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Friends 3x

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> Friends | The Final Episode Options

> [Previously on Friends. Erica, are you OK? Yeah, you know, maybe I ate too much. I get these stomach aches. They come and go, like, every few minutes. (laughter) Oh my god! Relax, we'll just get her some antacid. (laughter) She doesn't have a stomache! She's in labor! Oh my god! So if you think that I didn't say goodbye to you because you don't mean as much to me as everybody else, you're wrong. It's because you mean more to me! (background music) Rach! What? (sighs) (laughter) Hey. (laughter) Shhhh... go back to sleep. I have to go home. (groan) Oh god, this was amazing. It really was. Oh. (groan) You've leaned so new moves! (laughter) Yeah, well, uh, this guy at work gave me "Sex for Dummies" as a joke. Who's laughing now? (laughter)]

> [TITLE SONG So no one told you life was gonna be this way [four claps] Your job's a joke, you're broke, your love life's D.O.A. It's like you're always stuck in second gear When it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year, but CHORUS I'll be there for you (When the rain starts to pour) I'll be there for you (Like I've been there before) I'll be there for you ('Cause you're there for me too)]

> [Now that we've shown you that Bud light is low in carbs, the Bud Light institute is developing ways to help you socially. Like twinkle contact lenses. Hey (giggle) (oh, ew ow!) Ay yay yay! Fresh, smooth, real. Bud light. It's all here.]

> [Van Helsing (grrr) is a great way to kick off the summer movie season. It has the excitement of Raiders of the Lost Arc, film's most classic creatures. Van Helsig. Rated PG-13.]

> [If like were like a sitcom, you could marry your best friend, finally move out of that apartment, have a baby and all you'd have to worry about were the ratings. But real life isn't scripted, so change can be scary. That's where All State can help, by handling all your changing protection needs: auto, home, life, even retirement. Life changes. You're insurance should keep up. That's All State's stand. Are you in good hands?]

> [If you want to make a lasting impression, you can. If you want to dig into your true passion, or take it step by step, you can. The Home Depot carries more healthy locally-grown plants and flowers than anyone. And only Home Depot has certified nursery consultants in every store. So you'll know how, when and where to plant. Our prices are a thing of beauty, too. If you want to create a garden, or a gardener, you can. The Home Depot. You can do it. We can help.]

> [On June 11th, the Chronicles of Riddick comes to theatres everywhere. But tonight, you can see the world premiere of the trailer at the chronicles of Riddick .com. You're not afraid of the dark, are you?]

> [You see the interior is intuitively designed. Everything's right where you need it, from the 10 speaker stereo to climate control, to everything. Feel the seat cradle you. How your foot's connected to the pedal. That's just you and a car. You might wanna... thanks. No problem.]

> [(soft piano music) It began 11 years ago, and would become television's most honored comedy. Thank you, friends. Next week, Frazier returns to Thursday. Coffee ma? For it's final farewell. I'll miss the coffees. With a wedding and a baby. Isn't he perfect, dad? Certainly is mom. And for Frazier, the love of his life. The series finale of Frazier, starting at 8, 7 central, NBC, next Thursday.]

> [(soft piano music) It began 11 years ago, and would become television's most honored comedy. Thank you, friends. Next week, Frazier returns to Thursday. Coffee ma? For it's final farewell. I'll miss the coffees. With a wedding and a baby. Isn't he perfect, dad? Certainly is mom. And for Frazier, the love of his life. The series finale of Frazier, starting at 8, 7 central, NBC, next Thursday.]

> [Breathe, breathe. (panting sounds) Breathe. Good! Next time can I say breathe? (laughter) No, last time you said it like Dracula and it scared her! (laughter) Hey, can I get you anything? You want some more ice chips? No, I’m OK. Alright, I'll be right back. Where are you going? (laughter) To use the bathroom. You can't leave me alone with her. (laughter) This is exactly the kind of social situation that I am not comfortable with. (laughter) What kind of social situation are you comfortable with? It's just that we've never spent any time, you know, alone together. It'll be fine. Naw, you won't. But I'll be back in two minutes. OK. (laughter) So, uh, any plans for the summer? (laughter) I don't know. Maybe church camp. (laughter) Hah! May not want to mention this! (laughter) So, did you ever wonder which is worse, you know, going through labor or getting kicked in the nuts? (laughter) What? Oh, it's interesting, you know, because no one will ever know, because no one can experience both. (laughter) One of life's great unanswerable questions. I mean, who knows? Maybe there's something even more, painful, than those things? (laughter) Like this... (laughter) (background rock / scene change music - guitar)]

