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Every show starts with the ’70s! We’ll rediscover forgotten rockers, revisit unfairly maligned disco beats and replay power-pop favorites. Next: plenty of new releases, occasional live bands and more. Don’t let the nickname confuse you.

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Options November 4, 2008: EFD-cision '08!

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When I look at this image, I imagine my bed music blasting out of the speakers...

(* = new)

Artist Track Album Label Year Comments New Approx. start time
david bowie  changes   Options hunky dory  rca / rhino  1973      0:00:00 (MP3 | )
the dB's  change with the changing times   Options the sound of music  irs  1987      0:03:05 (MP3 | )
the byrds  change is now   Options the notorious byrd brothers  columbia  1968      0:05:55 (MP3 | )
the bellrays  change the world   Options have a little faith  cheap lullaby  2006      0:09:19 (MP3 | )
killing joke  change   Options s/t  eg  1980      0:12:04 (MP3 | )
john mccain  concedes   Options           0:15:22 (MP3 | )
hot chocolate  every 1's a winner (excerpt)   Options 12"      I had the chorus of this song going in my head for most of the night... but the lyrics didn't really fit(!), so I bailed on it after a minute or so.    0:25:01 (MP3 | )
dr t's soldiers  hooray for us   Options 5,000 fingers of dr t soundtrack          0:26:15 (MP3 | )
the briefs  we americans   Options off the charts  dirtnap  2004      0:47:44 (MP3 | )
the quails  change will come   Options the song is love  mr lady  2003      0:49:31 (MP3 | )
game theory  throwing the election   Options 2 steps from the middle ages  enigma  1988      0:52:45 (MP3 | )
president-elect (!!) barack obama  acceptance speech   Options           0:56:44 (MP3 | )
pointer sisters  yes we can can   Options           1:12:29 (MP3 | )
little richard  bama lama bama lu   Options           1:17:58 (MP3 | )
blue ash  abdracadabra (have you seen her)   Options no more, no less  collectors' choice      *   1:46:03 (MP3 | )
lover!  i'm not a gnome   Options 7"  tic tac totally      *   1:48:56 (MP3 | )
gentleman jesse  you got me where you want me   Options s/t  douche master      *   1:52:58 (MP3 | )
maypole  changes places   Options the real  gear fab  1970  a leftover from the opening set    1:55:20 (MP3 | )
the herbaliser  can't help this feeling   Options cd single  !k7      *   2:07:27 (MP3 | )
black devil disco club  with honey cream   Options eight oh eight  lo      *   2:11:01 (MP3 | )
sparks  a big surprise   Options introducing  lil beethoven      *   2:16:27 (MP3 | )
dan le sac vs scroobius pip  look for the woman   Options angles  strange famous      *   2:19:51 (MP3 | )
piper  comin down off your love   Options can't wait  a&m  1977      2:23:11 (MP3 | )
hank iv  my anger   Options refuge in genre  siltbreeze      *   2:35:15 (MP3 | )
blank dogs  i was counting   Options 7"  4:2:2      *   2:38:04 (MP3 | )
jerry hoffman (narrator)  road to the white house: 1976   Options perspective 76: an aural review of the year 1976  group w  1976      2:40:42 (MP3 | )

Listener comments!

  Tue. 11/4/08 11:08pm Laurie:

I'm so happy I am crying!!
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:09pm michael from doerentrup:

you`re not the only one
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:09pm john:

To quote the late great Bob Murphy, "we'll be back with the happy recap."
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:11pm toni daytona:

happy tuesday,,i voted for mccain
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:12pm Marcelo:

congratulations USA!!!!!! and WFMU listeners
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:12pm Jessica:

Yes, it is.
Holy wow.
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:12pm trish:

I can raise a glass to the USA !
and to fmu, thanks for the alt stream. a nice slice btwn it all.
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:12pm sugarwolf:

I can put the Obama sticker on the final page of my Stuck on the Presidents sticker book!!
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:14pm Daniel:

I'm proud of my country again.
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:15pm Derek in DC:

Fox News is so funny. Karl Rove and his gang were desperately trying to put a positive spin on all this. It was like watching a wake for someone everybody hated. Weird, uncomfortable, drenched in denial, but sort of entertaining.
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:16pm toni d.:

i really dont trust anyone who looks like alfred e. numan,,=(=(
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:17pm Parq:

Hatch, are you still there? I extend my hand to you across the series of tubes, bro. You did it. We *all* did it. Wait, McCain's concession speech is about to start. I am so proud to be a WFMU listener tonight.
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:17pm Brian:

I guess it doesn't matter anymore, but Florida went to Obama. Congratulations Laurie and all other Floridians!
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:17pm john:

Rove called it 338-200 yesterday. May have been the only honest thing I've ever heard him say.
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:21pm sugarwolf:

Jesse Jackson crying is making me cry
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:22pm Daniel:

C'mon everybody, group hug.
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:22pm trent:

please play come together
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:23pm john:

This is really quite a graceful speech. Nothing became McCain's campaign like his leaving of it.
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:23pm efd:

John, absolutely right - we were just discussing that here. More to come on the air shortly.
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:25pm trish:

  Tue. 11/4/08 11:26pm Daniel:

This is the first time I've really felt emotion in his voice. But really, can't the audience just shut up???
Also, I second what trent said.
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:28pm toni daytona:

efd---could you trust anyone who looks like alfred e. numan???
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:29pm Hatch:

God bless America.
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:29pm Parq:

I respectfully dissent. That was nothing but the usual cliche ridden crap. And fuck this "put aside our differences" stuff. I want the GOP shut out in the cold just as thoroughly as we were prior to 2006. I want them standing outside the gates with their fucking hats in their hands.
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:33pm Daniel:

I'm just wondering from a technical standpoint, is there any reason that the Electile Dysfunction stream sounds much better than the regular stream? (maybe there is some kind of compressor for going on air?)
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:34pm Laurie:

My heart is SOARING. I feel so good.
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:35pm 22nd St:

Hi again, Chad
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:36pm john:

This is very gratifying. But gloating and vengefulness is as unbecoming in a winner as whining in a loser. Let's move on and govern and forget the petty stuff from the last 40 years or so. Looks like Obama will be speaking shortly; invocation being given now.
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:39pm Daniel:

I'm farting with joy.
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:44pm stingy d:

i was watching tv and tavis smiley killed it
but anyway.. it's safe to go to work tomorrow...i 'm not gonna smoke all the dust i bought in queens.... i'm trying to buy some chips mufuckas
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:45pm john:

looks like Obama will be talking at 12.
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:45pm Rebecca in Hoboken:

Love the gif!!!
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:46pm john:

Obama will definitely have beaten John Kerry's tally with white voters, not to give anything away.
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:53pm ?:

  Tue. 11/4/08 11:54pm toni d.:

evan,,PLEASE dont play the obama speech,,,,i just ate,i'm begging
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:55pm another foreigner question:

Another foreigner question: who serves as healthy democratic opposition in a two-party system??

The pre-election coalitions that Hatch discussed earlier. Do they simply prevail?

We have an oppositional majority here in .ca and til now, it flew nicely.
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:55pm stingy d:

nacho cheese bugelson you fmu punks
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:58pm john:

Foreigner, That'll be a function of the bloodiness of the civil war in the GOP that starts in about 30 seconds.
  Tue. 11/4/08 11:59pm em2:

guys...he's on...
  Wed. 11/5/08 12:01am randy in NC:

Hey, here in NC it's still too close to call. But Bush won by 12% in 2004. So it's a big improvement.

efd, maybe it's because the DB's played for free on Saturday here. Well 3/4 plus Mitch Easter(!)
  Wed. 11/5/08 12:09am Foreigner:


Really? It doesn't ever come from within? It must a bit, eh? Historically, it's the press, isn't it? In 21st C, I'd put that more to the people than the press.

I d'know. I need to go have a hockey beer. Fucking Palin's hockey woman bit..
  Wed. 11/5/08 12:18am Parq:

I've got tears in my eyes . . .
  Wed. 11/5/08 12:21am one hot blonde:

g'nite all
  Wed. 11/5/08 12:22am stingy d:

yo fmu.. i'm feelin ornery lets... lets fight
  Wed. 11/5/08 12:23am Derek in DC:

  Wed. 11/5/08 12:24am Daniel:

I leave, dear internet friends and sleep. Night everybody.
  Wed. 11/5/08 12:24am stingy d in nyc:

i just smoked enough dust to remove four cit yblocks
lets explain this to god
  Wed. 11/5/08 12:27am Parq:

[fist bump] G'night, gang.
  Wed. 11/5/08 12:32am efd:

knock it off, stingy.
  Wed. 11/5/08 12:33am stingy d:

ED i had it, sorry drunken not relaizing
  Wed. 11/5/08 12:37am stingy d:

evan funk dabies who are you talking to?
  Wed. 11/5/08 12:41am Also in DC:

derek, yeah, it's going to be a cooler place here, looking forward to it.
  Wed. 11/5/08 12:44am Foreighner:

jhockey bar was great. Good gender balance. Good diversity. Hockey. Politics. Good dark beerr on tap.
  Wed. 11/5/08 12:48am stingy d:

for a really long time i have been voting for the troggs.. no one ever cares
  Wed. 11/5/08 12:49am stingy d:

it's ok i understand that sort of thing
  Wed. 11/5/08 12:51am Laurie:

  Wed. 11/5/08 12:52am efd:

Laurie, that's awesome.
  Wed. 11/5/08 12:53am stingy d:

its good obama won and evrything,,, but if mcaain won, i just want you to know tha i could win so many fights right now
  Wed. 11/5/08 12:55am john:

Evan, that was fun! Looks like I got 2 of 3, the idiotic constitutional convention thing proposed by the far right here in CT is getting whacked, but Prop 8 doesn't look good--all my friends in CA were fighting that one too.
  Wed. 11/5/08 12:55am stingy d:

can you explain this lover song o alittle amorem though?
  Wed. 11/5/08 12:56am Mickey Mephistopheles:

Thank you Magic Factory for the stream today. Credit Rob Weisberg for convincing me to vote for Obama by demonstrating his international appeal on Sunday night.
  Wed. 11/5/08 12:56am E.L.:

Huzzah! I'm just getting back from an election day party. Hoorah! What a night!
  Wed. 11/5/08 12:58am Mickey Mephistopheles:

  Wed. 11/5/08 12:59am efd:

hi E.L.! Hi Mickey!

bye Mickey!
  Wed. 11/5/08 1:00am stingy dq:

i think thats all i got
  Wed. 11/5/08 1:06am E.L.:

It really is the best animated GIF I've seen in a while— the bed music seals the deal.
  Wed. 11/5/08 1:10am em2:

GA went McCain
  Wed. 11/5/08 1:11am john:

Dole lost it with the atheist ad last week. Coleman/Franken in MN too close to call, people hate them both. Oregon also close, but Portland area not well counted yet. And I'd bet on Begich to beat Stevens in AK. Montana has a Dem governor and both senators. GA was never going to go Obama, I tried to make it work but never could.
  Wed. 11/5/08 1:12am efd:

thanks John and em2 for the updates!

Yeah, that Dole ad was definitely not a good move.

And what of Elwyn Tinklenberg (sp)?
  Wed. 11/5/08 1:14am E.L.:

This Herbaliser cut works with well with the GIF too.
  Wed. 11/5/08 1:15am john:

Hard to say about Elwyn Tinklenberg, doesn't look great, losing to the whackjob Bachmann 47-43 with 76% counted. As, however, you know, I do like saying Elwyn Tinklenberg.

Elwyn Tinklenberg.
  Wed. 11/5/08 1:17am efd:

that's why i was surprised you hadn't mentioned it!

[pats self on back for spelling Elwyn Tinklenberg correctly]
  Wed. 11/5/08 1:18am Laurie:

COME ON, CALIFORNIA. Don't make Mr. Sulu cry.
  Wed. 11/5/08 1:20am john:

Mr. Sulu can come move here to CT. We're apparently more highly evolved.

And Evan, it's been a long day, what can I say? Oh yeah. Elwyn Tinklenberg.
  Wed. 11/5/08 1:21am Laurie:

Or he can move in with the Massholes, right?
  Wed. 11/5/08 1:22am john:

Yeah, but they drive funny, as per the name.
  Wed. 11/5/08 1:24am john:

Love the Commonwealth to pieces, I hasten to add.
  Wed. 11/5/08 1:26am joey:

Anyone know anything bout the "No on 8"thing in california?? the anti-rights ballot thing...to freeze gay and lesbian marriage for the next few decades?? please responde cuz i cant find anything updated on the web (ironically)
  Wed. 11/5/08 1:30am john:

Try here, the official site. http://vote.sos.ca.gov/Returns/props/map190000000008.htm
Doesn't look good just now, but not a lot of vote in. Must be tons of traffic, hard to get through sometimes.
  Wed. 11/5/08 1:32am j:

Proposition 8: Right to same-sex marriage

Amends the California constitution to specify that only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.

Votes % of votes

29% of precincts reporting

Yes 2,125,595 53%

No 1,892,376 47%

  Wed. 11/5/08 1:33am joey:

buncha thanks to ya! yeah it doesnt look to good from what i saw earlier..and if you dont mind me say'n..fuck'n sucks! and im not even gay!! i just cannot understand why! and i mean why! would anyone want to enterfere with anothers lifestyle...geezuz
  Wed. 11/5/08 1:36am Lennox:

ObamanatioN!!! Yayyyy
  Wed. 11/5/08 1:39am joey:

so the same sex marriage thing in california is not "called" we still have hope??
  Wed. 11/5/08 1:42am john:

Well, on Prop 8, very little of Los Angeles County has been counted yet, so that's good. But very little of Orange County has, so that's bad.

"Why" doesn't have a short answer.
  Wed. 11/5/08 1:43am joey:

: (
  Wed. 11/5/08 1:43am joey:

  Wed. 11/5/08 1:44am joey:

: )
  Wed. 11/5/08 1:46am efd:

best anti-Prop 8 t-shirt message I saw (online, at least):
Can I vote on your marriage?
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