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June 20, 2008 Favoriting
Hear this: Tony Schwartz was a blessing
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Favoriting Jujus:Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Favoriting Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo Wax 1990)

Jorge Ben 

Errare Humanun Est
(Listen: Pop-up)
A Tábua De Esmeralda
(Philips 1974)
MPB4  Liana Verde Bandiera   Favoriting

Deixa Estar...

(Elenco 1970)
A Bolha  Um Passo à Frente   Favoriting Um Passo à Frente
(Continental 1973)
Rubinho e Mauro Assumpção  Pé ne Estrada   Favoriting Perfeitamente, Justamente Quando Cheguei
(Mariposa 1972)

Epitafio Deum Sambista   Favoriting Questão de Gosto
(Polydor 1976)

Talkover Music:
Hadley Caliman 
Cigar Eddie   Favoriting Hadley Caliman
(Mainstream 1971)

Tony Schwartz  Music in Speech
Rhythm of Words
Calls and Whistles
County Auctioneer
(Listen: Pop-up)

Millions of Musicians

(Folkways 1954)
Tommy Sands  Somethin' Bound to Go Wrong   Favoriting Early Hillbilly & Rockabilly Days
Jerry Glenn  Too Young to Cut the Mustard   Favoriting Rockin' Hillbilly, Volume 9
(Cactus )
Vernon Claude  Foolish Pride   Favoriting The Lost Decca Recordings
(Decca 1956)
Tommy Hill  Walls of Stone   Favoriting The Hillbilly Researcher #74
(HBR 1959)

Flyin' Saucer Boogie   Favoriting Boppin' Hillbilly, Volume 1
(Collector 1952)
Glen Barr & Roger Harrison  I'm in No Position   Favoriting Primitive Sound
(Collector )

Talkover Music:
Hey Mr Bundle   Favoriting Make New Friends
(Tru Thoughts 2004)

Beny Moré y Conjunto Matamoros 

Buenos Hermanos
(Listen: Pop-up)
Ofrenda Criolla, Volume 1
(Antologia Integral 1944)
Compay Segundo y Su Grupo  Oui Parle Francais   Favoriting Balcón de Santiago
(Tumbao 1956)
Armando Oréfiche y Sus Havana
Cuban Boys 
Mesié Júlian   Favoriting

Nostalgia Cubana

(Tumbao 1955)
Joe Bataan  Para Puerto Rico Voy   Favoriting Saint Latin's Day Massacre
(Fania 1971)
Ricardo Marrero & the Group  Preparado   Favoriting Time
(Vaya 1977)

Talkover Music:
N'goron Mandiani   Favoriting Master of Percussion: Volume 1, Africa
(Follow Me )

Jimmy Giuffre (with Tony Schwartz) 

Music in Marble Halls
(Listen: Pop-up)
You're Stepping on My Shadow: Sound Stories of NYC
(Folkways 1962)

Marion Brown
Once Upon a TIme
(A Children's Tale)   Favoriting
Geechee Recollections
(Impulse! 1973)
Abbey Lincoln  Painted Lady on the Stage   Favoriting Golden Lady
(Blue Marge 1980)
Horace Tapscott & the Pan-Afrikan Peoples Arkestra  Peyote Song   Favoriting The Call
(Nimbus 1978)
Woody Shaw  Love Dance   Favoriting Love Dance
(Muse 1976)

Talkover Music:
Sabu Martinez 
High Tension   Favoriting Sabu in Orbit
(SMC 1960)

Haymarket Square 

The Train-Kept-a-Rollin'
(Listen: Pop-up)
Magic Lantern
(Gear Fab 1968)
Night Shadow  So Much   Favoriting

The Square Root
of Two

(Spectrum 1968)
The Ashes  So Lonely   Favoriting The Peanut Butter Conspiracy:
Spreading From the Ashes
(Big Beat 1967)
The Art of Lovin'  You'll Walk Away   Favoriting The Art of Lovin'
(Mainstream 1968)
Strawberry Alarm Clock  Barefoot in Baltimore   Favoriting The World in a Sea Shell
(Uni 1968)
Elyse Weinberg  Houses   Favoriting Elyse
(Tetragrammaton 1968)

Talkover Music:
Samba Pa' Ti   Favoriting Abraxas
(Columbia 1970)

Tony Schwartz 

Tradition of Street
(Listen: Pop-up)
Music in the Streets
(Folkways 1957)
Moondog  Moondog   Favoriting New York 19
(Folkways 1954)
Glass bowl player  Glass bowl player   Favoriting Music in the Streets
(Folkways 1957)
Moondog  Moondog   Favoriting Music in the Streets
(Folkways 1957)