> [(knock knock) Come in. Morning! Hey! What's that? Oh, it my housewarming present for Monica and Chandler. (laughter) It's a baby chicken duck! Uh huh. And I named him Chick Jr. and Duck Jr. (laughter) I did not see that coming! (laughter) I figured they'll love it at the new house, you know, it has that big backyard. And then when they get old, they can go to that special farm that Chandler took the other chicken duck to! (laughter) Yes! You know, it's a shame people can't visit there. That is the rule, though. (laughter) Guess what? You're almost an uncle! What? Yeah, Erica went into labor last nite, Monica and Chandler are at the hospital right now! Oh my god! And I have a definite feeling it's going to be a girl. Phoebe, you were sure Ben was going to be a girl. Have you seen him throw a ball? (laughter) Is Rachel here? Uh, I think she's still asleep. Hey hey hey! How did it go with you guys last nite? She seemed pretty pissed at you! Uh, we, uh, you know, we worked things out. (laughter) What's that smile? Did something happen with you two? Hey, uh, I'm not one to kiss and tell, uh, but I'm also not one to have sex and shut up. We totally did it! (laughter) Oh my god! You and Rachel? I know, it's pretty great! What does that mean? You guys get back together? Oh, I, I, I don't know. I mean, we really didn't get to talk. But do you want to get back together? I don't know. I... it was incredible, I mean, it just felt so right. When I was holding her, I, I, I mean, I, I, never wanted to let her go... You know what? Yeah, I do. I I wanna be together. Yay! Shhh... (quietly) yay! (laughter) So, is she still going to Paris? Well, I hadn't thought of that. I, I hope not. Uh, this is like the best day ever. Ever! You guys might get back together, Monica and Chandler are getting their baby, there are chicks and ducks in the world again! (laughter) Oh, I feel like I'm in a musical! (singing) When the sun comes up bright and beaming! And the moon comes up... Morning! Guess you'll never know how it ends. OK. (laughter) Hey. Hi. Hi, how, how did you sleep? Good. You? Good. I'll be she did! (laughter) Uh, would you guys mind giving us a minute? Sure, yeah. Will you just keep an eye on the chick and the duck? Chick and the duck? Didn't they die? Die. (laughter) Yeah, they dove, head first into fun on the farm. (laughter) So, morning. You too. Last night was just wonderful! Oh, it really was. I woke up today with the biggest smile on my face. I know, me too. It was... you know it was like one of those things that you think is never gonna happen and, and then it does, and it's everything that you want it to be. I know. It was just, oh! It was just the perfect way to say goodbye. (soft tender music)]

> [(screams and moans of a woman in labor) Just a little bit more, honey. Help me! It hurts! I think it's time for me to kick you in the nuts and see which is worse! (laughter) The baby's head is crowning? Yeah! Oh, oh my god! It is the most beautiful top of a head I have ever seen! Chandler, you have to see this! I'm OK. (laughter) Chandler, you don't want to miss this! This is the birth of your child! It's the miracle of life. Alright. Wow! That is one disgusting miracle! (laughter) Start pushing. Here we go! (moans and groans) yeah, Here come the shoulders. (baby crying - wahhh) Oh! Oh! It's a boy! Is he OK? He's just fine. Oh, you did it! It's a baby! A beautiful little baby! And some other stuff I'm gonna pretend I don't see! (laughter) Would you like to cut the umbilical cord? Well, that's spongy! (laughter) Oh, hey handsome, oh, I’m going to love you so much that no woman is ever going to be good enough for you! (laughter) Oh, we're so lucky! I know. He has your eyes. (laughter) I mean, I know that's not possible, but he does. We'll just get him cleaned up a bit. Oh my god, he's beautiful! Thank you so much. I'm really happy for you guys! How do you feel? Oh, tired. You don't have that much time to relax. The other one will be right along in a minute. (laughter) I'm sorry. Who should be along in a what now? (laughter) The next baby should be along in a minute. We only ordered one. (laughter) You know it's twins, right? Oh yeah, these are the faces of two people in the know! (laughter) (rock music)]

> [I have told a ridiculous lie to back up a friend's ridiculous lie. I've just ordered a Coor's Light for everyone in this bar, and put it on my buddy's tab. I have used my dog to dry my hands. I have no idea what this girl's name is. I have dated a girl for her brains. They're huge brains. Great achievements deserve a great beer. Unleash the Rocky Mountain cold taste of Coor's Light.]

> [From the director of Pretty Woman and The Princess Diaries. Helen was on top of the fashion world, living her dream life. What's this? Bubble wrap. The photographer wanted me to look buff. Ummm. But her life is about to change. You have inherited your sister's children. What? What? Now she has to choose between the life she loves.. Patrick Dan asked me out.. I can hear you, I'm still right here. ... and the new loves of her life. You won't even know they're here. Ow! Kate Hudson, Raising Helen, rated PG-13, sneak preview Mother's Day at 2 p.m.]

> [So how's it coming? Good. This one looks pretty exotic. Cool. Mosquito net. What's that? Whoa! Whoa! Maybe not that exotic. Great. Everything you need to choose the hotel that's right for you. Expeida. Dot com.]

