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May 6, 2011 Options
Scuffling down Cinderella backstreets
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Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Options Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Options Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo' Wax 1990)

Larry Darnell  My Kind of Baby   Options Larry Darnell: 1947-1951
(Chronological Classics 1950)
Eleanor Franklin & Lanny King  The Three Men in My Life   Options I'm a Bad, Bad Girl:
Seven Dozen Dusky Divas, Volume 3
(Indigo 1953)
Red Mack  Just Like Two Drops of Water   Options West Coast R&B 1947-1952
(Krazy Kat )
Pee Wee Crayton  Tired of Travellin'   Options Rocking Down on Central Avenue
(Kent 1951)
Charles Amos (Timmy Shaw? Thunder in My Heart   Options The Soul of Detroit
(Relic )
The Ohio Untouchables (Guitar: Robert Ward)  Forgive My Darling   Options Three Shades of the Blues
(Relic )
Bobby Long & His Satellites  Mojo Workout   Options Lookey Dookey!
(Honk-It )

Talkover Music:
The Wooden Glass feat. Billy Wooten 
Monkey Hips & Rice   Options Recorded Live
(Interim 1972)

Brooklyn Sounds  Chango Santero   Options Libre Free
(Salsa )
Manny Corchado & Tito Jiminez  Chicken and Booze   Options Aprovecha el Tiempo
(Decca 1967)
Monteria Swing  Juanché   Options Huracan Bailable
(Miami/Discos Fuentes )
Andy y Su Orquesta Riverside  Puerto Rico   Options Trae Salsa al Bembé
(ORC 1971)
Chivirico Davila  La Mujer del Peso   Options Para Mi Gente
(Cotique 1976)
Leonardo Paniagua  Sera   Options Con Mariachi Technotitlan
(Kubaney 1981)

Talkover Music:
Ramon   Options The Solid Sounds of the 8-Piece Brotherhood
(Manteca 1999)

Wishful Thinking  Step By Step   Options Red With Purple Flahses,
Volume 2
(Parka )
Basile & Ze Pecqu'nouz Groupe  Ma Charette Est Malade, Mon Cheval Est Casse   Options Il Sont Fous Ces Galouis!
Tünay Akdeniz & Grup Cigrisim  Salak   Options Anatolia Rocks 2:
A Second Musical Trip Through Turkey 1968-1983
Kati Kovacs und Die Juventus  Wind, Komm, Bring den Regen   Options La Discoteque Psychedelique
(Boss A Tone )
Les Papyvores  Le Papyvores   Options Wizzz! Psychorama Francais 1966-1971
(Delabel )
The Jelly Bean Bandits  Salesman   Options Psychedelic Crown Jewels,
Volume 1
(Gear Fab )
Jose Maria  La Parrala   Options Acid Rumba: Spanish Gypsy Grooves 1969-1976
(Hundergrum )

Talkover Music:
Freddie Hubbard 
The 7th Day   Options The Artistry of Freddie Hubbard
(Impulse! 1963)

Mahendra Kapoor  Ashiq Ho To Aisa Ho (from Noorie)   Options Sufis at the Cinema:
50 years of Bollywood Qawwali and Sufi Song
(Times Square 1979)
Bismillah Khan  Poorbi   Options The Soul of Shahnai
(EMI 1979)
Sohail Rana  Cobra Away   Options Khyber Mail
(EMI 1970)
Malaysia Big Band Music of India  Nguyen Did Not Know Friends   Options Memorable Music
(Golden Horse )
Chatri Sichon  Chom Nang   Options Chom Nang

Talkover Music:
Joe Henderson 
Water   Options The Elements
(Milestone 1973)

Roscoe Mitchell  Dragons   Options Hey Donald
(Delmark 1994)
John Surman  Flashpoint   Options Flashpoint: NDR Workshop
(Cuneiform 1969)
Baikida E.J. Carroll  Forst Scorpion   Options Orange Fish Tears
(Palm 1974)

Talkover Music:
Marc Ribot 
Los Teenagers Bailan Changui   Options Marc ribot y Los Cubanos Postizos
(Warner Bros. 1998)

Andrzej Drabowski  Powrót   Options Polish Funk: Volume 3
(Polskie Nagrania )
Maciej Kossowski  Oczy Ci Zaslonie   Options Polish Funk: Volume 2
(Polskie Nagrania )
ABC  You Want Too Much   Options Polish Funk: Volume 1
(Polskie Nagrania )
Wojciech Skowronvski  Blues and Rock   Options Polish Funk: Volume 2
(Polskie Nagrania 1973)

