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  8:17pm ?:

  8:26pm greta:

They did not write his Mrs. Karen well!
  8:30pm Kenzo:

Welcome to the appearance, Mrs Karen. Owing to for letter it probably.
  8:34pm golvy evans:

Nuclear warrior song is my favourite
  8:36pm Brian Oregon:

Rock on Kenzo! Cartridge was coolly a film.
  8:36pm lander sheldrake:

the nuclear warrior song is my favourite
  8:37pm Brian Oregon:

Meanwhile Rabenschlangen let all girls for more music cry straight like that out
  8:42pm mooshie:

  8:44pm mooshie:

I must be able to do Matherecht to announce a note.
  8:45pm Kenzo:

Direction is not something, which is meaningful.
  8:56pm Brian Oregon:

Anarchy rule; wfmu all language steers; impends 2009.
  9:00pm Brian Oregon:

Film film film of the cartridge cartridge cartridge more largely more largely more largely -- Lack dat!
  9:05pm xangoir:

smooth jazz doesn
  9:06pm xangoir:

smooth jazz does not do mother nature justice!! It
  9:06pm Kenzo:

Smooth jazz? How can you even say?
  9:07pm Kenzo:

I really regret that this notes more zerfleischt, than it is. I like lack. Lack are like birds.
  9:08pm Brian Oregon:

Possibly does this Phraseologie Zerflei lack?
  9:09pm xangoir:

which have effected I however, put to apostrophe tragedy on another somnolent ASCIIChippewa firmly
  9:09pm Neilopolis:

Fish-well-behaved loops, birdy loops, take those loops and shoot volumes.
  9:10pm xangoir:

Ann salbte Scan of these besieged infantry would explain to me that my costume is more human than humans
  9:49pm ?:

I am tired of thinking of this besieged infantry. I would like to think bespeckled children on, see?
  9:56pm xangoir:

their whipps birth is annual diastolic memories of the neon rat in the point hat. only on flippigem Broadway they dip
  9:59pm wither:

And moving
  10:00pm xangoir:

flippiges flippiges much cheese this album has repulsive angular Momentum and I wishes mine sonagram aural
  10:00pm weather:

too and to do is nothing more than a Leatherette; (I saw the secret only for one second)
  10:03pm wrecker:

dug I could also designate, in order to speak in the broadcast, which joke, hii
  10:05pm Brad:

Skirt and roll
  10:05pm listener mark:

there is no size
there is no direction
Speed and acceleration are insignificant
  10:06pm Kenzo:

It goes, where it would like to go. It remains.
  10:11pm listener mark:

Time and space are one = space/time
Affair is a torsion/a loop of the space/the time we exists as eddy/vortex in tomorrow
  10:13pm poly:

but, as one exists to crush without soft
  10:14pm xangoir:

a Aubergine would not have said it better in the time
  10:14pm 45 minutes from now:

oh don
  10:16pm 43 minutes from now:

t go
  10:19pm listener mark:

electromagnetic fields (radiowaves) are the independent realnesses, which to each possible support are down not jumped, which is not reducible too some more
  10:26pm listener mark:

will the tendency is actual continuing and, instead of worrying itself, accepts the puzzle play as postulate more abstractly
  10:35pm listener question mark:

the world began in Eden and terminated in Los Angeles
  10:45pm trinket:

everything, with whom or which to be done are we find out? straight to be daily seems a shapeable pile
  10:47pm thing in your hand:

  10:48pm 2008:

For, if the man God dies, which we call a natural death, means it the fact that its soul left either voluntarily from its body and rejects to decrease/go back, or this is it of a demon or of the Zauberer extracted. In any cases the soul of the man God is lost to its Anbetern, and with it their prosperity one goes and one endangers their existence. Even if they could arrange, to get caught thus the soul of the dying God and they on a successor bring you, this not their purpose would cause; for, dying at the illness, its soul necessarily its body in the last stage of the weakness and the removal to leave and thus weakens would continue it, a slow-acting, to out drag slow-acting existence in each possible body on which it could be brought. While, by killing it, its Anbetern of getting caught its soul could guarantee in the first place, during them escaped and bringing them on a usable successor; and, in the second place, by setting it to death, before its natural Kraft it was lowered it would secure that the world should not fall in decay with the decay of the man God. Each purpose therefore was answered, and all dangers turned away, as they therefore the man God killed and its soul, while at its highest perfection, on a strong successor brought nevertheless.
  10:50pm now/ever:

if, old well-known amen to be verga
  10:54pm 2008:

Ask No., I don
  10:54pm also:

  10:56pm ?:

incoming goods
  10:57pm all that is:

Stay and is ours
  10:58pm Kenzo:

Arriving goods. And thanks thanks.
  10:59pm miss morse:

happy happy, never see you
  11:07pm 2008:

I believe that everything, which and darkness of this receives cold weather is it the end
  11:40pm Kenzo:

I am surprised, if I normalize the notes. I like it in this way. Possibly can there be both?
  3:25pm kenzo:

I examine this, after the appearance past is.
  4:25pm Kenzo:

I repaired the apostrophe problem. Hooray for apostrophe' s!
  4:25pm ?:

This is more mangler a test of the happy. Hope-fully there is some more to see here. Thanks, again.
  11:20pm Ike:

They torment me, sir! Bad apostrophe!
  12:11pm Pat Trip:

More extraordinarily dispeptic revisionist deklamiert insults after retired rock journalists and occupation satellites.
  1:28pm ?:

when is it?

Could also call 201-209-9368 to be on the air?