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March 4, 2011 Options
Give the Drummer Radio — WFMU Radio
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Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Options Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Options Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo' Wax 1990)

Don Francks  That Great Come-and-Get-It Day   Options Finian's Rainbow (Soundtrack)
Bill Davis Trio  Bring the Money In   Options The Okey Rhythm & Blues Story 1949-1957
(Epic 1953)
Jimmy Durante / Frank Sinatra  The Song's Gotta Come from the Heart   Options

It Happened
in Brooklyn

( 1947)
Curtis Mayfield & the Impressions  People Get Ready   Options Best of Curtis Mayfield & the Impressions
(MCA 1965)

Talkover Music:
Jack Costanzo 
Bajo Numero Uno   Options Latin Fever
(Liberty 1958)

Christine Kittrell  The Price You Pay for Love   Options b/w Snake in the Grass
(Republic 1954)
Ring Telephone Ring   Options

You'll Lose a
Good Thing

(Bear Family 1967)
Ethiopian  Won't Give Up   Options

Talkover Music:
Phoem Khlaibanleng & His International Mixed Mahori Orchestra 
Lao Kham Hom   Options Thai Modernized Music for Dancing,
Volume 2

The Shelton Brothers  A Dollar Down   Options The Shelton Brothers: Bob & Joe
(Old Homestead )
Samson & Delilah  There's a DJ in Your Town   Options b/w There's a DJ in Your Town
(Black Prince 1969)
Third World  Give a Little Something   Options Arise in Harmony
(Island 1980)
Ivory Joe Hunter  Every Little Bit Helped Me   Options b/w I Can Make You Happy
(Goldwax 1966)

(Hearts of Stone)
Would You Take a Dime from a Poor Man   Options Stop the World: We Wanna Get On
(VIP 1970)

Talkover Music:
Sabu Martínez 
High Tension   Options In Orbit

Tak Shindo  Mombasa Love Song   Options


(Edison International 1958)
Francis Bebey  Pygmy Divorce   Options Pygmy Love Songs
(Makossa International 1982)
Aretha Franklin  Mr. DJ (Five for the DJ)   Options You
(Atlantic 1975)

Talkover Music:
Liquid Liquid 
Scraper   Options

Bobby Tuggle  The $64,000 Question
(Do You Love Me)   Options
b/w Too Late Old Man
(Checer 1955)
Little Hooks w/Ray Nato & the Kings  Give the Drummer Some More   Options b/w I Don't Want to Leave You,
But I've Got to Go
(Enjay 1972)

Talkover Music:
Nino Rota 
The Clowns (Part 2)   Options The Clowns
(CAM 1970)

Brenton Wood  Baby You Got It   Options Baby You Got It
(Double Shot 1967)
Porter Wagoner  My Last Two Tens   Options The Grand Old Gospel
(RCA Victor 1966)
Charles Bradley  The Telephone Song   Options No Time for Dreaming
(Dunham 2008)
William DeVaughn  Be Thankful for What You Got   Options Be Thankful for What You Got
(Roxbury 1974)
Razzy (Bailey)  I Hate Hate   Options Got Country Soul, Volume 1
(Casual 1974)
Bernard Purdie  Song for Aretha   Options Soul Is...Pretty Purdie
(Flying Dutchman 1972)

Talkover Music:
The Whitefield Brothers 
Chokin'   Options In the Raw
(Now Again 2002)

Stan Hardin  Give Me All Your Lovin'   Options Rockin' HIllbilly, Volume 4
(Cactus )
Judy Lynn  Hello Mr. DJ   Options
Asiko Rock Group  Shadow of the Boogie   Options Asiko of the Boogie
Benny Gordon  Give a Damn   Options
Mary Jane Hooper  I've Got Reasons   Options

Talkover Music:
Q-Burns Abstract Message 
Feng Shui   Options Feng Shui

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Options I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  8:38am LOVE the hair:

morning mr drummer..
  8:41am Drummer Some:

Good morning hair lover!
  8:47am annie:

i'm ready!
  8:49am Drummer Some:

And good morning everyone. I'm so glad you've tuned in to this marathon edition of Give the Drummer Some. Please jump in and add your thoughts/comments/suggestions for GIVE THE DRUMMER RADIO and by all means, please pledge to support the mighty WFMU:
  8:54am Drummer Some:

Helloooo dear Annie.
  8:55am Amanda:

All, please pledge your support for this incredible institution!!! (I mean GTDS specifically this time, not just WFMU.) You won't be sorry! I am going to down a giant mug of coffee and head up to the phone room now...
  8:56am annie:

your show gets the bulk of my tithing, doug
  8:57am Amanda:

Thumbs up to that, Annie :-)
  8:58am Drummer Some:

No small thing, Annie, 'cause I know you love you some WFMU!
  8:58am annie:

oh!! i want to mention that there may be confusion regarding the FMA funding.. i thought it was a separate entity as far as financial backing.. true right?
  8:58am Drummer Some:

  8:59am annie:

my listening pattern is going to change drastically starting monday am...
  9:02am Drummer Some:

Annie, yes, the Free Music Archive has received separate grant funding. But WFMU still spends resources and a great deal of energy in making it happen. A pledge to WFMU only helps strengthen the FMA.
  9:03am Brian in UK:

Afternoon Doug, glad I never sat behind you at the pictures (movies)!
  9:04am annie:

ok,.... thanks for the clarification..
  9:04am Drummer Some:

Everyone, please welcome my WONDERFUL co-host Amanda Nazario who is pitching in live from the WFMU phone room.
  9:05am Amanda:

Hi Doug! Hi everybody!!! It is cozy in here.
  9:06am annie:

thanks for the cheer-leading section amanda!
  9:07am BodegaMan:

wow, everyone so chipper and chatty today. good to see it.
  9:08am Drummer Some:

Especially now that you're here, BodegaMan!
  9:10am glenn:

still trying to get out the leo sayer sympathy pledges, i see.
  9:11am Drummer Some:

Would someone break the ice and make a pledge?! Also be the first person on your block to adopt your humble host (see furry red mane in picture at left). Please a dollar-a-day "Mouse of Today" pledge and you can have naming rights to ME for the next year. Click on the photo for info.
  9:11am listener james from westwood:

get WFMU it's acre of ground! pledge, all, pledge like the wind!
  9:12am Drummer Some:

Come and get your beer and benzedrine—and WFMU!

  9:13am annie:

  9:13am Amanda:

We have an icebreaker!!!!!!!!
  9:14am Paul Sherratt:

>>Would someone break the ice and make a pledge?!

I may need a helping hand !!!!
  9:14am Amanda:

Thank you so much, Annie, for your awesomely generous T-shirt-sized pledge. You are our shining star.
  9:15am Drummer Some:

91.1 thanks yous Annie!
  9:16am annie:

two years ago i declined the tee, this year i'm going to accept it.
  9:17am Amanda:

You deserve it!

Paul, we'll ALL give you a hand if you pledge!

Show your love and say Give The Drummer Some sent ya: 1-800-989-9368 //
  9:19am Drummer Some:

Each and every moment of my 24 years on the air at WFMU has come from the heart (and occasionally the spleen). Please make a contribution in honor of your own favorite bodily organ.
  9:19am Drummer Some:

  9:20am Paul Sherratt:

I have this pesky mouse to get rid of. It's a UK rodent so what's the simplest way to throw it into The Drummer's Stream ?
  9:22am Amanda:

I like the sound of that, Paul! If you'd rather not use the phone number, just use the Insta-Pledge form at the top of the playlist. :-)

  9:25am Amanda:

Breaking: we're out of coffee here at the station!!! We need your pledge dollars more than ever!
  9:25am alan r:

you know...its not easy to listen to your show and scott's show on the other stream at the same time! I did my online pledge just now to keep WFMU on the air and on the web and expand the alternative stream. Can never get too much! Glad to be a small part of the extended family.
  9:28am Amanda:

Thank you Guy from Maastricht, the Netherlands! (my countryman!) He is getting your premium. Many many thanks.

