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August 24, 2007 Favoriting
Give the daughter some
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Favoriting Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Favoriting Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo Wax 1990)

Max Roach Trio 

Three-Four Vs. Six-Eight
Four-Four Ways
(Listen: Pop-up)
Max Roach Trio Featuring the
Legendary Hasaan
(Atlantic 1964)
John Coltrane  Welcome   Favoriting Kulu Se Mama
(Impulse! 1965)

Boom-Jackie-Boom-Chick   Favoriting Boom-Jackie-Boom-Chick
(Vocalion 1964)
Rufus Harley  Gods and Goddesses (Malika)   Favoriting Re-Creation of the Gods
(Transparency/Ankh 1972)

Talkover Music:
Melvin Jackson 
Funky Skull   Favoriting Funky Skull
(Limelight 1970)

Dick Gaughan 

Bonnie Lass Amang
the Heather
(Listen: Pop-up)
Dick Gaughan
(Topic 1978)
Shirley Collins  The Spermwhale Fishery   Favoriting False True Lovers
(Folkways 1960)
Keith Christmas  Spanky   Favoriting


(B&C 1971)
Masato Tomobe  Osaka e Yattekita   Favoriting Osaka e Yattekita
(URC 1972)
Jeff Moore & Friends  Blind Man   Favoriting The Youngest Son
(private pressing 1974)
Big Blood  [November '06 #2]   Favoriting Big Blood
(Big Blood 2006)

Talkover Music:
Obeng Ungu & Jalan Buntu 
Rabu: Sakit Tangani   Favoriting 1951: Sumatran Ladies Wearing Hats as Outlawed by Government
(Hot Air 2001)

Leroy Foster 

Pet Rabbit
(Listen: Pop-up)
Leroy Foster 1948-1952
(Classics 1951)
Rufus Bearcat Thomas  Save That Money   Favoriting The Early Years
(Blue CIty )

Come On Let's Have a Good TIme   Favoriting Complete Federal Recordings
(Federal 1962)
Joe Medwick  Trees   Favoriting I'm an After Hour Man
(Crazy Cajun )
Clarence Carter  Patches   Favoriting Patches
(Atlantic 1970)

Talkover Music:
Whitefield Brothers 
Thunderbird   Favoriting In the Raw
(Soul Fire 2002)

Max Roach with the J.C. White Singers 
Were You There When
They Crucified My Lord
(Listen: Pop-up)
Life Every Voice and SIng
(Atlantic 1971)
The Hightower Brothers  Good Time in Heaven   Favoriting Soulful Gospel Volume 2
(The Famous Groove )
The Inspirational Gospel Singers  The Same Thing It Took   Favoriting 7"
(Fine 1976)
Dewey Young and the Flying Clouds  Guide My Mind   Favoriting Gospel Grooves Volume 3
(Rock and Roll Came From the Church 1964)
Voices of Conquest  O Yes My Lord   Favoriting

Good God!
A Gospel
Funk Hymnal

(Numero 1968)

Talkover Music:
Dirty Dozen Brass Band 
Dead Dog in the Street   Favoriting Buck Jump
(Mamoth 1999)

Rochester, NY, schoolchildren with their teacher, Nancy Dupree

James Brown
(Listen: Pop-up)
Ghetto Reality
(Asch 1970)
Art Ensemble of Chicago  Theme De Yoyo   Favoriting Les Stances a Sophie
(Nessa 1970)

Talkover Music:
Miles Davis 
Helen Butte   Favoriting On the Corner
(Columbia 1972)

Antonio Adolfo e a Brazuca 

(Listen: Pop-up)
Antonio Adolfo e a Brazuca
(EMI )

Harlequin 2   Favoriting Upon Reflection
(Castle 1971)
Tommy Rettig  Because We Are Kids   Favoriting The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T (Soundtrack)
(G.S.F. 1953)

Talkover Music:
Bud Powell 
Comin' Up   Favoriting The Scene Changes
(Blue Note 1958)

Paulson Kalu 

(Listen: Pop-up)
The Kings of Highlife
(Wrasse )
Bainito Muyanda  Vandu Vandi Vatevananga za Fred   Favoriting

Kifo Cha Wamalwa

(Awesome Tapes
From Africa
The Victoria Kings  Wee Juok   Favoriting The Mighty Kings of Benga
(Globestyle early 1980s)
Mah Damba  Pory   Favoriting Mah Damba
(Syllart 1989)
Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family  Feeling Good   Favoriting My Ancestors
(Chris Editions (reissue) early 1970s)

Talkover Music:
Maceo & All the King's Me 
Maceo   Favoriting Doing Their Own Thing
(Charly )

Mel & Tim 

Good Guys Only Win
in the Movies
(Listen: Pop-up)
Good Guys Only Win in the Movies
(Sundazed 1969)
East of Underground  Smiling Faces Sometimes   Favoriting East of Underground
(Wax Poetric 1971)
Dyke & the Blazers  Black Boy   Favoriting We Got More Soul
(BGP 1970)
Curtis Mayfield  Back to the World   Favoriting A Soldier's Plea
(FTR 1973)

Goodbye   Favoriting Philly Soul Volume 1
(Philly 1966)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Favoriting I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  9:07am fightingJCityStyle:

THAT's AWESOME! I wish i could bring my kid to work today!
  9:24am Pamela:

What a great combination! bagpipe and (crap, I'm getting mixed up on my genres of music - whatever this is - jazz?)
  9:29am pamela:

Is the whole Rufus Harley album like that? I might need to buy if it is...
  9:32am Stacey:

Good Morning Doug!

