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November 21, 2008 Favoriting
Shafts of light pierce the dense canopy, nourishing the undergrowth
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Favoriting Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Favoriting Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo Wax 1990)

The Allen Brothers 

Unlucky Man
(Listen: Pop-up)
The Chattanooga Boys, Volume 2
(Document 1931)
Tom Darby and Jimmie Tarlton  After the Sinking of the Titanic   Favoriting

Darby & Tarlton

(Folk Variety 1930)
Emry Arthur  She Lied to Me   Favoriting Old-Time Music From Southwest Virginia
(County 1929)
The Blue Sky Boys  Beautiful, Beautiful Brown Eyes   Favoriting The Blue Sky Boys
(Bluebird/RCA 1938)
Goebel Reeves  Meet Me at the Crossroads, Pal   Favoriting Hobo's Lullaby
(Bear Family 1934)

Talkover Music:
Augustus Pablo 
Drums to the King   Favoriting Blowing With the Wind
(Shanachie 1978)

King Radio 

Too Much Sorrow
and Pain
(Listen: Pop-up)
Shango, Shouter & Obeah:
Supernatural Calypso From Trinidad 1934-1940
(Rounder )
The Tiger  Movie Stars   Favoriting Roosevelt in Trinidad:
Calypsos of Events, Places, and
Personalities 1933-1938

(Rounder )

Exploiting   Favoriting Fall of Man: Calypsos on the Human Condition 1935-1941
(Rounder late 1930s)
King Fighter  Female Teacher   Favoriting Saucy Calypos, Volume 1
(Ice )
Lord Kitchener  True Confession   Favoriting Curfew Time With Kitch
(Trinidad 1971)

Talkover Music:
Organic Groove 
Gold Weave   Favoriting Black Cherry
(Aum Fidelity 2002)

Rina Celi con la Orquesta Plantación 

Tarde de Fútbol
(Listen: Pop-up)

Cancioncero de Melodias
Populares en la España
de los 40, Volume 1

(Blue Moon 1943)
Damiron y Chapuseaux  Se Boto el Bongo   Favoriting Selecciones Premiadas
(Tropical mid-1960s)
Sonora Dinamita  Murio en Su Ley   Favoriting Cumbias de Oro
(Discos Fuentes 1987)
Canario y su Grupo  Cuando las Mujeres Quieren a los Hombres   Favoriting Plenas
(Ansonia )

Nunca Te Olvidare   Favoriting Bossa 70
(Philips 1970)
Ivo  Tonto Soy   Favoriting Ivo
(Falcon 1968)

Talkover Music:
Q-Burns Abstract Message 
Feng Shui   Favoriting Feng Shui
(Astralwerks 1998)

The New Tweedy Brothers 

Somebody's Peepin'
(Listen: Pop-up)
The New Tweedy Bros.
(Ridon 1968)
Majic Ship  Wed. Morning Dew   Favoriting The Complete Authorized Recordings
(Gear Fab )
Lazy Smoke  All These Years   Favoriting Corridor of Faces
(Arf! Arf! 1969)
The Brazda Brothers  Walking Into the Sun   Favoriting

The Brazda Brothers

(Hallucination 1973)
Thoughts & Words  Morning Sky   Favoriting Thoughts & Words
(Radioactive 1969)
Wil Malone  How About Then   Favoriting Wil Malone
(Fontana 1970)

Talkover Music:
Liquid Liquid 
Bell Head   Favoriting Liquid Liquid
(Mo Wax 1981)

Glenn Reeves 

Wasted TIme,
Wasted Years
(Listen: Pop-up)
Rockin' Country Style
(Encore 1955)
Butterball Paige  I'm too Old to Boogie   Favoriting Nashville Country Rock
(Redita 1949)
The Bredley Boys  Evil Train   Favoriting 18 Rare Rockin' Jewels
(Collector )
Glen Glenn  Ugly and Slouchy   Favoriting Everybody's Movin' Again
(Ace 1982)

It's No Wonder   Favoriting Three Months to Kill
(Collector 1958)
Ray Sharpe  The Bus Song   Favoriting Linda Lu
(Bear Family 1962)
Gene Brown  Big Door   Favoriting 4 Star Rockabillies
(4 Star 1957)

Talkover Music:
Arkie Shibley 
Hot Woodpecker Rag   Favoriting Hot Rod Race
(Collector early 1950s)


Little Ole Country Boy
(Listen: Pop-up)
(Invictus 1970)
Brother to Brother  Big Brother   Favoriting In the Bottle
(Turbo 1974)
Nathaniel Mayer  I'm a Lonely Man   Favoriting Why Don't You Give It To Me?
(Alive 2007)
Chubby Checker  He Died   Favoriting

Chubby Checker Goes Psychedelic!!

