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April 1, 2011 Options
This program wishes it was a catfish
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Options Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Options Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo' Wax 1990)

Bo Bo Thomas  I Wish I Was a Catfish   Options The Kings Sing the Blues
(Ace )
Guitar Gable (w/King Karl)  Life Problem   Options Cool Calm Collected
(Flyright )
Jimmy Wilson
(Guitar: "Lafayette "Thing" Thomas) 
Strangest Blues   Options Mr. Fulbright's Blues
(Diving Duck 1954)
Ramblin' Hi Harris  I Haven't Got a Home   Options I Ain't Got no Money
(Flyright )
Lowell Fulsom  Tramp   Options Tramp
(Kent 1967)
Earl Hooker  Ball Game on a Rainy Day   Options Funk: Last of the Great Earl Hooker
(Blues on Blues 1969)

Talkover Music:
Bora Rokovic 
J.B.W.   Options Between or Beyond the Black Forest:
Dancefloor Jazz Classics from the Legendary
MPS Label

(Crippled Dick Hot Wax 1972)

Steve Goodman  A Dying Cubs Fan's Last Request   Options
Dave Haney & Bay State Bluegrass  Home Run Man   Options
( 1988)
Los Duendes  El Baseball   Options
El Gran Combo  El Caballo Pelotero   Options El Caballo Pelotero
The Fans  Roly Poly Mickey Lolich   Options
Albert Jones  Vida Blue   Options b/w Tom Newton: Vida Blue
(Tri-City 1971)
Inell Young  The Next Ball Game   Options Funky Funky New Orleans 2
(Funky Delicacies )
The Intruders  Love Is Like a Baseball Game   Options Cowboys to Girls: Best of the Intruders

Talkover Music:
Memphis Black (Ingfried Hoffman)  
Why Don't You Play the Organ, Man   Options Soul Club

George Hamilton IV  If You Don't Know I Ain't Gonna Tell You   Options George Hamilton IV 1953-1956
(Warped 1953)
Bil Anderson  Yonder Comes a Sucker   Options Bill Anderson Sings Country Heart Songs
(Decca 1961)
Bobby Boyle  Ricky the Record Hound   Options Country Hicks, Volume 7
(Barklog )
Grandpa Jones & Minnie Pearl  Papa Loves Mambo   Options
T. Texas Tyler  My Dad Gave my Dog Away   Options
The Three Shif'less Skonks  Pukin' My Heart Out Over You   Options Henpecked Daddies
(Jasmine )

Talkover Music:
Sabu Martínez 
High Tension   Options Sabu in Orbit
(SMC 1960)

Ssekinomu  Ekyalema Nakato   Options Something Is Wrong: Vintage Recordings From East Africa
(Honest Jons )
Jaap Blonk  Flux-de-bouche   Options Flux de Bouche
(Staalplaat 1992)
Kemuli String Band  My Father, My Heart   Options Bosavi: Rain Forest Music From New Guinea
(Smithsonian Folkways 1998)
Kurt Schwitters  Dritter Teil: Scherzo-Trio-Scherzo   Options Ursonate
(Wergo )
K'iwingatâk'  Tasililaq   Options Inuit: FIfty-Five Historical Recordings
(Sub Rosa 1906)
Beniamino Gigli  Mi par d'udir ancora (from Bizet's Les Pecheur de Perles)   Options Historical Recordings 1927-1951
David Darling & the Wulu Bunun  Pis Lai   Options Mudanin Kata

Talkover Music:
Alice Coltrane 
Huntington Ashram Monastery   Options Huntington Ashram Monastery

Fapardokly  Super Market   Options Fapardokly
(VIP 1966)
The Birds  Magic Words   Options The Clarion Call: R&B, Mod... and Pop-Psych From Down Under
(RPM 1970)
Los Shains  Tirando Dedo   Options Sons of Yma: A Collection of
Peruvian Garage and Instrumental Bands from the '60s!

