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January 7, 2011 Options
Song for 7 billion ice worms
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Options Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Options Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo' Wax 1990)

Los Strwck 

Communicame Tu Ritmo
(Listen: Pop‑up)
La Doctoriza
(Kubaney 1971)
Los Holy's  Choque de Vientos   Options

(Electro Harmonix 1967)
Compay Quinto 

El Frutero
Exitos de Oro
St. Vincent's Latinaires  Roasted or Fried   Options Supersound Orchestra
(Soufrière 1972)
Javier Solis  Mañana   Options ¡Que Bonito Es Querer!
(CBS )

(Fruko y Sus Tesos)
Zafra y Molienda   Options El Teso
(Discos Fuentes 1979)
Tito Puente  Matacumbe   Options Tito Puente and His Concert Orchestra
(Tico 1973)

Talkover Music:
St. Vincent's Latinaires 
Roasted or Fried   Options Supersound Orchestra
(Soufrière 1972)

Osaka Monaurail 

Thankful (For What
You've Done)
(Listen: Pop‑up)
Thankful (For What You've Done)
(RDR 2006)
Shibusashirazu Orchestra  Theme of Honda Komuten   Options Dettaramen
(Nutmeg 1993)
Cicala Mvta  Aohige no Yu-Utsu   Options

The Return
of Japanese
Street Music

(Nektar 1997)
Kengo Iuchi  Jiga Soushitsu   Options Inugami To Kachiku
(Kubitsuri 1995)
Yoshio Hayakawa  Motenai Otokotachi no Uta   Options Kakkoii Kotowa Nante Kakkowaruin Darou
(URC 1969)
The Fujii & Fumica  Tom   Options We Pray the Brooze
(Gramophone 2003)

Talkover Music:
Bobby Montez 
Swinging at the "M"   Options Jungle Fantastique!
(Cu-Bop 1958)

Doug Lewis 

Ice Worm Boogie
(Listen: Pop‑up)
Kickin' the Hillbilly
(Collector )
Earney Vandagriff  Swamp Water   Options b/w You Can't Come In
(Rural Rhythm 1955)

If the Truth Was Known   Options b/w I'm Trading You in on a Later Model
(Specialty 1952)
Lou Millet  Shorty the Barber   Options b/w Slip, Slip, Slippin' In
(Republic 1956)
Irvin & Marie Russ  Suits Me   Options b/w Put Those Bony Arms Around Me
(Imperial 1954)
Bill Carter  Shot Four Times   Options Twisted Tales from the Vinyl Wastelands,
Volume 3: Beatin' on the Bars
(Trailer-Park )
Sammy Barnhart  Get Off My Telephone   Options b/w Wedding Bell Waltz
(Okeh 1953)
George Jones  Revenoor Man   Options Thumper Jones: Rock It
(Teenage Heartbreak 1963)

Talkover Music:
Hank Garland 
Lowdown Billy (Billy in the Lowground)   Options Hank Garland & His Sugar Footers
(Bear Family 1950)

Woody Shaw & Anthony Braxton 

Jitterbug Waltz
(Listen: Pop‑up)
The Iron Men
(Muse 1977)
Bob Prince  Avikianis Brasileiras   Options

Outstanding Jazz
Compositions of
the 20th Century

(Columbia 1955)
Joe McPhee Po Music  Violets for Pia   Options Topology
(Hat Hut 1981)
Tony Iglio  Soft Creme   Options Drug Store
(Try )
Lee Konitz  Just Friends   Options Live at the Half Note
(Verve 1959)

Talkover Music:
Marco di Marco Trio 
I Miei Ricordi   Options At the Living Room
(Modern Jazz 1973)

Tele-Jazz de Telemele 

Ko Tooli
(Listen: Pop‑up)
La Fete Au Foutah
(Syliphone 1980)

(Mayaoula Mayoni)
Nely Maman   Options Le Grand
(Disc'Orient )
Nkata Mawewe  Khulumni   Options Shangaan Electro:
New Wave Dance Music From South Africa
(Honest Jon's )

Talkover Music:
Q-Burns Abstract Message 
Feng Huan Chao   Options Feng Shui
(Astralwerks 1998)

Dave Bartholomew 

Shrimp and Gumbo
(Listen: Pop‑up)
Dave Bartholomew 1952-1955
(Chronological Classics 1955)
Earl King  Eating and Sleeping   Options b/w No One But Me
(Specialty 1954)
Warren Lee  Underdog Back Street   Options b/w Just Like A Woman
(Tou-Sea 1967)
Eddie Bo  I Love to Rock and Roll   Options b/w I'll Keep on Trying
(Ace 1958)
Eldridge Holmes  The Book   Options

b/w No Substitute

(Deesu 1969)
Aaron Neville  You Can Give, But You Can't Take   Options b/w Where Is My Baby
(Bell 1968)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Options I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  8:21am annie:

any king's cake left?
  8:37am Drummer Some:

