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February 11, 2011 Options
Somewhere, Ahmad Fouad Negm is smiling
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Options Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Options Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo' Wax 1990)

Suang Santi  4 5 6 Duan Song Thaeo   Options 1 2 3 Duan Song Thaeo
(Not identified )
Onuma Singsiri  Mae Kha Som Tam   Options The Sound of Siam:
Leftfield Luk-Thung, Jazz & Molam in Thailand 1964-1975

(Soundway )

Dao Bandon
I Thui Thing Thung   Options Chan Di Khi Foi
Plearn Promdan  Kosok Tee Det   Options Thai? Dai! The Heavier Side of the Lukthung Underground
(Finders Keepers )
Ruangthong Tonglanthom  La Kon   Options Klua Lom Luang
(Not identified )

Talkover Music:
Thai Elephant Orchestra 
Heavy Logs   Options Thai Elephant Orchestra
(Mulatta 2000)

Satwa  Valsa dos Cogumelos   Options Satwa
(Rosemblit 1973)
Antonio Adolfo e a Brazuca  Panorama   Options Antonio Adolfo e a Brazuca
(EMI 1971)
Olivia Byington  Água e Vinho   Options Corra o Risco
(Continental 1978)
Vinicius Cantuária  Aracajú   Options Tucumã
(Verve 1999)
Ataulfo Júnior  Pra Sempre Adeus   Options

O Herdeiro
Sou Eu

(Polydor 1969)
Cassiano  Já   Options Imagem e Som
(RCA 1971)

Talkover Music:
Nino Rota 
The Clowns (Part 2)   Options The Clowns
(CAM 1970)

Valerie Capers  Odyssey   Options Portrait in Soul
(Atlantic 1966)
Bob Brookmeyer / Jim Hall /
Jimmy Raney 
Hot Buttered Noodling   Options The Streetswingers
(World Pacific 1957)

Dennis González
Hymn for Julius Hemphill   Options No Photograph Available
(Clean Feed 2003)

Talkover Music:
Charanjit Singh 
Raga Kalavati   Options Synthesizing: Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat
(EMI 1982)

Dzhavanshir Kuliyez  Selections from the film's score...   Options

Ashik Kerib
(none )

Talkover Music:
Strobe's Satori Beats   Options Sai-So
(Sony Japan 1999)

Kikui Sugimoto  Kadotsuke: Kawaigaranse   Options n/a
(no label )
Meiko Kaji  Minami Kaze (Southern Winds)   Options Zenkyokushu
(Teichiku Japan )
Maki Asakawa  Since I Was Little   Options Asakawa Maki No Sekai
(EMI 1970)
Mika Nohira  Nikui Aitsu   Options Nippon Girls:
Japanese Pop, Beat, & Bossa Nova 1966-70
(Big Beat 1969)
Masato Minami  Aoi Omokage   Options Kaikisen (The Tropics)
(BMG 1971)
Yoko Ono  Hirake   Options Fly
(Apple 1969)
Minami Saori  Young Travelers   Options n/a
(no label )

Talkover Music:
Obeng Ungu & Jalan Buntu 
Rabu: Sakit Tangani   Options 1951: Sumatran Ladies Wearing Hats Outlawed by Government
(Hot Air 2001)

Charles Bradley  The World (Is Going Up in Flames)   Options No Time for Dreaming
(Dunham 2011)
The Stark Reality  Junkman's Song   Options The Stark Reality Discovers Hoagy Carmichael's Music Shop
(AJP 1970)
Marvin Whoremonger  Funky Heaven (pt. 1)   Options Mark III
(Blacklite 1976)
Nathaniel Mayer w/ the Fortune Braves  I Want Love and Affection (Not the House of Correction)   Options b/w From Now On
(Fortune 1966)
Boscoe  He Keeps You   Options Boscoe
(Kingdom of Chad 1973)
Chubby Checker  Stoned in the Bathroom   Options Goes Psychedelic!!
(Underground Masters )
Magnum  Your Mind   Options Fully Loaded
(Phoenix 1974)
Black Merda  My Mistake   Options Long Burn the Fire
(Janus 1972)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Options I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  8:31am annie:

  8:35am Drummer Some:

Ah, you are smiling now. Just wait until your face sees all the fun your ears are having. So jealous!
  8:39am annie:

yay!!.. i'll listen until i'm dragged away to help set up for a party. huge bash tomorrow and i've been impressed into service
  8:44am Drummer Some:

Well it will be my esteemed pleasure to make you as late as possible!
  8:52am ?:


Make that a double!!
  8:53am Drummer Some:

I'll have we s/he's drinking!
  8:53am annie:

ok, i've officially turned the station to the stream, now i'm fully engaged in the drummer experience
  8:58am Bob:

I'm so spoiled by the Internet part of the show... who's this playing now? The latin vibes thing?
  9:00am Drummer Some:

It is Bobby Hutcherson's "Yuko" off the album Montara (Blue Note, 1975)
  9:05am glenn:

oooooh. dig that crazy beat, hipsters.
  9:08am Hugo:

Only cool cats around here, two-legged and four-legged.
  9:12am Drummer Some:

Speaking of our four-footed friends, read this wonderful eulogy for dog Stella written by WMFU volunteer extraordinaire (and board-op for my Tuesday show) Amanda:
  9:13am dc pat:
  9:14am Hugo:

Aroi mak mak!
  9:16am tr;sh:

Mirage or oasis? I tasted a whiff of spring in my last sip of coffee this morn. I think it must be the shift in sunlight since it's a brisk -14°C.
  9:16am Drummer Some:

Aroi mak mak:
  9:20am Jon:

I thirst.
  9:20am tr;sh:

RIP Stella.
  9:20am Drummer Some:

Ha! It's a balmy 16°F here.
  9:22am tr;sh:

Balmy! Sounds nice.
Temps are on the rise. That's springy.
  9:24am glenn:

-16 celsius (3 fahrenheit) in tronna today.
  9:25am dc pat:

Rumsfeld got the Defender of the Constitution Award. Do Republicans know what the Constitution is?
  9:27am Paul Sherratt:

Sayonara, Stella !
  9:27am Hugo:

Foreground the background!
  9:36am Brian in UK:

@glenn and todays joke is?
  9:37am Tom:

DC Pat - It was a Republican convention, so it's kind of a meaningless award. Sort of like employee of the month - everyone gets a turn sooner or later -- it's not like you're going up against employees from other companies.
  9:37am glenn:

they know what the constitution is. they just choose to ignore it when it doesn't serve their purposes. right wingers everywhere are all the same.
  9:38am listener james from westwood:

Whoo, sorry I'm late. We had to move our cars out of the parking lot so they can bring in a dump truck to remove the many layers of snow.
  9:38am Hugo:

I thought I heard a mention of somtam. Also known as papaya pok pok. Can be VERY hot!

Do try the chicken coconut soup as well - tom kha gai - my first selection at any Thai restaurant.
  9:39am jill:

morning all & Mr. Doug-
here's a link to "Random Lunacy" the documentary about Poppa Neutrino and the Flying Neutrinos:
  9:39am glenn:

no jokes yet. need life affirming coffee first.
  9:40am Brian in UK:

Had the wonderful Malaysia Singapore Laksa no so long ago. A meal in one.
  9:40am dc pat:

Tom: yeah but still... It just proves they don't give a flying fuck about what the constitution actually says, they just want to put it on a flagpole and march around with it.
  9:41am Hugo:

Rummy and the Constitution - a case of cognitive dissonance?
  9:42am Brian in UK:

The only good right winger is a footballer. At least in this country and they are a dying breed.
  9:43am listener james from westwood:

In Dungeons & Dragons terms, Rummy probably has a higher Constitution than No-Heart Cheney, but lower than Dubya (all that mountain-biking and responsibility-dodging).
  9:44am dc pat:

Brian: right on--that was my position..until coach realized I could use my left foot too so they put me on the other side. been there ever since.
  9:45am Valerie:

Good morning, from Pennsylvania.
  9:45am Drummer Some:

I don't like gin and I hate Rummy, but gin rummy? Party!
  9:46am glenn:

can you say soccerer? instead of footballer, i mean.
  9:46am Drummer Some:

Welcome aboard Valerie! I'm in Pittsburgh. Open your window and maybe you can hear me.
  9:48am Valerie:

No way! It's too cold to open up any house orifice!
  9:49am Brian in UK:

@glenn you can sorcerer for the greats like Pele & Zidane!
  9:52am glenn:

i gotta say it - david beckham is THE most over rated athlete ever. (the british press refer to him and posh as "thick and thin")
  9:53am Brian in UK:

You are so right. He stopped to help a motorist whose car had broke down the other day & it made the papers! Crazy.
  9:54am Tom:

Has Becks succombed to Scientology yet? He seems like such easy prey.
  9:56am Hugo:

Doug - try the Singapore Sling, if you get the chance and you don't have to go to Singapore for it, though I did have one at Goodwood Park (Raffles being closed at the time).
  9:56am Brian in UK:

His agent would not want his cut in this case.
  9:58am Tom:

He had a moment where he was good, but he's been a specialist for a long time and why the likes of the Spurs would want anything to do with him is beyond me. Unless they're just trying to spread the brand.
  9:58am dc pat:

little real football history: the term "soccer" comes from the early days of football when an Association footballer was called a "soccer". So, in the US we're soccers.
  10:01am Tom:

DC Pat throwin down 19th century history. I think there are 3 or 4 other countries where it's soccer - Australia, Canada, S Africa ... would have to look that up though.
  10:02am Brian in UK:

@ dc pat cannot get past the wages in the game these days. Torres on £150,000 weekly. Granted that is top of the range.

Doug the pleasure is all ours.
  10:04am glenn:

definitely soccer in canada.
  10:04am Drummer Some:

Thanks DC Pat! I was just revealing my ignorance of the term soccer to my daughter. When I answered her query with "I don't know," she gave me such a pitiable look. (What the hell good am I then.) Now I can speak truth to power.
  10:06am jill:

Val - you are all about "footie"- that combined with your archival prowess should get some clarity on this... thoughts?
  10:06am glenn:

as long as you don't play anything with vuvuzelas, all is good.
  10:06am dc pat:

yeah, not sure about Torres anymore either--he has flares of excellence but he's whishywashy at best.

Drummer Some: had to look it up myself. It all came about when rugby football and association football diverged on the concept of being able to use hands or not...
  10:07am Brian in UK:

Right now we've cleared that up. CRICKET. The World cup starts next week in the sub continent. I can hear the groans from here!
  10:08am glenn:

this has potential -
  10:09am glenn:

cricket schmicket. spring training starts in two weeks, fo shizzle.
  10:09am Tom:

That Torres deal was ridiculous, based on past glory. Typical Chelsea move.
  10:11am dc pat:

and then there's gaelic football in Ireland but they still call soccer football if I'm not mistaken. I've been told that Irish peops don't really care about's all about gaelic football

I have a new zealand friend who only cares about rugby--Rugby world cup in June
  10:11am Tom:

I wish cricket was on TV in the US, I'd make an attempt to learn it.
  10:12am Brian in UK:

Blackpool are the fun team in the Prem this season.
  10:12am Tom:

Seems like most of the French I meet are more into rugby too, those that are into sports.
  10:12am glenn:

not that there's any point in the pittsburgh pirates even attending spring training. at least pennsylvania has the phillies
  10:13am Brian in UK:

If you get a chance try and watch the Indian Twenty/20 it's on around March. All done in 40 overs.
  10:15am Drummer Some:

Is anyone familiar with the films of Sergei Parajanov? In about 12 minutes, I am going to play a long stretch of music taken from his film Ashik Kerib that will blow your mind. (Info on the film: If you need to grab an OxyContin or have a pee, do it now!
Oof, the truth hurts, Glenn.
  10:16am dc pat:

I still like the spurs but I wish they'd put Keane in one or two last times. I was so pissed that Irish Repub team didn't make the WC.
  10:16am Brian in UK:

Doug, ever played Lol Coxhill or have I been sleeping? I don't mean in a sporting sense!
  10:17am glenn:

i got some oxy after my hernia operation. it's pretty easy to see how people get hooked on the stuff. percocets, too.
  10:17am Brian in UK:

Keane has gone to West Ham.
  10:17am Tom:

Keane is gone now.

I'd watch that Brian but really doubt it's on. I even get plenty of Championship games, and rugby.

Doug turned me on to a great Coxhill album.
  10:18am Hugo:

I second the Lol motion.
  10:20am dc pat:

oops missed that one. I was out of it when all the transfers happened. Well maybe they'll put him on.
  10:22am Tom:

he scored in his first game!
  10:22am dc pat:

jeeze, I HAVE been out of it. see? that's what happens when an amerkin tries to talk premier league....
  10:23am Brian in UK:

@Tom I think he flatters to deceive. Not quite sure what that means!!
  10:23am Valerie:

Sorry, Jill, I was on the phone--actually working!--and missed your call for some archival expertise on real football. But, it's moot now since the question has largely been answered. In other words, I don't know anything more. Besides, I just love the game, whatever it's called!
  10:30am Brian in UK:

Roy Hodgson, new boss of West Brom.
  10:32am Tom:

Was chatting with a friend about that. 3 teams in a year. As a Fulham fan I miss im!
  10:34am Tom:

DC PAt - a lot can happen in a week. Sounds like you're only a week or two behind :)
  10:37am Paul Sherratt:

Football-wise I have a great deal in common with Robbie Williams. Is he known in the US ? ( not as a soccer player ! )
  10:39am dc pat:

Tom: around here, I couldn't take 2 steps without running into some yahoo (or relative) in Pittsburgh Steelers black and gold for the last 2 weeks. I was forced to watch the Stuper Bowl.
  10:43am Tom:

I hear ya Pat, same here. I watched a replay of Barca Atletico from earlier in the day and then turned TV off.

