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Bronwyn C, The Iowa Firecracker talks pigs and takes your calls on pig-related matters.

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Options June 6, 2008: Douche of the Week Bracketology Special!

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Bronwyn C  Douche of the Week Bracketology Special   Options Judge Roy Pierson (sued cleaners) is the douche of the year!! 

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Listener comments!

  6:06pm Sean Daily:

Whaaaaaaaaat? No George W. Bush?
  6:07pm Richard:

Am I the first? My choices: Love Sky Dancer, Anon @ Colbert Report, Amaldo de Sidonis, Judge Roy Pierson, Nike, Luria, Murray, Ceballos
  6:08pm Listener John:

Wow! I studied the list of 16 candidates, and they are all so awful, that it's hard to decide who's the worst. I wouldn't want to bet on who'll be the winner/loser . . .
  6:12pm jake:

Love sky dancer.
  6:12pm Listener John:

I vote for Love Sky Dancer. He had me at "Druid Priest."
  6:12pm Rae:

Love Skydancer is far douchier
  6:12pm Brock:

Love Sky Dancer,
  6:12pm ?:

Definitely, if only for the name.
  6:13pm spaniel:

LSD (love sky dancer)
  6:13pm Sean Daily:

Paul Addis: He's just an a-hole.
Monoglian Treaty: There's this neat thing called a map, State Department...
John Potts: Cos he killed an animal.
Judge Pierson: Hypocrite (against frivolous lawsuits)
Putnam Co. Office of Aging: Directly affects srs.
Noel Luria: Fudger coulda killed someone
Robert Murray: People died and HE'S stressed out?
Priscilla Ceballos: Lying about daddy dying in Iraq to get Hanna Montana tix? Ain't that a hanging offense?
  6:14pm Listener John:

Anonymous @ Colbert Report -- because he stole ideas from Bronwyn.
  6:16pm ?:

Anon@Colbert, cuz if you're so bad you've got to steal from the Young Turks, you really can't write.
  6:16pm Listener Ralphine:

Anon @ Colbert Report, because the Mongolia treaty is actually legit. A bunch of commercial ships fly the Mongolian flag.
  6:16pm brock:

Anon @ Colbert Report
  6:17pm evs:

anon@colbert, stealing from young turks is pathetic, and yes i'm stealing ?'s material
  6:17pm spaniel:

state dept guy
  6:18pm zedprophfer:

Colbert Report Colbert Report Colbert Report
  6:18pm Ike:

I'll vote for State Dept. guy, partly because it's such a Bush stooge kind of thing, and also because originality in art or writing is essentially impossible.
  6:19pm Dave in Chicago:

Agree with caller, the State Dept guy is stupid. But the Colbert guy is CLEARLY a bastard...
  6:21pm john:

Totally John Potts. They're both bird killers, but he gets the nod because hes' from Satan Island.
  6:21pm spaniel:

de Sidonis

(potts gets off on insanity plea)
  6:21pm brock:

Amaldo de Sidonis, Hawk Spitter
  6:21pm Jessica:

Colbert report guy is worse than a comedian stealing bits, I'd say, what with the theft coming as part of his very-well-paid day job. Plus: don't snatch from our Bronwyn! Without even crafting the purloined bit enough to make it potentially passable. Bad writer! I should have your job!
  6:21pm Rae:

hawk spitter.
  6:21pm frenchee:

not the mentally ill guy.
the dumb guy
  6:21pm Dave in Chicago:

Tough one on the birds, but crazy guy is just crazy
  6:22pm Ike:

Voting for Hawk Spitter instead of the clearly insane peacock vampire slayer.
  6:22pm Jessica:

The bird-spitter = huge douche! Not only did he have to know how loved those birds were, not only did he take his issues out on some gorgeous birds, but the whole hurting small animals thing... better hope he never gets a girlfriend.
  6:22pm Listener John (a different one):

Let Mr. Potts off for possible mental illness.