Don't eat the baby!
  8:44am annie:

someone asked me yesterday what happens if the baby jesus gets cut in half?
  8:49am Drummer Some:

There'd be Hell to pay.
  8:53am texas scott:

sufferin' succotash.what's all this talk about cake?

howdy, annie and doug.
how's it hangin'?
  8:55am Drummer Some:

Let me shake your hand, Mr. Dangerous!
  8:57am david:

hi. I'm here for the eternal youth. who do I see about that?
  8:57am texas scott:

tanks alot,drummer.

one of these days,you're gonna want me for that stream of yours.but I got a ways to go.
  8:58am Drummer Some:

David, dip your hands in the bucket and start the ritual annointment.
  9:02am Drummer Some:

Starting off today's show with the greatest Mexican farfisa 'n' fuzz bands evah!
  9:04am annie:

ts, it will be so nice to hear your golden voice emanating from texas
  9:05am annie:

will you be setting up an email notice, soon, for your current show? fb feeds travel too fast for me to notice your announcements
  9:07am David Herskovits:

Great morning to you Doug. Brooklyn misses you and thank heavens we get at least little some from Pittsburgh.
  9:09am Drummer Some:

David H! So great to see (er, read) you! We have a beautiful Target Margin poster hanging in our kitchen.
  9:09am david:

You're obviously not a black metal fan, Doug. That's not too unpronounceable.
  9:13am charlie:

oh, man, I love Los Holy's
  9:14am David Herskovits:

Aw shucks. Believe me, when I am inside a building on Friday morning, I am with you! We miss Lincoln's fastball.
  9:15am Drummer Some:

I like metal of all the colors of the rainbow. I have a dream ...
...when we allow freedom ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children, black metal kids and rockers, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old spiritual: Cradle of Filth Rules!
  9:16am Randy:

Morning everyone!
  9:17am Drummer Some:

David H,
Lincoln's lost a little on her fastball. It's her knuckle curve that's wowing the scouts down here.

Hey Randy!
  9:19am Randy:

Zander's fastball on the other hand......
  9:20am Jack:

G'morning Doug et al...
  9:21am Drummer Some:

I don't know about you, but Blyleven nevered seemed Hall of Famish to me.
  9:22am Bob:

Doug: something about the "Roasted or Fried" groove has me waiting for your voice to interrupt it--it sounds so much like the kind of thing you like to use for talkover music between sets.
  9:22am Merv:

Bob's got a point there...
  9:24am Drummer Some:

What an interesting observation! I will have to listen again and consult my inner talkover selector.
  9:24am Drummer Some:

Allooo Jack.
  9:26am texas scott:

shake hands with danger is still a work in progress.
i'll facebook ya when more deets come in.
until then,bookmark this!
  9:29am Drummer Some:

A little excursion to the island nation of Japan coming up next. But first, one more KILLER track, from Tito Puente.
  9:32am Paul Sherratt:

I was thinking of getting a coffee going on the stove - but I'm not sure I need one after this Tito Puente !
  9:35am trs:

Ahh, a feed that doesn't choke. Pasted for sometime. (Thanks to Annie and TScott)
  9:36am trs:

Some time, later.. soon. Some time.
  9:36am david:

testicles of the music world. you have such a way with descriptions! ha!
  9:40am annie:

thanks mr danger. when you come out this way, i'll introduce you to a young 7-year-old i know whose name is Danger, for real
  9:41am David Herskovits:

Heya Randy! I am intermittent this am but so happy to see you.
  9:41am texas scott:

no,thank you,annie and sometimes trs
  9:42am annie:

... and so added to the feed, thanks so much TS!
  9:44am still b/p:

Sections of the Tito track brought one of Mulatu Astatke's most often heard tracks to mind. Any linkage in there ennywhar?
  9:45am Drummer Some:

still b/p:
Found this online:

"Astatke left Ethiopia in 1958, aged 15, to study at Lindisfarne College, near Wrexham in Wales. “I was supposed to be an aeronautical engineer, but then I realised I had to be a musician – my parents were not at all happy.” In the holidays he would go to London and hang out with older jazz musicians like Jamaican-born Joe Herriot. “There was a wonderful club in Soho called the Metro. Quite a lot of Nigerians and Ghanaians were there, playing their music. I used to sometimes sit in playing congas. Even then, I thought, why doesn’t anybody know Ethiopian music?”
He trained at Trinity College in London and then Berklee in Boston, before coming to New York, where he saw Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie at the jazz clubs, and the likes of Tito Puente at the mythic Palladium Club."
  9:51am Drummer Some:

The mad geniuses of Shibusashirazu are NOT making the wildest music in this set. Keep listening...
  9:56am Hugo:

More or less the Shibusashirazu signature tune, this one. Ive seen them in action which really is essential to appreciate them fully. Thrilling visual experience, to say the least.
  9:57am Merv:

Can't say how much I appreciate getting turned on to this Cicala Mvta album-- definitely in my top ten new-to-me albums from last year...
  9:58am Drummer Some:

We all have Hugo to thank, for he turned me onto Shibusashirazu—and sent me a 3-disc live set. Triple wow! Thanks Brother H.
  10:00am Drummer Some:

I provided a link to a page about the Cicala Mvta record. To save you the trouble, here is the meatiest part of the description:

"Chindon is one of the stranger musical combinations in the world. It comes from both the street music and avant garde jazz scenes in Japan, defying the conformity of tradition and yet reveling in the connections to it. This brass/woodwinds based music merges jazz, klezmer, brass band, Japanese folk (and anything else it can get its hands on), into a wonderfully twisted and always surprising hybrid, unique unto itself."
  10:05am Christopher:

loving all this Japanese stuff!
  10:05am Hugo:

Yep, I got that one at the concert I attended. Love this Japanese set. The Japanese take it as far as you think it will go, and then one step further.
  10:08am Christopher:

damn did this guy study in the delta?
  10:09am Paul Sherratt:

I was hoping there'd be a welcome play for The Fujii !!
  10:10am Drummer Some:

You're all over it, Christopher. This guy Fuji was long a busker, playing his lap steel on the streets of London!
  10:10am charlie:

cool set going here!
  10:11am Hugo:

Rovery titre of this one ...
  10:15am Paul Sherratt:

Paul Shearsmith was also an architect - worked on a local school in Nantwich, Cheshire.And what BBC radio airplay Fujii had was directly as a result of this GTDS programme ..
  10:16am Carmichael:

Good morning and happy payday, everyone.
  10:21am Dickdong:

Hi Paul Sherratt. We've had this converstion before. I was a student at Leeds School of Architecture at the same time as Paul. We are still in touch. See the Echo City website to see what he's been up to.
  10:21am Drummer Some:

Hiya Carmichael, I (still) need a job before I can git a payday.
  10:22am Drummer Some:

Well Paul and Dickdong, give my best to Mr. Shearsmith!
  10:23am Paul Sherratt:

Dick - thanks for reminder about the website - couldn't remember it !


Got any Wilf Carter ( Montana Slim ) to hand ? - he's another Ice Worm man !
  10:28am Christopher:

love that old twangy guitar tone. so delicious.
  10:28am Carmichael:

Sorry for the unintentional dig Doug. Perhaps you still have a GubMint payday?
And if you got any of that ol' Dick Curless hangin' around, that would be muy bueno.
  10:31am Drummer Some:

No sweat Carmichael. It's my own damn fault for gittin' laid off. Dick Curless isn't handy. Hope this Bill Carter is scratching your itch.
  10:32am Carmichael:

My God, a voice double! Thanks Doug.
  10:40am Fujitsu the Speaking Fax Machine:

G'day Mr Some. Enjoying the tunes. Could this be the year for the big rock'n roll push? Rockabilly, Hillbilly call it what you will.
  10:44am Paul Sherratt:

Doug 'n all,
Wilf Carter with his nesting worms song>
  10:47am Drummer Some:

Oy oy Fujitsu,
Yes, let 2011 be the Year of Twang.

Ok, peeps, let's see who can find the most "worm" songs. Meet back here in 15 minutes.
  10:48am Carmichael:

I just know the Glow Worm Cha Cha.
  10:50am annie:

Chinese year of the worm?
  10:51am Bob:

It doesn't have to be a worm. After the boogying ice worm and the waltzing jitterbug, any extremely small dancing creature will do.
  10:52am Carmichael:

"There was a little Spanish flea ...."
  10:53am Drummer Some:

Here's what I got so far (don't make me do all the work):

Cornflakes Freaks - Suck my worm
Cannibal Corpse - Worm Infested
The Yobs - The Worm Song
D.R.U.G.S. - Mr. Owl Ate My Metal Worm
3 Inches of Blood - Sect of the White Worm
Grinderman – Worm Tamer
Through The Sparks: Worm Moon Waning
Hermanos Guzanos - I'm a Worm
Butthole Surfers – Independent Worm Saloon
Sleven – Worm Hole
Jimmy McGriff - The Worm
Dinosaur Jr - Zombie Worm
The Android Angel – Glow Worm
The Monroe Transfer - Take A Worm For A Walk Week
Johnny MOELLER And Paul SIZE - Return Of The Funky Worm
Barry J. Northern - The Fable of the Slow-worm
Wu-Tang Clan/Mr. Oizo - Shaolin Worm Attack
  10:55am Paul Sherratt:

Mills Bros, Coltrane, Danny Kaye ...
  11:07am Drummer Some:

This next one, by Tony Iglio, is a real mystery. I posted it on this week's Motherlode.