(Yma )
These Trails  Sowed a Seed   Options These Trails
(Sinergia 1973)
The Jacks  In the Broken Mirror   Options
Nightshadow  Anything But Lies   Options The Square Root of Two
(Spectrum 1968)
Koes Plus  Kelelawar   Options Dheg Dheg Plas
(Melody 1968)

Talkover Music:
Sol Hoopii 
Farewell Blues   Options Hula Blues: Vintage Steel Guitar
Instrumentals from the '30s and '40s

(Rounder )

Ruy Mingas  Palame   Options Africa Negra
(Sava 1969)
Sammy Akpabot & His All Stars  Save for a Rainy Day   Options Catchy Rhythms from Nigeria,
Volume 2
(Philips )
Grand Maitre Makape et l'Orch.  Mpalakata   Options Makengo Nkunga (Mak) Présente
Imo Brothers  Onwe Ndidi Nwe Nmeri   Options Uwa Ekwe Nmeta
(Afrodisia 1982)

Talkover Music:
África Negra & João Seria 
Lá Bô lá Gelo Múala   Options Madalena Meu Amor
(Gravisom 1996)

Jo-Jo Adams  When I'm in My Tea   Options 1946-1953
(Chronological Classics 1946)
The Belltones  I Talk to My Echo   Options Hull/Mascot Story: Classic R&B, Doo-Wop, Blues and Soul
(West SIde )
Billy Lamont (w/Jimi Hendrix)  Please Don't Leave   Options Billy Lamont Meets Chuck Edwards
(Official 1966)
Bobby Powell  It's Getting Late in the Evening   Options Soulin', Volume 4
Ila Vann  Got to Get to Jim Johnson   Options b/w Your Love
(Roulette 1969)
Larry Darnell  Son of a Son of a Slave   Options

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Options I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  8:18am annie:

light snow here in downstate new york, mr drummer. haven't peeked at the doppler yet.
  8:21am Drummer Some:

Looks like a bad case of dandruff coming down here in Pittsburgh. Morning Annie!
  8:29am annie:

(my friend with ALS finally sang her last song)
  8:34am Drummer Some:

(How awful. I'm very sorry.)
  8:43am annie:

... she is at peace now.. and sharing her musical talents with angels on high. .. thanks.. i felt i wanted to get that off my chest... i'll be listening today...
  8:45am texas scott:

morning Doug.mourning?,Annie.
my heart is with ya,kid.
  8:48am Drummer Some:

Howdy Texas Scott. Glad you've joined the ol' audio wrassle.
  8:49am texas scott:

pass the tartar sauce.
  8:54am Drummer Some:

I wish someone were serving fried clams. Hey, I may be doing some shows live from Maine this summer. I'll bring along the fried clams then!
  9:00am Merv:

Is the song currently on from one of the Steven Bernstein albums?
  9:01am Merv:

I mean, morning all!
  9:01am Drummer Some:

It surely is, Merv. The LP is Diaspora Soul on Tzadik.
  9:02am Merv:

Kind of unmistakable sound from that guy...
  9:03am annie:

mornin' scott..
  9:03am Bob:

Merv, you beat me to the question (and the guess, but the electronic piano didn't sound familiar from an SB work to me)
  9:03am annie:

i have plugged the laptop into the speakers for the inn.. drummer in quadrophonic!! and loud. yep..
  9:04am Parq:

What's this - you're on the radio-radio this morning? I take back what I said a while ago -- I *am* glad I got up today.
  9:05am Drummer Some:

I hear the kids like six speakers, Annie. You're so old-fashioned.
  9:06am Parq:

Oh and great seg into Juju - I almost don't miss Hatikvah. Almost,
  9:07am Drummer Some:

Hatikvah is really opening theme...
  9:07am Parq:

And Annie - is that the Jeanne you mentioned on FB this AM? I am so sorry for your loss.
  9:09am Aaron:

good morning señor baterista - stay dry!
  9:10am still b/p:

Very sorry, Annie.