Standing Here at the Present Time   Favoriting Standing Here at the Present Time:
A Sound Portrait of NYC
(Private pressing 1964)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Favoriting I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  9:05am Bad Ronald:

  9:06am zedprophfer:

Hugo isn't here, so I'm commenting instead. HELLO!
  9:28am spaniel:

good AM everyone! this Leci Brandao track is very nice. doug, i was listening to your 12/21/01 show and enjoying it tremendously the other day. thanks for turning me on to mat maneri. glad you revised your opinion of him!
  9:46am Listener Dave from NH:

The last county auctioneer bit took me back to a while back when the livestock auction championships were all the rage on WFMU.
  9:47am chris:

That is a nice, loping, goofy pedal steel.
  9:47am Paul Sherratt:

Now that's what I call a segue, the Tony to Tommy !
  9:48am Cecile:

Is that what the kids call it now? I got lost at "getting busy"
  9:51am spaniel:

the music in speech thing was wonderful. diners are great places to make voice observations.

i love the "somethin' bout to go wrong" sentiment. i was just talking w/a friend about this. thinking "oh, man i feel really good... oh no, i feel really good".

  9:56am Cecile:

I love the Roswell Rock.
  9:57am jonathan:

flyin' saucer boogie is one of the best songs i've ever heard.
  10:13am Cecile:

Doug, do you have some merengue in your arsenal today?
  10:15am Doug:

Cecile, Ooh a little Wilfrido Vargas would go great just now, but alas, no...
  10:20am Cecile:

Ah, well.
You gotta love a song where they sing about chicarrones. I could use some fried pork fat about now.
  10:36am Oliver:

Doug -- More synchronicity spoken here as always. Tony S visited my tony school in th e early '60s -- I musta been in 3rd or 4th grde. He demonstrated various sounds and sound phenomena -- optical aural illusions etc. My parents worked in the ad biz and were friends w/him. Later I dated a gal who worked for him and spen some time @ his studio in the early '80s. Farewell to a "reel" NYC World Hero!
  10:41am molerat:

Just finished reading the Tony Schwartz blog post. Fascinating guy. Thanks for the very nice write-up.
  10:47am Doug:

Oliver, reading of your various connections to Tony Schwartz is a thrill! He was one of my all-time radio/music/sound/human heroes.

Glad you dug the post, Molerat. If anyone else wants to read it, just click on BLOG POSTS at the bottom of this playlist page.
  10:50am molerat:

Just listened to Schwartz' "Nancy Grows Up." Really touching. I wonder where Nancy is now?
  10:59am Cecile:

Yes, Doug, thanks for the Tony Schwartz tribute.

Speaking of weird synchonicity, before I went into work, I watched an episode of Reno 911! where they all took peyote. And now, you are playing Peyote Song. Get out of my head!. ;D
  11:05am Doug:

Don't EVEN go there about the "Love Dance" connection...
  11:07am Cecile:


No, but really, I like Woody Shaw. No synchronicity involved there.
  11:08am dlroth:

nice doug nice morning to mellow over with!
  11:13am spaniel:

thanks doug for the Tony Schwartz information, i'm really interested and am looking forward to learning more about his work. thanks also for the great programing (as usual). have a great day everyone!
  11:22am Brendan:

Yes very nice program indeed. I'll be tuning it much more often. Here's to Mr. Schwartz.
  11:34am jonathan:

i've never heard this strawberry alarm clock song.
strange and great!
  11:36am Matt:

Awesome- I just discovered Elyse Weinberg via the cover on the last Vetvier album. Great stuff.
  11:37am David:

I like this Elyse - nice mix of fuzztone and folk.
  11:38am Cecile:

Oh, I love the Santana, thanks Doug.
  11:40am Mike B.:

sounded like a Nils on guitar on that "Houses"...
  11:47am Doug:

Mike B.:
'Twas Neil Young on guitar!
  9:26pm mike tp:

hello doug just back from portland oregon to visit my 2 daughters. very hip town and the sites are majestic.ever been there? met dr john at portland airport. we were on the same returning flite back to newark. i introduced myself and me and my wife took a photo with him. in pirtland seen jeremy enigk at dantes. one thing said about tony schwartz was he didnt want to be in a town with no street music. loved the voices of the regular folk. inspires me to get out my various collection of percussion stuff and hit the streets in e. rutherford nj thanks for turning me on to some more new stuff.and the gary null show on 91.5 fm noon to 1pm mon thru fri is well worth it. one of the few important minds who walks the planet today my humble opinion.enjoy the summer. peace.
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