  11:12am david:

no ohio players on that worm list?
  11:13am Paul Sherratt:

Is this the chap ?

Ice worms, Iglios ...
  11:14am charlie:

nice. just downloaded the tony iglio.
  11:15am Drummer Some:

Can you unearth any additional info on it? I haven't found much. Iglio was (is?) an Italian saxophonist, but I don't know much more...
  11:18am Hugo:

Don't do this at home:
  11:24am Hugo:

I told you so:
  11:25am Fujitsu the Speaking Fax Machine:

Does Mory Kante come from Guinea?
  11:27am Drummer Some:

Yup. Born in Kissidougou.
  11:27am Hugo:

It's a Syliphone! No more needs to be said.
  11:28am Fujitsu the Speaking Fax Machine:

One Pound and one shilling used to make one guinea. That was the rate that racehorses were sold.
  11:29am Fujitsu the Speaking Fax Machine:

Is there a Sensiblephone label?
  11:30am Paul Sherratt:

Gorgeous tele ...
  11:32am Drummer Some:

Thanks Paul, that's the one! That record is available here:
  11:33am Randy:

what a great track!
  11:34am raissa:

diggin the sounds doug! happy new year
  11:36am Drummer Some:

Hi Raissa, so great to hear from you!
  11:38am Paul Sherratt:

Fujitsu t SFM
There's this :
  11:38am Drummer Some:

Yes, Randy, yes. Is it possible to be depressed when hearing this?
  11:41am Hugo:

Nice one, Paul. Here are some more favourites:
  11:42am Fujitsu the Speaking Fax Machine:

Good work. But what about bespectacled types?
  11:47am Fujitsu the Speaking Fax Machine:

Mr Some, got downwind of this one from the brothers at Honest Jons?
  11:48am monica:

lovely soundtrack for all the big fat snowflakes floating over new york now. onward and upward, doug!
  11:48am Lisa from Brooklyn:

Feels like a reunion here Doug, Randy, David H. Great music to work to here in NYC and watching the flakes fall. Yep, getting a lot done! Glad we getr some Pittsburgh in NY!
  11:49am Paul Sherratt:

>>But what about bespectacled types

Fujitsu, I wouldn't be where I am today, without them !
  11:49am Drummer Some:

Hey thanks Monica. Light snow earlier but now positively sunshiney here in the 'Burgh.
  11:50am Fujitsu the Speaking Fax Machine:

I see what you mean!
  11:50am trs:

Great music combined wonderfully as ever. Thanks Doug!
  11:50am Drummer Some:

As ever, a pleasure!
  11:51am Fujitsu the Speaking Fax Machine:

I'm with trs. You've set the bar high for this year already.
  11:53am Paul Sherratt:

>>You've set the bar high for this year already.

My thought too !
  11:53am Hugo:

>>But what about bespectacled types

I might find the door without them ...
  11:54am Paul Sherratt:

The Back Door, Hugo ?
  11:55am Hugo:

Jeez, I'm looking for this one and what do I see?

Look for "Diom Futa".
  11:55am Drummer Some:

Forget setting the bar, let's step to it. Drinks on me!
  11:57am Hugo:

The side doors are the toughest ...
  11:57am still b/p:

Drinks with an ice worm in the bottom of the bottle?
  11:59am Fujitsu the Speaking Fax Machine:

What's the difference twixt a buffalo & a bison?
  12:00pm Fujitsu the Speaking Fax Machine:

You can't rollerskate in a buffalo herd.
  12:04pm Paul Sherratt:

Show 3251 is beautiful sight, Hugo.

Warren Lee, not lacking in confidence was he !
  12:31pm mike cooper:

Happy New Year Doug ;-)))
  12:35pm Drummer Some:

Thanks Mike, all the best to you and yours.
  12:42am Alan:

Tony Iglio is my father-in-law. He is a well known conductor, composer, arranger hailing from Naples Italy. He has put out many, many albums. His work spans from jazz, to pop, to traditional Italian music. He has two songs featured in Martin Scorcese's Mean Streets.
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