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April 8, 2011 Options
'Tis the day after Ma and Pa Drummersome's 53rd wedding anniversary
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Options Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Options Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo' Wax 1990)

Shamshad Begum 

Yeh Afsana Nahin Zalim
(Listen: Pop‑up)
Dard (OST)
(EMI 1947)
Asha Bhosle  Dekho Mera Jaadoo   Options Jhoota Kahin Ka
(HMV 1979)
Suman Kalyanpur  Munna Jayega Baza   Options Man Mandir (OST)
(HMV 1971)
Laxmikant-Pyarelal  Theme   Options Raaste Kaa Patthar (OST)
(Polydor 1973)
Kishore Kumar  Jaddo Daar Gayo   Options Hamaare Tumhare (OST)
(EMI 1978)

Talkover Music:
Bud Powell 
Comin' Up   Options The Scene Changes
(Blue Note 1958)

Orquesta Tizol 

(Listen: Pop‑up)
Early Music of the North Caribbean
(Harlequin 1917)
Orchestre Typique Martiniquais  Gepe Ka Piké   Options Biguine: Biguine, Valse et Mazurka
Creoles 1929-1940

(Frémeaux & Associés 1934)
Eugène Mona  Un Jour   Options Boi Brillé
(Parade 1973)
Manuel Charles  Kwan Mwen Soti Savann Yaya   Options Dominica: Creole Crossroads
(Rounder 1962)
Unidentified  Vaksin Mix
Neg Yo Rele
Pa Blie
Map Navigue   Options
Rara in Haiti: Street Music of Haiti
(Soul Jazz )
George Decimus  Nwel   Options Dance! Cadence!
(Globestyle 1985)
Black Machine  Soul Martinique   Options Rare Afro & Caribbean Funk,
Volume 2
(Mokili Production )

Talkover Music:
Cash Money Millionaires 
The Block Is Hot   Options Platinum Instrumentals
(Cash Money 2001)

Johnny Colmus 

That's Quite Alright
(Listen: Pop‑up)
b/w Lois Ann Farrow:
Michigan Hillbilly Yodle (sic)
(Bill Lyon )
Tommy Kizziah & His West Coast Ramblers  Look Up United Nations   Options b/w I'm Waiting for You
(West Coast 1951)
Leo Monroe Presnell  Awake Awake My Own True Loveyer   Options Nothing Seems Better to Me:
The Music of Frank Profitt and North Carlina
(Appleseed 1951)
Ola Belle Reed  Undone in Sorrow   Options Rising Sun Melodies
(Smithsonian Folkways 1976)
Shirley Collins & Davy Graham  Pretty Saro   Options Folk Roots, New Routes
(Topic 1964)
Derroll Adams  Portland Town   Options Portland Town
(Ace of Clubs 1967)
Leon Morris & the Bluegrass Associates  Walkin' Home to Pittsburg (sic)   Options b/w Feudin' Grass
(Folly 1973)

Talkover Music:
Embona   Options Resting Place of the Mists:
New Valiha and Marovany Music From Madagascar
(Shanachie 1996)

Eduardo Mateo & Jorge Trasante 

Un Canto Para Mama
(Listen: Pop‑up)
Mateo y Trasante
(Sondor 1976)
Lucio Battisti  Una   Options Amore e Non Amore
(Dischi 1971)
Helectrikos Argonaftis  Invisible Goddess   Options Pop Festival '73
(Columbia 1973)
Smash  It's Only Nothing   Options Glorieta de Los Lotos
(Philips 1970)
Czesław Niemen  Nie Wiem Czy to Warto   Options Czy Mnie Jeszcze Pamietasz
(Polskie Nagrania 1968)
Sons of Sun  待ち合わせ   Kaizoku Kid no Boken
(Phantom 1972)

Talkover Music:
Thelonious Monk 
Ruby, My Dear   Options Monk Alone: The Complete Columbia
Solo Recordings 1962-1968

(Columbia 1965)

