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February 4, 2011 Options
No one here but us, feeding chickens
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Options Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Options Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo' Wax 1990)

Kako y Totico 

Que Quiere la Niña
(Listen: Pop‑up)

Siguen Pa' Lante
y Pa' Lante

(Disco Hit 1972)
Conga de los Hoyos  Apertura   Options Carnival Music of Eastern Cuba
(World Audio Foundation 2009)
Mon Rivera y Su Orquesta  Como Esta Pita   Options Que Gente Averiguá
(Alegre 1961)
Coco Lagos Y Sus Orates  A la Capital   Options Ritma Caliente
(Mag 1970)
Ray Barretto  Search for Vulcan   Options Señor 007
(United Artists 1966)
Carlos "Patato" Valdes & Eugenio "Totico" Arango  En El Callejon   Options Patato & Totico
(Verve 1968)

Talkover Music:
Milt Jackson 
Olinga   Options Olinga
(CTI 1974)

Liu Yun 

Feeding the Chickens
(Listen: Pop‑up)
Pathé 100: The Series #10
(Pathé )
Kuang Yu Ling  Smoke Gets in Your Eyes   Options South Sea Wind
(Pathé )
Yu Fei  Pin a Flower on Your Shirt   Options Pathé 100: The Series #16
(Pathé )
The Four Sisters  Meet in a Dream   Options Pathé 100: The Series #17
(Pathé )

Xiu Qiong Pan
The Spark in My Heart   Options South Sea Wind
(Pathé )
Ye Feng  Street Lamps on a Winter's Night   Options Honk Kong at Night
(Pathé )

Talkover Music:
Joe Henderson (w/Alice Coltrane) 
Water   Options The Elements
(Milestone 1973)

L'Orchestre National Jazz du Dahomey 

Jerk Houelie
(Listen: Pop‑up)
Jerk Houelie
(ISB 1968)
Fax CLark  Findjougou   Options 10 Ans de Chansons 1960-1970
(Fiesta )
The Action 13  Active Action   Options The World Ends:
Afro Rock & Psychedelia In 1970s Nigeria, Part 2
(Soundway )
The Psychedelic Aliens  Gbomei Adesai   Options

Psycho African

(Academy 1970)
Ebo Taylor  Love and Death   Options Love and Death
(Strut 2010)

Talkover Music:
Sonny Simmons 
Cosmic Funk   Options Jewels
(Boxholder 1991)

Charles Mingus & Eric Dolphy 

(Listen: Pop‑up)
In Europe
(Enja 1964)
David Moss/Baird Hersey  Three Fold:
Carpet/Unisons/Phraseology   Options
(Bent 1977)

Underground Duo
Spy on the Floor   Options Boca Negra
(Thrill Jockey 2009)
Frank Lowe & Eugene Chadbourne  The Clam   Options Don't Punk Out
(Emanem 1977)
Lester Bowie & Phillip Wilson  TBM   Options Duet
(Improvising Artists Inc. 1978)

Talkover Music:
Dirty Dozen Brass Band 
Dead Dog in the Street   Options Buck Jump
(Mammoth 1999)


Dustcracks, Bugs
and Roaches
(Listen: Pop‑up)
The Purpose Is the Blues
(ABC 1968)
Ellison  Strawberry Rain   Options Ellison
(Transworld-Supreme 1971)
Stack Waddy  Mystic Eyes   Options Stack Waddy
(Dandelion 1971)
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band  I'm Glad   Options Safe as Milk
(Buddha 1967)
Chris Farlowe  My Colouring Book   Options 14 Things to Think About
(Immediate 1966)

It's a Good World Outside   Options Brown Rain
(Polydor 1970)
Eartha Kitt  Catch the Wind   Options Sentimental Eartha
(Spark 1970)

Talkover Music:
Clifford Coulter 
Big Fat Funky Shirley   Options East Side San Jose
(Impulse! 1970)