Alan -- you the best! I agree about listening to Doug vs. Scott -- I am in the same predicament -- but I have made my choice and am sticking with it.
  9:28am annie:

my feeling is that there is no more unique feeling than being a part of this amazing station.. i give alot of the credit to the comments section, actually..
  9:30am Amanda:

(for today, at least)
  9:31am Guy (from the netherlands):

just pledged for WFMU and Give the Drummer Some especially, feels so good...
good luck Doug!
  9:32am listener james from westwood:

That's why the archives are so important (and worthy of a pledge of support); they make it so easy to catch up w. Scott, Doug, or both should occasion take you from your normal listening habits. Download + iPod = Scott and Doug in my pocket! (Watch out for my keys, guys!)
  9:34am annie:

and winamp now has added a pod-cast app.. .. i'll be missin' me lotsa radio when i move sunday
  9:35am olgu:

Hey Amanda! :)
How do I make a web pledge for GTDS? Put a note maybe?
@ work and i can't call in.
  9:35am Amanda:

Thanks Brian, from Watford in the UK! Another premium-sized pledge. Much appreesh, good friend. He says and I quote, "DOUG MORE MORE MORE!"

Great to receive support from all these European listeners.
  9:36am Brian in UK:

Doug just pledged, does that mean polishing the furniture?
Hello, Paul sunny day today?
  9:36am Amanda:

Olgu -- Hi!!!!!!!

Yes, just include a note in your comment. I will sniff it out.
  9:39am Amanda:


That was from you, Brian, from Watford (UK). Thank you so so so much, from the bottom of my/our heart(s). THREE CHEERS FOR BRIAN!!! Enjoy all the marvelous swag you are getting courtesy of WFMU's crazy brains. 7 DJ premiums, 2 T-shirts, a glowing map of New Jersey, and more more more.

Keep them coming, everyone!
  9:39am Paul Sherratt:

Brother Brian in the UK,
Yesterday was fine and sunny, today it ain't, but it IS Friday !

( I used 'ain't' because it always reminds me of Roxy Gordon ! )
  9:39am Amanda:

I mean Paul! Mouse pledge was from Paul, from Stoke-On-Trent. THANKS PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9:40am Amanda:

Paul writes: "I'm pointing this pledge directly to the Give The Drummer Some stream and all who sail in her." Amen to that.
  9:41am annie:

i'm thinking about postman paul who is in india.. wonder how his trip is going.. and i know he wanted to pledge for the drive
  9:41am Paul Sherratt:


I'm ' North Of Watford' ( it's a uk phrase ... )
  9:42am Amanda:

Thanks to Adam from Grand Rapids Michigan! He says he's a big fan of both Scott and Doug's shows.
  9:42am Brian in UK:

Sorry to steal your thunder Paul
  9:44am Amanda:

All English people are the same to me, clearly. "North of Watford" sounds somehow derogatory -- or is that just my sense of humoUr? ;-)
  9:46am Richard:

I previously pledged a few days ago -- in support of "Sinner's Crossroads" -- but I'm digging this so much, and am so inspired by it, that I just pledged another $75 in support of GTDS.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  9:48am Amanda:

What a lovely sentiment. Got your pledge card in my hand now! This is heartwarming and great, a testament to how addictive (in a good way) WFMU can be. Thank you so much, Richard!
  9:48am Drummer Some:

Brilliant Richard. Huge thanks!
  9:49am jill:

greetings fellow Drummer devotees. Gonna pledge on the Tuesday night show, as my 5 year old son wants to hear my name on the airwaves...That will help confirm that i am some kind of star.
  9:50am Brian in UK:

@ Amanda As most things in UK are Londoncentric it is generally regarded as derogatory. The south being rich and the north poor, as a general rule.
  9:51am Amanda:

We got some love from the lovely and excellent Olgu in Brooklyn NY: a T-shirt-sized pledge!!! She says, "Thank you Doug, for the beautiful sounds."

Richard is in Oak Park, IL by the way -- Chitown excitement
  9:52am Paul Sherratt:

'North of Watford' is that clog-wearing, hole in the pants territory of our quite small Kingdom which remains largely a mystery to those souls who live in the deep south (smile )
  9:52am glenn:

as it happens (on the cbc) always references events / places in england by their distance from reading, for some obscure reason.
  9:55am Amanda:

Brian/Paul - Play nice with each other. Let your shared love of GTDS crumble your antiquated notions of class!
  9:55am Brian in UK:

@glenn Officially all meaurements from London are taken from Charing Cross, I believe. Hence Londoncentric. I love the idea of Reading, former home of Womad.
  9:55am Paul Sherratt:

This very programme has had gifts from Reading ( in the shape of Eddie Hinton music from Zane Records ) I'm not too sure of the distance.
  9:57am Amanda:

Thanks so much to Barbara in NYC, who listens to the Give The Drummer Radio stream! And to Allan in NYC who checked in with a VERY GENEROUS hundred dollar pledge!
  9:57am Brian in UK:

@Amanda Accoring to Margaret Thatcher we live in a classless society. That's the biggest load of bollocks I've ever heard.
  9:58am Paul Sherratt:

I'm apple-crumbled already !
  9:58am glenn:

(sort of) speaking of womad, there is a fantastic australian movie called "the dish"
which i heartily recommend to anyone.
  9:59am Amanda:

Neil from Poughkeepsie pledges $25 to Give The Drummer Some and the stream!

Mmm, I had some apple crumble yesterday.
  10:00am Paul Sherratt:

>>That's the biggest load of bollocks I've ever heard.

Absolutely right, Brian. We are a nation divided by how we choose the supermarkets in which we are virtually forced to shop !
  10:01am glenn:

margaret thatcher is a douchebag. somebody should have shot her before she ever got the chance to become prime minister.
  10:01am Brian in UK:

Daddy, what's a corner shop?
  10:03am Paul Sherratt:


A Cornershop, is like GTDS, sometimes brimful of Asha !
  10:05am Brian in UK:

I've said this before. This is how records should sound today. I am forward looking honest.
  10:08am Amanda:

Paul: I LOL'ed at that. And Brian, I agree with you too.

Please keep those pledges rolling in! GTDS and GTDR, and Doug, and I, all need you!!! Still no coffee in New Jersey OR Pennsylvania!
  10:10am Drummer Some:

Give a little something!
  10:10am Amanda:

Jim from Ellijay, GA says hi to us and gives a little something. He will get your premium and a T-shirt and a sense of satisfaction that will last all year! Thank you sew much Jim.
  10:11am Paul Sherratt:

I think it may be showing - I've had enough coffee ( this afternoon ) for everyone in this fine community
  10:12am glenn:
  10:12am Drummer Some:

Go Jim Go!
  10:13am Brian in UK:

24 years. JC junior, I'll be in my 80's
  10:13am Paul Sherratt:

>> I agree with you too.
And I agree with glenn about Thatcher. Her dentist did his best, but unfortunately too little, too late.
  10:13am Amanda:


Andy from San Diego gives Doug and Give The Drummer Radio a dollar for every day of 2011. He'll be able to pay either all at once, or in convenient monthly installments -- and he is getting a WHOLE LOT of great stuff for his trouble. Andy, we are so grateful.
  10:14am Alex in Illinois:

I think I have the mail materials for the plege at home. I'll fill them out tonight and send them tomorrow morning. I have not been writing checks until after March 1st because the March 1st was a much needed payday. If I don't have the materials, I'll do it online.
  10:14am monica:

hi doug! just phoned in my pledge in honor of you, the stream, and the blog. here's to many more, kiddo!!
  10:15am Amanda:

Thank you, DJ Monica! Takes one to know one... amazing radio personality.

Thank you also to Seth in Brooklyn, who gives a very generous hundred dollar pledge!
  10:16am Alex in Illinois:

Richard, you are in Oak Park? That's where I live. Unfortunatly, I don't work there, unless I am working from home.
  10:16am Christopher I:

Hey Doug just pledged for you and the stream...thanks for all the great music on the stream and the radio!
  10:17am Paul Sherratt:

  10:17am Amanda:

Won't you take a dime from your pocket? And give it to WFMU this morning? 1-800-989-9368! Call now!!!

We need more pledges to keep Give The Drummer Radio and all the other wonderful programs here afloat. We love you. Love us back. <3
  10:18am Skirkie:

Between the live programming, the streams, and the archives, there's really no reason to not be constantly tuned to WFMU.
  10:19am Skirkie:

And of course support ($$)
  10:19am monica:

Alex in Illinois and Richard, I grew up in Oak Park! Corner of Kenilworth and Monroe. What part of town are you in?
  10:19am listener james from westwood:

& love to Amanda for holding down the GTDS fort at the stately WFMU building today and giving props to the pledgers--and cheering on those yet to pledge! (And you who have yet to pledge: Now's the time!)
  10:20am listener james from westwood:

@Skirkie: Sleep is my enemy for just that reason. Tho' I suppose I could leave the radio onnnzzzzzzzzz....
  10:20am glenn:

paul - file not found?
  10:21am dc pat:

I've mentioned this before but my gateway dj was Ken during a marathon in 2002? 3? Where he was obsessed wth the movie Network. Kept yelling "YOU ARE MEDDLING WITH THE PRIMAL ORDER OF NATURE, SCOTT WILLIAMS!!!"
  10:21am Amanda:

Alex -- thank you so much! It's fine for you to pledge online or by phone now even though you got the mailing. It's up to you. (but we want to hear from you ASAP!)

Skirkie is the man with incredible station spirit who adopted Station Manager Ken, so you should listen to him ALL marathon long. He is a nice person in real life too.

James! I am blushing... and thanks for YOUR cheerleading.
  10:22am glenn:

i pledged, twice actually, and i'd love to give more, but i just got dinged 1000$ for a new pair of glasses. why does vision have to cost so much?
  10:22am Richard:

Alex: With at least 2 out of ~ 50,000, Oak Park (IL) may be in the running for most pledges per capita.

Monica: I'm on S. East Ave., between Madison and the Ike.
  10:23am monica:

@listener james from westwood - agree! hats off to amanda! makes a HUGE difference for doug.
  10:24am jessek:

thanks so much for another great year of radio, Doug. I've pledged some of my mouse to GTDS, though it was all going to the station anyway. Keep up the great work
  10:24am monica:

@richard - HA! i went to grade school at ascension on s. east avenue!
  10:24am Amanda:

That would be Jesse in Jamaica Plain MA! Gives a nice big hunk of his mouse to Doug and Give The Drummer Some. Love those Boston folks. Thank you Jesse...
  10:25am Andy:

The Miner has found a home!
  10:25am Drummer Some:

Thanks Jesse and thanks for all your amazing efforts in the universe of creative radio:
  10:25am Skirkie:

Plenty of coffee over here in Secaucus, by the way.
  10:25am Paul Sherratt:

Just tested ok here in N. Staffs ! ( Image of Kevin Keegan,soccer star and like Pele a one-off pop song singer in a hair-perm battle with Paul Breitner )
  10:29am Paul Sherratt:

>>why does vision have to cost so much?
glenn, well at our place it's so we can fund an Ocular Coherence Tomographer !
  10:29am Amanda:

Sweet pledge -- $180! -- and equally sweet note from Jonathan in Asheville, NC. He loves many of WFMU's programs dearly but is pledging now in support of Give The Drummer Some specifically, and the stream.

He says, "I have tremendous appreciation for the fact that Doug did not let moving to Pittsburgh stop him from hosting his radio program. And I know that I am not the only one!"

No, Jonathan, you're not. xoxox
  10:32am Amanda:

How many more of you out there can show your long-distance support for Doug's labor of love? What he does remotely from his new home is NOT easy and few could have pulled it off.

CALL NOW! 800-989-9368

Or pledge online at the top of this playlist.

Or pledge here:
  10:34am Amanda:

I am pleased to report that there is coffee in the house now. That's why I've started yelling.
  10:36am Drummer Some:

Hey, thank you Jonathan. Another great DJ in the house. Jonathan Price is the host of the estimable Tenor to Tabla on Ashville FM
  10:36am listener james from westwood:

Don't be shy about mentioning the Marathon on your social network of choice: there's an event for the Mara on FB that you can link to in status updates, you can tweet @WFMU to remind folks about it, put a link to the pledge page in yr email signature, and of course the time-honored practice of shaking friends & family by their ankles for $$$!
  10:36am glenn:

sounds like paul sherratt is an optometrist. i'm not really kvetching too much. my prescription is wicked strong, and i'm getting progressive lenses, so i knew it was going to be expensive.
  10:37am Brian in UK:

Hey Doug, just heard Shelby Lynnes coming over in May. She's playing up north too, Paul.
  10:37am Christopher I:

James what's the event page on FB?
  10:37am dc pat:

$1000!! fuck! I have to get new glasses. I haven't bought a pair in about 20 years. I just reduced my cable plan and now I get about 5 1/2 channels, not even sure what I'm paying for...
  10:38am dc pat:

really low on dough this year FMUers, not sure what I'm going to be pledging....I hang my head in shame..
  10:40am Amanda:

Excited to hear from so many DJ illuminati, showing their respect for Doug and all he has done for us over the years and continues to do.