> [Yo, what up? I'm Snoop Dog and I'm hosting SNL with musical guests Avril Lavigne. Hi. Next thing you know I'm onna be on Friends. Snoop, I got some bad news for you, buddy. What?]

> [NBC Wednesday. Powerful, exceptional, all new West Wing. Hang on. Their mission was peace. Explosion in Gaza. But someone from the West Wing will pay the ultimate price (heart beat) Oh god! All new West Wing, NBC Wednesday.]

> [Free checking? That's easy to find. But I’m looking for the best bank, not trade-offs. In other words, free is not enough. Introducing Chase Power checking. It's free checking with direct deposit that gives you all the power and expertise of Chase, plus a whole lot more. And with so many locations, switching to Chase is easy. Switch to Chase, where free checking is worth having.]

> [(jazz singing) I got a fever... Introducing the all-new Chevy Equinox. That's what I got.. Wanna see more? See your local Chevy dealer. Get a 2005 Equinox LS for around 269 a month with smart-buy financing. Residency restrictions apply. Call for details. The all new 2005 Chevy Equinox. See your local Chevy dealer.]

> [(phone sounds) Want more cheese? Sure. Hold on one sec. Are you calling me from upstairs? Still watching TV. Hey, we're kind of hungry. We're doin' our homework. So you want me to bring you up some food? Yep. Cuz you're hungy? Uh huh. From watching TV. Exact.. no. Al? I'm sorry. Unlimited calling plans, DSL, wireless, and now, DirectTV, service, all from Verizon.]

> [The crash of chopper 4 in the pilot's own words at 11.]

> [I can't believe you didn't know it's twins. This has never happened before. Well gosh, that makes me feel so special and good! (laughter) Hey, did you know it was twins? Yeah, it's here in the paperwork we got from the clinic in Ohio. Did anybody tell? I don't think so, although they did mention something about two heartbeats but I thought that was just mine and the baby's. I kept seeing both heartbeats were really strong. I thought well, that's good, because I'm having a baby. (laughter) This is unbelievable! Twins actually run in my family. Interesting! (laughter) Can I see you for a second? What do we do? What do you mean, what do we do? Twins. Twins. (laughter) Taylor, you're panicking! Uh huh! Join me, won't you? (laughter) OK, what do you say we keep one and then just like, have an option on the other one? (laughter) We can't split them up! Why not? We could give each of them half a medallion and then years later they'll find each other.... (laughter) ... and be reunited. I mean that's a great day for everybody. (laughter) OK, what if the person who adopts the other one is horrible? What if they're not? What if it's adopted by a king? Yeah, because I hear the king is looking to adopt. (laughter) Monica, we are not ready to have two babies. That doesn't matter! We have waited so long for this, I don't care if it's two babies. I don't care if it's three babies! I don't care if the entire cast of Eight is Enough comes out of there. (laughter) We are taking them home because they are our children. OK. Sheesh! OK OK! It looks like we're about ready over here. Uh, come on Erica, start pushing again now. (labor pain sounds and groans) Here she comes! She? It's a girl? Yeah. (applause) Well now we have one of each! (laughter) And that's enough!]

> [(rock guitar music) And then she said that it was the perfect way to say goodbye. Oh my god. What did you say? Nothing. What, what do you say to that? Ross, you've got to tell her how you feel. No way! Well, you can't just give up. Is that what a dinosaur would do? What? Dude, I’m just trying to speak your language. (laughter) Ross, Rachel doesn't know that you even want to get back together. If she did, she might feel differently, she might not even go. You really think so? I'm telling you! Oh, OK. This is the part of the musical where there'd be a really good convincing song. (sings) Bum bum bum, don't. take. No. for. An. Answer. Bum bum bum, don't. let. Love. Fly. Away. Bum bum bum, (laughter) Hi! Can't a girl finish a song around here? (laughter) Hey. Hi so, I just dropped Emma off at my mom's. OK. You're not taking her with you tonight? No we decided that I would go ahead and set up first and then my mom would bring Emma to Paris on Sunday. Wow. An 8-hour flight with a one-year-old? Good luck, Mom! Are you kidding? 8 hours with my mother talking about Atkins. Good luck Emma! (laughter) Alright. You know what? You're right. I should at least tell her how I feel. Ross. Wait! Wait! What? What? Could you get me a muffin? (laughter) Rachel? Yeah. I, I know you're, you're leaving tonight, but, I just have to tell you. I love you. (laughter) No, I, I, don't know if that changes your plans at all but... (laughter) I thought you should know. Oh, I love you too. Probably not in the same way. (laughter) But I do. And, and when I'm in a café, having coffee or I see a man with hair brighter than the sun (laughter) I'll think of you. (kiss) (kiss) Bye, you guys. Bye. Oh my god! (laughter) Unbelievable! (laughter) Hey you know what might help? I'm not getting you a muffin! (laughter)]

> [(rock guitar music) We need to unleash the greatest warrior. Immortality! Take it! It's yours! Now you know who you're fighting. It's a new one. Troy. A Wolfgang Peterson film. Rated R. May 14th.]