Bobby Patterson 

If You Took a Survey
(Listen: Pop‑up)
Soulin', Volume 2
(Moonshine )
Louis Jones  That's Cuz I Love You   Options b/w The Birds Is Coming
(Decca 1963)
Al Reed  99 44/100 Pure Love   Options

b/w Sorry
About That
(Axe 1968)
Zeke Strong & the Ladyettes  I Laugh and Talk (But I Don't Play)   Options b/w Instrumental version
(Miss Lady )
The Soul Sisters  Think About the Good Times   Options I Can't Stand It
(Collectables )
The Kolettes  Just How Much (Can One Heart Take)   Options b/w Who's That Guy
(Barbara 1964)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Options I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  8:54am Brian in UK:

Greetings sir. Please some 'stop the wind & rain music' this Friday. This ofcourse is not the same as sunshine music!
  8:55am Drummer Some:

Allo Brian,
I promise: No songs about the weather...
  8:55am annie:

whew!! i was sweatin' bullets there.. glad to see you have arrived.
  8:57am listener james from westwood:

another friday, another deadline made less harsh by the sweet sound from the steel city. good day to you all!
  8:59am Drummer Some:

Hey LJfW,
If we all pitch it, will that make it any easier? I'm not THAT busy.
  9:01am Brian in UK:

I know someone who's good at tying knots. Will that help, James?
  9:02am glenn:

i have no comment(s). yet.
  9:02am El Thatchmo:

Show us who's boss, boss.
  9:04am Drummer Some:

ET (El Thatchmo), phone homey. Yo whaazzzaaaaap!
  9:06am listener james from westwood:

thanks, doug & brian! the good news is it's mostly done. the anxiety-producing news is, it's the first time i'm writing anything like this. the more critiquing it gets, the better the next one will be, tho. so if i need anything, it would be a bracing drink.
  9:06am Tom:

Yowsah! It's still in the theme music and we've got comments galore. Allo all!
  9:09am Drummer Some:

You gotta get up oily to squeak before some of these other squeaky wheels. SMooth rolling from here.
  9:11am Paul Sherratt:

So, no ' Rain & Snow ' this week ?
  9:13am texas scott:

another snow day!
get to listen from home.
Greetings Doug and co.
  9:13am lisa from Brooklyn:

Hey Doug- hi to Jess and Lincoln. Got on at last, but music from my phone only! It's getting harder to get drummer some live at work- they must be blocking more. Don't they know you help me THINK!?
  9:13am Drummer Some:

Parishioners slide over. Brother Paul Sherratt has arrived at the pew.
  9:14am Drummer Some:

Hi Texas snowman! Hi Lisa. How's merry old Brooklyn?
  9:15am Brian in UK:

Amen to that.
  9:22am Drummer Some:

Next up is an AMAZING Ray Barretto record I just stumbled on for the first time: a 1966 album of James Bond soundtrack tunes called "Señor 007." How freaking cool is that?
  9:23am listener james from westwood:

very freakin' cool is what I say ...
  9:25am listener james from westwood:

that flute riff was from "thunderball," I think, if my connery-era bond knowledge hasn't decayed....
  9:26am Drummer Some:

You are CORRECT sir!
  9:30am listener james from westwood:

ahhhhh, my parents raised me right (on a diet of soundtracks!). gracias!
  9:31am lisa from Brooklyn:

Merrily crunchy. Not to speak of the weather.
  9:37am Drummer Some:

I miss the crunch of Brooklyn.I'm still pissed about not being there for the tornado last October.
  9:41am Tom:

That tornado was the most bizarre weather I've witnessed since living in NYC.
  9:43am Drummer Some:

OK, now you're just rubbing it in.
  9:46am Tom:

Hahah! No really, not my intention ... but I'm telling you, the sky turned 8 different shades and there was an end of the world feel in the air ... ok, now I'm rubbing it in!
  9:49am Drummer Some:

Curse you Tom. Nothing makes me miss "home" like extreme weather.
  9:50am Tom:

Will Drummer Some be partaking in the Burg's Super Bowl festivities this weekend?
  9:50am marcury:

Good Morning all! Unfortunately must leave for work soon.
  9:51am Drummer Some:

Hi Marcury. Work? What is that? Please explain.
  9:52am marcury:

A place I go to sell my precious time for far too little money.
  9:55am Hugo:

Work is listening to the Drummer Some in my office on a Friday afternoon ...
  10:01am Drummer Some:

Well, Hugo, I've got a lot more for your in-box!
  10:02am marcury:

