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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options May 13, 2011

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Mathias Spahlinger  Morendo   Options    
Iancu Dumitrescu  Ursa Mare (Grand OUrse)   Options    
Patrick Kosk  Transmissions In A...   Options    
Mia Zabelka & Giselher Smekal  Aura   Options   0:42:36 (Pop‑up)
Luciano Berio  Chemins III   Options   0:59:33 (Pop‑up)
Bernd Alois Zimmermann  Photoptopsis   Options   1:14:28 (Pop‑up)
Luigi Nono  A Carlo Scarpa, architetto, ai suoi infiniti possibili   Options   1:26:49 (Pop‑up)
Hermann Nitsch  Day-3 10:00 A.M.   Options Das 6-Tage-Spiel Des Orgien Mysterien Theaters  1:37:09 (Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

  12:13pm βrian:

It's those guys in the attic again. They're going at it.
  12:13pm pierre:

Bonsoir Bryce!
  12:14pm Monitor:

Punctual. Check.
  12:14pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I'd like a sample of your penmanship, though.
  12:16pm Carmichael:

I would like to interview each of the notes, to verify your likeability.
  12:17pm Monitor:

Bryce likes all the notes. The notes of course have mixed feelings.
  12:20pm dc pat:

wait, did Kenny G get mocked by Jon Stewart?? That's bigger than reading poetry to the Pres!!
  12:21pm dc pat:

by the way that Spahlinger piece was amazing
  12:24pm dc pat:

oh, he made fun of Kenny's suit. He should have gone for the beard...
  12:31pm Parq:

Our own Kenny G is on his way to being a national pariah. We're so proud.
  12:31pm Mike East:

I need to see this clip. Anyone have a link?
  12:34pm freznel:


head over to the DS page and find the "common performs at the white house" video
  12:35pm Jean Michel Jarre & a Hobo:

@ Mike East- the wfmu blog has links:

  12:37pm OBAMA:

  12:38pm Carmichael:

So is John Stewart.
  12:40pm allen:

wonder how much my "anal magic" t-shirt will be worth when KG is poet laureate...
  12:42pm OBAMA:

who's john stewart
  12:45pm Mike East:

crap...Fortinet doesn't let me access that link, nor the WFMU blog...I will try freznel's suggestion. Thanks JMJ&a Hobo.
  12:47pm Carmichael:

Purdy funny there, Stewart.
  12:49pm Mike East:

yeah that works. I gotta say, I think that suit is pretty stylish.
  12:49pm Vicki:

  12:52pm bryce:

eeeeeeeeeeeee! :)
  12:54pm bryce:

  12:55pm Vicki:

ha ha
  12:55pm Jean Michel Jarre & a Hobo:

His daytime suit was even better:
  12:55pm bryce:

  12:55pm Vicki:

now set that cat free
  12:56pm bryce:

the cat STAYS
  12:57pm Vicki:

it's cruel
  12:57pm Marshall Stacks:

I'm looking forward to Bryce's first gig at the White House.
  12:58pm Vicki:

how many people get into the White House by being themselves? Kenny does.
  12:58pm freznel:

i might be drinking too much ginger ale but two of those cats jumped off the comment list
  12:58pm pierre:

oh yes Marshall Stacks, i'm with for this one
  12:58pm OBAMA:

maybe kenny had some cheeseburgers on his person and the cheeseburgers are what got him invited
  1:02pm Vicki:

  1:02pm Vicki:

hey, how did you know I was about to write about cats back then?!
  1:06pm OBAMA:

man this whole show has got me thinking about cheeseburgers.
  1:06pm Marshall Stacks:

Re: Kenny G, I'd like to meet his tailor.
  1:07pm Bubba:

@ The O Man: I know the BEST c-burger places in all of DC. Cell or txt me, dude!
  1:07pm OBAMA:

i'd like to meet taylor swift over a full plate of cheeseburgers and this cheeseburger soundtrack by mia zabelka & giselher smekal
  1:08pm Bubba:

Some cute waitresses in some of them joints, no shit.
  1:08pm OBAMA:

bubba i will not be tricked again
  1:09pm dubya:

fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice...can't get fooled again
  1:09pm dave in vermont:

i don't think i have ever heard you talk on air before, your voice is much deeper than i anticipated
  1:10pm Carla Bruni:

i love this show
  1:10pm Vicki:

he pushed the dump button
  1:10pm Carmichael:

I'm gettin' me some uh them greasy drippy burgers for lunch. Them boys is tasty.
  1:10pm bryce:

  1:10pm still b/p:

He'll rip your lungs out, Marshall.
  1:11pm Carmichael:

They have buttons over there, Vicki? We have handles over here.
  1:11pm BSI:

focus, damn you.
  1:12pm bryce:

plop meow Ѭ plop
  1:12pm bryce:

  1:12pm dubya:

y'all are bat-shit crazy
  1:13pm raga:

brycicle! i thought maybe today would be music from india on account of:
  1:14pm ackroid:

Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger,Cheeseburger
  1:14pm Vicki:

yes, we are so alike in most aspects
  1:14pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

raga, that would make for one LONG evening of Indian music! Do they provide cots?
  1:14pm Bubba:

good c-brgr ---> good dump. "life wisdom i have acquired"
  1:14pm bryce:

raga, I KNOQQQQW! :(

but sadly, i got home from work when the sun was up, then fell asleep in my clothes, then woke up at 11:30, then ran out the door wearing one contact lens. Oopsicles!
  1:15pm Vicki:

  1:16pm OBAMA:

this luciano berio track reminds me of that gibson movie where charlie gibson was on the phone with the cheeseburglar and was yelling "give me back my cheeseburgers!" ha ha, thanks bryce-dog!
  1:16pm bryce:

sup, bomber!

creak thud
  1:17pm raga:

what's that got to do with the price of tea in china? DCE, napping areas are not uncommon!
  1:17pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I have done like two hours of work all week. This is both awesome and mind-deadening.
  1:17pm OBAMA:

hte hamburglar was played by vincent price, iirc
  1:19pm bryce:

yeah, there *are* snoozy areas, as well as amazing food. in all seriousness, if anyone digs indian classical, this will be one of your favorite nights of the year. it's an overwhelmingly special experience.
  1:19pm Carmichael:

No, it was Agnes Moorehead.
  1:21pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

we had a 10-day celebration of Indian music/culture in CLE in the last few weeks
  1:21pm OBAMA:

my bad, still it was an inspired performance
  1:26pm Vicki:

Musique pour les soupers du Roi Ubu
  1:29pm OBAMA:

yeah i agree let's all get some cheeseburger tacos
  1:30pm Marshall Stacks:

  1:33pm thomas juh-juh-jefferson:

I think we sh-sh-should establish a duh-duh-duh-democracy at ch-ch-cheeseburger heaven
  1:33pm Carmichael:

Sounds more like George V.
  1:33pm bryce:

word up, poti
  1:35pm jason poorhees:

man i wish i had the money to go to camp crystal lake today, but in this economy...
  1:41pm pierre:

@Marshall Stacks i believe the word your looking for is: "merde"
  1:42pm Alfred Jarry:

Not as I wrote it in Ubu Roi, it isn't.
  1:43pm Alfred Jarry:

Au contraire, mon frere.
  1:44pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

will the real Alfred Jarry please stand up?
  1:45pm jason poorhees:

ha ha pierre doesnt know late 19th century first words of famous plays lol
  1:46pm jason poorhees:

pierre's a beef patty short of a triple decker cheeseburger IMO
  1:48pm Alfred Jarry (le faux):

Alright, I'm standing.
  1:48pm pierre:

ok, ok, sorry, i just discovered my true identity of being non french.
  1:50pm Arthur Miller:

  1:50pm Hermann Nitsch:

  1:50pm coca cola corp.:

  1:51pm pierre:

(no i am truly french, and i do like Alfred Jarry, shame on me)
  1:51pm faeries, various and sundry:

  1:51pm Merdre:

Alfred Jarry !
  1:51pm Alfred Jarry (le vrai):

I'd stand up, but pschitt!, I'm dead.
  1:52pm afraid of the quiet:

are we supposed to be hearing something?
  1:52pm bryce:

  1:53pm Jean Michel Jarre & a Hobo:

Give me an U
  1:54pm Jean Michel Jarre & a Hobo:

Give me a BOO.
  1:54pm bryce:

  1:54pm David Thomas:

  1:55pm Jean Michel Jarre & a Hobo:

Give me a return on investment.
  1:55pm bryce:

i got an extra Ѭ
  1:55pm bryce:

i will sextuple your roi with my customer-centric integrated solution
  1:57pm Merdre:

i found this : http://static.someecards.com/someecards/images/feed_assets/4dcd644806bfe.jpg
  1:57pm Jean Michel Jarre & a Hobo:

Throw in a Queen for a Pawn?
  1:58pm Marshall Stacks:

Speaking of David Thomas, I just learned that for $999.49 he'll play a concert in your living room: http://tinyurl.com/3etqlct .