Whose your cohost this morning? Bonnie Lass is bringing tears to my eyes..
  9:36am Matt:

That Rufus Harley was hot....
  9:37am Doug:

My seven-year-old daughter, Lincoln, is working the rudder and I'm working the wings. Flap flap!
  9:47am Sean Padilla:

Masato Tomobe sounds like an Asian, pissed-off Bob Dylan. This is awesome!
  9:55am Wes:

The things from the 70s could have been recorded yesterday, the things recorded yesterday could have been released 30 years ago. This is not "progressive" music, this is seamless beauty...
  10:00am kris:

Lincoln is your best co-host ever! I think she should do a marathon show for sure.
  10:14am Hugo:

WFMU DJs are getting younger and younger these days ...

Greetings to Lincoln from the Bergen crew. Hope she liked that toy moose we brought last year. Hopefully, the whole crew may make it to NY next year ;-)
  10:14am Andrew:

Thank you Doug for delivering me from the banality of FM radio rawk on many a desultory Friday morning.
  10:20am elwood from bushwood:

I can't hear Joyce Kilmer's name withiout thinking of William Carlos Williams' verse upon hearing that a NJ Turnpike rest area was to be named for Kilmer:
"I think that I shall never see

Thanks for your program
  10:25am Doug:

There IS a rest stop on the NJ Turnpike named for Mr. Kilmer. I grew up a Washington Redskins fan. As a kid, I always assumed Joyce was Billy Kilmer's wife!
  10:40am stephen:

The Gospel tracks were awesome, as is your daughter.
  10:41am Bill:

I dunno Doug, Lincoln might have your job soon. She's doing a great job.
  10:50am Paul Sherratt:

>>>Hope she liked that toy moose we brought last year<<<

Hugo !! That young lady deserves the real thing ! Deliver one on a fender the next time
you visit !
  10:55am eric:

What a radio team. The new George and Gracie!
  10:56am Hugo:


the real thing is kinda scarce out here on the coast. We'll do have some off-shore whales, though ...
  11:11am north guinea hills:

Mmmmm...., bear tasting w/ Scott!
  11:12am Doug:

Roar for more!
  11:14am Sarah Dee:

Greetings from Athens, GA! Cooool tunes!!!
  11:22am Frank Trompeter:

Greetings from the "Land of Lincoln," Springfield, Illinois.
Always like your show, Doug, and I like it even more with Lincoln your delightful co-host. She picked great tunes, has a great radio voice, and is sharing important advice for living--like don't pick on people just cause you're bigger (I wish the [impeachable] President was listening!). Great work, kids!
  11:33am Listener zero:

Shoutout to Lincoln! When are you gonna get your own slot?
  11:36am meredith:

hello from toronto! Lincoln rules. Do you have a favourite song to jump on your bed to?
  11:40am Trish:

Good double-dj show, Doug and Lincoln.

And hey Lincoln: good point about the pants vs. the puffy skirts.
  11:49am Zoey:

Hi, Doug and Lincoln!

Happy Friday from Charleston, SC! Thanks for providing an awesome set of music to help balance my hectic workday! :)
  11:51am Lincoln & Doug:

Hello Charleston, Toronto, Springfield and points in between!
  3:54pm Skylar:

Lincoln, what a wonderful show you had today. Hope you have your guest dj Doug on again. :-) Just playing with you honey. Big fan of WFMU and your father's great songs.

Have a great weekend Lincoln and Doug
  2:18pm TCJimmy Rochester, NY:

Listened to GTDS. Hear Rochester Schoolchildren. Look up on Monroe County Library website. See that LP is "Not Checked Out" at Rochester Central Library. Walk downstairs and across street to Rochester Central Library and check it out. Will make my own copy over the weekend. Life is good. Thanks!
  2:53pm Doug:

TCJ, so happy to oblige. You will find that the rest of the record is just as phenomenal. I read somewhere that the kids' teacher, Nancy Dupree, passed away a few years ago, but I can't confirm. I bought this record before ever having a kid, but now that I'm a parent, I appreciate the job Ms. Dupree was doing even more. What a gift she gave those kids.
  7:15am SiD:

Regular listener from County Armagh, Ireland.
This internet thing is amazing!
Great show as always.

PS Dick 'Gaughan' - pronounced 'Gone'.
  11:43am Doug:

SiD, Thanks so much for the pronunciation tip. I really love to be corrected on my horrible accents and pronunciations. I also love it when typos are caught in my playlists, so don't hold back people. Let me have it!
  10:05am Thatcher:

I'm guessing your daughter is a dragon baby (or there abouts) and based on my dragon boy, girls mature quicker. She's got a lot of Catskills humor in her. A delight!
Once again, I get to be pleased w/ myself when you play something I've had on my playlist (Ghetto Reality). You're still the benchmark.
  9:28pm Doug:

Hey, I didn't play that Ghetto Reality, the dragon did. And yes, you are right, she's a "Golden Dragon" (Late January 2000 to late January 2001 was the year of the Golden Dragon. Across Asia, the birth of a child in the year of a GD is considered an precurser to great fortune, health and hapiness. Woo-hoo!
  10:37am Thatcher:

And mine, 1st born, manchild, Sept. 2000. He was dancing polyrythmically by the age of 4. The psychic told my mom he'll be a great spiritual leader and never want for money. Dag!
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