Us regular slobs shall be no less appreciative. Keep the pledges coming, you guyzzzz
  10:41am Amanda:

Mark from Kingston NY -- New York's historic first capital! -- checks in, as does Don in Brooklyn. Thanks people!
  10:42am Paul Sherratt:

I'm not but I do own a practice with myquite remarkable OH. look out for Zeiss progressive lenses which can be tailor made just for you ! We're getting good feedback ...
  10:43am Paul Sherratt:

Thanks for theLynne tip. I'm planning to get to see Mary Gauthier at The Foundling Museum, btw.
  10:44am glenn:

i'm getting zeiss lenses. my opticians are very reliable, and i trust them completely, so i don't really care if they charge a bit more.
  10:45am Amanda:

Sanks mucho to Christopher in New York, NY -- he gives the drummer a premium-sized pledge and we are happy happy happy to get it!
  10:46am glenn:

today in the best of craigslist -
  10:47am listener james from westwood:

seeing zeiss always reminds me of the william gibson story "burning chrome," and simstim star tally isham, the girl with the zeiss ikon eyes.
  10:47am Paul Sherratt:

Frankly there really are none finer than Zeiss. You're being well advised imo.
  10:48am glenn:

a lot of exacting little measurements and photos involved in the process.
  10:49am Christopher I:

Amanda & Doug -- you guys deserve it! I've discovered so much great stuff on this show, and through the Motherlode, my first obsession, which led me to the show and the stream... can't WAIT to hear Doug's premium.
  10:50am mark in kingston ny:

just back from pledging for the stream more to come later for tony and charlie... THANK YOU DOUG!!!!
  10:50am glenn:

if the drummer will take a request - harlem nocturne (you know i'm partial to the danny gatton version).
  10:50am Drummer Some:

Pledge it to me, Baby!

Thanks a ton Mark and everyone.
  10:50am dc pat:

I think I'm going to be getting a cheap-ass pair of Malcolm X specs..
  10:51am Alex in Illinois:

HI Richard and Monica. I am at Washington and Humphrey.
  10:52am Brian in UK:

Paul, see you at the Foundling. It's the day after Easter Monday. I'm going to see Jason Isbell the day after. My album of the year 2009. Tried turning Doug's head but he keeps looking the other way!!
  10:53am Alex in Illinois:

Anyone else in the Chicago area? Did any of you attend the Chicago Maritime Festival last weekend?
  10:53am Amanda:

Bob from Charlottesville VA comes through with another $75 pledge! He says it wouldn't be Friday morning without Doug Schulkind.

You're so right -- I was a volunteer on Friday mornings for the past almost two years and have come to know Fridays as nigh-synonymous with GTDS.
  10:53am Amanda:

Phones and web are very quiet right now. Please pledge! We really need you.
  10:53am Drummer Some:

Glenn, I've got a killer Earl Bostic version of Harlem Nocture, but it's in the basement. Can't git it right now...
  10:54am glenn:

  10:55am don:

yah, doug!
  10:56am monica:

@Alex in Illinois - I know that neighborhood well!! am getting sentimental now over my childhood haunts.
  10:57am Paul Sherratt:

Your fitting have been measured on this advanced piece of kit ?
  10:58am Parq:

Is it a separate link to do an online pledge, or do I just use the regular link and specify GDS?
  10:59am Amanda:

Doug is still an orphan, you stingy so-and-sos! Won't anyone give him a loving home?

  11:00am Amanda:

Parq -- you can just use the regular link! If you could specify GTDS in your comments that would totally rule though.
  11:02am Paul Sherratt:

dc pat,
I would think $1000 is at the very, very top end of the scale ! But well worth it when your need is also at that point on the dial.
  11:03am Parq:

Done, Miss Amanda. Gotto go to the office, can't get GDS there, long story. Good luck Doug!
  11:03am Amanda:

Randy in Brooklyn has given us some. He's getting the beautiful new WFMU T-shirt. Randy, you da best!

Now what about the rest of you???? Here's some info about the prizes, in case you are kurrious:
  11:04am Drummer Some:

Thanks Parq. Don't work too hard.