Talkover Music:
Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass 
That Ol' Bus Smell   Options Wide Open
(MPS 1974)

The Folklords  Pardon Me Judas   Options Release the Sunshine
(Allied 1968)
MV & EE  The Crash Palace of Records   Options Country Stash
(Three Lobed 2011)
Matthew Young  Werewolf   Options Traveler's Advisory
(Yoga 1986)
Peter Laughner  Cinderella Backstreet   Options Take the Guitar Player for a Ride
(Tim/Kerr )

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Options I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  7:50am annie:

  8:00am Drummer Some:

And the pre-show party commences! Gotta go grab a bowl of h-nut c's....
  8:08am annie:

i've never seen that show.. i had no idea.. .. thanks!! bagel with egg and mozzarella for me..
  8:14am Drummer Some:

I am not a gusher about most things (other than music, of course, and especially about TV), but The Wire is a masterpiece.
  8:17am annie:

i just watched the best lines from the show.. got through 3 minutes.. i may have to see that.. wonder if hulu has it. (nice skin shots, btw, blush blush) and i love the squat they live in
  8:29am annie:

wow, that's a deep deep show....thanks for turning me on to that
  8:30am annie:

and turn the stream back on in time to hear maddie!
  8:37am Drummer Some:

Annie, Netflix has every episode. Really worth starting at the beginning and binge-watching through each season straight through to the end.
  8:38am listener james from westwood:

you come at the king of friday mornings, you best not miss!
  8:40am listener james from westwood:

was just raving about the wire to a possible convert and wire virgin last night. my own binge began during the winter via netflix. holding to 1 ep/night was impossible
  8:46am Drummer Some:

I love the term "Wire virgin." Sounds so...kinky.
  8:51am drr:

My Wire binge was the summer before last...I had a 30 min. each-way subway/bus commute to work; watched the whole series in half-hour chunks on my phone, Missed my stop a lot.
  8:54am dc pat:

FIRST--hey wait a minute!! It's not even 9 yet! No fair!
  8:55am Aaron:

  8:56am Drummer Some:

I still can't freaking believe I live in Pittsburgh. Not that there's anything wrong with that...
  8:56am david:

I'm really glad you guys aren't gushing about the band Wire. I get the Wire and The Shield confused all the time. One of them comes highly recommended to me. I'm gonna assume it's The Wire, then. Maybe I'll go through it when I'm done with Deadwood.
  8:56am annie:

no netflix here.. .. have to find someone who does i guess.. snoop is an interesting character.. took me a while to realize it was a she
  8:59am Drummer Some:

Usta love the magazine called The Wire. When I moved last summer I tossed all my old issues and now I'm regretting it.
  9:02am listener james from westwood:

@annie: if your library has dvds, they might carry them, or be able to request them via interlibrary loan.
  9:02am marcury:

Omar, easily the best character ever in a TV Series.
  9:02am Drummer Some:

And awaaaay we go. Check out the deep-ass horn bleeting on the first selection. Wow!
  9:03am listener james from westwood:

@david: i'm on too tight a deadline to give deadwood the love it deserves in this thread, but it and the wire rank among my favorites.
  9:03am Drummer Some:

The Marcury's rising!
  9:04am annie:

LJFW- library?? this small village?? hehe.. anyway, i'll get over it.. i may just get my fill on youtube. and then ask someone to get me some from her netflix..i did, however, sit through the entire series of the west wing once.. marathon .. wow.
  9:04am Brian in UK:

Afternoon, high hatters & rim shotters. Doug, did you throw something away. NEVER!!!!
  9:05am Drummer Some:

Brian, I am so ashamed.
  9:05am ndbob:

Morning Doug!
  9:05am still b/p:

I like fishing out a fresh acronym a week from the rich comment waters. Deep Ass Horn Bleeting -- a little DAHB'll do ya.
  9:05am Brian in UK:

20 Hail Felas.
  9:09am Drummer Some:

Top of the M to you, ndbob.

Still b/p, you are now the program's official Minister in Charge of Acrominization.
  9:09am Cheri Pi:

  9:10am marcury:

Annie, Felicia Pearson the actress who plays Snoop is pretty much playing herself and the life was living before she reached 18.
  9:11am annie:

yeah, marc, i saw the clip from larry king.. .. she has pluck
  9:11am Drummer Some:

Hi hi hi, Cheri Pi.

