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Every show starts with the ’70s! We’ll rediscover forgotten rockers, revisit unfairly maligned disco beats and replay power-pop favorites. Next: plenty of new releases, occasional live bands and more. Don’t let the nickname confuse you.

Wednesdays 9pm - Midnight (EDT) | On WFMU (Info) | 91.1, 90.1, 91.9 FM & wfmu.org
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Wed. Oct 16th, 9pm - Midnight: Singles Going Seventies! (More info...)
Wed. Oct 23rd, 9pm - Midnight: A salute to New York Rocker (More info...)
Wed. Oct 30th, 9pm - Midnight: Stag plays live (More info...)

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Artist Track Album Label Year Comments New Approx. start time
hustler  jack the lad   Options high street  a&m  1974      0:00:00 ()
tomoyasu hotei  battle without honor or humanity   Options va-kill bill vol. 1 soundtrack  maverick  2003      0:05:01 ()
adam warrock  absolute truth   Options the war for infinity      learn all about Adam WarRock  *   0:07:02 ()
blondie  fan mail   Options plastic letters  chrysalis        0:11:08 ()
japanther  she's the one   Options rock & roll ice cream  wantage usa      *   0:13:42 ()
the brought low  blow out your candles   Options third record  smallstone    playing tomorrow night as part of Dean Rispler's 3-Day Rock-n-Roll Birthday Blowout!  *   0:17:27 ()
wire  outdoor miner   Options chairs missing  restless retro  1977  come on, how could I *NOT* play this?    0:22:00 ()
tom scharpling  various introductions to the evan "funk" davies show   Options best show on wfmu          0:23:47 ()
cheap time  showboat   Options fantastic explanations (and similar situations)  in the red      *   0:37:49 ()
the megacools  weird dreams are crazy   Options 7"          0:41:19 ()
ken lockie  train of events   Options 7"  virgin  1981  formerly of Cowboys International    0:47:10 ()
belle & sebastian  i didn't see it coming   Options write about love  matador      *   0:50:35 ()
black angels  river of blood   Options phosphene dream  blue horizon      *   0:55:00 ()
paul collins  hurting's on my side   Options king of power pop  alive      *   1:07:16 ()
pleasure kills  hearts run out   Options bring me a match  polypore      *   1:09:44 ()
the parting gifts  (walkin' thru the) sleepy city   Options split 7" with the great gaylord & the condo fucks  norton      *   1:12:08 ()
el-p  secret police man's ball   Options weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3  gold dust    `  *   1:14:00 ()
the posies  plastic paperback   Options blood/candy  ryko      *   1:16:15 ()
the posies  the glitter prize   Options blood/candy  ryko      *   1:19:49 ()
mr. t experience  she's coming (over tonight)   Options revenge is sweet, and so are you  lookout  1997      1:22:48 ()
frankie rose & the outs  girlfriend island   Options s/t  slumberland      *   1:30:05 ()
howlies  yer hell   Options stunned ep        *   1:32:11 ()
roxy music  trash2   Options 7"  polydor uk  1979  yipes, surface noise special! (with apologies to Joe McGasko)    1:34:31 ()
kelley stoltz  rock & roll with me   Options to dreamers  sub pop      *   1:37:22 ()
emeralds  march of the mule   Options serpent bodies cd ep  ggnzla      *   1:40:34 ()
don drysdale  shine on, baseball moon   Options today's army presents don drysdale's bullpen  headquarters us army recruiting command   

the heartwarming story of Nippy Jones and the "shoeshine pitch." Thanks commenteer E.L. for the link to the cover image.
  1:45:55 ()
scattered order  astro pants   Options adjust the terminology  klanggalerie      *   2:03:38 ()
vaselines  i hate the 80s   Options sex with an x  sub pop      *   2:18:54 ()
electric six  after hours   Options zodiac  metropolis      *   2:22:31 ()
the super vacations  ask a comb   Options thicker milk  whole ghost      *   2:24:29 ()
superchunk  digging for something   Options majesty shredding  merge      *   2:26:59 ()
              2:30:37 ()
mcfadden's parachute  the girl who stood beneath the tree of life   Options living in the 4th dimension  peterfonda      *   2:38:05 ()
the fitt  apollo   Options when the fitt hit the shan  deadfinger      *   2:40:39 ()
tone tank & scott thorough  plastic gangsters   Options scott & tone  modern shark      *   2:42:13 ()
gruppo sportivo  girls never know   Options more mistakes 7" ep  sire  1979      2:44:52 ()
the sights  take & take   Options most of what follows is true  alive      *   2:48:19 ()
the db's  ups & downs   Options repercussion  albion  1981      2:50:56 ()
magic kids  sailin'   Options memphis  true panther    (not THAT "Sailin'") (or that one.)  *   2:54:00 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 10/13/10 9:03pm Kendall!:

  Wed. 10/13/10 9:07pm cheri:

whats happing efd??? is everything groovy?? looking forward to a far out show,,,but since halloween is just around the corner could you play some halloween tunes tonite?? thnx evan
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:11pm Mike East:

This guy really likes comics
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:12pm efd:

Mike, you don't know the half of it.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:12pm efd:

No Halloween tunes tonight Cheri, sorry.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:13pm listener james from westwood:

heh, is it coincidence or the stars that i'm hearing blondie @ the same time i'm reading about a william s. burroughs documentary?
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:14pm E.L.:

What about Columbus Day? Too late?
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:16pm efd:

I've got one "contextual" record up my sleeve, and it's not Columbus Day or Halloween related.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:18pm efd:

James, I'm going to file that under "coincidence."
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:18pm Dean Rispler:

Hi, Evan! Please please please announce my weekend of ridiculous rock-n-roll at Trash Bar starting tomorrow. Thanks!!!
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:19pm Dean Rispler:

And thanks for playing my old band, The Brought Low, who are plying tomorrow at Trash, too!
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:19pm Chris Sims:

Hearing Adam Warrock on WFMU is never going to not be awesome.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:20pm efd:

That's one reason I'm playing the Brought Low in the first place, Dean! Happy early birthday!
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:20pm cheri:

evan tell me something,,do you think i've changed and matured since i got rid of my stupid personas??
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:20pm R I S K Y:

big ups to japanther, from one dude to another dudes!
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:20pm Dean Rispler:

Thank you, Evan! You rule!
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:20pm lex dexter:

Not for nothing, but cueing up some Dwight Twilley'd surely fit right in with any of our national holidays. - QuadP
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:23pm cheri:

dean,,evan is the king of the airwaves!!!
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:24pm lex dexter:

One of the top 5 Wire cuts ever? Bien sur.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:25pm john:

Hey Evan! Great call on Wire. I was hoping the "contextual" record would be, say, The Baseball Project, though the problem with the otherwise wonderful "Don't Call Them Twinkies" is that they just went out of their way to prove that maybe we should.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:25pm t-co:

nice set
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:25pm Dean Rispler:

Cheri - I know. I have always known that. But it's always good to hear it from someone else.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:25pm Chris Sims:

That interview with Ray J was a classic, Evan.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:28pm Joe B:

it's not New York Mining Disaster 1941 is it?
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:28pm efd:

I still can't believe his publicist went through with it!
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:28pm efd:

Joe, I was holding that in reserve just in case something went wrong.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:28pm Joe B:

that's what I get for looking at playlist while I can't listen at work!
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:31pm Danne D:

Hi Funk Fans :) Leaving work now :( Will get to start really listening midway to the show.

Cheri's in charge until I get back ;)
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:33pm WF:

OH man I missed Japanther and Sharpling intros! BOOO! I should really just buy that Japanther album.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:33pm Dean Rispler:

You totally rule. Thanks!!!
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:37pm Derek B:

Evenin' all.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:37pm cheri:

you don't think i've changed evan??
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:39pm R I S K Y:

big ups to japanther, from one dude to another dudes!
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:40pm Skirkie:

I for one enjoyed that opening set to no end. The Scharpling thing was tremendous.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:41pm efd:

thanks, Joe! Greetings, Derek!

Cheri, I think there's one persona that's still lingering...
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:44pm efd:

I guess this song still would have worked at 45rpm.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:46pm cheri:

evan tell me what persona is that? i could change it,
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:46pm Derek B:

  Wed. 10/13/10 9:50pm E.L.:

Has any WFMU DJ ever done a full show of songs at the wrong speed? I know it's disrespectful of the musicians but I have to say I enjoyed the clapping montage at the end of Liz Berg's marathon premium. I'm not much of a WFMU historian— has it been done?
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:55pm minnesota jeff:

EFD: You're a Red Sox fan correct? Anti-Yankees?
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:56pm efd:

E.L., I don't know of any shows like that but that doesn't mean it hasn't happened!

MN Jeff, correct -- I was sorry to see the Twins lose, and I'm rooting for the Rangers.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:57pm JT:

it you did a wrong speed show it would have to be plausible, not just b/c. for instance, SCG have put out a 7" with once side 45rpm and the other 33, but not labelled. lots of 12 singles would apply, too.

you could also play 78rpm at other, etc. and also play deliberately wrong-speeded songs (by the artists) at other wrong speeds.

it's not a bad idea if done right. sounds like a lot of work. but great for halloween.

i played litanies of satan at 33rpm and it was even more awesome, for example.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:58pm Dean Rispler:

Totally diggin' this Black Angels. Can't wait to see them with Black Mountain in November.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:59pm minnesota jeff:

EFD: Just want a make sure because I don't think I can stand much of anything Pro-Yankee anymore. That playoff series made me just want to puke. It was the Twins own fault for being so f-ing intimidated, its getting so maddening losing to the Yankee machine being forced to face them all the time because of the damn AL East.
  Wed. 10/13/10 9:59pm cheri:

evan just to let you know that cheri is my real name,,
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:01pm WF:

The curse of Carl Pavano
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:05pm Skirkie:

I have an awesomely terrible Phillies disco 45 If you ever find the need to need it.
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:07pm Disco Stu:

Make it all disco, man!
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:07pm Taylor:

Do you dare doing a total funk 7" set a la Chemist & Shadow? Why not, I say.
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:16pm Dibble-Dabble:

How's about all instrumental "45s?
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:22pm Andrew Burt:

All powerpop 7 inches might be the way to go.
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:23pm efd:

Duly noted, Andrew!
D-D, that's an interesting idea but I'm not sure if I'd like 3 hours of instrumentals.
Taylor, your idea might be a little outside my skill set.
Disco Stu, that's a possibility!
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:27pm cheri:

evan--in all seriousness do you think all my old monikers were really lame?
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:29pm E.L.:

I'd love to see an idiosyncratic efd set that centered around a theme as vague as movies, baseball, or even the telephone. Anything really. See how far you could stretch it.
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:30pm Census Dept.:

You mean such as Duchess Cheri de Tejas Scott?
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:30pm Skirkie:

Written by Mick Jagger but recorded by someone else at first. But then later by the Stones, or something.
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:31pm Joe B:

@ Skirkie : Gene Pitney
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:32pm Joe B:

I am wrong, I was thinking of That Girl Belongs To Yesterday
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:32pm Skirkie:

You mean written by or recorded by?
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:33pm Skirkie:

Oh, cause I think it was Mighty Avengers with the original release, but I'm actually just getting all this from Mike Sin's archive.
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:35pm Joe B:

Yeah, I was thinking Gene Pitney recorded it, but he recorded the Jagger/Richard tune That Girl Belongs To Yesterday
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:36pm E.L.:

What about a 45 for every letter of the alphabet? is there time? Or in numerical order even if you skipped some digits. Any songs with numbers in order.

Just throwing stuff out there.
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:39pm cheri:

well on that note efd i'm gonna head out now,,,as always i'll keep on listening,,,,i'll bb next week,
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:40pm cheri:

it's been fun evan!!!
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:41pm efd:

goodnight cheri!
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:41pm efd:

E.L., your ideas sound like a lot of work! :D
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:42pm Dean Rispler:

Thanks for another great show, Evan. I do hope to see you (and you, Joe B!) sometime this weekend. I have to go practice some Candy Snatchers songs - just found out I will be playing some bass with them. xoxoxoxo
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:45pm Joe B:

Kelley Stoltz set the record for shortest set ever at WFMU! Eclipsed even the Troggs at the record fair!
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:48pm efd:

Wow! That's hard to imagine!

Dean, I won't be able to get over to the shows but I'm sure they'll be great - happy birthday!
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:50pm seang:

can't stop playing the new Vaselines record! so good!
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:51pm E.L.:

Sorry! That's an art school education for you.

I'm for disco!
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:53pm Skirkie:

One of them old wooden triangular lacrosse sticks, I imagine.
  Wed. 10/13/10 10:55pm E.L.:

I don't know why I sent to you first efd:

  Wed. 10/13/10 10:56pm Skirkie:

Whelp, I was right about the lacrosse stick. Did you mention the fencing mask?
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:12pm kamper:

I don't know, Drysdale doesn't seem like much of a jai alai kind of guy.
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:14pm efd:

No he does not!

Thanks for the photo link, E.L. (And I did mention the fencing mask, I'm ppretty sure)
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:15pm cheri:

i'm back evan for just one more post,,,you never told me if you thought about my old monikers being lame,,,what are your thoughts?
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:17pm Census Dept:

Is this going to be on the exam?
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:17pm Michael from the Left Coast:

Damn, missed Outdoor Minor!
Today is the 31st anniversary of the Knack's gig at Carnegie Hall (my brother, the Rain Man, pointed that out to me today.
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:19pm efd:

Cheri, my thoughts are there's no point in going down that road.
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:22pm efd:

Michael, that is indeed a very specific piece of information!
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:25pm Parq:

Dinner dishes cleared away (we eat last on Wednesdays) and got the puter at last. Great show, EFD.
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:29pm E.L.:

Yea for Superchunk.
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:30pm Danne D:

Wonder when all the cheri personas are gonna have a reunion. Seems like halloween or april fool's day would be appropriate :o)

alas they have loud music here at the bux so my show enjoyment is not possible :( like covers of songs that didn't need covering and such *sigh*

will have to catch it all on the archive :)

Did listen to mid-show in the car - loved the Drysdale bit. I didn't catch who the sponsor was on that historical recording :o)
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:31pm Danne D:

Coming this Sunday at 6am on Beastin' the Airwaves. Danne D tries to wake up and put in coherent comments...
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:33pm Danne D:

yay last rescue for dude for the miners is back up :)
everyone's out of the hole!!
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:34pm The Economy:

I beg to differ, Danne
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:37pm Danne D:

wonder how long it would take to rescue all of cheri's personas if they were trapped in a mine
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:40pm The Economy:

Cap it and leave 'em. Corporal work of mercy.
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:46pm chompy:

  Wed. 10/13/10 11:52pm Danne D:

Have a great night Funk Fans :)
Cheers to you EFD!
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:52pm efd:

thanks as always Danne, have a good night!
  Wed. 10/13/10 11:59pm coalhard:

sadly..........................................THE END
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