Doug, where might you be in Maine? (If you're asked to have lunch with the Governor, say no.)
  9:13am Drummer Some:

still b/p,
Hope to be headed back to Cape Rosier. Spent two weeks there coupla years ago. The Gov of Maine is a neanderthal.
  9:13am Drummer Some:

Morning Aaron!
  9:14am dc pat:

I'm sorry annie--my dad died of the same shitty disease years ago.
  9:16am still b/p:

A grunting, dim provocateur,
Who's keen to lob a brick du jour,
Governor LePutz is worse than rude,
He's stained with mural twerpitude.
  9:16am dc pat:

I'll take a po-boy please...
  9:17am dc pat:

hey, drummer some, yer on the main gig today, cool.
  9:17am Drummer Some:

dc pat,
Do you want to po' boy dressed? Best po' boy I ever had (oyster, of course) was at Phil's in Baton Rouge. Oh. My. God.
  9:18am annie:

thanks everyone.. it was indeed a debilitating thing; to see her deteriorate. she had some friends visit last sunday, who assured her it was okay to go.. that was that.. thank god for their compassion and consideration..
  9:19am MuttonChops:

Best po'boy i had was in my bedroom. ;)
  9:19am dc pat:

yes please. My fave was back when I ate meat, an andouille sausage po boy that was so hot I couldn't feel my mouth after the first 3 bites. (I'll still eat a catfish sangwich now and again)
  9:21am Drummer Some:

still b/p:
I just got it: mural twerpitude. Well put.
  9:22am BodegaMan:

Annie, sorry to hear about your friend.

As for me, I'm still thinking about Hound Dog Taylor.
Morning all.
  9:23am dc pat:

I have a hunch that my dad's years of playing center on various football teams killed him. They're only now beginning to understand the brain damage that goes along with even slight injuries--imagine getting hit in the head 50 times each time you play football. well, anyways...
  9:24am Parq:

Most state governors nowadays -- New York's not excepted, IMO -- are right wing tools. Let's face it, the GOP really did win the 2008 election, in effect.
  9:26am annie:

yep, pat, i hear ya.
  9:26am dc pat:

imagine if Hound Dog was still kicking, dang it would be great to see him..
  9:27am dc pat:

don't cuss, drummer some!
  9:27am BodegaMan:

@Parq, I don't think they're all right wingers, even Cuomo, they just have to act that way to get re-elected. They're political beasts first and foremost, acting on an ideology secondary (or even further down the priority list).
  9:28am SWAMI:

Great stuff to recuperate to; no drumming here. . .rotator cuff surgery yesterday! Hydrocodone, a cryo cuff and Doug! Earl Hooker "Dust My Broom" was my first exposure to the blue.
  9:29am still b/p:

Don Knotts ready to throw down with Bo Bo Thomas! Singin' I Wish I Was A Fish in The Incredible Mr. Limpet. (It's on the Youbes, but starts with too much yakkin')
  9:31am Aaron:

is this in your neighborhood mr dummer -
  9:34am Drummer Some:

You know, I think I have seen that superstructure, but not that message posted on it. I can't too far from here...
  9:35am Richard:

After Steve Goodman died, some of his ashes were scattered on the field at Wrigley.
  9:35am Drummer Some:

You gotta lay off the screwball for a while.
  9:35am Parq:

Bodega Man, I hope you're right, but I really do believe the current crowd has really drunk the Kool Aid. In the end, it doesn't matter, real or posturing, the effect on the laws of the state is the same.
  9:36am jill:

it's in east Liberty on Highland and Penn...good morning all...
  9:36am dc pat:

  9:38am Drummer Some:

Thanks Jill. That would put the sign about a block from where my daughter goes to an afterschool thing.
  9:39am joe:

are you trying to make me cry? the cubs will face off to your poor pirates (who had a winning recordagainst the cubs last year...) later today! we'll see... I know, you're an orioles fan anyway...
  9:39am Drummer Some:

God bless Steve Goodman.
  9:40am Drummer Some:

My years of rooting for the Mets and Orioles has prepared me well for life in Pittsburgh. At least the park is gorgeous.
  9:40am MuttonChops:

I had a Tama Swingstar as a kid and now a Gretsch kit in the closet as an adult. How the mighty have fallen.
  9:41am MuttonChops:

Hey nice cumbia, I think?
  9:41am joe:

Call him by his name...
  9:42am BodegaMan:

I was just thinking about Steve Goodman this week - and his song about the Lincoln Towing Company.

surprisingly not excited about baseball this year even if the White Sox look to do pretty well. In NYC i can't root for their teams so I frequent the Brooklyn Cyclones.
  9:43am MuttonChops:

Phil Collins?
  9:43am Drummer Some:

Si Cumbia! Si!
  9:43am Handsome Harry:

Go Brewers.
  9:44am Drummer Some:

Handsome Harry,
Brew Crew blew a 4-run lead in the 9th yesterday. Tough start.
  9:45am MuttonChops:

Project X/Face Value
Go Cleveland! Wild Thing. WINNING!
  9:45am postmanpaul (":

Tammy Swingstar in the closet will solve all that MuttonChops.
  9:46am Drummer Some:

How goddam great is a song called Roly Poly Mickey Lolich?!
  9:47am MuttonChops:

The title makes me want to dance
  9:47am MuttonChops:

I feel sorry for the kid Mickey
  9:48am Swami:

Nah Doug, it's my left shoulder. I woulda thought it would have been my right what with 200 pitch stickball games day after day after day well into my teens. Twas 20 years as a school janitor that did the damage!
  9:48am MuttonChops:

Vida Blue really Viagra?
  9:49am Handsome Harry:

The first of what promise to be many blown leads for Los Cerveceros. I've seen this movie before.
  9:49am MuttonChops:

Well get the popcorn, I haven't
  9:50am BodegaMan:

any truth to that Vida Blue pitching a game (no hitter- perfect game- or something) on acid?

or is that just an urban legend.
  9:51am dc pat:

BodegaMan: that is true, I don't know jack doink about baseball but I read about that in a reliable source, amazing.
  9:51am Drummer Some:

No no, it was Dock Ellis. It is absolutely true.
  9:52am dc pat:

oh, well what drummer some said.
  9:53am MuttonChops:

Hey man the perfect pastrami is an urban legend.
  9:54am Drummer Some:

Wait till after I get offa the air, then watch this:
  9:54am Cecile:


Barbara Manning wrote a song about Dock Ellis's no-hitter. It's great.
  9:56am Cecile:

All in black, a Pirate player
You sure made the press upset
You just told 'em where it's at
P for Pride stood on your cap

Take a trip one summers day
Don't forget, you have to play
Padres knew the no-no ball
Scared the fuck out of 'em all

Watch his wrist as it snaps back
The ball is gone in a flash

Ooh, Dock Ellis
Ooh, Dock Ellis
Ooh, Dock Ellis
Ooh, Dock Ellis

All the Reds came up to bat
You hit 'em hard, you laid them flat
Next was Pete, he smiled at you
You hit him, too, he rolled it back

Watch his wrist as it snaps back
The ball is gone in a flash

Ooh, Dock Ellis
Ooh, Dock Ellis
Ooh, Dock Ellis
Ooh, Dock Ellis
  9:58am dc pat:

happy birthday d boon by the way
  9:59am Cecile:

awwww, yeah
  9:59am BodegaMan:

hey Mutton, at times Katz Deli can approach the perfect pastrami.
  10:00am Cecile:

There is this deli in Libertyville, IL that has pastrami that is magnificent.
  10:01am gumby:

Is that the one Dock threw on acid?
  10:02am still b/p:

Was that Arthur Godfrey?
  10:02am Cecile:

Hege IV!
His son performs as Hege V.
  10:03am glenn:

yeah you knock me out. we love barbara manning.
  10:05am Drummer Some:

Hi Cecile! I love Barbara M's song.
  10:05am Nanker:

Yes, sounds like Arthur Godfrey
  10:07am Drummer Some:

Yup, that was (a very inebriated sounding) Arthur Godfrey.
  10:07am Cecile:

Charlie Pride does a great version of this.

