WFMU Record Fair Movie Lounge

Announcing film screenings for WFMU’s 2017 Record Fair Movie Lounge (Apr 28-30, at the Brooklyn Expo Center)!


Saturday Apr 29th


10:00 AM – Greaser’s Palace  (Dir. Robert Downey)


11:30 AM – The Lost Arcade  (Dir. Kurt Vincent)


2:05 PM – Triumph of the Il  (Dir. Aaron Schimberg)
A mashup of some of the most batshit North Korean propaganda ever smuggled out of the Hermit Kingdom.


3:50 PM – Capitalism (Coronet Educational Films)


4:00 PM – Danny Says (Dir. Brendan Toller, who will do a live Q&A following the screening)
Danny Says follows Danny Fields from Phi Beta Kappa whiz-kid, to Harvard Law dropout, to the Warhol Silver Factory, to Director of Publicity at Elektra Records, to “punk pioneer” and beyond. Danny’s taste and opinion, once deemed defiant and radical, has turned out to have been prescient.


6:00 PM – James Baldwin Debates William F. Buckley


Sunday Apr 30th

10:00 AM – Charade
  (Dir. Stanley Donen)


11:53 AM – Dansplains: Haul (Dir. Dan Lucal)


11:55 AM – Dansplains: Items of a Certain Size (Dir. Dan Lucal)


12:00 PM – Happiness of the Katakuris (Dir. Takashi Miike)


1:53 PM – Ready for Marriage?  (Coronet Educational Films)


2:10 PM – Hell Sounds  (Dir. Jesse Karch)


2:25 PM – Dansplains: Oral Hygiene (Dir. Dan Lucal)


2:30 PM – Miss Sharon Jones! (Dir. Barbara Kopple)
The film, directed by two-time Academy Award winner, Barbara Kopple, follows the dynamic front-woman through her 2013 battle with cancer and her triumphant return to the stage around the release of Give The People What They Want. A beautiful testament to Miss Jones, who died in November of last year.


4:03 PM – Consuming Spirits  (Dir. Christopher Sullivan)
A feature length animated psychological drama, chronicling the lives of three characters that live in a Rust Belt town called Magguson, and work at the local newspaper, The Daily Suggester. Called “an emotionally raw, thoroughly original film, a labor of painstaking love 15 years in the making”….”a haunted reverie”…”a monstrous visual achievement.”


6:20 PM – Date with Your Family  (Coronet Educational Films)


6:50 PM – Dansplains: Crystals 2  (Dir. Dan Lucal)


6:53 PM – Dansplains: Vacuum (Dir. Dan Lucal)