Hugo your a lucky man. Currently there isn't even a radio in the kitchen I work in.
  10:08am Paul Sherratt:

Sorry but I just had to find an image of Fax Clark
  10:09am Hugo:

Well, it's strictly past work hours over here, but a good start to the weekend to hang in there for a few hours more; quiet inside, raining outside, no snow at all.
  10:09am marcury:

Hey, Nixon in China premiered at the Met Weds night. It's these "little" things I miss the most about the city.
  10:12am Drummer Some:

For my wife Jessie's birthday, I am taking her back to NYC to see Nixon in China! She, of course, saw the original.
  10:13am annie:

i'm here, honestly.. listening and doing some fuming, so it's best i'm quiet... great show so far mr drummer
  10:14am marcury:

It's playing up here in HD nest Saturday, but of course I will be t work.
  10:14am Leigh:

Bonjour Doug. Tornado was overrated.
  10:16am Drummer Some:

Thanks, Leigh. That makes me feel better.

Smiles, Annie.
  10:17am Leigh:

  10:18am Leigh:

as in - a shame?
  10:19am Drummer Some:

This is a NEW record from a now 74-year-old Ebo Taylor. Amazing!

Leigh: L'chaim as in "to life" in Hebrew. (Did I spell it wrong?)
  10:19am marcury:

Leigh, it means to life.
  10:19am Wicked Witch of the East:

Never underrate a twister...
  10:20am Leigh:

ah, ok!
  10:20am marcury:

Well, I'm off. Stay tuneful!
  10:21am jill:

impressive multi-tasking, Drummer
  10:21am ttrs:

Great to hear. 74 and new is great to read, too.
  10:22am Drummer Some:

Wicked Witch, I feel I should play some Twisted Sister. (By the way, what a fucking great band name was THAT?!)
  10:28am glenn:

steven wright kills me. "i was walking down the street and my contact lens prescription ran out".
  10:28am Wicked Witch of the East:

Even I shudder when I think about Dee Snider having his teeth filed for more fearsome appearance.
  10:32am more steven:

"The first time I read the dictionary I thought it was a poem about everything."
  10:32am Tom:

I was pretty young when Twisted Sister were around but man, they seemed rough and tumble. Now they come across as more Winnie the Pooh.
  10:32am annie:

anybody know what to do with stewed oranges/grapefruit? i have some cooking, they were hard as rocks..
  10:34am glenn:

marmalade comes to mind. or throw in some blueberries, for a compote -y kind of thing.
  10:36am ttrs:

+ ginger?
  10:36am Truman Compotey:

What kind of thing do you mean?...well, I'll expect a check in any event.
  10:39am Merv:

Damn! Saw this on the Mining post and wasn't sure about it... That's what I get for not trusting the Drummer... Fantastic..
  10:42am glenn:

or there's this.
  10:43am Drummer Some:

Merv is referring to the posting of that "Coessential" record I just played on Mining the Audio Motherlode. You can see it here:
  10:44am jill:

watching evening prayer on the internets in Cairo is pretty amazing...
  10:50am Tom:

Drummer Some breakin the chains and gettin free ... soundin good.
  10:54am Brian in UK:

Just back from the market; big bag of mussels for dinner. Oh yeah. Think it'll be Mussel Shoals with Stax of juice.
  10:54am Hugo:

The Bowie/Wilson duet is excellent, but I'm not sure if it's still available. I have the old vinyl of that one. Get it if you can ...
  10:55am still b/p:

This reminds me of one of the Garifuna tracks I bought after hearing the music on FMU.

I would like chicken stewed in (mildly) spiced orange sauce for lunch! With grilled flatbread.
  10:58am Drummer Some:

Love the Garifuna stuff, still b/p, LOVE it.

Hugo, my old vinyl copy of the Bowie/Wilson is too scratchy to play. I actually found an actual CD release of it a few years back. (Pressed by some outfit in Milano.)