Didn't Felicia Pearson just get re-arrested?
  9:12am BodegaMan:

too late for Omar references and Wire chat. Gotta be the only radio show with a pre-party.
  9:13am Paul Sherratt:

Another ' Wire ' virgin here, too. But have used some vouchers to purchase the ( a ? ) box set. Do you US folk get ' Spiral ' from France, ' The Killing ' from Denmark or ' Wallander ' from Sweden ?
  9:14am glenn:

deadwood and the wire -1 and 1a.
  9:15am annie:

is deadwood a western?
  9:15am Brian in UK:

Hello Paul, me a WV and happy to be so or any incessant serial that demands your attention. Did you get to see Mary G?
  9:16am listener james from westwood:

more a frontier show than a western, how civilization is hewn from the wild and the sort of people necessary to midwife the birth
  9:16am Drummer Some:

Oy oy! Paul Sherratt is in the crowd. Don't all rush him for autographs!
  9:17am Jon:

Good morning everyone. Have I missed the Polish Funk?
  9:17am glenn:

deadwood is ................ shakespeare set in the old west. or maybe beckett, if it comes to that.
  9:17am Drummer Some:

BodegaMan, even *I* don't get invited to the after-party.
  9:18am annie:

beckett-style, i'd definitely seek that out.. same writers all the time or guest shots?
  9:18am Brian in UK:

No offence folks we have the same crap over here.
  9:18am listener james from westwood:

good call, glenn; the language was one of the show's most celebrated aspects, and not just the f or cs word.
  9:18am glenn:

which t-bone walker song is this again?
  9:19am listener james from westwood:

@annie: different writers, but show creator david milch revised extensively to ensure a consistent tone and style
  9:20am jill:

Checking in,,, what did I miss? What did i miss?
  9:21am listener james from westwood:

non-spoiler, *NSFW* clip of its main character and the town's newspaperman, the latter getting a pep talk:
  9:21am Paul Sherratt:

Hi Brian,
No a hospital appointment cropped up for the OH which stopped the Foundling Museum trip and we're not able to catch her in Leicester this time around, either. She'll be back ...

I've just discovered that I'm a Charles Amos fan ...
  9:21am ndbob:

Some great R and B - catch it on the archive.
  9:22am glenn:

david milch studied writing with robert penn warren, so i'm sure that influence is there.
  9:23am Brian in UK:

jill you missed the 'where did rock 'n roll come from' sounds. If I may be so bold. Nothing much!!!!
  9:23am BodegaMan:

@Paul, I think the Killing is being redone here. And the other two are being buzzed about so they'll probably be coming soon, remade for the US because we're sooooooo precious.
  9:24am Drummer Some:

It's OK, Jill. You didn't miss Mojo Workout!
  9:25am still b/p:

Deadwood recommendations have been stacked damned high in recent years. I'll join Netflix if, along with the discs, they can send me a package fulla the free time to watch it ...or send me a valet and a drill sergeant to sharpen the homehood efficiency and open the hours.
  9:25am Brian in UK:

If I say that it was very average would that appease you. Not true ofcourse. It was in the gallery of the museum. One of the oddest places I have seen a performance but ever so moving.
  9:27am annie:

so... the question i have about historically accurate dialogue: how do we know the swearing existed .. in that manner at least?
  9:27am Amanda:

Hi guys! Happy Mojo Workout to one and all!
  9:28am Aaron:

  9:28am Brian in UK:

What's the most youv're played a record on the day you bought it?

Hello Amanda.
  9:29am listener james from westwood:

@annie: it's partly artificial. milch tried dialog that was more oath-based, but it ended up sounding yosemite-sam-like. they decided to go the profanity route. more about creating a mood of the era and place's roughness, in ways that a modern ear would still recognize.
  9:29am ndbob:

Hello Amanda.. Hmm for an LP I'd say seven times - 45 maybe 20.
  9:30am glenn:

milch has said his research into the swearing is pretty conclusive, so there's that. they've got me convinced,
  9:30am listener james from westwood:

morning amanda!
  9:31am marcury:

Deadwood is another great show, Glenn I agree totally with the Shakespeare reference, once you get into the dialogue it is shakespearean.
Paul, Bodega,The Killing has been remade and is running on AMC, saw the first 4 episodes online, It's pretty good, but I'd love to see the Danish original.
  9:31am glenn:

i think i read that in the believer.
  9:32am Amanda:

Haha... probably hundreds, in the case of A Chipmunk Christmas.
  9:33am annie:

hhm... i'll buy part of that for now.. .. how did the "f" word travel to 18th century america? very interesting research project....sure, when i have the time; for now it's on the literary bucket list..
  9:34am Paul Sherratt:

Remade ??? Bloody hell !
PS 'Spiral ' is absolutely NOT subsidised by the French Tourist Board ...
marcury - you have to see and hear the Danish version!
  9:34am listener james from westwood:

pennsylvania shoutout from deadwood: "jesus christ almighty, that's the kind of shit that ran me out of wilkes-barre!"
  9:34am glenn:

well, how did words travel anywhere, before the interwebs?
  9:34am Drummer Some:

Hi there Amanda!
  9:35am Chris:

Feel the love all the way from Durban, South Africa Doug - thanks plenty for the show and what you do
  9:36am listener james from westwood:

@glenn: sailors.
  9:36am Another Paul:

Late to The Wire pre-party, but two quick references: (1) HBO just started a service called where subscribers can watch many previous HBO shows including the fabulous Wire online at no additional charge (and no, I am not an employee of HBO!)...
  9:37am Brian in UK:

Doug, it's Shelby Lynne tonight. OOOH. 'I'm leavin' this time it's for real'.
  9:38am Paul Sherratt:

I imagined that it would be a very moving, one-off gig.
Any 'Handel's water works' in evidence from the artist or crowd ?
  9:38am Aaron:

thank the fmu gods for the iphone app - now i can play back Mojo workout on my commute home - awesome!
  9:38am annie:

ok, b ut isn't it of german derivation? well as i said... i'll worry about that tomorrow.
  9:38am ndbob:

Having grown up in Baltimore, I've never had any desire to see "The Wire".
  9:39am still b/p:

And, reinforcing the "Howdy, Bardner" notes and intentions, I heard some of the Deadwood script is actually set in blank verse, too.
  9:39am Another Paul:

(2) Directv started showing The Wire on their 101 channel last year, which is how I caught up with it. Really awesomely deep shit! (And no, I am not an employee of Directv either!)
  9:39am glenn:

sailors, cowboys, stagecoaches. words traveled, just not as fast.
  9:40am BodegaMan:

I haven't looked into the apps yet. is there one for droid? and how does it work, do you have a show archived on your phone like a podcast? so you can listen on the subway without an internet connect?

a good friend is responsible for HBOGO, she'll be happy to hear of the chatter.
  9:41am listener james from westwood:

@annie: jesse sheidlower's book "the f word" has the whole scoop, plus hundreds of variant uses w/ source quotes. great fuckin' bathroom reading.
  9:41am annie:

it's very curious to me how a word can become vernacular in so remote an area.. and yet be used so "fluently" i find language a fascinating subject
  9:41am jesse:

mornin Doug, I come to you fresh from the disappointment of losing an ebay item due to internet connectivity. Music therapy please
  9:41am Brian in UK:

Paul. Not from Mary, she's worked it out now and these are performances. Cannot say for the audience. The song where she rings her mom is a hard one to take.
  9:41am ndbob:

Agreed Annie:)
  9:42am annie:

writing that down, james, thanks..
  9:42am glenn:

a good example of high and low brow juxtaposition. "Deadwood: Amalgamation and Capital (#2.9)" (2005)
Charlie Utter: I'd best go, lest Mr. Amalgamation and capital takes one through the fucking head.
Seth Bullock: What's the import of that expression?
Charlie Utter: Do I look like I fuckin' know? Some big-shot eastern magazine reporter interviewin' Bill said that was what's changing things around.
  9:42am Drummer Some:

I have dear friends in Balmer who have very mixed feelings about The Wire, too.

I am here for you, Jesse. On GTDS, everyone's a weiner.
  9:43am annie:

hahahahahaha.. wonderful!!!!
  9:43am glenn:

seth bullock was canadian. ontario represent!
  9:44am Brian in UK:

Paul do you want to start a Coronation Street chat line!!
  9:45am ndbob:

Things are quite bit different here in North Dakota, to say the least.
  9:46am Paul Sherratt:

I'd love to. I'm slightly behind with the news though as the last time I watched that soap it was being broadcast in black and white ...
  9:46am Drummer Some:

This is all well and good, but don't anyone dare start talking about "Treme." 1) Many of the NYC scenes were shot in my old Brooklyn neighborhood (Carroll Gardens) and I'm homesick as hell, and 2) We left our danged TV in Brooklyn and I can't watch the new season.
  9:46am glenn:

Sol Star: I'm sensing you've done things today you wish you could amend, Seth.
Seth Bullock: What kind of man have I become, Sol?
Sol Star: I don't know. The day ain't fucking over.
  9:46am Brian in UK:

ndbob Fargo?
  9:48am marcury:

I was about to mention Treme, a perfect show for the GTDS crowd.
  9:48am James S.:

Are you available for voice overs?
  9:48am Drummer Some:

Marcury, I TOLD you not to bring it up!
  9:48am Amanda:

I will be babysitting a kittycat in Cobble Hill for most of the summer. I will give Court Street your regards, Doug! Wish I could say the same for Puerto Rico.
  9:49am BodegaMan:

Drummer Some, it seems as though your really missing NYC today. Maybe, like the professor in Mysteries of Pittsburgh you really need some 420 to just get by over there.
  9:49am Paul Sherratt:

That fine chap Tom Brosseau is a North Dakota man. Told me that ' Fargo ' was an accurate portrayal ...
  9:49am Brian in UK:

Me too Paul but what has that got to do with anything! As long as there are no guns or cops. Make up the storylines. Albert Tatlock break dancing. You get the drift?
  9:50am glenn:

i also have to say that the opening credits and theme for deadwood are amazing works of art on their own.
  9:51am Brian in UK:

Doug, there is some of his music as Les Shelleys on the Free Music Archive. Not sure under which heading.
  9:51am Drummer Some:

Ah, good old (young) Tommy Brosseau. What a voice.

He once got signed to a label in the UK who heard him first on Give the Drummer Some!
  9:51am Another Paul:

LOVE TREME!!! @BodegaMan - please talk to your HBO friend about the idea of them going with a subscription plan for internet only so people like our good friend Doug can watch Treme again!
  9:52am marcury:

Couldn't help myself, not having cable theses days I'm really sorry I can't catch the new season.
  9:52am marcury:

Another Paul, here here!
  9:52am BodegaMan:

'notherPaul, they considered it but can't get out of bed with the cable companies so it's not happening for now.
  9:53am glenn:

i know it's not north dakota, but there's a great series of mystery novels set in blue deer, montana. they're by jamie harrison, jim harrison's daughter, and i can't recommend them highly enough.
  9:53am Brian in UK:

TB's voice is changing as is his self-confidence. Or so it appears to me.
  9:54am Drummer Some:

And I have to figure out how I can watch Keith Olbermann's (boy crush alert!) new show on Current online.
  9:54am Another Paul:

Yes, BodegaMan, cable companies are still The Man!
  9:54am ndbob:

Actually though none of Fargo other then the ending takes place in North Dakota - it's a little different out here in Jamestown - home of the world's largest buffalo statue.
  9:55am glenn:

ummmmmmm. just how many buffalo statues are there in the world?
  9:55am Paul Sherratt:

You mean like Minnie Caldwell and that pole-dancing scene ? Which reminds me - once went to a cracking New Year party at the home of one the ' Street's 'scriptwriter's ( Tony Perrin who lived locally )
Is Treme coming here Brian do you know - or have I missed it ?
  9:56am Brian in UK:

glenn As the comments have been talking in depth about words, you say you can't recommend them highly enough. Why not!! Give us a joke, guv.
  9:57am dc pat:

There are 4 buffalo statues in DC that I know of--2 at each end of a bridge that connects G-town and Dupont.
  9:57am ndbob:

lol... It was built in the late 50s to bring tourists here. The upper Midwest seems to be the center of the giant animal statues industry.
  9:57am glenn:

hmmmmmmmm. a joke. let me ruminate.
  9:59am Brian in UK:

Paul, I must confess in case you had not realised, my interest is less than zero. Treme is that a series about a jazz musician?
  9:59am ndbob:

Not as big an attraction as the three albino buffalo here though.
  10:01am Maggie in Rock Tavern:

Doug, as your adoptive mother of Latino descent, i hereby pronounce you an un-gringo.
  10:02am glenn:

singing - as we gather by the drummer, the beautiful, the beautifullllllllll drummmmerr.
  10:03am Paul Sherratt:

For afficionados- here's a site to browse later :
' Top Eight World's Largest Cattle Statues '
  10:04am Drummer Some:

Thanks Ma! or should I say, gracias Mama!
  10:04am glenn:

i bet one of those statues is in woodstock, ontario.
  10:05am mark:

Here - and thanks for email & Ken Burns Jazz comp Doug!!
  10:05am Amanda:

Gotta say, I have been loving the luxury of having the prerecorded show as it lets me pay a lot of attention to the playlist. But there is no comparison to being live, really. (plus it will free up 2-3 more hours of my week!)
  10:05am still b/p:

Doug, if you're homesick for the foulness of Gowanus Canal, friend of mine is helping the community prepare for its cleanup, so make sure you go back for a memorial swim and a sip before it's purified, prettified, hyrdro-gentrified.
  10:05am marcury:

Brian, Treme is about the rebuilding of New Orleans post flood as seen through the eyes of the musicians and more disenfranchised citizens. It really showcases the music.
  10:07am miketp:

just may take the tip on the WIRE and run with it.
  10:07am Brian in UK:

Thanks, marcury. Is it quality?
  10:08am glenn:

did anybody watch carnivale? i really liked that show.
  10:09am Paul Sherratt:

Continuing the cattle theme with Basile
  10:09am Drummer Some:

Still b/p. I used to live one block from the Gowanus. Hoyt Street betw. President and Carroll. Now I'm really homesick. Oh to smell the Gowanus one more time.
  10:11am jill:

Being a New Orleanian, i wonder how others outside of NOLA respond to Treme, which is filled with lots on inside jokes and references...I like it because it gives my friends lots of work.
  10:11am Brian in UK:

Wow Doug, that's some name.
  10:11am Aaron:

  10:13am marcury:

Brian, absolutely, by the same team that made the Wire
  10:13am listener james from westwood:

the next convention of the american copy editors society meets in new orleans next year. having never been, i'm sore tempted to use that as an excuse to remedy that.
  10:13am drr:

Jill, the main reason I watch Treme is to see which of my N.O. friends are in the second lines (or cast as small-time drug dealers). It's pretty boring though.
  10:14am Parq:

Hi, Drumsum and fellow regulars. Just got up; long story. Still gotta go back and listen to the Polish show; I happen to share that heritage.
  10:14am drr:

And I am just trying to imagine a meeting of the American Copy Editors Society.
  10:14am annie:

hey parq, hope all is well.....
  10:14am Rick in WV:

Sweet Kati Kovacs!
  10:15am marcury:

Have to go to work now, enjoy the rest of the show all.
  10:15am Parq:

Drr, I wouldn't expect television to get NO right any more than Bush did, but I'm glad you get to see your pals on screen.
  10:15am glenn:

any relation to ernie kovacs?
  10:15am Drummer Some:

Parq, you're in luck. I haven't gotten to the Polish Funk set on this show. Keep tuned.

Bye Marcury.
  10:16am Brian in UK:

Doug, youv're come over all Tony Coulter.
  10:16am jesse:

Doug, this lsd song is doing it. I'm stealing this one!
  10:17am Drummer Some:

Jesse, this track is on Volume 1 of the Wizzz releases. Here:
  10:20am glenn:

gotta love that holy warbles guy.
  10:20am Paul Sherratt:

>>the next convention of the american copy editors society meets in new orleans next year.

Imagine the headlines ... !
  10:20am ndbob:

Yep Glenn - he was in chat last Tuesday.
  10:21am Parq:

Is anybody here following the Neil Gaiman flap in Minn? There is no bottom to the hypocritical idiocy those guys can get away with.
  10:22am glenn:

i did not know that. now i have to look at the archive.
  10:23am Drummer Some:

Gimme $33,600 and I'll speak in your library (in the bathroom).
  10:23am Carmichael:

Good morning, Doug and everyone. I don't know how you manage to find these songs, but "Acid Rumba"? I have been schooled today ...
  10:24am jill:

Gaiman story -
  10:25am mark:

Haven't heard about the Gaiman story, but can't wait to see his Dr. Who episode!
  10:26am still b/p:

Them editors is gonna pencil the town red, boy!
  10:27am annie:

wrap the cat over the top of your head.. then put the phones on?
  10:28am ndbob:

Thanks Jill.
  10:28am Paul Sherratt:

still b/p
There's laughter in North Staffordshire, UK !
  10:28am drr:

I guess the basic problem with Treme, esp. compared to The Wire, is that all the characters are too nice. No real bad guys.
  10:29am Ted:

Cat - wrap - fever!
  10:30am glenn:

conservatives / republicans are idiots.
  10:31am Brian in UK:

glenn that still assumes alot of politicians know their arse from their elbow.
  10:32am Drummer Some:

Mr. Nugent, please leave and take your guns with you. (The NRA just had its national convention here in Pittsburgh. We gotta hose this town down and get the uglies off us.)
  10:33am Ted:

*draws compound bow*
  10:34am Drummer Some:

Acid Rumba here:

Posted by the mighty Owlqaeda at Holy Warbles (who lately has been visiting the comments here on Tuesday evenings).
  10:34am glenn:

well, after waking up tuesday morning to a conservative majority government in canada, i can say i was ashamed and embarassed to be canadian for the first time ever.
  10:35am Robin of Sherwood:

A long bow for me and my boys anyday.
  10:36am Carmichael:

How important could it be? It's only politics.
  10:38am Brian in UK:

Following local elections yesterday, Liberal Democrats have caught a cold. From being a negative spoiling vote they have become a positive spoiling vote.
There may be a vote for independence in Scotland in a few years hence too.
  10:38am glenn:

it's obvious that the right wing agenda only works with an uneducated, ignorant populace, so they have to deprive people of any means to educate themselves.
fiscal policy IS social policy.
  10:40am Dennis:

love the sound of that shehnai...
  10:40am Brian in UK:

Back to food & drink, please.
Great music, Doug.
  10:41am jill:

Drummer - So is Pittsburgh talking about Rashard Mendenhall?
  10:44am Drummer Some:

All Rashard, all the time. So insipid. I don't agree with the 9/11 conspiracy bullshit, but his disdain for the jubilation over death is right fucking on. I wanna go out and buy his jersey.
  10:44am jill:

  10:47am ndbob:

I share your disdain for the jubilation, but i do understand it.
  10:48am Drummer Some:

Next up: Bollywood music from Thailand. Goreous!
  10:52am still b/p:

Saw a snake wrangler demo with a cobra a couple of weeks ago, and it was funny how the guy was all down on Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, for overplaying his "near misses" with cobra bluff strikes.
  10:52am listener james from westwood:

i'm going to a wedding next year betw. a bride of indian descent and a groom with cuban roots. i have stratospherically high hopes for the music @ the reception. (dj >> live band in my experience)
  10:55am panic_attack:

Just found out I'll be soon moving to NJ. The only good thing I know out of NJ is WFMU. Everything else depresses me. Can someone please confort me?
  10:55am annie:

oohh..!!! texas scott sends his regrets, he is on the road for mother's day......he is "hear" in spirit
  10:56am Parq:

@Glenn:10:34 - I wish I could say you get used to it, but I never have. The jubilation was so thoroughly inevitable that it's kind of moot even talking about whether or not there should be any.
  10:58am Aaron:

  11:00am rst-wiley:

Jubilation over the death of a villain is reinforced with every new generation as a cultural value, "Ding! Dong! The witch is dead..."
And superhero comics?
  11:00am Drummer Some:

Still b/p,
What is a cobra bluff strike? Cobra Bluff Strike sounds like a band from the early '80s.
  11:01am Aaron:

@panic attack = Long Beach Island, NJ State Fair in Sussex County, its next to NYC, White Manna in Hackensack, Maxwell's in Hoboken, Torico in JCity, to name a few - where you settling
  11:03am panic_attack:

@Aaron: Thanks, feeling better already. Don't know place yet, job is in New Brunswick.
  11:05am rst-wiley:

or, according to a most-emailed nyt article, 'only human',
which makes those who question.. what?
  11:06am Drummer Some:

Princeton Record Exchange (in Princeton) is amazing.
  11:07am Aaron:

@P_attack = Good place - good record stores - Highland Park is 'interesting' - halfway to the shore and quick train ride to NYC
  11:07am still b/p:

It can bluff strike toward you a couple times if you present a threat before it decides you aren't gettin' smart/scared and backin' off, then it'll strike for the actual bite. Boomslang -- now there's a band name to borrow from a snake, but it's been taken by some already.