> [Hi Jason. Can Jimmy play? Jimmy. Where are you going? Hey Jimmy! Can you play? Dinner! Jason! Jimmy. Can you play? Who's out there?]

> [(strings) The amount of body in your hair depends on the conditioner you use. New foam conditioner from Dove. Rinses clean and leaves hair fuller than even the leading volumeizing conditioner. Condition weightlessly, with Dove.]

> [(cha cha music) Can your makeup match this? Cover Girl's new true blend makeup matches 97% of skin tones. Advanced skin matching pigments make your complexion look perfect. Get perfectly real. You've met your match. New Cover Girl true blend.]

> [From acclaimed Mexican director Alfonso Couron. Turn to page 394. Serious black has escaped from Askaban Prison. I hope he finds me. Cuz when he does, I'm gonna be ready. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban. Housekeeping. Rated PG. Starts Friday, June 4th.]

> [(growl) (exciting music) The new Colorado Z71, with an available 220 horsepower engine. You're it. Don't let all that power go to your head. Chevy. American revolution.]

> [NBC Sunday. A criminal's worst nightmare. Two crime dramas. Back to back. Extraordinary. First an all new Law & Order criminal intent. A mob hit on a government witness could put a detective in jeopardy. This was a display of power. Then an all new Crossing Jordan. A bizarre murder. A real vampire. What Jordan uncovers. (Scream) That's something you can sink your teeth into. Listen. Law & Order Criminal Intent and Crossing Jordan. An all new NBC Sunday.]

> [NBC Monday starts with an all-female Fear Factor and a trip to the morgue that'll redefine drop dead gorgeous. Then on a hot new Las Vegas.. I've got a bomb strapped to me. Can a madman be stopped before time runs out? We've got to evacuate the casino. And the battle continues on an all new Restaurant. It all starts with Fear Factor, followed by Las Vegas and The Restaurant. All new NBC Monday.]

> [(guitar music) Do you think they recognize each other from in there? Maybe. Unless they're like two people who have lived in apartments next to each other for years and then one day, they're pushed through a vagina and they meet. (laughter) We're going to take you to recovery now. There's something that we want to tell you. We decided to name the girl baby Erica. Oh my god, that's just like my name! (laughter) Son of a gun, it is! (laughter) I'm going to get some rest. I'm really glad I picked you guys. You're gonna make great parents. Even Chandler. (laughter) OK, well. Bye. Bye. We'll call you. OK. Hey, have fun at church camp. (laughter) Oh, look at these little footies. I know. You ready to trade? OK. OK. Wait, let's see. Hi baby. (laughter) We could trade later. Yeah, I'm good. (laughter)]