Thank you Randy!
  11:04am Nick:

Just pledged and PayPalled $50, Doug. Forgot to mention you, but you are the reason. Best, Nick
  11:05am Amanda:

Parq -- we got your pledge just now! What a sad state of affairs that you can't listen at work. $25 from his prize account, for those keeping score.
  11:06am Randy:

Love the pic Doug! At first I thought it was Linc. in a wig!!!!
  11:06am glenn:

good pop music is a wonderful thing. squeeze, crowded house, marshall crenshaw, paul young, love 'em all.
  11:06am dc pat:

ain't gonna happen Paul. I'll be luck y if I don't end up with a gig pair of safety glasses with corrective lenses in them...
  11:07am Amanda:

The one and only Ken Freedman has checked in to support YOU, Doug, as well as Scott McDowell and Daniel Blumin who are nattering away behind me. Thank you, STN MGR Ken!
  11:07am glenn:

no, i think i was a zeiss machine, but i'm not sure.
  11:08am Amanda:

Glenn - come see Marshall Crenshaw at City Winery at the end of April! I am going.
  11:09am Drummer Some:

Magnificent! Thanks Ken.
  11:09am david:

WHOA!!!! Charles Bradley!!!! yeah!
  11:10am Amanda:

Nick -- Your pledge is noted! Thank you thank you a million times for clearing that up...
  11:12am Brian in UK:

I can remember the first time I pledged. It was on your programme, Doug. Laura Cantrell was co-host, I still can hear her saying Briiiiiiian from Watfuuurd. Still sends shivers!!! Come on people git pledging.
  11:12am glenn:

he'll have to come to toronto, but he's one of my faves, that's for sure.
  11:12am northguineahills:

woohoo! I actually get a 2-day weekend!
  11:12am Drummer Some:

No, that picture is NOT my daughter. It is her father at about age 14. Won't somebody adopt that kid?!
  11:14am Brian in UK:

Now you've hit the spot Doug
  11:15am glenn:

speaking of toronto and great shows, i mentioned this on the comment board a couple days ago - jon langford and the sadies with the burlington welsh male chorus at the horseshoe tavern on april 15. always a great show.
  11:15am Amanda:

People may not know that your chance to adopt DJs and fixtures does NOT extend throughout the marathon. This is your last chance to adopt Doug!
  11:16am Brian in UK:

Give the little man a great big hand
  11:18am mu gu gai pan:

you don't want to know, trust me.
  11:18am Skirkie:

It's a modern day miracle that such high quality programming can come out of an operation held together with duct tape and good intentions.

It's the most democratic thing going today.
  11:18am Matt Madden:

Just made my pledge. Thanks for staying on line after leaving the air. And thanks especially for your amazing Motherlode finds (and e-mail exclusives)
  11:19am david:

I pledged to your show on tuesday. does that count toward your 100 pledges? I'm probably gonna drink too much at the Hoof and Mouth and up my pledge as I usually do. Should I make sure that's on behalf of the stream?
  11:20am Christopher I:

YES! Razzy... nice
  11:20am Amanda:

A nice note from someone named Jessie in Pittsburgh -- do we know this person? ;-)

Here 'tis: "We have three rivers here in Pittsburgh and one amazing stream. I am thankful for what I've got."

A 100-dollar pledge and some words to live by.
  11:20am Drummer Some:

And I am and impossibly thankful for Jessie.
  11:22am Amanda:

Matt and David -- you guys really hate hate. David, I will buy you beers to get you to perform this selfless act but NO, Tuesday pledges don't count toward Friday! What kind of cheap operation do you think this is?!?!?
  11:23am Amanda:

Matt, didn't get your pledge yet -- did you make it by phone or web?
  11:23am Amanda:

Thank you, Kevin in Brooklyn!
  11:25am david:

okay. If I pledge sober next friday morning during your show that will count, right?
  11:26am glenn:

i like what the firesign theatre once said - give me immortality, or give me death.
  11:26am don:

i pledged earlier referencing doug & ken & charlie & liz & irwin & irene & billy jam & trouble & & & & & ---- please include this towards your 100 pledge goal, doug and amanda!
  11:28am Drummer Some:

Got it Don! I am counting you brother.
  11:28am don:

@glenn -- or as in A Bout De Souffle --
Patricia: What is your greatest ambition in life?
Parvulesco: To become immortal... and then die.
  11:28am Amanda:

David -- It certainly will and you had better.