(Underground Masters )
Baby Huey & the Babysitters  Hard Times   Favoriting The Baby Huey Story
(Sequel 1969)
The Fifth Dimension  A Change Is Gonna Come /
People Gotta Be Free   Favoriting
(Bell 1970)

Talkover Music:
The Wooden Glass feat. Billy Wooten 
Monkey Hips & Rice   Favoriting Recorded Live Featuring Billy Wooten
(Interim 1972)

Zé Di 

Indepência ou Morte
(Listen: Pop-up)
(Tapecar 1975)
Rildo Hora  A Canoa   Favoriting A Vez e a Hora de Rilda Hora
(RCA Victor 1971)
Spectrum  Pingo é Letra   Favoriting Geração Bendita (Soundtrack)
(Todamerica 1971)
Flaviola e o Bando do Sol  Palavras   Favoriting Flaviola e o Bando do Sol
(Solar 1974)

Hugo Leão
Quem Me Viu Por Al?   Favoriting Paraibô
(HP 1978)
Quarteto Nova Era  De Repente   Favoriting Apolo
(RCA Victor 1968)

Talkover Music:
Nicola Conte 
Forma 2000   Favoriting Bossa Per Due
(ESL 2000)

Ezy & Isaac 

(Listen: Pop-up)

Soul Rock

(Ri-Fi 1974)
Mulatu Astatke  Chifara   Favoriting Mulatu of Ethiopia
(Worthy 1972)
The Funkees  Ole   Favoriting Point of No Return
(Amba 1974)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Favoriting I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  9:03am Bad Ronald:

  9:04am scott:

Good Morning to all (and a Friday at that!!!)
  9:05am annie:

hash browns on the keyboard cannot be good.
  9:05am scott:

hash browns are always good.
  9:07am annie:

lucky for me i have my handy toothpick!! good morning doug
  9:08am Cecile:

mmmm bagels and lox and the drummer's show!
  9:11am detroitdave:

this french toast is..ooh oh..........syrup on the keyboard....kekeeyss aarrrrree stiiiiicckkin
  9:16am Parq:

Nice big glass of apple juice here. Dripped a wee bit on the keys, but as long as I don't spill enough to short it out, everything wil
  9:17am bergenhugo:

How come CDs don't have crackles and hiss?
  9:18am Cecile:

Maybe some pancake syrup would help?
  9:18am Paul Sherratt:

Hash brown eyes .. peerless stuff from the those Bolicks, what do you all say ?
  9:19am annie:

i see drips of olive oil on the "dash" key and a bit of underdone potato next to the "comma". perhaps i'll save it for later.
  9:20am bzul:

Organic pop tart! These words go together?
Umh! Ya down with OPT...?
Snap, crackle and hiss...a nice bowl of Vinyl Diskies.
  9:21am Cecile:

yeah, you know me, bzul
  9:22am Paul Sherratt:

Goebel's song sounds so much like a Tom Brosseau creation that I can't quite remember ..
  9:23am annie:

the 128k winamp stream is freaking out..
  9:27am Paul Sherratt:

That Mr Brosseau song is .. " I Live With Other People In Mind "
  9:29am annie:

well, i'm stoked; out of the 10 songs/artists i searched for on youtube, i found 9!!! wow.
  9:29am Bad Ronald:

Hey Annie - Did you make a decision regarding the cats?
  9:31am bergenhugo:

Funny that. I just listened the other day to the "London's the Place for me" comp. Some splendid tunes there, guvnor ...
  9:32am annie:

well, i passed it by the other and he said no, he did not want to transport cats up from NY. oh well.. and i just looked now at the bouvier dog breed. wow impressive .. very nice
  9:35am Andrew in Toronto:

Thanks for the calypso. I think that this is the way that all the news of the day should be commented on and shared. Fantastic musical tradition.
  9:36am Cecile:

Bouviers will let you enter a building or area, but won't let you go unless released by their owner!
  9:38am annie:

i think i'll just call my vet and see what she wants to give away, she always has something..cecile do you do rescue work as well? the bouvier is anice breed for me up here, but i fear the money factor will rear its ugly head.
  9:38am gumby:

I too dig the Carribean vocal inflections. Junior Gumby No. 1 had a third grade teacher from Jamaica, she would be hollering at them & it still sounded like honey. Although the begging bartenders at our all inclusive in jamaica got a little tiresome with there "Take care me mon" night time cooing.
  9:39am GP:

Calypso...just what my Friday morning needs, thank you Doug.
  9:40am Doug:

The Goebel Reeves/Tom Brosseau similarities ARE striking. I made that connection just last night whilst preparing the show.
  9:43am Bad Ronald:

Annie - Found this site for Bouvier rescues. They're in Michigan:

Warning - the site is garish with bad audio. I hope it's not indicative of their services!
  9:44am Cecile:

I don't do rescure work, don't even have the 1st pup yet. HOWEVER - there is a rescure out there for every single breed. Google Bouvier rescue, and you will come up with plenty of info. Good luck, they are gorg dogs!
  9:45am annie:

thanks so much for those connections... i'll get on that. my rattie friend might be able to help me; it's what she does.
  9:46am bergenhugo:

FCC-friendly sauciness? A contradiction in terms?
  9:47am Cecile:

I'm looking to adopt a rescue Scottie in the next yr-18 mos myself. I just have to save up for a fence first.
  9:50am gumby:

I take it in this case tarde means tired. What a great tune! Doug does it again.
  9:54am m:

more cumbia please!
  9:58am annie:

what other stream do you guys use, the winamp 128k stream is cracking up.
  9:59am bergenhugo:

I picked up a comp of 50s popular tunes while in Spain last year, quite varied and not really latin-american-derived overall ...
  10:03am annie:

this is wonderful!
  10:10am annie:

doug, do you have any fado lined up?
  10:11am palomita:

i rather think the 'tarde' in 'tarde de futbol' means 'afternoon'
  10:14am Paul Sherratt:


Save this for later:
  10:16am annie:

paul, i have 3 of her cds.. i love her. i got turned on to her long ago and never looked back..
  10:18am annie:

i'd love to tell you how i found her: i was driving home fromvisiting a friend and i was in altered states, as it were. the dj put a song on and by the time i was halfway home i had to stop the car and just listen.. it was phenomenal!!
  10:20am annie:

a good car stereo can make a world of difference..
  10:20am Hugo:


I thought so ...
  10:20am gumby:

Palomita, that sounds more like it. Because if it was "Tired of Football" it would probably be a hillbillie song in a blues style.
  10:24am Hugo:

This sounds very Tony Coulter playlist-like. Nothing wrong with that, of course.
  10:25am Paul Sherratt:

I just happened to be watching a football ( soccer ! ) match on Portuguese TV the week after Amalia Rodrigues died. One of the legendary lady's songs was played to the crowd just before the game started. Not only were grown men shedding tears but teenage lads were choking as well.
  10:26am annie:

i totally believe that!!
  10:31am Carlos:

Liquid Liquid blew my head off Wednesday night!

Like BANG!
  10:32am annie:

carlos, you saw them live? wow. what a trip it must have been
  10:33am Paul Sherratt:

Now have you by any chance come across the aristocratic Maria Teresa de Noronha ... ? ( she's on the youtube I think )
Oh boy!
  10:35am annie:

non! i shall write her name down... (starting a new page) thanks!!
  10:35am Vivian:

lovin-lovin-LOVIN this set!
  10:36am annie:

i played last night with anna russel and victor borge. what fun
  10:40am Cecile:

the front porch swingin' liquor pigs do a great cover of this song here in Mpls.
  10:41am Cecile:

ugly and slouchy - that is
you know the sh*t-kickers version of "if you want to be happy for the rest of your life." ;)
  10:42am annie:

(writing furiously)
  10:45am bzul:

With that handle, I think front porch swingin' liquor pigs would just have to identify themselves as such and step off the stage and it'd still be a fine set. Anything else'd be (biscuit) gravy.
  10:47am annie:

hhmmmm, biscuits... gravy.. drool. drool
  10:47am Cecile:

they are usually better than their name! Especially when Spider John Koerner is ripped to the gills and sits in with them.
  10:50am bzul:

I'm sayin' good name! Worth a reasonable cover charge just to hear them step up and ID theyse'fs.
  10:50am Cecile:

was that the Glen Glenn of the famous Glen Glenn sound studio in Hollywood?
  10:51am Cecile:

Oh, I'm agreeing bzul - great name, great music, drunk folk giant guest stars, you cannot lose with this band.
  10:52am Francisco:

Bring the funk
  10:53am Cecile:

See, I want to do the ultimate funk/soul/country set:
this song
Kid and play's Square Dance
Sir Mixalot's Square Dance Rap
Smiley Lewis's Country Boy
also any song with the word "chicken in the title"
  10:53am e-card:

the yodelling is abused by de la soul i guess - potholes in my lawn or sth.
  10:55am Parq:

Parliment did a 'kicker song? I am suddenly much richer in wordly experience.
  10:56am Cecile:

I have a zapp album where they do a 'kicker song - come to think of it!
  11:00am Paul Sherratt:

Billy Bland's " Momma Stole The Chicken " - one for consideration ..
  11:01am Cecile:

Excellent - thank, Paul. Not to mention the greatest chicken song of all time - the Meters' Chicken Strut

Yes, it seems like there was a time where everybody grew up listening to the Opry!
  11:02am Bob:

For a greatfunk/soul/contry set, see also "Dirty Laundry: the Soul of Black Country" by German label Trikont.
  11:03am annie:

i'm proud to state that i drank a beer on the steps of the old grand ol' and the cop just turned his head...
  11:07am Carmichael:

Dang, better late than never. Sounds like I tuned in at the just the right time.