> [(rock music) Hey, what are you working on? It's a welcome home sign for the baby. How sweet! Oh, is that the baby? No, I sat in the paint. (laughter) Hey. So did you talk to Rachel? No and, uh, I'm not going to. What? Why not? Because she's just going to shoot me down. You guys saw what happened with Gunther. It did not look like fun. How can you compare yourself to Gunther? I mean, sure, he's sexy in a more obvious way. (laughter) You have a relationship with her. You slept with her last nite. Yeah, and she still wants to go. It's pretty clear where she is. Yeah, I know what you mean, I mean, sometimes... Uh, Joe.. Damnit! Even if I were gonna tell her, I don't have to do it now. OK. I'll be seeing her again, we've got time. No you don't. She's going to Paris! She is going to meet somebody. Do you know how many hot guys there are in Paris? It's, it's, a city of Gunthers. (laughter) Hey. Hey! Wha... what do you have there? Huh? Oh, I made a little something. If I had more time to work on it, it'd be better, but... (laughter) Oh my god, you did that yourself? Honey, that's gorgeous! You know, the baby can't read, Mike! (laughter) Hi. You guys, a car service just got here. I can't believe they're not home yet. I have to catch my stupid plane. I want to see the baby. Monica just called from the cab. She said they should be here any minute. And, uh, apparently there's some big surprise. Yeah, she's unhappy about it because my friend Ethel's baby was born with a teeny, tiny beard. (laughter) Oh, my god (oohing and cooing over the baby) Hey. Hi. (laughter) Hey so what is the big surprise? (laughter) OK. Awkward question: The hospital knows you took two, right? (laughter) Yes, it's twins. Oh my god, they're so cute. Now, what what kinds are they? Are they... This is a boy. And that's a girl. Oh, her name is Erica. Hey that pregnant girl's name was Erica. (laughter) Yeah, it's a shame you too didn't get to spend more time together. (laughter) Yeah, and we named the boy Jack after dad. It's gonna be so happy. Ah, Jack Bing. I love that. It sounds like a, like a 40s newspaper guy, you know? Jack Bing, Morning Gazette. I'm gonna blow this story wide open! (laughter) Wow. (more cooing) I want one. Oh yeah? Well, tell me which one. I'll try to slip it in my coat. (laughter) Seriously, wanna make one of those? One? How about a whole bunch? Really? Yeah! Oh, we can teach them to sing and we can be like the von Trapp family! (laughter) Only without the Nazis, although, that sounds kind of dull. (laughter) Oh, you guys, I can't believe this. If I don't leave now I'm gonna miss my plane. I'm just so glad you got to see the babies. Me too. Oh, I'm just sorry I'm not gonna, be around to watch you two attempt to handle this. (laughter) Alright. I can't say goodbye to you guys again. I love you all so much. Love you. Love you. Hey call us when you get there. I will. Ross come here. I just want you to know last nite, I'll never forget it. And neither will I. Alright. Now I really have to go. OK. Au revoir! (laughter) They're really going to hate me over there. (laughter) So you just let her go? Yeah. Hey maybe that's for the best. Yeah? Yeah. You know, you just, look, you gotta... you gotta think about last night the way she does, OK? You know, maybe, maybe sleeping together was the perfect way to say goodbye. But now she'll never know how he feels! Maybe that's OK, you know? Maybe, maybe it's better this way. I mean, now, now you can move on. I mean, you've been trying to for so long, maybe now that you're on different continents, right? (laughter) Maybe now you can actually do it, you know? You can... you can finally get over her. It's true. Except I don't want to get over her. What? I don't. I want to be with her. Really? Yeah. I'm gonna go out there. Yeah? You are! (applause) Wait! Get your coat! Get your coat! My coat? This is so cool! I have no idea what's going on, but I am excited. Ross, Ross, what, what do you think she's going to say? I don't know but, I ... look, even if she shoots me down at least I won't spend the rest of my life wondering what would've happened. Where, where is my coat? You didn't bring one! (laughter) My cab's downstairs. I'll drive you to the airport! OK guys, wish me luck. Hurry! Good luck! (laughter) (rock music)]

> [Yo, Cristobal Colon. Australia en machinables, el otro lodo, del mundo. Los barcos son questros. Gracias. Without proper financing, even a great idea can fall flat. Hasta la cabela! GE commercial finance, because the right financing can make a world of difference. GE. Imagination at work.]

> [(English accent) We've found something extraordinary. You recall what you said about how the melting might disrupt the North Atlantic currents. Yes. Well, I think it's happening. The hale, the tornadoes. It all fits. Nothing like this has ever happened before. At least, not in the last 10,000 years. The Day After Tomorrow. May 28th. Rated PG-13.]

> [(summer breeze playing) Summer Breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing wind of jasmine in my mind...]

> [Yeah. Hey, Pete? Um, on the can here, it says, a taste born high in the Rocky Mountains. What does that me? Well, back in 1873, my great grandfather built the Coors brewery here in the Rockies. That's why we like to say, "A Taste Born High in the Rocky Mountains." Hey, I'm gonna have another party Saturday night. Wanna bring the twins? I don't think so. (singing) I'm the man on the silver mountain..]

> [(motorcycle sounds) Velocity meets versatility. The all new hemi-powered Dodge Magnum. Open it up. From either end. Hit it!]

> [On Tuesday, before you see the Frazier finale next Thursday, the cast says farewell, sharing the highs... It was an incredible experience. ...lows.. I have lost hope. ... and secrets from their hit show... Frazier, signing off. Dateline Tuesday, NBC 9, 8 Central.]

> [(rock music) There's no seatbelt! That's OK, if we hit anything the engine will explode, so it's better if you're thrown from the car. (laughter) Alright, alright. Let's do this! OK! Hey. 80 East End. No, I don't take passengers. Hey, the law says you have to accept any fare. No, you don't understand. This isn't a real cab. Alright. I'm gonna report you. What's your medallion number? My medallion number is Get Out of the Cab! (laughter) Get out of the cab! (lots of screaming) (rock music)]