Does that offer a good ROI? I cannot say.
  1:58pm jojo:

this song has to be on the heavily played list
  2:07pm joe voltage:

HI Bryce!!! How Does it feel to be a cyclops for the day. You should play some bernard herman soundtrack music and rampage around the station
  2:09pm bryce:

hahaaaa :)

  2:10pm northguineahills:

This is pretty kickass!
  2:11pm bryce:

ngh, back in town!
  2:16pm paula p c:

bryce this is transcendent and unexpectedly so
  2:18pm Haber Dasher:

Just for his presidential appearance, Kenny G had bespoke suits made by Zachary Taylor.
  2:19pm bryce:

hi paula :)
  2:22pm sissy spaceship:

was that john baptiste philouza?
  2:24pm paula p c:

bryce, hi. PLEASE give us the name of this!! you have had plenty of time while it's a-playin...seriously, thanks for a wonderful show thus far
  2:27pm bryce:

hahaa, the specific track is only written on the cd that's playing. doh!

but it's from one of mr. nitsch's big ol' multi-day bloodapaloozas.
  2:29pm Subdude:

For those of us less "in the know", how would one find this CD?
  2:30pm Musicologist:

It's a niche CD. They're tough to track down.
  2:32pm paula p c:

bryce, that is SO AWESOME. don't look at the CD when it comes out of the player. let him rerelease it to the world years from now ala Poppy Nogood.
  2:33pm Hermann Nitsch:

it's title is "hold the pickles"
  2:33pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

subdude, you could start here:
  2:35pm bryce:

don't have xmas with hermann nitsch
  2:35pm bryce:

oh wait, it's written on the lovely bloodly packaging in clear varnish.

Shit, subdude, this one might be hard to find — i think it was an edition of 500, back in 2001. the label (cortical foundation) was cranking out these nitsch things for a bit, but they were all in teensy little editions.
  2:36pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

good thing you added that "teensy" in there...I was sure how small the editions were
  2:36pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

or rather, I teensy was NOT sure
  2:37pm Ike:

"Sextuple your ROI with my customer-centric integrated solution" -- har har har har! Hee hee. Chortle.
  2:38pm Cecile:

Man, are we trying to outdo Fabio/Clay's comments from yesterday? I get a cheeseburger theme in there somewhere sprinkled with some Pa Ubu
  2:38pm Musicologist:

The size of that run may explain at explain why if you search for Hermann Nitsch stuff at (for example) amazon.com, some items are only available used in the $100-300 range.
  2:39pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

it was teensy
  2:39pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

and widdle, itty bitty
  2:40pm bryce:

UGH!!! i should start a hermann nitsch bloggerblog — i snatched up all them nitschy businesses when they came out

this is the one: http://j.mp/mFAjL5
  2:40pm paula p c:

cd and lp of this very piece on the cortical website -- look to be available still...I know what I'm buying myself belatedly for Mother's Day...
  2:42pm Julie:

1100 comments ! You can do it Bryce
  2:42pm mito:

great show bryce
  2:42pm Musicologist:

We're tired after yesterday! :-)
  2:42pm bryce:

wow, really?? i'd be really surprised, but that would be super awesome. the lp and cd versions are different music, btw, even though the packaging is identical.
  2:42pm Subdude:

Thanks DCE
  2:42pm sissy spaceship:

@julie hahahaha!!!
  2:43pm bryce:

  2:43pm bryce:

  2:43pm bryce:

  2:43pm Julie:

  2:43pm Julie:

oh phooey!
  2:44pm cheri:

heeeey how's it going bryce & julie???
  2:44pm Ike:

Now you're in trouble, Julie.
  2:44pm Musicologist:

  2:45pm bryce:

where the hell's pedant?
  2:45pm Jean Michel Jarre & a Hobo:

n+ 1
  2:45pm Van in DFW:

So this song goes on for five more days? :D
  2:45pm Musicologist:

this song goes on till 2:59 EDT
  2:45pm Julie:

It's fineeeeeee
  2:46pm bryce:

the tipped armoire says otherwise
  2:46pm snagglepuss:

Some nice chop suey,
For me an youey,
And some yung egg fuey, tooey!
  2:46pm armoire:

I was only following orders.
  2:48pm Dean:

..That 's armoire-ay....!
  2:49pm armoire:

I'm going to turn all the listeners into Hermann's Hermits.
  2:50pm cheri:

bryce ,,,julie,, you'll have excuse me but i'm a commenteer geek..lol
  2:51pm Mrs. Brown:

Met my daughter?
  2:53pm cheri:

bryce---awsome tunes
  2:57pm bryce:

  2:58pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

u r nuts
  2:59pm armoire:

Nitch is worth fighting for. He's been arrested many times for his action-performances. In one, he crashed a sideboard filled with jam and wheat flour onto the street, and was planning to undress the wife of Günther Brus, Anni Brus, and then cover her with cherries, plums, fresh vegetables, beans and flour. The event was stopped by the police and Nitsch was arrested for 14 days.
  3:02pm bryce:

i want an uncle hermann
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