Cecile, I love the Meters. You should listen to Swamp Dogg. Total Destruction of Your Mind.

'nuff said ...
  11:08am Cecile:

OH, the Swamp Dogg rules.
  11:09am Carmichael:

"I Ain't Sellin' Out, I'm Buyin' In!"
  11:10am Doug from DC:

Eatin' Spam and Oreos, drinkin' Thunderbird.
  11:10am Cecile:

"I'm not trying to be your woman, so don't you try to be my man"
  11:12am Parq:

Oh man, I haven't heard 5D's melodic version of the Declaration in decades. Makes me think of all those stunts where high school kids take the text of the Dec and circulate it at the mall as a petition. Needless to add, they are uniformly exoriated as unpatriotic troublemakers.
  11:12am stingy d:

the knicks are trading diane. for some mope that can accomplish nothing. everyone's least favortie player: diane. i'm all upset today
  11:15am Cecile:

go watch the hockey bears. That always cheers you up
  11:16am stingy d:

  11:17am Paul Sherratt:

Baby Huey was over here in the UK very recently ... and I did NOT know !
  11:19am bzul:

Late to the fantasy set suggestion, C., but just another beak in the haul: Ozark Mountain Daredevils "Chicken Train" -- 500 track miles away from "Jackie Blue" -- was another unsober song selection among the Iowans singing "Drop Kick Me, Jesus". Oy.
  11:19am kat:

Hal Blaine rules!
  11:19am Carmichael:

I just painted a peace sign on my cheek!
  11:21am not even close to sean daily:

  11:22am Paul Sherratt:


Which cheek, dare one ask ?
  11:22am Nate:

Baby Huey's version is unbearable in a good way I assume?
  11:24am stingy d:

hey diane - play something aggressive.
  11:25am Chris:

Baby Huey one of those amazing finds for me from WFMU!
  11:26am costes:

  11:26am Doug:

Unbearable in an incandescent, over-the-top, hurts-so-good kinda way.
  11:28am Carmichael:

Bom Dia! "Independence or Death", great song, despite the parade whistles.

Is Jorge Ben in the mix?
  11:28am annie:

there's an amazing collection of brazilian music on wwoz on saturday afternoons starting around 3
  11:29am Nate:

Oh yeah... that's what I figured. I had to pause and process for a moment. Word.
  11:32am Carmichael:

I picked up 3 different Putamayo (sp?) CDs back when David Byrne released Rei Momo. I've listened to them weekly ever since.
  11:34am stingy d:

i like that diane byrne record! but i'm still depressed.
  11:34am annie:

this is such beautiful music.. i'm swooning
  11:36am Doug in DC:

Dusty Groove has been reissuing all sorts of Tropicalia on CD lately. I've picked up a couple of Gilberto Gil albums and Gal Costa's album from 1969.
  11:39am Paul Sherratt:

Apologies to anyone cancelling trips to the Uk for fear of bumping in to the late Baby Huey. I was getting the man mixed up with Binky Griptite - it's easily done !
  11:40am Cecile:

Diane d, is this the continuation of your "everyone should be named Diane riff?"

Paul - Binky who?
  11:41am stingy d:

yea diane, everyone's diane to me. it's a lot better that way. everyone in my office seems to enjoy being called diane.
  11:44am Diane Carmichael:

Wasn't she the lady that Agent Cooper used to dictate his messages to on Twin Peaks?
  11:45am stingy d:

diane griptite is that modern old school guitar playing feller i think... amy winehouse... sharon jones

and yes diane... thats where it all started for me, twin dianes
  11:50am Ike:

We never did find out anything about Agent Cooper's Diane in Twin Peaks, did we?

Uh oh, my cat is starting to like these visiting cats. Now I may never be able to give them away.
  11:52am stingy d:

as close as you'll ever get to diane
  11:53am annie:

ike! mt significant other says no way to transporting cats in his car.. sorry...
  11:57am trish:

I wonder how long I could listen to this Chifara groove looping without a melody on top. It's very nice.
  11:57am stingy d:

i like the idea of Mount Significant Other
  11:58am bzul:

I love the Diane Astatke...although it reminds me of Bill Murray driving around in "Broken Flowers". Needs me to do my own driving with it.
  12:00pm stingy d:
  12:00pm Ike:

That's cool, Annie. When I drove them from Brooklyn to NJ, one of them cried a lot in her cage, which was annoying, so I understand.
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