Panic -- There are only Northern Copperheads and Timber Rattlesnakes in Jersey...but what are the chances?
  11:09am Drummer Some:

Can I just say, I fuck'n hate snakes. Not personally, just the fact that they exist. (And now here is my non-apology apology: If any snakes where offended by that comment, I'm sorry.)
  11:10am Filip:

Hello Doug!!! Listening live from the funky Warsaw :-) Cheers to Pittsburgh!
  11:11am Aaron:

  11:12am still b/p:

I picked up a puff adder with a hook, because I am most mighty among tourists. (Hip hop name: Puff Addy)
  11:12am Listener Bill:

@Drummer Some
Especially snakes on a fuckin' plane
  11:14am Aaron:

@P_attack - how could I forget the wfmu rec' fair - youll be in striking distance in oct!
  11:14am Drummer Some:

Brother Filip! Did you hear my show last Tuesday?

(Please don't hate me for butchering your native tongue.)
  11:16am listener james from westwood:

@panic_attack: you'll be close to edison, nj, home of a large indian-american community and lots of indian restaurants, if that's something you dig.

also, you're a train ride away from nyc, which has many weekend getaway opportunities across the 5 boroughs
  11:16am drr:

Do the colors on the playlist mean something?
  11:16am Filip:

No worries! No I haven't .... but I will via the archives, I hope!
  11:18am panic_attack:

@Aaron, James: Thanks, how long is this "train ride"? And about that indian community, this sounds really good since I have a strong curry addiction
  11:19am Drummer Some:

I picked out this color scheme in 1996. Looks like some kinda flag, I guess. Makes me think of the African National Congress, if you substitute black for gray. Amandla!
  11:20am Matt:

Do you have a schedule of shows on this stream (i.e. of when Tony's and Charlie's shows are on)?
  11:23am Carmichael:

I'm digging this set, Doug. I just lost myself in paperwork for a bit, whilst grooving away!
  11:23am Drummer Some:

Tony Coulter: Noon - 3pm (Tuesday)

Charlie Lewis: 9 - 11am (Thursday, though currently on hiatus wihile he upgrades his home studio)

Amanda Nazario (Nazario Scenario): 12 - 2pm (Wednesday)

Give the Drummer Some: 9 - noon (Friday( and 6 - 7pm (Tuesday)
  11:25am listener james from westwood:

@panic: about 50 min from new brunswick station via nj transit to secaucus, then maybe another 15 into midtown manhattan. ymmv; is my source.
  11:26am listener james from westwood:

(+ you can also drive into the city, if that's an option). also, come october/november, you'll be in striking distance for the wfmu record fair in manhattan!
  11:26am Parq:

Aw damn, I was afraid this great Ribot track was going to end up talkover music. Just once, I'd like to hear "Samba Pa Ti", f'rinstance, all the way through and uninterrupted, just once.
  11:28am Matt:

Thanks. Not posted online somewhere?
  11:29am mark:

THANKS for that Baikida Carroll! Freakin' amazing!!! Fan of Oliver Lake as well.
  11:30am panic_attack:

@James: I see a ~1h train straight to Penn in that link. Panic subsiding! Thanks
  11:32am Aaron:

@P_attack : hit little India in JCity - Rasoi Restaurant‎ 810 Newark Ave
  11:32am Drummer Some:

I added the Polish Funk albums to this week's Mining the Audio Motherlode. Get them here:
  11:44am Drummer Some:

No, Give the Drummer Radio doesn't have a web page yet.
  11:44am drr:

That is a cool bass sound.
  11:56am ndbob:

Excellent show Doug!
  11:56am Carmichael:

Thanks for the music, Doug. No better way to end a show than with spacey/country/California/sunshine rock.
  11:57am Drummer Some:

Thanks ndbob. You're welcome Carmichael. One more (amazing) number after this one.
  11:59am paul b:

I liked that MV & EE song. Sounds like Gun Club ( I'm thinking of Lucky Jim's Idiot Waltz) filtered thru Neil Young.
  11:59am Brian in UK:

Nice one, Doug. Shelby's calling. Can't keep a lady waiting.
  12:01pm Drummer Some:

Give 'er a snog for me. (You do mean Shelby Lynne, yes?)
  12:04pm Paul Sherratt:

Cinderella Backstreet
always leave 'em wanting more !
  12:04pm Aaron:

Thanks Doug!!
  12:05pm Drummer Some:

He was only goddammed 24 when he died.
  12:07pm Brian in UK:

Doug, I refer you to 9:37
  12:08pm Paul Sherratt:

And going back to ' Werewolf ' a chap in a local timber yard told me on Wednesday that Michael Hurley has just become a parent ...
  12:13pm Brian in UK:

Is that Malcolm Holcomb, put your pants on one leg at a time?
  4:56pm Leigh:

Cinderella Backstreet? A ma zing.
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