Sorry Bamba 

(Listen: Pop‑up)
Volume One: 1970-1979
(Thrill Jockey )
Vis-a-Vis  Ebeto Dabi   Options Odo Gu Ahoroo
(Ofori Brothers 1976)
Star Number One  Geej   Options Jangaake
(Belliot 1976)
Trio Madjesi & Orch. Sosoliso  Sosoliso na Sosoliso (pts. 1 & 2)   Options
(African 1973)

Talkover Music:
Dave Hamilton 
Blue Vibes   Options Detroit City Grooves Featuring "Soul Suite"
(BGP late 1960s)

Terry Sinclair 

Clown Suit
(Listen: Pop‑up)
Ol' Virginia Soul, Part 1
(Arcania International ca. 1964)
The Majestic Arrows  Going to Make a Time Machine   Options Eccentric Soul: The Bandit Label
(Numero Group 1973)
Lenis Guess  That Beat's Got the Devil In It   Options Raw Soul: Rare & Unreleased Funk
From Norfolk, Virginia 1971-1973

(Plut )
Doug Anderson  I Won't Cry
(I'll Just Laugh Myself to Death)   Options

b/w Hey Mama
Here Come
the Preacher

(Janus 1971)
Satisfaction Unlimited  Seeing You Through the Eyes
of a Blind Man   Options
Think of the Children
(Hot Wax 1972)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Options I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  8:22am annie:

good morning mr drummer.. happy to be here..i await your orders..
  8:24am Drummer Some:

Hi Annie! You are hereby ordered to do anything you wanna. Or not!
  8:25am annie:

  8:38am glenn:

annie's a total keener. :)
  8:44am annie:

might have to forego the show today, actually, the cable guys are here to set up the fiber optic set-up.. bummer..
morning glenn
  8:47am annie:

but i have to set to painting again today... so.. hhmm.. i'll be here in spirit..
  8:50am Drummer Some:

You have your orders, Annie.
  8:51am annie:

yup,.... i guess so.
  8:52am listener james from westwood:

Happy Friday all! I must be subconsciously synced to schedule editing each Friday, because it's all GTDS and killing my darlings this morning!
  8:56am Drummer Some:

Slay them all, Listeners James FW.
  8:58am texas scott:

gently rowing down this stream...
happy friday and give the drummer some,y'all.

stay dangerous!
  8:58am listener james from westwood:

No slush shall be spared!
  9:02am Drummer Some:

Oi! Oi! Oi! Texas Scott
  9:03am Merv:

Something tells me Doug has some white-water rapids planned in addition to the gentle rowing... I'm ready for anything, with such a guide in charge... Let the ride begin!
  9:04am Drummer Some:

Starting off with a little Bollywood action this morning. You DON'T want to miss the last track in this sequence. (The fifth, if you're counting at home.)
  9:06am still b/p:

Bring on the big water and burly wave trains! That ol' raft magic has me in its spell...
  9:09am BodegaMan:

like a twig on the shoulders of the mighty Mississippi, carry me forth.
  9:11am Drummer Some:

OK, BodegaMan, but there's no gamblin' on this barge. Got it? (Or at least, cut me in for some o' the action.)
  9:12am Parq:

A Latin-ized Asha? You devil, you.
  9:12am BodegaMan:

just some friendly dice throwing to keep things lively.
  9:13am listener james from westwood:

I am shocked—shocked—to find gambling in the GTDS discussion board! (quietly pockets proffered poker winnings)
  9:13am Drummer Some:

Nothing but Asha wholes here, Parq.
  9:13am A Phlebotomist writes:

Satyajit Ray soundtracks never seems to feature in these sections, Drummer.
  9:15am glenn:

i read that asha bhosle is the most rcorded person ever, by a huge margin.
  9:16am The Smothers Brothers:

And one day soon,if I can
I'm gonna be a phlebotomist, just like my old man!
  9:17am Drummer Some:

I am drawn first to the music (and thus the composer—and to a lesser extent, the performer) not the director.
  9:19am Nate in Detroit:

Is there a Flash version of the live stream for Drummer Radio, or just MP3?
  9:19am Unclear on the concept:

Asha wasn't recorded by a huge margin, it was a short guy with a mustache.
  9:20am A Phlebotomist writes:

By definition 'Bollywood' demands that criteria.
My manners are awful. Good day, sir,
  9:20am glenn:

phlebotomist is taking his lumps this morning.
  9:22am BodegaMan:

Not too crazy about doing math, but my ears tell me this must be #5.
  9:22am Drummer Some:

There is no Flash version of the stream in progress. Later this show (and the other radio shows on this stream) are archived in Flash versions. Here is the archive page for my old shows:

You can access Flash versions once the archive is posted (usually within an hour of the end of the show).
  9:22am A Phlebotomist writes:

A margin is the space at the side of a page if I am not mistaken. The size would be relative to the incursion into the whole page.
  9:23am marcury:

Awakening to Bollywood i realize it is a Farfisa thing I do.
  9:23am Drummer Some:

Has Kishore Kumar lost it?
  9:24am A Phlebotomist writes:

Did Kishore Kumar ever have IT? I suggest a blood test.
  9:26am Drummer Some:

A legitimate question. Have you ever heard Kishore do his yodeling thing? Seriously crazy stuff.
  9:26am glenn:

margin: an amount or degree of difference. take that, lumpy.
  9:26am still b/p:

In addition to a phlebotomist, and a phrenologist to evaluate the phlebotomist's lumps, the show also needs on-call multi-linguists for lyric translations.
  9:27am Drummer Some:

And maybe we can have a body-work person on hand to dole out Rolphing sessions. Anyone?
  9:29am still b/p:

Give the Drummer Some Deep Muscle Work.
  9:31am listener james from westwood:

Kishore probably needed a good lie-down after that one!
  9:31am glenn:

well, i admit to confusion on the phlebotomy / phrenology front, but i'm right about margin. if i only make one egregious error today i'll be satisfied.
  9:31am listener james from westwood:

(Before recording 2 more soundtracks later that day.)
  9:32am A Phlebotomist writes:

The yodeling' that I have not heard, sir.

still b/p. Since when has understanding the words enhanced most music. Take the majority of pop songs. Salsa would not be so jolly if you could appreciate the 'subtlety' of the lyrics.
  9:33am A Phlebotomist writes:

glenn lets us not fall out over a margin of difference
  9:35am listener james from westwood:

The Kumar-playback sequence from Hamaare Tumhare:
  9:36am BodegaMan:

Drummer Some: put on a long track and run outside to carve something in the wet cement. I sugest "Mine the Motherlode"
  9:37am Drummer Some:

Holy Shite! Did you find the scene Listener James FW?! I can't watch it know or the audio would go out over the air. I MUST watch later. Thanks! Someone else is authorized to go watch and report back...
  9:40am Jimmy Olson:

I'd do it, but there's a cat stuck in a tree, and I've got a deadline.
  9:43am A Phlebotomist writes:

I fear your may have lost your connections for 6:19. There is a lack of comments.
  9:49am Drummer Some:

Oh the shame. I can barely show my face. Please...someone...break the grips of this horror...say something meaningful. Or, at least start talking about beer. (That's where these comment threads always wind up anyway.)
  9:52am A Phlebotomist writes:

I'm here, sir.
Soul Jazz & Honest Jons certainly do deliver when it comes to compilations. Not to say that others are not equally great.
  9:52am BodegaMan:

or chickens. we can always talk about Irma's chickens, we got the best damn eggs on the radio.
  9:52am glenn:

or baseball. what's up with the red sox, not that i'm complaining, i hate those fuckers.
  9:55am Drummer Some:

Hmmm. Chickens and baseball. Two fine subjects, mind you. But I was hoping more for maybe Descartes and Kierkegaard.
  9:56am Merv:

You mean that "Three Philosophers" beer?
  9:56am BodegaMan:

Keirkegaard couldn't hit the curve ball.
  9:57am Maisie:

What's that you say Mr BodegaMan, we ain't laid in three weeks as fo' that Irma if that's what is her name. She come round here with her fancy clothes mopin' around the place, she ain't comin' back no more. Poincares my man if you must know.
  9:57am Rene:

Cogito, Ergo Phyzmiz.
  9:58am Drummer Some:

Ding ding ding! We have a winner! Come pick up your trophy, Rene.
  9:59am listener james from westwood:

I've been meaning to get my butt up to the Defiant Brewery, just up over the border in Pearl River, NY, preferably by train on an open-house day so I can sample the varieties at leisure.
  10:00am artie:

Some fried chicken and cold beer would go down pretty well right now. World Beer Fest here tomorrow at noon. I've already reserved a wheelbarrow and rickshaw driver for the day.
  10:01am glenn:

veni vidi velcro. i came, i saw, i stuck around for a bit.
  10:01am Henri Poincare:

That Maisie has often shown interest in my celestial mechanics. Clever bird.
  10:02am david:

Great show so far, Doug. Anyone New Yorkers going to the Beefheart Night at the Knit tonight?
  10:03am BodegaMan:

The Economist had a write up about Dollywood (Dolly Parton's theme park). Included a review of their supposed amazing fried chicken. And Apple pie a la mode. Plan your visit today.
  10:04am the little thought train:

I think I Kant, I think I Kant...
  10:04am Drummer Some:

Now THIS is what I call a smokin' comments board. I am very proud of you.
  10:08am Paul Sherratt:

Only an hour missed this week - things must be cooling off !
Good day, all.
  10:08am A Phlebotomist writes:

May I draw your attention to the ever wonderful Monty Python boys
  10:09am Drummer Some:

We've been keep the beer warm for you, Paul. Pull up a stool.
  10:10am A Phlebotomist writes:

I drink therefore I am.
Good day Mr Sherratt.
  10:16am Bertrand Russell:

Thank God it's Friday.
  10:19am dc pat fc:

hey folks.
  10:19am glenn:

didn't bertrand russell share a room with moe berg's suitcase?
  10:23am Drummer Some:

Moe Berg was a spy for the OSS (precursor to the CIA)!
  10:24am A Phlebotomist writes:

BodegaMan I think that was thoughtless of you regarding the fried c...k.. in your previous comment about Dollyland. Shame on you.
  10:24am glenn:

"moe berg can speak seven languages, but he can't hit in any of them"
  10:25am listener james from westwood:

Julia Child worked for OSS too. Mostly in DC; she didn't get a chance to test her knife skills on a Gestapo agent on some moonless night in occupied France. OR DID SHE???
  10:26am still b/p:

As long as he translates the occasional lyric for us, we won't come with the 95 mph heat.
  10:28am glenn:

the catcher was a spy - nicholas dawidoff. great book about moe berg. he' also written a great book about country music, in the country of country.
  10:30am BodegaMan:

well those chicks were so damn surly this mornin'. maybe my subtle threat - coated in buttermilk and cornflakes - will turn their mood around.
  10:30am glenn:

best baseball name ever - urban shocker. and that's his real name.
  10:32am A Phlebotomist writes:

A cappella or polyphony call it what you will, it is priceless the sound of the human voice.
glenn country book worth a read in reference style.
BodegaMan you are a very naughty boy!
  10:33am A Phlebotomist writes:

BodegaMan what blood group are you? Rioja Positive
  10:34am Drummer Some:

You are SO right about Urban Shocker! My second favorite baseball name: Razor Shines.
  10:34am BodegaMan:

the chicks might say I'm bloodless.
  10:35am A Phlebotomist writes:

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Schulkind. What material would 53 be?
  10:36am glenn:

spike drivers!
  10:37am Drummer Some:

Yes, the Spike Drivers do a WONDERFUL cover of this.
  10:39am Leigh:

Mornin' Doug, nice set!
  10:40am glenn:

is there room for spooky in today's show?
  10:50am Drummer Some:

Hello Leigh, I'm so glad you're on board.
  10:51am Drummer Some:

Glenn, do you mean DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid? If so, no. I am not a fan. (Just had to get that offa my chest.)
  10:51am Leigh:

  10:53am glenn:

never heard of him. i meant george barnes.
  10:54am Merv:

I think he meant that Spooky Tooth cover of "I am the Walrus" (They KILL that song...)
  10:58am glenn:

so many unemployed comedians out there.................
  11:00am Drummer Some:

Oh THAT Spooky! Glenn emailed me an MP3 of this track "Spooky" by a guitarist from the '30s named George Barnes. I was so knocked out by it (and by Barnes) I included a 2-CD set by Barnes in this week's Mining the Audio Motherlode:

Thanks Glenn! (But no, no Spooky on today's show.)
  11:03am Carmichael:

OK, finally made it in. Good morning Doug and everyone!
  11:08am glenn:

yep. any half serious guitarist owes it to himself (or herself) to listen to george barnes.
  11:09am Brian in UK:

Hello y'all
Carmichael did that link work from yesterday?
  11:10am Lore:

How about Baby Dodds' "Spooky Drums"?
  11:11am Drummer Some:

Lore hits it outta the park!
  11:16am Carmichael:

Yes it did, Brian. Thanks!
  11:28am Paul Sherratt:

Just breaking away from the photoshoppin' to place an advance order for Sorry Bamba ...
  11:29am Chicago Joel:

Just what I needed this morning, Sir Doug! This high life, combined with a strong cup of coffee has me flying high :-)
  11:29am monica:

am swayin' and swoonin' over here! thanks for launching us all into a weekend reverie.
  11:31am Drummer Some:

Tell the good folks at Thrill Jockey that Give the Drummer Some sent ya, Paul. They will be glad to know it! (They were listening to last week's show and sent me the Sorry Bamba!)
  11:32am don:

53 years! go drummersome parents, go!
  11:34am Drummer Some:

Hi Joel, how's the hometown of my beloved? The next track (after Star Number One) has more caffeine coursing through it than your cupa Joe.

Monica! I never thought about it before, but we are kinda on opposite sides of the weekend divide. It's a honor and pleasure to be teamed with you in this important mission.
  11:35am sinner:

Just when I was thinking that I had made it through another great drummer some show without a song that TOTALLY devastates (as opposed to just many petite amazements) Star Number One brings the Spirit down upon my noggin......
  11:38am dc pat fc:

Hey, "You Like My Jersey"?
  11:38am Drummer Some:

Star Number One, is right here, Brother Sinner:
  11:40am Emily P.:

53rd Anniversary = Velour.
  11:41am Drummer Some:

Thanks Emily. I thought maybe it was knotty pine or something.
  11:44am sinner:

Ahhhhhh.......many thanks.
  11:47am Paul Sherratt:

Will tell the Thrill people all. And sinner I missed that Star Number One as I had to take a phone call. ( been chasing my first ever insurance claim payment - is all that industry entirely manned by shabby liars and thieves ? )
  11:51am dc pat fc:

Terry Sinclair appears to rule.
  11:51am listener james from westwood:

Agreed. This cut pleasantly reminds me of "Way Down in the Hole," esp. the version used over the Season 1 "Wire" opening credits.
  11:54am still b/p:

Arrows on the H.G. tip!
Will MISS this show when away for a couple of weeks.
  11:57am Carmichael:

Thanks for the great highlife, Doug! And congratulations to your parents. Here's to 53 more!!!
  11:58am Drummer Some:

Catch you the archive side, still b/p!
  11:59am BodegaMan:

yes many congrats to Mom n Pop Schulkind!
  12:00pm Drummer Some:

Hang on folks, we're going over the 12:00pm falls in a barrel....
  12:02pm Chicago Joel:

Eternal thanks! Your sunny sounds are breaking up the clouds and rain here in Chicago :-)
  12:04pm Drummer Some:

My pleasure, Joel.

Thanks everybody!
  11:45pm Holly in NC:

Ooh! You played Lenis & I missed it - drat! Ah well, settling in to listen to the entire archive, not a bad way to unwind on a Friday evening :-)
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