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Every show starts with the ’70s! We’ll rediscover forgotten rockers, revisit unfairly maligned disco beats and replay power-pop favorites. Next: plenty of new releases, occasional live bands and more. Don’t let the nickname confuse you.

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Wed. Oct 16th, 9pm - Midnight: Singles Going Seventies! (More info...)
Wed. Oct 23rd, 9pm - Midnight: A salute to New York Rocker (More info...)
Wed. Oct 30th, 9pm - Midnight: Stag plays live (More info...)

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F-Minus by Tony Carrillo

(* = new)

Artist Track Album Label Year Comments New Approx. start time
captain beyond  if you please   Options dawn explosion  wb  1977      0:00:00 ()
del-byzanteens  welcome machines   Options lies to live by  don't fall off the mountain  2005  orig 1982    0:03:40 ()
aynsley dunbar retaliation  watch 'n chain   Options s/t    1968      0:08:54 ()
solomon king  life child   Options va-psychamania  queen victoria        0:10:39 ()
flash and the pan  media man   Options lights in the night  epic  1980      0:13:46 ()
cheek  do you have a soul   Options 7" EP  voxx    more Vanda! more Young!    0:19:17 ()
the mama doni band  funky gold menorah   Options       watch it here    0:22:54 ()
cyclone 60  dinosaurs   Options instant classic  self-released    cyclone60.com, myspace.com/cyclone60  *   0:35:40 ()
hank iv  get it straight   Options refuge in genre  siltbreeze      *   0:39:11 ()
kowloon walled garden  turk, taylor and jones   Options turk street  worldclock      *   0:41:52 ()
royal purple  tramp   Options the time element  umbrella      *   0:45:26 ()
graham day & the gaolers  begging you   Options triple distilled  damaged goods      *   0:48:25 ()
laureates  make you   Options there are no more gentlemen  funambulist    laureatesmusic.com  *   1:03:04 ()
blank dogs  red world   Options the fields  woodsist      *   1:06:57 ()
ninja sonik  don't tell the world (vivian girls)   Options all my friends are in bands  bikes in the kitchen      *   1:09:09 ()
a flock of seagulls  (it's not me) talking   Options 7"  cocteau  1981      1:11:26 ()
dj donna summer  rock rock rock   Options panther tracks  cock rock disco      *   1:16:05 ()
the nerves  walking out on love   Options one way ticket  alive    later done by Paul Collins Beat... so kind of a self-cover  *   1:27:24 ()
milionaire at midnight  coit tower   Options va-titan! it's all pop  numero      *   1:29:06 ()
delgados  friendly convention   Options domestiques  march  1997      1:33:08 ()
mystery girls  i took the poison   Options incontinopia  in the red      *   1:35:11 ()
ramones  my brain is hanging upside down (bonzo goes to bitburg)   Options anthology  sire        1:39:24 ()
the ettes  i heard tell   Options look at life again soon  take rot      *   1:51:56 ()
nikki & the corvettes  yummy yummy yummy   Options 7" ep  ramo    vinyl reissue  *   1:54:34 ()
ace kennedy & the candies  tel-a-woman   Options           1:56:53 ()
elisa gabbai  winter in kanada   Options va-sprechen sie pop?  bureau b      *   1:59:32 ()
roxy music  street life   Options stranded  atco  1974      2:02:52 ()
preacher's kids  is this love?   Options 7"  wrecked 'em      *   2:11:06 ()
wolverton brothers  love her more   Options old ugly and loud  ionik      *   2:13:03 ()
18th dye  soft the hard way   Options amorine queen  crunchy frog      *   2:16:09 ()
ladytron  he took her to a movie   Options 604  emperor norton  2001      2:19:01 ()
anthony rother  digitalvision   Options va-anthony rother presents we are punks 3  datapunk      *   2:22:14 ()
woozyhelmet  nixon (jessica)   Options get down  soda pop sounds      *   2:31:25 ()
the form  it happens that way   Options 7"  twintone  1985      2:33:02 ()
the tanks  kingdom of spite   Options keep breaking down  scenester credentials      *   2:36:17 ()
re-flex  the politics of dancing   Options 7"  capitol  1983      2:39:28 ()
crystal stilts  the dazzled   Options alight of night  slumberland      *   2:43:29 ()
the lines  airlift   Options flood bank  acute    orig 1983  *   2:47:35 ()
london dirthole company  she's witchcraft   Options she said yeah yeah yeah 7" ep          2:53:17 ()
              2:54:21 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 12/16/08 11:08pm john:

Hey Evan! Great to be back...in LA last week, otherwise engaged at the early hour the show's on Pacific time.
  Tue. 12/16/08 11:10pm efd:

Hi John, good to have you back!
  Tue. 12/16/08 11:14pm john:

My week is all thrown off when I'm not listening on Tuesday night, but at least I was at my favorite restaurant. Day-um that dinner was good.
  Tue. 12/16/08 11:25pm C:

This is a great one!
  Tue. 12/16/08 11:27pm efd:

let the record show that C was referring to the Cheek song.... not "Funky Gold Menorah."
  Tue. 12/16/08 11:29pm Joe:

Just when I had lost hope in the comics page... there was F Minus.

And as Jew, I am deeply offended.

Just kidding, I'm not a Jew.
  Tue. 12/16/08 11:29pm C:

This is a great one!

(this time I'm referring to the "Funky Gold Menorah")
  Tue. 12/16/08 11:29pm Jessica:

Holla day.

[Hi, EFD!]
  Tue. 12/16/08 11:30pm Laurie:

This is not "Christmas Wrapping."
  Tue. 12/16/08 11:31pm Joe:

Oh, man, "Christmas Wrapping" is so awesome.
  Tue. 12/16/08 11:36pm Laurie:

I thought Jim Jarmusch was really sexy when I was in high school.
  Tue. 12/16/08 11:37pm Otter:

OMG! when you were taling about doing facials on the air, I first thought you were talking about a different kind of "facial"
  Tue. 12/16/08 11:38pm Sybil:

Ochos Kandelikas by the Hip Hop Hoodios?
  Tue. 12/16/08 11:40pm Joe:


Seriously, this song makes me wanna "WOOOO!"
  Tue. 12/16/08 11:41pm Laurie:

There's a really good Hanukkah song on Gaylord Records' "Cwistmas Twee comp. It makes me happy.

Also, I have approximately 500 indie Christmas mp3s on my hard drive. Feel free to email me if you need something in particular.
  Tue. 12/16/08 11:42pm Laurie:

And by indie, I mean indie pop. Of course. Gaylord, Siesta, Kindercore, Parasol, etc etc. Yes.
  Tue. 12/16/08 11:44pm Laurie:

Special Request: PLEASE DO NOTE PLAY "A Cat Carol" or whatever that song is, I WILL CRY AND NOT STOP FOR ABOUT AN HOUR. I'm a;ready welling up just thinking about the damn song.
  Tue. 12/16/08 11:47pm efd:

hmm, filling these requests is going to be harder than I thought! I don't think you have to worry about "Cat Carol," I don't even know what that is.

Joe, glad you liked both Cyclone 60 *and* F-Minus!

Hi Jessica! Hi Sybil!
  Tue. 12/16/08 11:48pm Laurie:

Will you play Dolly Parton's "Hard Candy Christmas"?
  Tue. 12/16/08 11:50pm C:

No offense, Laurie, but I really want to hear "Cat Carol" now. I don't know what it is either.
  Tue. 12/16/08 11:53pm Laurie:

A couple months ago, a homeless dude in New York asked me and my friend for some money. He said, "I'm like Obama, I like change too." WIN.
  Tue. 12/16/08 11:54pm Laurie:

Also, Cat Carol is easily the saddest song ever. Ever.
  Tue. 12/16/08 11:54pm C:

Ah. Now I see. Need Kleenex.
  Tue. 12/16/08 11:54pm john:

I actually heard two girls behind the counter in an inner city pharmacy use Obama as slang for change--"you got Obama for this fifty?"
  Tue. 12/16/08 11:56pm Joe:

I'm gonna go Barack into something more comfortable.
  Tue. 12/16/08 11:59pm C:

Have you ever been to Kowloon (restaurant) on Rt. 1 in Saugus? Definitely one of the more unique dining experiences in Mass.
  Wed. 12/17/08 12:00am Jessica:

AC/DC has proved a pretty good soundtrack for waiting-[and-waiting]--for-the-offending-other's-criminal-arraignment; I bet the soundalike will be just as fine for the tort phase. And I hope I get to find out. These continuances are cramping my effing style.
  Wed. 12/17/08 12:18am john:

Man, I miss these guys, Wildly underrated.
  Wed. 12/17/08 12:18am efd:

*pant pant pant*

man, craziest Midnight Ticket Oasis ever! Let me go fill in my playlist now...
  Wed. 12/17/08 12:19am john:

A pair and a half of pants.
  Wed. 12/17/08 12:23am Joe:

That was ninja sonik? I might have to stop not-liking them.
  Wed. 12/17/08 12:28am john:

It was the first single, and then they re-recorded it for the second album a couple years later. Done by Bill Nelson both times, actually. It's a shade distressing that I didn't actually look that up, even if I'm wrong.
  Wed. 12/17/08 12:33am Laurie:

If it's not too much trouble, would you mind playing the Shivvers for me tonight? THANK YOU.
  Wed. 12/17/08 12:35am john:

Oh, and that Nerves comp is boss. An absolute must. Jack Lee went on to not very much. According to the notes, that was Paul Collins and Peter Case after they split from Lee.
  Wed. 12/17/08 12:40am efd:

thanks for the AFOS info, John - I knew I could count on you.

Laurie, if I can give myself enough time to run itno the library I'll play some Shivvers, but no promises.

C, I think I *have* been to Kowloon a long time ago... isn't there a (somewhat) similar restaurant nearby? (And no, I'm not talking about the Hilltop Steak House.)
  Wed. 12/17/08 12:51am ?:

I think you're thinking of Weylu's! It was like three times the size of Kowloon a little bit up Rt. 1. It closed about 10 years ago, but they just left it up there. Now I think it's an old folks home for Asians, at least that's what people tell me. I always thought they should have turned it into a casino.
  Wed. 12/17/08 12:52am Laurie:

I think you mean "over the tubes." (Is that still funny? A series of tubes?)
  Wed. 12/17/08 12:53am Joe:

First it was funny, then it was scary, then it was tragi-comic, and now it's just classic.
  Wed. 12/17/08 1:02am efd:

grrr... i seem to have misplaced an entire CDR! I swear I had it here earlier tonight, but maybe I'll find it sitting on my dining room table when I get home.

"over the tubes" - I like it!
  Wed. 12/17/08 1:08am Laurie:

I actually just said to myself, "This fellow sounds a wee bit like Brian Ferry." I'm ti-ti and should go to bed.
  Wed. 12/17/08 1:10am HotRod:

hey hey
  Wed. 12/17/08 1:15am efd:

hi HotRod!
  Wed. 12/17/08 1:46am john:

Another great ex-WLIR track...
  Wed. 12/17/08 1:48am efd:

I've got a million of 'em...
  Wed. 12/17/08 1:49am Joe:

My parents still talk about WLIR. They said it was awesome.
  Wed. 12/17/08 1:50am john:

Joe, your parents? That's honestly not the kind of talk that wins friends and influences people. And yeah, only commercial station worth a damn.
  Wed. 12/17/08 1:52am Sybil:

Time to break out the rocking chairs for us old folks.
  Wed. 12/17/08 1:54am Sybil:

I can think of two other commercial stations worth a damn, but they're even further back in the mists of history. And also, at this time of night I'm sure I won't be able to come up with their call letters.
  Wed. 12/17/08 1:57am Joe:

It's funny, because my father was describing the early days of WNEW to me, and how "the DJ's played whatever they wanted". It sounded strangely familiar. WPLJ was also supposedly amazing. I have a handed down PLJ Peter Frampton Pin that I've been known to pin on a backpack or two.
  Wed. 12/17/08 1:57am efd:

WPIX for one, right?
  Wed. 12/17/08 1:58am john:

I was thinking 1980s. I should have elaborated.
  Wed. 12/17/08 2:00am Sybil:

Ah, yes, WPIX. Those were the days.

The other one was in the DC area. Doug Schulkind mentioned it once.
  Wed. 12/17/08 2:06am efd:

the DC one was WHFS, I bet. Those call letters are still in use, but I think it's a sports talk station now.
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