This isn't where I bought it, but you can check this out:
  11:03am Carmichael:

Good morning, Doug, drummers and drummees.
  11:03am annie:

thanks!! love the inspiration! on the culinary and musical aspects
  11:04am Drummer Some:

Hey there Carmichael. Now we have a quorum!
  11:05am Leigh:

totally br00tal set, drummer
  11:07am Carmichael:

Still more Steven: "My high school color was clear ... 'No, I'm not naked, I'm in the marching band.' "
  11:11am Tom:

Drummer - i came back late ... what is the soccer record?
  11:13am Drummer Some:

Tom, I was talking about a record I'll be adding to the web stream this week. It is by Sukafunk of Africa and it's called "Viva Rangers." Here it is:
  11:16am Carmichael:

Doug, you surely know of Jorge Ben's classic "Umbabarauma (Homem Gol)"? The best soccer song I know of.
  11:17am Tom:

Holy moly Drummer Some, that looks amazing. Thanks.

And to bring this full circle, one of the best songs ever written about the sport is the Real Sounds "TORNADOS vs Dynamos"!!
  11:18am Hugo:

Funny you should mention Wuppertal. I have an amateur recording of the Art Ensemble of Chicago playing in a church in Wuppertal in 1995. The most amazing acoustics, akin to the Grace Cathedral in San Francisco.
  11:21am Tom:

Stack Waddy!
  11:23am Drummer Some:

Carmichael, Charlie Lewis just played Umbabarauma on his show yesterday!

Back during the world cup, I did a show with a set dedicated to soccer songs, including that Tornados vs. Dynamos:
  11:26am Carmichael:

Wow, good man, that Charlie!
  11:27am Drummer Some:

Here is the playlist/archive for Charlie's show:
  11:28am mark:

Great show! btw Ambitious Lovers (John Zorn/Peter Scherer) did a decent cover of Umbabarauma.
  11:30am Drummer Some:

I think it is a chemical impossibility to do a bad cover of Umbabarauma.
  11:31am mark:

oops! I meant Arto Lindsay not Zorn. I have Zorn on my brain today.
  11:32am Leigh:

very decent cover of my coloring book - skeeter davis
  11:34am Drummer Some:

Yes, Leigh, yes! Also Aretha Franklin, Dusty Springfield and even Barbra Streisand.
  11:36am Leigh:

so good
  11:37am Hugo:

Great hearing Stack Waddy. Classic UK garage rock, though largely forgotten ...

When might we hear Third World War? Also early 70s.
  11:38am still b/p:

Give the drummer some steel!
  11:39am Drummer Some:

This Victor Brady is a fascinating character. At least he thinks so. Check out the info on this page (and be sure to scroll down to read Brady's comments):
  11:40am ttrs:

I'm with Victor.
  11:40am Drummer Some:

This Eartha record is posted in this week's Mining the Audio Motherlode (hint hint).
  11:41am annie:

wow, i needed this right now... wonderful
  11:41am Leigh:

of Eartha, what a woman!
  11:41am Drummer Some:

I'm here (hear) for you, Annie.
  11:42am glenn:

followed up with mountain jam?
  11:43am Paul Sherratt:

Phone-call delayed observation .. >>
Beefheart eats the heart out of The Fat Boy, Billy Stewart ?
Grand choice, sir !
  11:43am monica:

what a gem! thanks so much for sharing this one, doug. your show today has been divine.
  11:43am glenn:

remember when dylan ripped poor ol' donovan in don't look back?
  11:51am glenn:

hey doug, this guy has some good stuff.
  11:52am Brian in UK:

This has got a heavy O V Wright vibe
  11:52am Drummer Some:

Thanks Glenn. I'll add it to my RSS reader!
  11:53am Paul Sherratt:

Divine indeed but I think the DJ is now showing off with this last set ...
  11:55am Paul Sherratt:

Brian, that terrific Bobby Patterson had me reaching for a Don Covay collection ...
  11:56am Drummer Some:

Thanks Monica!
Brian, I just uploaded some O.V. Wright to the stream! (His record Memphis Unlimited)
Paul, as you well know, DJing is nothing more or less than showing off. What a pleasure to do so with all you good peoples!
  11:57am Drummer Some:

I know y'all got places to go, but do NOT miss the track by the Kolettes, coming up...
  12:01pm Paul Sherratt:

>>got places to go

Well I'm going to stay upstream of the herd ( no idea what I mean by that really ! )
  12:07pm Brian in UK:

Peerless Doug, off to the kitchen
  12:25pm Paul Sherratt:

Spot on, Brian.
Off to the kitchen too !
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