> [(rock music) There's no seatbelt! That's OK, if we hit anything the engine will explode, so it's better if you're thrown from the car. (laughter) Alright, alright. Let's do this! OK! Hey. 80 East End. No, I don't take passengers. Hey, the law says you have to accept any fare. No, you don't understand. This isn't a real cab. Alright. I'm gonna report you. What's your medallion number? My medallion number is Get Out of the Cab! (laughter) Get out of the cab! (lots of screaming) (rock music) Hey, hey. Can I give you guys your housewarming present now? Now, that you can do. Right. Ah... (laughter) Chick Jr. Duck Jr! (laughter) Don't hide from mama! (rock music) (traffic sounds) You can open your eyes now. Are we off the bridge? Yes! Is the old woman on the bicycle still alive? Yes, she jumped right back on. (laughter) Oh my god, Phoebe! Slow down! Do you want to get to Rachel in time? Yes, but I don't want to die in your cab! You should've thought of that before you got in! (laughter) Toll booth. What? TOLL BOOTH! (laughter) Four bucks. There are quarters in the glove compartment. Hurry! OK. (laughter) Damn, that window's clean! (laughter) (rock music) Quack, quack, tweet, tweet, click click, tweet, tweet, quack quack. (laughter) Tweet, tweet, quack quack. Tweet! Quack! (laughter) We were wondering what was taking so long with the gift but now we understand you were doing this. (laughter) OK. I wanted to surprise you but, for your housewarming gift, I got you a baby chick and a baby duck! (laughter) Really? You got us a chick and a duck? Oh, great. Just what you want for a new house with infants. Bird feces! (laughter) It must've jumped off the table, cuz now they're gone! Well, don't worry. We'll find them. Actually, I’m going to go check on the twins. Alright. Oh, god! What did I just step on?! (laughter) It's OK, it's just an egg roll. You stepped on my egg roll! (laughter) I'm sorry, I didn't know to look for Chinese food on the floor. Just put it on a plate and leave. (laughter) OK, let's find these birds. Alright. (bird sounds) Wait a minute! Did you hear that? They're in the table! Well, that can't be good! We gotta get them outta there! How? Oh, oh! Maybe we can lure them out. Do you know any birdcalls? Oh, tons, I'm quite the woodsman. (laughter) Well, uh, maybe we could just tip the table a little. Joey, wait! The ball! (laughter) So what do we do? I don't know. Maybe we can open this up somehow. OK. Oh, it's all glued together. Does that mean we have to bust it open? I don't know. Maybe. Oh my god! I know, it's a foosball table. (laughter) Alright. You know what? We don't have a choice. It's like I would've said in that SciFi movie if I'd gotten the part... (laughter) Those are our men in there, we've got to get them out. (laughter) Even if I have to sacrifice the most important thing in my life, my time machine. (laughter) Did that movie ever get made? It did not. (laughter) (jet sounds) Jack Weinberg, white courtesy phone. Jack Weinberg. Hey Ross, where are you going? To talk to Rachel, isn't that why we took a ride in the death cab? (laughter) But what do you, just walk up to her at the gate? Have you never chased anyone through the airport before? Uh, not since my cop show got cancelled. (laughter) You have to get a ticket to get past security. What? We're never going to make it! Now that's a bad attitude. Now haul ass! (laughter) OK, if you could all walk slower, that'd be great. (laughter) (rock music) (French accent) Madame, your passport please. Oh, my god. I was so afraid I wasn't going to remember any of my high school French, but I understood every word you just said! (laughter) Your boarding pass, please. Oh... oh... shoot... I had it.... oh I can't believe this... Madame, if you don't have your boarding pass.. I have it, I have it, I have it! (laughter) Oh, OK, I can't find it but I remember that I was in seat 32C (whispering) because that's my bra size. (laughter) Madame, you must have your boarding pass... OK, fine! But you know what, if I was in 36D we would not be having this problem! (laughter) Hi, I need a ticket. Just one? I drive you all the way down here and I don't get to see how it works out? (laughter) Fine. Two tickets. I need two tickets! We're on our honeymoon. (laughter) And the destination? I don't care. Whatever's the cheapest. I'm so lucky I married you. (laughter) Oh shoot, damn it! Where is it?! Oh look, I found it! I found it! Hah! Hah! I told you I would find it in your face! You're a different person! (laughter) OK. Flight 421 Paris. I don't see it. Do you see it? No, did we miss it? No, no, no. It's impossible. It doesn't leave for another 20 minutes. Maybe we have the flight number wrong. (phone ringing) Hello? Hey, it's me. Here's Ross. What? (laughter) Hey. Hi. Listen... Oh my god, Ross, you wouldn't believe the cute little noises the twins are making. Wait listen. But Monica! (laughter) Monica! Monica! Monica! (laughter) Oh, I'm sorry. Shoot, they were doing it before! That's alright. Listen! Listen! Oh wait a minute. Here they go again! (laughter) Monica! Monica! Monica! Monica? (laughter) Isn't that cute? That is precious! Listen! (laughter) I need Rachel's flight information. Oh, OK. Alright, it's Flight 421, leaves at 8:40. Yes, that's what I have. It's not on the board. That's what it says here. Flight 421, leaves at 8:40, Newark Airport. What? Newark Airport. Why, where are you? JFK. (guitar music)]

> [No matter what I do, no matter how hard I try. Spiderman killed my father. I want this guy dead. The ones I love will always be the ones who pay. Do you love me or not? I'm not supposed to have what I want. I'm getting married. I can't keep thinking about you. I want a life of my own. That Spiderman. There was something I thought I had to do. I don't have to. He takes Spiderman's pictures. Where is he? I believe there's hero in all of us, even though sometimes we have to give up the thing we want the most. (choral music) Let's see what is behind the mask. The story continues, June 30th.]

