks for checking in.
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:03pm efd:

Calzone!, your request is next here on WFMU!
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:03pm Minnesota Jeff:

EFD, do you have any fondness for the Bruins? They just won 4-0.
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:05pm efd:

I'm actually much more excited by the Red Sox beating the Yankees again, but I appreciate the thought!
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:05pm Carolyn:

Hi Evan. Great show! I love that Stranglers story. Oedipus is one of my all-time favorite DJs. He inspired me to become one. Now look at me.
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:05pm calzone!:

Make Way! Here Comes The Love Cascade!
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:05pm Stevel:

That must have been some experience. NOTHING sounded like the Stranglers in 77. (Not sure anything else does today either.)
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:08pm Minnesota Jeff:

EFD: No problem, I understand (no I don't).

This 'Love Cascade' is a JAM!
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:10pm Mike VL:

Stellar show, Evan!
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:11pm calzone!:

Thanks for the leisure process, EFD! This Visage track sounds so hopelessly and wonderfully DORKY! Fantastic!
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:12pm Frisco Kid:

Thanks for the Visage! Haven't heard this one in decades.
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:14pm Holly in NC:

(grumble) red sox (grumble) pawtucket
grumble grumble grumble .
just y'all wait.

Nice Visage pick.
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:15pm CHRIS LLOYD:

Just had a quick snack. UK is still with you!
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:17pm efd:

Mike VL, thanks and congrats on getting on the summer schedule! Looking forward to hearing your show on a weekly basis.

Carolyn, I'd have to say that inspiring you to be a DJ is one of the
best things Oedipus ever did!

Nice to still see you here, Chris! Past 4am over there, right?
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:18pm cheri:

i'm sorry evan but i just came back just to say great tribute!! night for real..
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:19pm Julie:

Hey, look it's Carolyn! Come to the east coast and visit on one of our shows :)
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:22pm cheri:

heeeey julie,,,i hope you have a g'night,, bye
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:22pm Danne D:

Hey Evan and Funk fans, enjoying the tribute. Missed a chunk unfortunately but I'll definitely catch up on it all in the archives.
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:22pm CHRIS LLOYD:

Yep! Don’t worry. It’s worth it!
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:22pm Carolyn:

Hi Julie! I have been thinking of heading east soon and I would LOVE to visit WFMU. May I please?
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:23pm Danne D:

Great song! I remember the cool video that went with it as well.
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:24pm Julie:

Yes please, and you have to let us know!
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:25pm Julie:

One of those articles said HL didn't like what he did to Don't You Want Me, but boy was it a huge hit
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:26pm Carolyn:

Yay! I will.
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:26pm Julie:

And there are so many other wonderful songs on Dare
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:26pm Minnesota Jeff:

It appears Roger Federer played bass for Human League based on the Fascination video.
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:27pm Noah:

I LOVE LOVE that Human League song.. might have to replay it agin in a few hours on the rap de rap show!
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:27pm Julie:

I love your...(love action!)
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:29pm CHRIS LLOYD:

The moment my life changed. For the better!
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:30pm cheri:

julie please tell me why you can't be on an earlier time slot?? cause i keep missing your shows,,,
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:31pm Danne D:

Human League's Don't You Want Me has that great overwrought 80s feel (and I say that with affection btw)
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:31pm randy in NC:

analog synths rule!!!
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:37pm john:

Altered Images! I can exhale now......
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:37pm Noah:

The best part of tonight's show is that I'm watching E.F.D. in real time, IN the zone!!
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:39pm Holly in NC:

Hi Julie - I agree with Cherie! Thank goodness for archives.
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:42pm Frisco Kid:

Thanks much for the Rachel Sweet!
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:43pm JENFACE:

  Wed. 6/8/11 11:44pm Michael from the Left Coast:

Just checking in for a minute in between things
EFD I thought you'd play the dance mix of Fascination from that remix album (the first one of its kind that I remember)
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:44pm 12539:

efd, these last few hours have been filled with life.
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:45pm efd:

Michael, it's so hard to choose! I really wanted to play the Hard Times/Love Action 12", so I went with the single version of Fascination.
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:45pm Minnesota Jeff:

Man, this is a rad jam!
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:46pm Noah:

  Wed. 6/8/11 11:47pm Noah:

Sherri Friend is here!
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:47pm JENFACE:

YAY PANTS! This is the best music - they just can't do it like they used to. Golden era.
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:48pm CHRIS LLOYD:

  Wed. 6/8/11 11:48pm JENFACE:

DOOODZ - Was JUST thinkin about Sherri Friend and I owe her a big ol apology for not making it to her Bday. Have EVD play a SHERRI PIC - do it!
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:49pm Noah:

  Wed. 6/8/11 11:49pm JENFACE:

At first glance I thought this song was by Tom DIckles - BAhahaha
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:50pm Noah:

I actually have the Tom Dickles 45.. somewhere..
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:50pm JENFACE:

No pants tonight!
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:50pm Noah:

No pants is for Sundays...
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:51pm Ike:

Great show Evan!
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:53pm JENFACE:

Tom Dickles is a rare 45 to have
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:55pm jack:

Always good to listen to efd. Play heat wave tunes.
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:56pm Noah:

THAT is a GREAT Grandmaster Flash story Evan!!
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:56pm CHRIS LLOYD:

Well I made it! Great show Evan. Thank you!
Peace, love and dancing!
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:57pm randy in NC:

Thanks Evan, great tribute!
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:57pm john:

Fantastic show, Evan! I'd just like to mention one more Rushent fave rave, maybe my personal tops of all--The Associates' Waiting For The Loveboat.
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:58pm Carolyn:

Evan you rule! Thanks.
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:58pm julie:

efd first show with my fmu app!
  Wed. 6/8/11 11:59pm Danne D:

Thanks for a great show Evan. Good night everyone!
  Thu. 6/9/11 12:01am efd:

awesome, Julie!

John, I looked for some Associates but couldn't find any here.

Chris, thanks for staying up til 5am!

Thanks Randy, Jen, jack, Ike and all! Really appreciate all the comments!
  Thu. 6/9/11 12:23am angela:

DAMN this sounds GOOD!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Thu. 6/9/11 7:14pm ro:

What a super show. Great site so easy to use and to hear songs i havent heard in years and new songs. I have you bookmarked. Loved love and dancing and bizzarelly ordered remastered edition on saturday which arrived today. Only found out of his death today. It was the first cd I bought - uncanny.
  Thu. 6/16/11 2:16am Ian Gomm:

Thanks for playing my song "Hold On" which Martin Rushent produced for me back in the last century. He even sang the backing vocals with me. I am proud to have worked with a "legend". Yours musically, Ian Gomm
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