Amaldo, however, seems to know what he was doing -- and he was dropping rocks on them too.
  6:22pm Raj:

Sidonis. stupidity over insanity.
  6:22pm ZippyD:

I'm confused. What was stolen from FMU at the olbert repot?
  6:23pm Charlie:

Peacocks represent the DEVIL. Clearly the hawk idiot.
  6:23pm Listener Lynn:

red tailed hawks are a protected - but peacocks are an introduced species
  6:24pm Jessica:

"Hawk Spitter" is so his new name. snort.
Anyone who has lived near a peacock-keeping-household has considered, at least once, what it might take to get those screaming-baby-noises to effing stop already.
  6:24pm Rae:

Roy Pierson!!!!
  6:24pm ZippyD:

Make that. I'm confused. What was stolen from FMU at the Colbert repot?
  6:24pm Dave in Chicago:

Judge is a TOTAL ass and I'm black too!
  6:24pm ZippyD:

Make that. I'm confused. What was stolen from FMU at the Colbert report?
  6:25pm giraffe-o:

Pierson - all-Star !
  6:25pm spaniel:

Roy boy. (my call for douche of the year)
  6:25pm ?:

Judge Roy Pierson vs. The Little Guy is far douchier than douche lawyer suing douche casino.
  6:26pm frenchee:

I think trouser-douche should win
  6:26pm kym:

Pierson is easily the Douche of the Decade.
  6:26pm Brock:

Judge Roy Pierson (sued cleaners)
  6:27pm Listener John:

"Judge" Peierson -- you have to be an overbearing obnoxious Douche to go to court over that issue. (Note the capital D)
  6:27pm Charlie:

Clearly the judge.
  6:27pm JOERG:

  6:27pm zedprophfer:

  6:29pm Listener John:

That Putnam Co. person sounds really annoying, but Nike seems like the winner to me -- it's so much more douchy what they did. (At least that's my opinion.)
  6:30pm Rae:

  6:30pm jake:

ugh... nike... ugh
  6:30pm Shark:

Nike Corp basturdz
  6:30pm giraffe-o:

close call - Nike set up expectations, then spit in the kids' cornflakes so to speak
  6:30pm evan:

putnam county office of aging.
  6:30pm listener eric:

Nike is the winner! no contest
  6:31pm Brock:

Old Folks Donut Stealer
  6:31pm marty:

a message from portland.. home of nike
trust me
nike sucks......
  6:31pm Rae:

doughnut = $0.50
sneakers = $200

  6:31pm Homer:

Putnam Co.. Nike make crap, over rated shoes. Donoughts, OTOH, mmmmmmm.....donuts!
  6:31pm joerg:

imposing your standards is more douchy than indian giving, if not by much
  6:32pm zedprophfer:

I'm going for Nike. Doughnuts are cheaper like Rae said.
  6:32pm Raj:

Corporations are douches, what a bulletin!

One for doughnuts!
  6:32pm arnold:

Judge Roy Pierson, no question, a vicious disgusting excuse for a human being. The AC lawyer, she's a person in trouble, and she's got a case I think too. I dont know who's dumb idea was it to nominate her, especially next to this low life Judge Roy Pierson.
  6:32pm kol in Cragsmoor NY:

Most politicians are douches by definition, which should go without saying. Bringing a lawsuit against a dry cleaner is pretty damn douch-y!
  6:33pm evan:

at least nike gave those kids a life lesson they will remember-- putnam county stealing away one of the small pleasures left in life
  6:33pm john:

I give it to Sugarman, again on principal. While he gets some points off for assaulting a stockbroker, I've actually been a fund manager, and 98% of my former counterparts are douches.
  6:34pm David W:

old people don't need doughnuts...those kids were probably very excited about nike shoes...
  6:35pm Raj:

These are both too hilarious. I can't make a decision.
  6:35pm giraffe-o:

Another vote down to the wire! I'd say the spin-grunt guy is more generally annoying and douchy
  6:35pm spaniel:

Noel, Noel.

but either one is fine. these 2 are the funniest douches yet.
  6:36pm Charlie:

Spin grunter can suck it.
  6:36pm marty:

nike... is always sticking it to the kids
especially when they are making the shoes
  6:37pm bryce:

you grunt guy
  6:39pm frenchee:

effin' union-busting asswipe v. future Law & Order episode.This is hard.
  6:39pm ?:

Robert Murray, mass-murder is really douchie.
  6:39pm Rae:

Robert Murray, because more people were involved, and it was a national news story.
  6:39pm calihornya:

In California, the safe-haven means babies 72-hours old
  6:40pm Listener John:

Someone should leave the judge on the police station steps.
  6:40pm giraffe-o:

The terrible two is going to come down to Murray vs. Pierson
  6:40pm David W:

off with r murry's head
  6:41pm cioccito:

Robert Murray, complete douche and scumbag.
  6:41pm Ike:

I'll vote for Hua Zheng. If the baby was female then that's extremely common in China (and India) -- lots of vicious, nasty misogyny towards female babies.
  6:45pm john carlton:

david mamet
  6:45pm Midnight Smoker:

Stuart Sugarman...cut off his legs!
  6:45pm ?:

Priscilla Ceballos, for exposing her daughter to Hanna Montana
  6:45pm Rae:

Rindy Sam, because who really cares about Miley Cyrus?
  6:46pm Ike:

Priscilla Ceballos! (But what does Irwin think?)
  6:46pm Dave in Chicago:

Priscilla was so willful in her deception. Rindy again, falls into the crazy self important category
  6:46pm kol in Cragsmoor NY:

Rindy's punishment should be to be painted indelibly white. Priscilla's mom should be sent to Irac. She's a Douche.
  6:46pm D Wallen:

nuke the gook & pricilla...put the kid up for adoption to a family that will care for her...
  6:46pm sueb:

Priscilla is also terrifying looking

  6:47pm cioccito:

  6:47pm Raj:

Rindy could've done worse, like on the statue of David!

one for Priscilla!
  6:47pm john:

Rindy Sam kissed an all-white canvas. Yes, all white. HOW much does it cost to restore an all-white canvas, please? Can I write in Cy Twombly instead?
  6:47pm giraffe-o:

Ceballos. Poor kid, growing up with a mom like that
  6:47pm charlie:

Tough call. One destroyed someone else's work, the other exploited the troops in Iraq. I guess Rindy Sam cuz she did physical destruction and is the type of person I consider to be the bane of my existence.
  6:48pm zedprophfer:

Priscilla indeed.
  6:49pm roger:

hey irwin is a hannah montana fan !!!
  6:49pm evan:

  6:49pm Rae:

Love Sky Dancer,
Judge Roy Pierson (sued cleaners)
Nike Corp. (sneakers from kids)
Robert Murray, mine owner
  6:49pm Sean Daily:

A suggestion, Bronwyn: Try doing the last four and the last two next show.
  6:49pm spaniel:

love sky dancer
de Sidonis
  6:49pm cioccito:

Love Sky Dancer to win it all!!!
  6:49pm john:

OK, me again. Got to be Love Sky Dancer. Partially because his name sounds like the main character from Star Wars, so that's extra douche points.