OK, I was wrong about the adopting thing -- you can adopt things through the 13th. BUT don't let someone else snap up that plucky ginger-fro'ed boy! Act NOW! IN THE NEXT 30 MINUTES! DO IT NOW!

Yah I got it Don
  11:30am Amanda:

Omar in Atlanta gives us a nice T-shirt-sized pledge! (aka a pledge the same size as a T-shirt, so we hope he is a large man.) Thank you, Omar!

Everyone else: call 800-989-9368, or make a web insta-pledge(TM) before it's too late!
  11:32am Drummer Some:

Everyone chant with me Omar! Omar! Omar! Omar!
  11:33am Amanda:

OMAR 4-EVA! And all generous listeners everywhere.
  11:34am Amanda:

Nice staff pledge from Kenzo, who does so much for us, technologically speaking:

"With Doug in the alternate stream, it's like he's the spirit of WFMU, watching over us all. Please, Doug, do not stop!"
  11:34am glenn:

up there with to infinity, and beyond.
  11:36am Amanda:

We are running out of time, everyone. We really really need a LOT more pledges to roll in by noon to keep Doug's stream in tip-top shape. Please call or click.
  11:37am Amanda:

  11:40am Kevin from BayRidge:

Doug, Brooklyn misses you! I pledged telephonically but can't listen live to you at work.Friday AM's aren't the same. Hope you can tap into the Flash stream( only one that man doesn't filter out ) in the future.
  11:42am Amanda:

Joe Skirkie from Nutley NJ! Thank you for the $50 of your hard-earned geotechnical-engineering money.

Thanks again, Kevin -- listen to the show on the archive when you get home!
  11:43am Brian in UK:

Bring your jive to my beehive. Where else could you hear that.
  11:44am Skirkie:

Ain't no thang.
  11:44am Amanda:

Give the Drummer all of your lovin' IMMEDIATELY. We really need it and that's no lie. Any $1000 pledgers out there? 1-800-989-9368
  11:44am Drummer Some:

Kevin, Joe and all—I am grateful!
  11:45am Amanda:

Bring your jive, as well, while you're at it.
  11:45am Matt Madden:

Amanda, I pledge online via the home page
  11:48am Amanda:

Got you Matt!!! Thanks, and enjoy your shirt and CD. You rule.
  11:50am Amanda:

Thank you, wonderful Diane in NYC! She gives another 75 big ones to the Drummer. Muah.
  11:53am Amanda:

8 MINUTES!!!! CALL NOW 1-800-989-9368
  11:53am Nick:

Dan the Immigrant = Dan Behrman, I think? As of last summer, he was axed from Radio-Canada. Unsure of current status.
  11:54am Drummer Some:

Nick, YOU'RE RIGHT. I remember signing a petition to get Dan back on the air. See, people, it's rough out there!
  11:54am Amanda:

Who is going to be Doug's knight in shining armor or armour in these final minutes??? Please don't tell me he doesn't have one. 800-989-9368 NOW!
  11:56am Amanda:

Todd in Danbury CT comes through with 75 more bones!!! Thank you!!!
  11:59am Todd 76%:

Todd from Danbury here. Thanks to Doug for all of his work in getting an ever-expanding motherlode of great music out there!
  12:00pm Amanda:

We've got a total of over two grand now, thanks to your generosity, but there needs to be MORE! Keep pledging, everyone, and thank you so much.
  12:02pm Drummer Some:

Really remarkable effort everyone. Thank you thank you thank you.
  12:03pm Drummer Some:

Thank you Amanda!
  12:14pm Danne D:

Amanda = best virtual cohost ever :)
  12:22pm andymorphic:

and andrews everywhere thank you
  12:29pm Andy (San Diego):

I was lifted from my home, on to my bike commute, by Doug's "thankful" set. I'm thankful that I was so lost in the music (provided by my magical pocket internet device) that I forgot my computer bag, forcing me to commute to work twice and giving me another hour of GTDS time. Thanks!
  6:09pm fxo:

Doug, I thought you looked like Santana's drummer, Shrieve...
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