> [(knocking sounds) You're late. Late? You were supposed to be here ten minutes ago. Had to get the bud. Besides, ten minutes isn't late. Ten minutes is running behind. Ten minutes is late. Anything after 15 is late, anything under, running behind. Ten minutes, running behind. You look hot. Sorry. Let's go. I can't. Why not? I'm not ready. Now we're gonna be late. Sorry? You look great. Thanks.]

> [The Frazier Series finale. NBC next Thursday, 8, 7 Central.]

> [Next, ER's all new, between chaos... Hey cardiologist. ... and celebration. An old flame, forces a choice. And for one doctor, the most emotional moment of the season. (sobbing) All new ER. NBC next.]

> [Tonight on Friends finale night, Jay's on the Friends set with the entire cast. Then on Conan, Brad Pitt and Janet Jackson. Friends finale night tonight on NBC late night.]

> [You are not to leave this building. For the next nine months... America is closed. Victor Nevorksy will live in the terminal. There is a man walking around in a bathrobe. Oooh! And discover America. Are you coming or going? I am delayed, a long time. From director Steven Speilberg Why Victor Nevorsky? That's something you could never understand. Tom Hanks, Catherine Zeta-Jones, The Terminal. This film not yet rated. Starts Friday June 18th]

> [In the year 2005, Ford Escape limited edition, with a more powerful engine, superior ride and handling, luxurious interior appointments, leather seating, preening sound, power moonroof and so much more. Afford Escape Limited Edition for 289 a month. Just 289 a month, with only 695 down. A Limited Edition Escape with extraordinary savings.]

> [Well, I was vacuuming one weekend, what I thought was a pretty good machine. And I was really amazed by the lousy suction. So I took the machine apart and discovered the problem: a small amount of dust and the bags and filters were hopelessly clogged. So I thought I'd try to design something better. And a few thousand prototypes later, I had it. No bags. No clogged up filters, and the first vaacum that doesn't lose suction.]

> [Life after Friends. What the stars are doing tonight, at 11.]

> [(guitar music) Don't worry you guys! We're going to get you out of there! (laughter) And we're also going to buy you tiny bird hearing aids. (laughter) OK. Here goes. What's the matter? I need to say goodbye to the table first. I understand. OK. (sighs) Table, you have given us so many great times. And, and you guys. Jordan (laughter), Victor, (laughter) Joel, (laughter), all of you guys, what can I say? You guys make us look good. (laughter) You wanna say anything? I don't know. Except that for one last time. Good game. Good game. Good game. Good game. (laughter) Good game. Yeah. OK, here we go. I can't do it. I can't do it, either. Hey, did you find them? Yeah, they're stuck inside the table! And we have to bust it open, but neither of us can do it. Oh, well, sure. It's gonna be so hard. I'll do it! Gimme! (laughter)]

