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From the streets of NYC and also in-studio, a unique, pleasantly insane talk show about pop culture, food, technology, the mysteries of the universe, and a whole lot more.

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Options August 29, 2009: Summer 2009 Ep. 10 - Mini Jumbo

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Artist Track
Frank Edward Nora  The Rampler   Options
  “Summer 2009 Ep. 10 - Mini Jumbo“ - 4:00:08 / 220 MB - Frank broadcasting live from WFMU (wfmu.org) 91.1 FM in Jersey City, NJ, on Saturday, August 29, 2009, from 2:00 AM to 6:00 AM. Topics include Bryce in studio (with dates, tissues, and charcoal), “Magical Quest” on Route 10, Ledgewood Mall, podcast, new feature “15 Minutes Ago In The Stairwell”, and a whole lot more. NYC recordings: Mastermind (8/26/09) 21:03, The Coffee Disaster (1/23/09) 29:57, Hunnymooners (8/27/09) 17:48 Reviews: Fever Stimulation Beverage (”Mango Banana” and “Kiwi Strawberry”), Limited Edition Cafe Colors Sharpies, U. S. Open Mini Jumbo Tennis Ball, etc. Pinball Corner with “Speakeasy” and “Spirit”. Phone calls with Jim Sally from Canada, Brandon from Canada, and Brian Jude getting craft services in the morning. Songs: “Concrete Nipples” by Amanda, “The Rampler” by Sherri West of The Lava Children, “Night Life”, and “Gasoline Gus”. Theme song “Minimoog” by Matthias Becker and Klaus Stühlen, from “Vintage Synths Vol. 1″ ©1990 Originalton West (originaltonwest.de) - used with permission.

Listener comments!

  2:00am Rampler:

Welcome to the show!!
  2:00am theBG:

Thanks Phrankie!! Will enjoy
  2:01am Craig Corbeels:

Hey, I finally managed to stay awake until 2AM to listen.
  2:01am peetyL:

Yes Ffffffffffffffranq--'tis always enjoyable!!
  2:02am lahren:

Yess...the rampler!
  2:03am theBG:

  2:03am Sarje:

Hey all, it's that time again! Not sure how long I'll be in tonight, but this'll be a great show, as always...go Frank! :)
  2:03am Neal:

Hello, I'm afraid I'm not here. Have a great show.
  2:04am vanessa:

post the ustream link
  2:05am E-squared:

Hey there Frank!
  2:06am JimSally519:

JimSally also demands a Ustream link... and feels like a baby for not having one!
  2:09am JimSally519:

I got the new WFMU iphone app a couple of weeks ago,,, its nice for the live show to be able to walk around and still listen... I dont know why but the rampler makes me wanna keep on the move.
  2:09am Joshua K:

  2:10am theBG:

Nevermind, I found you Frank....I found you
  2:11am theBG:

JimSally, you got an iPhone app?...does it work good?, good connection?...free?
  2:11am JimSally519:

  2:12am lahren:

i've had that drunken rampler song in my head all week...
  2:12am Rampler:

anyone hearing hear like, this static on the audio??
  2:12am vanessa:

  2:13am vanessa:

yes a little
  2:13am theBG:

yes Phrankie...it's static-y
  2:13am JimSally519:

Yeah its free, its just a front page program the streams the show, the 32 kb sounds ok and doesnt eat up to much internet, and its cool to download it just to support wfmu, your welcome vanessa!
  2:14am lahren:

yep...hearing static.
  2:14am joshua K:

its only when you are talking it starts doin that.
  2:15am JimSally519:

I'd hate to say it but...
  2:15am Rampler:

I tested this CD at home and it sounded fine...
  2:16am theBG:

I have Flycast and had a public radio app to listen... but they never connected...I guess I'll try it and see if I have better luck...how does one post on the playlist from iphone?...just through the browser?
  2:16am JimSally519:

but this static is for babies. That weird old radio music and static, that could have been time travelers messy with things??? maybe a little tiny audio wormhole to the 30s???
  2:16am theBG:

no more static...you fixed it
  2:18am theBG:

nope...wrong...static creeping back
  2:18am JimSally519:

Hey BG,
to listen to frank on the iphone browser, go to www.wfmu.com, and click on the "Live Stream" link. It will start playing a few seconds, than you can hit your home button and go do something else, it keeps playing in the background
  2:20am theBG:

I just DL'd the WFMU app, I can use that if I don't wanna chat...I'll use the browser one for chat, thanks Jim
  2:21am brycepunk:

The donuts. That's what I call 'em. Trademarked the name, I did.
  2:21am JimSally519:

I got your iphone back brother!
  2:22am JimSally519:

Oh, I forgot to mention you cant use your browser while playing wfmu on it... sorry dude
  2:22am Joshua K:

I went and bought pasta and sauce and italian sausage then I now i realize I don't own like a large spoon or colander
  2:23am peetyL:

Static? You need to use Snuggle Brand Fabric Softener.
  2:23am theBG:

yea I figured, most radio apps do not allow you to run them in the background...it sux
  2:24am JimSally519:

Strain the noodles with the lid over the sink, and use to fork like salad tongs to eat that stuff up
  2:25am Joshua K:

Frank is going to start a new magazine "Charcoal Aficionado"
  2:25am JimSally519:

The sad thing Im only 6 hours away from Frank, just far enough for the radio not to work
  2:25am theBG:

Ask Bryce if he was the one who did that famous interview with Jeff Buckley where he sang over the phone with the live band in studio
  2:26am JimSally519:

tape from the 70's coming up?
  2:26am vanessa:

yes!!!! that clip is amazing
  2:27am lahren:

what tape from the 70s?
  2:27am theBG:

ASK HIM!!!!...if not, find out WHO!!!!...best Buckley performance EVER done at the famous WFMU
  2:27am peetyL:

"miniature version of a giant tennis ball"? Sounds like T&E to me...
  2:29am JimSally519:

  2:30am peetyL:

Oh, JimSally...you are just for BABIES, Jim!!! Tim and Eric. Please Google 'em.
  2:30am joshua K:

I love tasty solutions
  2:32am Joshua K:

Theres a whole site about the beverage industry bevnet.com
  2:32am JimSally519:

  2:33am theBG:

Ask Bryce if he was the one who did that famous interview with Jeff Buckley where he sang over the phone with the live band in studio
  2:34am tonguehurts+flu:

tuning in ,,,
  2:34am peetyL:

Don't you mean 'Gurgled', JS? Gurgled like a...baby?
  2:36am JimSally519:

That's a pretty good baby reference petty
  2:38am JimSally519:

I dont think the dude in studio has said a word in 5 minutes
  2:42am vanessa:

  2:42am Joshua K:

Some more fortune affirmations
  2:43am Joshua K:

Positive Affirmation Cookies
  2:44am theBG:

I'm not wearing any underwear...candidness
  2:47am Jan Erik:

Sounds like a good show, but I just came home off a night shift and in ~10 hours I start on a new 12 hour shift (19:00 - 07:00, gonna need some energy drinks of my own). So I better get some sleep now and settle for the recorded version this week.

Good night/morning/day people.
  2:47am pettyL:

Candidness is for babies
  2:55am vanessa:

  2:55am sherri:

just picked up Inherent Vice.......can't wait to get started
  2:56am theBG(Brandon):

Jim Sally, is the numbers in your name an area code?...and if so...you near London, or Brantford?
  2:57am brycepunk:

No, I am not thee bryce. There's been some funny confusion about this regarding emails and dj sets. I'm the other bryce.
  2:58am theBG:

I sell that same crap at work, and laughed sooo hard when I saw the sad marketing strategy
  2:58am JimSally519:

Im in Kitchener, where the gay ardvark comic guy comes from
  2:59am theBG:

not too far from me...small world
  3:00am Joshua K:

Heres one of those awesome bryce 3D images... http://tinyurl.com/l2ho74
  3:00am vanessa:

me too
  3:01am peetyL:

Baby-seals are for babies
  3:03am peetyL:

The Window Arch in that Bryce picture was ripped off--from Moab, CO
  3:05am theBG:

take calls
  3:06am Joshua K:

Is that like the burrito disaster or whatever that was.
  3:14am carrie:

hi everyone!!
  3:22am peetyL:

Queasy Nart
  3:28am flu boy:

hi carrie :)
  3:38am g:

Morning Ed.
  3:39am peetyL:

  3:40am theBG:

the buildup is killing me
  3:40am peetyL:

40 sec.
  3:42am peetyL:

this is SO COOL
  3:42am g:

oddly enough it's a great idea.
  3:44am theBG:

BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy Hell!! like an afterthought, or you narrating your own life...
  3:44am peetyL:

enter the room Frank
  3:44am mr sneezy:

"i wanna go to the roof ..... no!" LOL
  3:47am JimSally519:

15 minutes was really cool!
  3:48am peetyL:

Doing something great for yr future self, Frank...
  3:50am g:

An error fixes the fine mind.
  4:02am g:

the blog goes back 270 pages into 2006.
  4:04am Joe:

Travis Barker was burned... DJ AM came out with minor injuries.

Barker was pissed - got thousands of tats messed up.

They found this guy with a crack pipe by his bed...

I'm not judging him or anything..
  4:08am Dave from England:

Hi Frank and everyone, just got up and tuned in. Sounds like I missed some good stuff. :-)
  4:08am ?:

and doesn't FMU have it's own parking lot?
  4:12am vanessa:

thats soo suitable
  4:13am peetyL:

It's such a pretty song
  4:15am peetyL:

Flash Gordon is for babies, JS!!!
  4:16am JimSally519:

concrete nipples are for concrete babies
  4:17am Brian Jude:

Hey, all! Been listening for a while now, on the actual RADIO! First time I did that. Missed the last 10 min, but I caught the horseshoe stuff, and 15 Min Ago in the Stairwell!
  4:18am peetyL:

And don't forget peetyL, Brandon...
  4:18am Roel from the Netherlands:

Hi everybody just tuned in
  4:19am Brian Jude:

Actually I'm still home - just didn't hop on the computer until now. ;^)
  4:19am peetyL:

...outsider music
  4:19am g:

Keeping the headphones on, but fair night from NH.
  4:20am peetyL:

Amanda: Wesley Willis' and Daniel Johnston's adopted baby...for babies
  4:20am roel from the Netherlands:

i use iCarRadio in my iphone to listen to wfmu works perfectly for me
  4:22am peetyL:

...but genius
  4:23am Brian Jude:

Morning, Roel!
  4:24am roel from the Netherlands:

Good morning to you Brian
  4:28am Brian Jude:

  4:28am theBG:

finally I get to call in when I want!!
  4:28am peetyL:

  4:30am roel from the Netherlands:

gus gus gasoline gus
  4:32am theBG:

PLAY SOME BG!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4:34am Brian Jude:

Roel should do a call-in segment - "5 Hours Later in The Netherlands"
  4:34am roel from the Netherlands:

6 hours later
  4:34am theBG:

you know BG stands for Brandon From Canada!!!
  4:37am Dave from England:

Are these announcements for stupid people? Seem to be plain common sense to me. :-)
  4:37am peetyL:

You can tend to yr dogbites, or download THIS for free: http://tinyurl.com/M0narch0fWuzz
  4:38am jay:

hey they had some great songs in 1915 !!!And hi from a very sunny morning in Hamstead Heath London uk where the kites are flying
  4:39am taylor:

what's a doctor?
  4:40am Dave from England:

HI Jay, lovely and sunny here in Hastings too. :-)
  4:40am theBG:

I'm Astar, I can put my arm back on..you can't. Play Safe"
  4:40am peetyL:

Or THIS: http://tinyurl.com/N0nrhin0dermat0tillex0ph0bic
  4:43am jay:

yes dave i used to line in hastings when i was young you know fairlioght
  4:44am sherri:

  4:45am theBG:

I'm Astar, I can put my arm back on..you can't. Play Safe"
  4:47am theBG:

lol...mini jumbo...oximoron
  4:48am Dave from England:

Yes I know Fairlight, 5 mins up the road from me. I like to photograph down at Pett level and Winchelsea Beach sometimes.
  4:52am theBG:

use a mini jumbo racket
  4:53am jay:

the sea has taken some of land. I should go down soon. used to love the firehills
  4:54am theBG:

lol...I stole that idea from Vanessa...I'm an idea theif...thief?
  4:54am peetyL:

  4:55am Dave from England:

One of the pics I took. http://tinyurl.com/moqt9t

Used to love Magic Markers way back when, they smelled great. :-)
  4:57am peetyL:

Never list the colors on the pen
  4:58am peetyL:

Those fruit-smelling Magic Markere were AWESOME!!!
  4:58am Dave from England:

I use Sharpies to mask metal when I have to rhodium plate rings at work.
  4:59am peetyL:

I LOVE the metallic Sharpies too!
  5:00am Dave from England:

Yes I work at a Goldsmiths. I do all the finishing.
  5:00am theBG:

all my sharpies are dull
  5:01am peetyL:

I only know of silver and gold, unfortunately...
  5:03am taylor:

does the earl grey smell like bergamot?
  5:05am joshua K:

Its a kind of orange
  5:05am theBG:

type of orange
  5:05am Joshua K:

  5:06am taylor:

what is poo-air tea?
  5:06am Dave from England:

Pu-erh is the best. I've a big jar of it at the moment. Smell of it reminds me of wet cement.
  5:07am theBG:

pomagranate colour is dark red crossing into orange...so basically, it's blood
  5:07am taylor:

i like lopsang souchang
  5:08am peetyL:

  5:09am peetyL:

They need to make neon (non-highlighter) Sharpies ASAP
  5:11am peetyL:

Blueberry muffins
  5:12am peetyL:

And there're DEFINITELY pomegranate-flavoured teas
  5:13am theBG:

I work at a grocery store, and we stock Blueberry Tea
  5:17am peetyL:

to the m00n Alice
  5:21am peetyL:

"I'm not a complete idiot: parts of me are missing"
  5:23am theBG:

just looked it up if anyone cares, that Jeff Buckley recording can also be found on a Hurricane Katrina charity album called "For New Orleans"
  5:24am peetyL:

Marilyn Manson probably stole it, Frank. You should talk to him
  5:25am peetyL:

Style Piglet
  5:39am peetyL:

Jaws pinball
  5:40am peetyL:

somebody said Elvira and the Party Monsters from last week, I forgot who it was...
  5:40am taylor:

how about haunted house pinball...
  5:41am taylor:

or the black knight?
  5:49am peetyL:

nice sounds from the speakeasy
  5:53am Dave from England:

Great show once again Frank, but now I got to go. Catch you during the week. Bye all. :-)
WFMU, you must renew the Rampler for the next season!!
  5:54am peetyL:

Awesome AGAIN, Frankie. C U Next week. All the BEST! peety
  5:54am sherri:

night all.....
  5:56am peetyL:

  5:56am peetyL:

  5:56am peetyL:

  5:57am peetyL:

  5:57am peetyL:

  5:57am peetyL:

  5:57am peetyL:

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