Clearly, though, he wins Douche of the Year, Druid Division.
  6:50pm joerg:

judge roy,
  6:50pm Listener David:

The Judge for sure!
  6:50pm ?:

  6:50pm Dominick:

here come the judge
  6:51pm Raj:

LSD, sidonis ,sugerman, murray
  6:51pm sueb:

self-important pants!
  6:51pm vinh!:

Love Skydancer, Judge Roy Pierson, Nike, Robert Murray
  6:51pm Sean Daily:

Ooooooo... Ken said "jerkoff"... That's, what, a $10 million FCC fine?
  6:52pm ?:


dousche department divide by n
  6:52pm monica:

GRUNT GUY!!! you NOT go, girl!
  6:52pm Ike:

I'll vote against Nike instead of the spin-grunter, because I can't stop getting my hate on against corporations. I'll also vote Ceballos over Murray, and the judge over Love Sky Dancer.
  6:53pm Brian c.:

Grunt guy! Synonym for shiat, after all…
  6:53pm D Wallen:

The Judge, how does such a suit reflect his decisions in court?
  6:53pm ?:

Murray, without a doubt.
  6:53pm cioccito:

robert murray should have his face on the front of some douche packaging.
  6:53pm Sean Daily:

Mine owner.
  6:53pm Dominick:

  6:53pm kol in Cragsmoor NY:

Mine Owner
  6:54pm sueb:

mine owner
death is more serious than hannah
  6:54pm sadie:

what about that artist douche who tied up the dog in an exhibition and starved it to death.....
  6:55pm david w:

yes ciccito, all of them should be on douche packaging, lilke missing kids on milk cartons
  6:55pm ?:


"the D-word"

  6:56pm Listener David:

Judge and Murray
  6:56pm ?:

Pierson and Murray
  6:56pm Rae:

judge roy peirson by nose,
Robert Murray
  6:56pm Dave in Chicago:

Judge and Murray
  6:56pm matt:

the judge!!!!
  6:56pm Dominick:

judge and sugarman
  6:56pm Raj:

pierson, murray
  6:56pm vinh:

Judge Roy Pierson, and Robert Murray
  6:57pm joerg:

the judge, abuse of poser is vile
  6:57pm Richard:

LSD is just crazy, Judge Pierson should know better. Murray over Sugarman, and then Pierson for the win!
  6:57pm Sean Daily:

Pierson and Murray.
  6:57pm ?:

judge \
Grunt ?
  6:57pm monica:

judge roy pierson
grunt guy
  6:57pm spaniel:

  6:57pm kol in Cragsmoor NY:

Pierson and Murray
  6:58pm marty:

the judge wins the D-bag of the year
  6:58pm Joel:

Judge Pierson and Murray the D
  6:58pm david w:

pierson and murray
  6:58pm giraffe-o:

Pierson vs. Murray! I can pick em. Murray for the win.
  6:58pm john:

I'm telling you, anyone whose name sounds like Luke Skywalker wins, even without asking for goblets at sing sing.

The other bracket is too hard, because the mine owner is the only one you sort of have to take seriously.
  6:58pm Listener David:

Judge is ultimate douche
  6:58pm me:

  6:59pm joerg:

mine owner, the koreans got out alive
  6:59pm Ike:

Here comes the judge -- as Douche of the Year. That's my vote.
  6:59pm sam:

The Judge...
  6:59pm eric:

The Judge! is the winner Douche wise
but the Mine owner is a total evil bastard!
  6:59pm spaniel:

  6:59pm zedprophfer:

  6:59pm vinh:

Judge Roy Pierson is the Douchebag of the Year!
  6:59pm Joel:

Judge Pierson
  6:59pm SueB:


maybe the mine owner was stressed
the judge has no such excuse
  6:59pm kol in Cragsmoor NY:

Robert Murray - blatant disregard for life.
  6:59pm Listener Steve:

Judge... Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!
  6:59pm Dominick:

Judge Pierson all the way
  6:59pm ?:

Dead People trumps pretty much anything. Dead can't be appealed. Murray, for sure.

Thanks B, for the most beautiful show ever.
  7:00pm pat:

the judge
  7:00pm Rae:

the judge is so utterly douchey. He's the douche of the century
  7:00pm raj:

  7:00pm david w:

pierson as he is educated and represents the law, murry is just a sucko businessman
  7:00pm Listener Noam Sane:

Judge is inexcusably douchy
  7:00pm judge:

  7:02pm zedprophfer:

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