> [(guitar) No no no no no. Whooo! I've never gone this fast before. Phoebe, forget it! OK, Newark is, is like an hour away. There's no way we're gonna make it in time! She's got her cell! You could call her! I am not doing this over the phone. You don't have any other choice. (cell phone ring) Hello? Rachel! Oh good! Hey, by the way, did you just get on the plane? Yeah. For what it's worth, we would have caught her if we were at the right airport. Ay! Uh, Rachel, hang on. Phoebe, is everything OK? Um, actually, no, no. You have to get off the plane. What? Why? I have this feeling that something's wrong with it. Something is wrong with the left falangee. Oh, honey, I'm sure there is nothing wrong with the plane. Alright. Look, I have to go. I love you and I will call you the minute I get to Paris. Oh. What was that? Oh, that was just my crazy friend. She told me I should get off the plane because she had a feeling that there was something wrong with the left falangee. (laughter) OK, uh, that doesn't sound good. (laughter) I wouldn't worry about it. She's always coming up with stuff like this, and you know what, she's almost never right. But she is sometimes. Well... (laughter) What are you doing? I can't take this plane now. Excuse me, sir? Where are you going? OK, I have to get off this plane. OK? Her friend has a feeling something's wrong with the left falangee. (laughter) Could I get some peanuts? (laughter) What's wrong with the plane? There's nothing wrong with the plane. Yeah, the left falangee. There's NO falangee. Oh my god! This plane doesn't even have a falangee! (laughter) I'm not flying on it. Ma'am, please sit down. What's going on? We're all getting off. There is no falangee! (laughter) This is ridiculous. I... Yeah, OK. (laughter) (guitar) (laughter) Alright, my job here is done. (laughter) That was... impressive. (laughter) You didn't even use the tools for most of it. (laughter) Yeah, they were just slowing me down. (laughter) Alright. I've gotta get back to the babies! See you girls later. (laughter) Sorry about the table, man. Yeah. Are you going to buy a new one? Probably not. No. I don't know how much I'm gonna wanna play after you go. Well, at least we got these little guys out. Yeah. Oh, we were worried about you. Hmmm... guess I better get used to things crapping in my hand, huh? (laughter) I'm gonna miss these little guys. It was nice having birds around again. Hey, you know what? Maybe we should keep 'em here with you. What? Yeah, I mean, we've got a lot going on right now and plus, here, they'd have their own room. (laughter) I could get a goose! (laughter) You know I, I think you're set with the poultry. (laughter) Thanks, man. You hear that? You guys are gonna get to stay here. And, and, it's good. You know, cuz, uh, now you have a reason to come visit. I think there may be another reason. So, uh, (laughter) awkward hug? Or lame cool guy hand shake? (laughter) Yeah, well, you know, lame cool guy hand shake, yeah. Ewwwww... (laughter) (guitar) Ma'am, I assure you, the plane is fine. And you fixed the falangee. (laughter) Yes, the falangee is fixed. As a matter of fact, we put a whole lot of extra falangees on board just in case. (laughter) (footsteps running) Where is she? I don't see her. Rachel! Rachel Green! There she is! Rachel! Rachel! Whoa, whoa, excuse me, sir. Do you have a boarding pass? No, no, I just have to talk to someone. I'm sorry you cannot go any further without a boarding pass. No, no, no, but, you don't... (screaming) Rachel!!!! (laughter) What are you guys doing here? OK, you're on. What? What? Ross, you're scaring me. What's going on? OK, the thing is, don't go. What? Please, please stay with me. I am so in love with you. Please don't go. Oh my god. I know, I know, I shouldn't have waited until now to say it, but that was stupid. OK, I'm sorry but I'm telling you now. I love you. Do not get on this plane. Miss, are you boarding the plane? Hey, hey. I know you love me. I know you do. Miss... I, I, I have to get on the plane. No, you don't. Yes, I do. No, you don't. They're waiting for me, Ross. I can't do this right now. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Rachel. I'm so sorry. I really thought she'd stay. I'm sorry.]

> [Well, that's it. Everything's packed. Wow. This is weird. I know. Yeah. Uh, does this mean there's nothing to eat? (laughter) I put three lasagnas in your freezer. I love you. (laughter) Hey. Hey. Did you guys make it in time? Yeah, yeah, he talked to her but, um, she got on the plane anyway. Where's Ross? He went home. He didn't want to see anybody. (message machine beep and voice) Ross, hi. It's me. I just got back on the plane and I just feel awful. That is so not how I wanted things to end with us. It's, it's just that I wasn't expecting to see you and then all of a sudden you're there, and saying these things and, uh, now I'm just sitting here and thinking of all the stuff I should've said and I didn't. I mean, I didn't even get to tell you that I love you too. Because of course I do. I love you. I love you. I love you. What am I doing? I love you. (laughter) God, I've gotta see you. I've gotta get off this plane. Oh my god! (laughter) Excuse me, please. Sit down! No, sorry, sorry, sorry, but I need to get off the plane, OK? I need to just tell someone that I love them. Miss, I can't let you off the plane. LET HER OFF THE PLANE! (laughter) I am afraid you are gonna have to take your seat. Oh, please, miss, you don't understand! Try to understand! (laughter) Oh, c'mon, miss, isn't there anyway that you can just let me off the (beep) NO! NO! (laughter) Oh my god! Did she get off the plane? Did she get off the plane? (answering machine rewinding) I got off the plane! (laughter) (audience: ohhhhhhh!) (applause) You got off the plane. (sobbing) (applause) I do love you. Oh, I love you too and I am never letting you go again. OK, cause this is where I want to be. OK, No more messing around. I don't want to mess this up again. Me neither. OK. We're done being stupid. OK. It's you and me, alright? This is it. (laughter) This is it. Unless we're on a break. (laughter) Don't make jokes now. (laughter) (applause) (guitar music) OK, please be careful with that. It was my grandmother's. Be careful. If that falls off the truck, it wouldn't be the worst thing. (laughter) Wow. I know. Seems smaller somehow. Is it always been purple? (laughter) Look around, you guys. This was your first home. And it was a happy place, filled with love and laughter. Of more importance, because of rent control, it was a freakin' steal. (laughter) Hey, do you realize that at one time or another, we all lived in this apartment? Oh, yeah, that's true. Uh, I haven't. (laughter) What about that summer during college that you lived with Grandma and you tried to make it as a dancer? (laughter) Do you realize we almost made it ten years without that coming up? (laughter) Oh, honey, I forgot. I promised Treager that we'd leave our keys. Oh, OK. (laughter) So, I guess this is it. Yeah. I guess so. This is harder than I thought it would be. Oh, it's gonna be OK. OK. Oh, do you guys have to go to the new house right away or do you have some time? We've got some time. OK, should we get some coffee? Sure. Where? (laughter) (acoustic guitar)]