PAul, don't know him.
  10:47am Valerie:

Last summer, my sons and I attended the 1st birthday party of my niece's first child. The party was on the day of the WC final! My sons and I naively thought that they'd have the TV on and other relatives would want to, at least, check in on the match. Like I said, we were naive.
  10:48am glenn:

unfortunately, that was the worst match of the whole world cup.
  10:51am Valerie:

Correct, glenn. We felt compelled to watch it, anyway. My sons were for Netherlands. I wanted Spain.
  10:53am glenn:

i wanted the dutch, also. oh well.
  10:53am Valerie:

So nasty, they were!
  10:53am dc pat:

I'm a Germany fan but Spain clearly deserved it. Xavi is one of my fave players.
  10:54am Christopher:

there is some TERRIFIC stuff over on the Flash Strap blog. Nice find
  10:54am glenn:

oh, drummer........ what's the chances of hearing that great mariachi version of sweet home alabama again?
  10:54am Valerie:

I watched the Germany/Spain match at a pub in Pittsburgh.
  10:55am dc pat:

it has been hypothesized on these comments that the Dutch were gambling that they could get away with murder because it was a final.

By the way, this score is amazing..
  10:56am dc pat:

I second glenn's request. That was an amazing mariachi show.
  11:00am Valerie:

I would love to hear some traditional Hawaiian chanting.
  11:00am dc pat:

ok see ya footballers, soccers, and mariachis
  11:01am Drummer Some:

DC Pat,
Records show that more Pittsburgh Steelers garb is sold than for any other team. Considering that Pittsburgh has a population of, what, 250k, that's pretty amazing. Walking around town here is like being some massive Star Trek convention. EVERYONE is in (black and gold) costume.
  11:01am glenn:

still no jokes. however, i can't recommend this highly enough -
  11:01am Paul Sherratt:

R. Williams is a Port Vale fan and popular singer.
  11:10am Brian in UK:

@Paul What John Peel would call a popular music combo.
  11:12am Paul Sherratt:

Mubarak is neither a Port Vale fan,or now it seems, an Egyptian president
  11:14am Brian in UK:

He's hoping to part the Red Sea
  11:14am Paul Sherratt:

Brian, that is indeed what the late John would have said !
  11:15am Drummer Some:

Hey neocon freaks, how's that spreading democracy in the Middle East thing working' out for ya?
  11:20am Valerie:

I can haz Deemahkrassee?
  11:21am still b/p:

That song was the first piece of Yoko's music I heard in the early 70s. I think I was amazed, amused and aghast.
  11:28am tr;sh:

Music to lunch by, if not football -
Or, brunch to music by.
  11:29am Drummer Some:

You sed it, Val.
  11:37am Drummer Some:

Buh-bye Hosni!

Hey, in the hours and hours of all this coverage, have you once heard a talking head refer to Egypt as an African nation?
  11:42am Valerie:

Don't think so.
  11:42am monica:

hi there, doug. have been enjoying this morning's show big time!
  11:43am Listener Bill:

Egypt is in Africa?!
  11:43am Drummer Some:

Chubby Checker goes psycho(delic), coming up in about 5 minutes.
  11:44am monica:

oh wow! mubarek just stepped down!
  11:46am glenn:

now THAT'S democracy.
  11:46am Drummer Some:

Thanks Monica!
  11:47am Paul Sherratt:

>>just stepped down!

and the army has just stepped up ...
  11:48am monica:

holy hieroglyphics!
  11:50am Drummer Some:

Someone pass the dutchie to Hosni. His mellow has been seriously harshed. (Just don't give him the "good" stuff.)
  11:52am glenn:

this is egypt's world cup victory.
  11:58am Drummer Some:

Tray tables and seat-backs in their original and upright positions, people. We are making our final descent.
  12:00pm Jon:

Man! The Black Merda track kind of sneaks up on you.
  12:00pm Paul Sherratt:

A Chubby Checker was the first record I bought.
But not that one !
  12:01pm Listener Bill:

Egypt is the new Tunisia. What will be the new Egypt?
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