WFMU Worst Song Contest!

[Endorsed by Mr. Yuck]

The Election is over for the worst pop song of the post-war era!

The Final Results

For many a moon our pseudo-scientific researchers have quested to find the answer to this pressing problem:

What exactly is the worst pop song of the post-war era?

Now, thanks to your help, we have the answer to that question.

Our criteria for the nominees: the song can't just be bad, because bad songs can be mighty entertaining. It should have received a lot of radio airplay in its day, and it must have no redeeming value whatsoever. Bad, hackneyed melodies, insipid or dopey lyrics, overblown production or horrifying keyboard solos are all assets here. Novelty songs don't count, as they constitute a different, distinct brand of putridness.

The voting was broken up into several contests, with individual results tallied below for your perusal.

The Hall Of Shame

The big winner from the 50's, with 60 votes, was:
Patti Page (the Singing Rage)'s Doggie In The Window.
Here are the full results for the 50's contest!
The Maxi Hit from the 60's, with 154 votes, was:
Shirley Ellis's The Name Game. (Chuck, Chuck, bo-Buck...)
Here are the full results for the 60's contest!
#1 with a bullet from the early 70's (1970-1973), with 164 votes, was:
Wayne Newton's Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast.
Here are the full results for the Early 70's contest!
The winner for 1974 - a very special year - was:
Terry Jacks' Seasons In The Sun, with an astounding 1011 votes.
Here are the full results for the 1974 contest!
The aural ipecac of the late 70s was:
Debby Boone's You Light Up My Life with 830 votes - actually a plurality in a field of mediocrity.
Here are the full results for the late 70s contest!
The pinnacle of 80s schlock-rock was :
Toto's Rosanna with an astounding 4127 votes!
Followed closely by
Maniac (4104 votes) and Ride Like the Wind (4102 votes).
[note to obsessive voters: GET A LIFE, NOW!]
Here are the full results for the 80s contest!
The 90s Generation Brand X winner was:
Alanis Morrisette's You Oughta Know with 1452 votes!
Pretty darn close to the miserable Let her Cry from Hootie and the Blowfishes with 1441 votes!
Here are the full results for the 90s contest!

And Finally:
All the top three "winners" from the previous heats were matched off against each other in an all category runoff!
And the very worst song was determined to be:
Tutti Frutti with 3101 votes by Pat Boone!
followed really closely by the not-really-so-bad The Name Game with 3091 votes by Shirley Ellis!
Here are the full results for the combined contest!

Nominees chosen by Irwin Chusid, Ken Freedman, Meredith Ochs & a few dozen FMU listeners. Haphazardly administered and designed by Henry Lowengard.
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