Cool, Doug. She's a huge baseball fan. Did a baseball themed EP long before the Baseball Project - who I like, but that's the truth.
  10:08am Drummer Some:

Charley Pride played minor league ball and is now a part-owner of the Texas Rangers.
  10:10am Drummer Some:

The song after the next one will absolutely disgust you. In a good way.
  10:10am Cecile:

Nice! What a singer. His greatest hits 8 track is a huge part of my childhood.
  10:10am don:

charley should be proud.
don loves mambo too, doug!
cold crushing this morning.
  10:11am still b/p:

I once asked Santa directly for a ukelele, and he asked if I wanted to be Arthur Godfrey. I didn't get the joke, but I was 5. A plastic uke, I did get.

Papa Loves Mambo starting with a suspicious tempo got my special attention.
  10:12am Drummer Some:

Yahoo to you, Don.
  10:14am Cecile:

Call Child and Animal Protection!
  10:14am still b/p:

B+ Band name: Costly Bikes
  10:15am texas scott:

pee yew!
  10:15am glenn:

some famous for other things ex baseballers : chuck connors, charlie pride, danny ainge...... and that's all i got off the top of my head. (i.e., no google)
  10:16am dale:

i'm a pukin', and i'm a grinnin'!
  10:16am Handsome Harry:

Great tune. Great set. Great show.
  10:21am Drummer Some:

Sorry 'bout that last one Folks. Can't say I didn't warn you. My solemn pledge: The rest of the show will feature no songs concerning bodily fluids.
  10:22am Parq:

At work, and still listening (my strangely Orwelian work puter blocks all of the feeds except the beta Flash). This is so cool!
  10:23am still b/p:

Give the Drummer Some Paper Towels
  10:24am glenn:

doug the bounty hunter?
  10:25am Cecile:

This comments board promises toalways hold your hair back when you puke, Doug.
  10:25am hamburger:

I wanna hear a 1 hour extended version of this track :)
  10:25am annie:

ok, folks are looking at me funny
  10:26am Drummer Some:

OK, maybe is a little spittle during this set. What can I say?!
  10:31am Cecile:

Tonio K wrote a great Kurt Schwitters tribute - "Futt Futt Futt". Like I said the other day, the kind of Christian artist I can get behind.
  10:32am annie:

morning cecile..
  10:32am John Kramer:

Y'all saw this in the Times this a.m.? Schwitters at Princeton.
  10:33am Ken:

Hi everybody! Sitting here babysitting the board for Doug and I'm gonna do a ton of ticket giveaways on t he WFMU twitter feed @wfmu .. just saying!
  10:33am Cecile:

morning, annie!
  10:33am Carmichael:

Good day, Doug and drummers.
  10:35am annie:

ok, i promised myself i would be strong, but this song is right up jeanne's alley... thanks doug
  10:36am Brian with Motorway Fatigue:

Late good afternoon all.

Thoughts with you annie.

How I hate motorways. Guess ther're not here to be liked.

Has anyone seen my Kool & the Gang albums?

Ken will you pay the fare for the steam packet across the water.
  10:36am Drummer Some:

Greetings Carmichael!

John Kramer:
Was that really in the Times this morning??!! I picked out that Schwitters last night! Weird.
  10:39am Brian with Motorway Fatigue:

Are there regional variations for a po' boy butty?
  10:42am bennett4senate:

this is nice - for once I don't have to debate between listening to Drummer Some and Long Rally - the choice is made for me (*goooong*)
  10:42am Drummer Some:

You are with your friends Annie.
  10:43am Drummer Some:

Tell me about it. I haven't heard a Long Rally live since last June.
  10:43am Carmichael:

Tea time! Be right back ...
  10:44am BabsMansfield:

Ken, what are the strings in this song. so beautiful
  10:44am Drummer Some:

I hope this gorgeous David Darling piece makes up for that pukin' song.
  10:44am Andy in Nova Scotia:

Once in a while, I hear something that makes me stop. This Pis Lai is one such piece. Thanks for it.
  10:45am Amanda:

Hi Doug! Having a nice time listening here at home; will go over to the station in a minute and continue listening there. It's a wonderful life.
  10:46am dale:

i'm mesmerized by this david darling....
  10:47am andrew:

terrific set, thanks
  10:47am annie:

hi amanda!!
  10:49am John Kramer:

Yes, today. Even describes, nicely, Ursonate: "Inside the first gallery, before you can even examine the art, you hear a semi-natural sound, something between a thrush’s call and a cuckoo clock, then a kind of Papageno’s song of mews, blips and nonsense syllables, broken by a military rat-a-tat. It’s all Schwitters, performing his phonetic poem “Ursonate,” or “Sonata in Primeval Sounds.”"
  10:50am monica:

the gigli into the wulu bubun made me swoon. lovely music for an overcast morning, doug! and had to DL that g'pa jones/minnie track!
  10:51am Niko:

more liek, Peace Lei!
  10:51am Parq:

Annie, what Doug said @ 10:42.
  10:52am Carmichael:

Supermarket!!!! Merrill Fankhuser rules!!
  10:52am Amanda:

Hi Annie xoxoxoxox
  10:53am Carmichael:

  10:54am Drummer Some:

Hey hey Amanda! Everyone welcome Amanda Nazario who'll be launching a new radio show, Nazario Scenario, on Give the Drummer Radio at the end of the month. Woo!
  10:55am dc pat:

love the Birds...but this doesn't sound like the Birds version....and they're not from down under...confused.
  10:55am Skirkie:

End of the month? But I want it now!
  10:56am Carmichael:

Any friend of Doug's is a friend of mine. Hello, Amanda!
  10:57am Drummer Some:

Oops, that was a typo. Supposed to be "The Bird." Thanks dc pat!
  10:57am efd:

DC Pat, I was just thinking the same thing. (Hi Doug! Happy Opening Day!)
  10:57am dc pat:

jeezus, thought I was losing it. The Birds did the same tune.
  10:59am texas scott:

we look forward to your show.
  11:00am Drummer Some:

Doesn't this track sound like Joanna Newsome? It's from Hawaii, 1973. Crazy.
  11:00am dc pat:

fyi commenters, Ron Wood came from the English Birds and that group is the reason why the american group was called Byrds.
  11:01am Amanda:

This sounds better than Joanna Newsom to me. Less meow-y.
  11:02am Amanda:

Thank you for the nice hello's you guys.
  11:03am Drummer Some:

Meeeeow indeed! Break it up you two!
  11:04am Drummer Some:

Did someone mention Ron Wood? I've always had a crush on Ron Wood.
  11:05am still b/p:

Wake Cole Porter and have him revise his Farewell, Amanda (from Adam's Rib) to Hola, Amanda.
  11:05am Ken:

Babs, I think you were referring to the David Darling piece.. but this is Doug's show. I'm just the lowly board op. And let me say to one and all how impressed I am at how on-topic everybody here is!
  11:07am Drummer Some:

I have them trained well, Ken. Always a please and thank you from them.
  11:08am Carmichael:

Ken spares the rod and, thusly, spoils the children. We can do wehatever we want on his show.
  11:08am glenn:

we're very polite winged monkeys.
  11:08am speakin' of Byrds:

...a time for focus, and a time for five-hundred...
  11:11am trlsh:

so, twin streams, today, huh? Interestink.
  11:12am trlsh:

  11:12am yair Yona:

Hey everyone
  11:13am Brian with Motorway Fatigue:

GTDS is kinda the Montessori skool of freeform for pretend adults.
  11:14am efd:

This is interesting - the Australian Birds were apparently started by two UK ex-pats who tried to pass themselves off as former members of The Birds:
  11:15am hamburger / london:

  11:18am Drummer Some:

Thanks for the intelligence. Apparently it WASN'T a typo!
  11:19am Cecile:

hey, I learned how to make seitan on your comments board, Ken. That's not to be taken lightly.
  11:20am Brian with Motorway Fatigue:

Is this really Nigeria? Would swear the Carribean.
  11:23am Drummer Some:

Brian with Motorway Fatigue,
Definitely Nigeria. I promise.
  11:24am BodegaMan:

Ken, it's the rhythm that keeps us marching in step.

you should see the board when Doug plays JP Sousa.
  11:25am Brian with Motorway Fatigue:

Cecile, hello really enjoyed this one, meant to mention it yesterday on Jason's show.
  11:26am annie:

ok, i gotta go across the street and start dishes. see y'all.. wonderful family, this
  11:26am Cecile:

I hear about that one. I will have to check it out! Thanks.
  11:27am dc pat:

efd: Ho, ho! Starting to make sense now..
  11:27am Cecile:

later, annie!
  11:27am Drummer Some:

Be well Annie!
  11:29am dc pat:

bye annie, good thoughts
  11:31am glenn:

lemmy was also in the birds.
  11:31am annie:

  11:32am dc pat:

  11:34am MuttonChops:

Is this a Park Slope soundtrack for its version of the Big Chill
  11:35am MuttonChops:

Welcome to the Second - Meta Generation!
  11:35am Drummer Some:

Perish the thought, MuttonChops. The Big Chill is the Antichrist. (And some would say the same about Park Slope.)
  11:41am Parq:

Oh man, Drumsum, don't even remind me of TBC - A/K/A/ "The Secaucas Seven, Only More So." Of all the mindless gushing over it in '83, what I remember most was it's near-daily ecstatic mention in the comic strip 'Cathy". Nuff freakin' said.
  11:41am glenn:

i apologize. somewhere in the publicity for one of the lemmy docs, i read that he was in the band, although it's not looking that way, thanks to the interweb. he may have been a roadie, but now i'm not really sure. i did see pictures of him with ronnie and the birds though, that i know for a fact.
  11:43am MuttonChops:

Lemmy was in the big chill
  11:43am MuttonChops:

Time for Tea ;)
  11:43am Cecile:

ha, ha, I love how every day is April Fool's Day to you, MuttonChops.
  11:44am MuttonChops:

Finally someone who understands me. Will you marry me, Cecile?
  11:44am dc pat:

if only Lemmy HAD been in the birds...
  11:45am still b/p:

The BC kitchen clean-and-dance-to-Motown scene is torturous, like something shown as part of the Ludavico technique.
  11:46am Cecile:

Marriage is an outdated social contract which I am already presently engaged in. But thank you!
  11:46am Carmichael:

Lemmy was a roadie for Hendrix. He did a cover the Birds' song "Leaving Here" with Motorhead.
  11:46am Cecile:

sbp, it ruined some of my favorite Motown songs from overplaying.
  11:47am MuttonChops:

I am honored to have had the opportunity to ask. Respectfully, The Mutton
  11:47am Cecile:

Lemmy was also in a shit-hot garage band. They were know as "The Kinks of South Wales". LOL

You get to see his amazing helmet hair in the Lemmy documentary, which although it's a little light in history, is a great movie.
  11:48am Brian with Motorway Fatigue:

Suns out, it's Friday. Beer o'clock.
  11:48am Cecile:

Likewise, Mutton!

  11:48am monica:

harkening back to last week's show, after an evening of being "in your tea," you'll surely be "in your sins" the next morning. another great show, doug!
  11:50am Drummer Some:

Monica, I made that EXACT connection!
  11:53am Drummer Some:

Drummer Some
By the way, "Jim Johnson" in the context of this song is referring to, as Ila says, "a man's penis."
  11:54am Irma Thomas:

Made it outta the henhouse. Those poor gals gotta bad case of red mite. Me I gotta bad case of lovin'
  11:55am marion:

Friday,6 pm here: perfect sound to the beginning of the weekend! Thanks!
  11:55am Cecile:

Doug, I once got a job application from "John Thomas Johnson" and I couldn't stop laughing for a full 5 minutes.
  11:57am Drummer Some:

Depends on what the job was, Cecile.
  11:57am John Thomas Johnson:

She left me hanging...
  11:58am Carmichael:

I used to work with a Gary Puckett, Diana Ross, and Linda Tripp.
  11:58am monica:

is that chris meloni from law & order:svu on homepage?
  12:01pm Cecile:

I prefer to think of him as Chris Meloni from "The Fanelli Boys."
  12:01pm HR dir:

Mr. Johnson, we think you'll fit in well here, work enthusiastically, take direction well and stay a long, long time.
  10:58am Leigh:

Great show, been missing it live. Just as good archived! Go Indians.
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