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Every show starts with the ’70s! We’ll rediscover forgotten rockers, revisit unfairly maligned disco beats and replay power-pop favorites. Next: plenty of new releases, occasional live bands and more. Don’t let the nickname confuse you.

Wednesdays 9pm - Midnight (EDT) | On WFMU (Info) | 91.1, 90.1, 91.9 FM & wfmu.org
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Upcoming events:

Wed. Oct 16th, 9pm - Midnight: Singles Going Seventies! (More info...)
Wed. Oct 23rd, 9pm - Midnight: A salute to New York Rocker (More info...)
Wed. Oct 30th, 9pm - Midnight: Stag plays live (More info...)

Options March 2, 2011: marathon week one, with co-host BRIAN TURNER!

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Pledge $75 or more during this show and you will AUTOMATICALLY receive my handmade premium CD Starting With The '70s Vol. 2!

Including songs by The First Class, Artful Dodger, The Reds, Lighthouse, Pezband and 15 more little-known gems from the 1970s!

PLUS, pledge $100 or more and you'll be in the running to receive FIVE (5!) vintage issues of New York Rocker Magazine from 1978-80 PLUS Pylon's Gyrate Plus CD AND a full-length sampler CD for the Orange Juice Coals To Newcastle collection! Call 1-800-989-9368 NOW or use the handy form at the top of this page!

(* = new)

Artist Track Album Label Year Comments New Approx. start time
bachman-turner overdrive  give me your money please   Options greatest hits           
flying lizards  money   Options           0:04:04 ()
cindy bullens  survivor   Options va-starting with the '70s vol 2      my 2011 premium cd, yours with a pledge of $75 or more!    0:06:39 ()
ted leo & the pharmacists  last days   Options the brutalist bricks  matador  2010      0:10:36 ()
lordz of brookllyn  saturday night fever   Options       yes, THIS IS THE SONG that I use for my music bed! That's gotta be worth a few pledges right there!    0:13:57 ()
dirtbombs  good life   Options party machine  in the red      *   0:27:40 ()
kongas  gimme some lovin'   Options va-starting with the '70s vol 2      my 2011 premium cd, yours with a pledge of $75 or more!    0:32:52 ()
adam warrock  heroes requiem   Options war for infinity  silver age      *   0:47:52 ()
upp  never gonna turn my back on you   Options va-starting with the '70s vol 2      my 2011 premium cd, yours with a pledge of $75 or more!    0:53:02 ()
bryan ferry  heartache by numbers   Options olympia  astralwerks        1:07:49 ()
peter skellern  hold on to love   Options va-starting with the '70s vol 2      my 2011 premium cd, yours with a pledge of $75 or more!    1:12:47 ()
the intelligence  like like like like like like   Options males  in the red      *   1:24:45 ()
the clash  complete control   Options 7"          1:26:17 ()
the reds  luxury   Options va-starting with the '70s vol 2      my 2011 premium cd, yours with a pledge of $75 or more!    1:29:26 ()
the intelligence  white corvette   Options males      pledge now and you could win this CD! 800-989-9368 or use the form at the top of the page!    1:34:21 ()
cyclone 60  chocolat   Options instant classic  self-released        1:50:02 ()
white witch  home grown girl   Options va-starting with the '70s vol 2      my 2011 premium cd, yours with a pledge of $75 or more!    1:53:13 ()
cyclone 60  dinosaurs   Options instant classic  self-released        1:56:29 ()
soft moon  breathe the fire   Options s/t  captured tracks    pledge now and you could win this LP! 800-989-9368 or use the form at the top of the page!    2:12:35 ()
siren  open up for love   Options va-starting with the '70s vol 2      my 2011 premium cd, yours with a pledge of $75 or more!    2:15:27 ()
everybody was in the french resistance... now  creeque allies   Options fixing the charts  cooking vinyl        2:31:24 ()
superchunk  digging for something   Options majesty shredding  merge        2:43:03 ()
magic kids  superball   Options memphis          2:51:01 ()
lcd soundsystem  drunk girls   Options this is happening      pledge now and you could win this LP! 800-989-9368 or use the form at the top of the page!    2:56:37 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 3/2/11 9:06pm Danne D:

cmon folks I'm here on phone #1! I should not have time to post this! Get this phone room hopping!!!
  Wed. 3/2/11 9:08pm calzone!:

I'm pledging right now by using the handy form! Thanks EFD and FMU for all the great music!
  Wed. 3/2/11 9:09pm Danne D:

calzone! Is doing the right thing :)
  Wed. 3/2/11 9:12pm Woowoo weesan:

If I pledge $100 I'm eligible to win some New York Rockers, ja?
  Wed. 3/2/11 9:13pm calzone!:

It took me 2 mins, folks! I can't wait to get my hands on the EFD Starting with the 70's Volume 2 Premium and the very groovy t-shirt!
  Wed. 3/2/11 9:14pm SF Spike:

Cindy Bullens is catchier than I remember! Thanks for that one.
  Wed. 3/2/11 9:17pm Danne D:

prize announcements coming soon WooWoo :)

you guys will lose me from the comments soon (hopefully due to tons of calls)
  Wed. 3/2/11 9:19pm jeff-m:

now i finally know
  Wed. 3/2/11 9:20pm Sybil:

You mean if I call in my pledge I might actually get to speak with Danne D his ownself? Why oh why did I let my cell phone battery die?

To the webform, then...
  Wed. 3/2/11 9:25pm Joe:

between BT and EFD I am expecting very many references that go over my head tonight.
  Wed. 3/2/11 9:25pm john:

Champipple at the very least.
  Wed. 3/2/11 9:27pm Danne D:

that's Sherri not cheri btw :) but here's hoping cheri calls in with a pledge!
  Wed. 3/2/11 9:32pm Danne D:

awww syb :) we always will have the comments board...as long as folks pledge to keep wfmu on the air that is. Put me to work!
  Wed. 3/2/11 9:37pm john:

Whoa! I finally like this song!
  Wed. 3/2/11 9:38pm calzone!:

Never heard this cool version by John Kongas!
  Wed. 3/2/11 9:41pm calzone!:

I stand corrected...thought it John Kongos! Still a great song!
  Wed. 3/2/11 9:45pm Joe:

"I'm not a record collector, I just find records I like, and I buy them."

"I'm not a cocaine addict, I just find cocaine I like, and I buy it."
  Wed. 3/2/11 9:49pm Danne D:

cmon board people :) stand up and be counted :)
show your love to evan and all he does for you :)
  Wed. 3/2/11 9:52pm calzone!:

"I'm not a record collector, I...buy them'

'I'm not just the president of the Hair Club for Men...I'm also a client'
  Wed. 3/2/11 9:53pm Sybil:

I'n not a record collector, but I do play one on the comment board.
  Wed. 3/2/11 9:54pm efd:

alright, alright! very funny everybody! :)
  Wed. 3/2/11 9:55pm Swami:

Listenin' live, not archive, rockin' a pledge, keepin' fmu off the ledge!
  Wed. 3/2/11 9:55pm Joe:

"I'm not a cross between EFD and Charlie Sheen, I'm just sick of pretending my radio show isn't totally sick and bitching and delivering the goods at every turn. WINNING"
  Wed. 3/2/11 9:58pm Joe:

I guess that was a little high concept.
  Wed. 3/2/11 10:00pm Sybil:

It was so totally efd and his fire-breathing fistfulls of records, Joe.
  Wed. 3/2/11 10:02pm G:

Pledged last week, EFD was one of my premiums. -- Busy tonight, but listening to the audio. With mostly no commenting time. What kind of radio show experience is THAT?!?!?!
  Wed. 3/2/11 10:02pm Swami:

  Wed. 3/2/11 10:17pm Skirkie:

Who else got tickets via the ticket giveaway segment formerly known as The Midnight Ticket Oasis? Step up.
  Wed. 3/2/11 10:27pm h:

Evan, you might make more money if you stopped playing musi from your premium.
sincerely h
  Wed. 3/2/11 10:27pm Danne D:

ticket winners now is the time to give back!
Evan helped you impress your date with the tickets you scored to that cool band. Now's the time to give the Evan his due!
  Wed. 3/2/11 10:32pm efd:

Listeners, I invite you to prove h wrong and pledge to get that premium! :)
  Wed. 3/2/11 10:36pm 12539:

I made a Pre-Marathon mouse pledge and I'm looking forward to that premium.
  Wed. 3/2/11 10:40pm Sybil:

I'd pledge just for the "nostalgic" cover art on the premum.
  Wed. 3/2/11 10:42pm Euler:

It is plain to deduce that with his cover art choice, EFD has Sybil's number.
  Wed. 3/2/11 10:43pm Danne D:

Evan >>>> the Watson computer :)
  Wed. 3/2/11 10:44pm Drummer Some:

Suzyn Waldman good. John Sterling evil. Go Mets! Go EFD!
  Wed. 3/2/11 10:46pm Sybil:

Euler, you're the man with the method!
  Wed. 3/2/11 10:47pm Hilbert:

My 24th problem: Doing addition in my head to freaking post here.
  Wed. 3/2/11 10:49pm Hilbert:

My 25th problem: Getting freeloaders to pledge, to hit the required final tote.
  Wed. 3/2/11 10:54pm Ramanujan:

1729 is a very interesting number!... to pledge!
  Wed. 3/2/11 11:02pm Sybil:

Come on and pledge! You know you want to!
  Wed. 3/2/11 11:04pm Holly in NC:

Just pledged all I can afford, wish it could be more! Thank you Evan, Doug, Noah, Terre, Monica, Marty, etc etc and not to forget Mike L. & Laura C. for getting me listening a very long time ago. So what do I get to name?
  Wed. 3/2/11 11:05pm Sybil:

Just what I was wondering, Holly.
  Wed. 3/2/11 11:06pm David L:


The description on the left explains it. Don't take too long deciding that someone takes your choice!
  Wed. 3/2/11 11:07pm Drummer Some:

Yay Holly!

(Doug, now in Pittsburgh)
  Wed. 3/2/11 11:15pm That's right, LYNNWOOD, WA!:

Mouse Pledge, broken up into monthly payments, is only $30.42 per month. Giving back is the thing! WFMU programming is mind-blowing! Both classic and vanguard.
  Wed. 3/2/11 11:16pm Holly in NC:

Hopefully I just adopted the 7" collection . I'm going to be a GREAT mom!
  Wed. 3/2/11 11:18pm Laurie:

I adopted the call screener desk yesterday.
  Wed. 3/2/11 11:19pm Holly in NC:

PS - Duke won tonight ;-) As did (cough) UNC. So you know I'll be having a panic attack Saturday night.

In more relevant news, the latest Soft Moon is wonderful.
  Wed. 3/2/11 11:21pm Joe:

after two hours trying to come up with something clever for my pledge comment, I had to settle for a generic platitude! Sorry dudes...
  Wed. 3/2/11 11:21pm Sybil:

I think I just adopted the important blinky things in the basement.

Join us, adopt!
  Wed. 3/2/11 11:25pm Joe:

yes! The MUXesese! Muxi. Muxen.
  Wed. 3/2/11 11:25pm Angelina and Madonna:

Adopt, adopt, adopt!!!!!
  Wed. 3/2/11 11:26pm Holly in NC:

@Doug - I fully assume part of my pledge will support the Give the Drummer Some Stream - as that is my intent ...
  Wed. 3/2/11 11:28pm That's right, LYNNWOOD, WA!:

Congratulations, new caretakers!

Last year I adopted Studio B, and named it after two dogs I love Even if it was not identified as such by WFMU DJ's it was amusing to think to myself of all the great bands playing in the "Stringer and Sadie Studio." Haha.
  Wed. 3/2/11 11:30pm Noah Webster:

Evan, even.
  Wed. 3/2/11 11:32pm Drummer Some:

Absolutely. Thanks for saying so.
  Wed. 3/2/11 11:39pm Joe:

it was the Daily Record... I had a teacher who used to sing that jingle... thanks for bringing up supressed memories!
  Wed. 3/2/11 11:41pm Holly in NC:

@Doug -Cool!

@ everybody - I now feel remiss for not mentioning Debbie D. & Radio Ichiban, so now I'm mentioning. Greg O's sets are esp. spectacular.
  Wed. 3/2/11 11:46pm randy in NC:

So therefore, WFMU is Kinda like New England weather, Don't like it wait 15 minutes!
  Wed. 3/2/11 11:47pm efd:

been too busy to comment, but thanks everyone for your comments and pledges!
  Wed. 3/2/11 11:51pm randy in NC:

Seeing them this Friday! Pledge!
  Wed. 3/2/11 11:56pm steve:

omg... i turn into a pile of goo every time i hear this song... so good
  Wed. 3/2/11 11:57pm Sybil:

Holly, don't feel too guilty. I didn't mention any of the other DJs I want to praise by pledging. Let me just see your list and I'll raise you Bob Brainen, Stan, Clay Pigeon, Irene, Trouble, Tood-phonic Todd, Joe, Gaylord, ... I'm sure I'm still leaving someone off. A lot of someones.

You know what I miss? Tom S's "intros" to efd's show when it was on Tues. What a great premium they would make.
  Wed. 3/2/11 11:59pm Holly in NC:

@Randy -
If you travel to Durham next week to see A Place to Bury Strangers & Free Electric State - we might meet. Eerie!
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