[Endorsed by Mr. Yuck]

Here are the results in the WFMU Worst Song Contest for the Early 70's!

1:Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast with 164 votes (18.28%)
Wayne Newton
2:Tie A Yellow Ribbon with 130 votes (14.49%)
Tony Orlando & Dawn
3:Puppy Love with 104 votes (11.59%)
Donny Osmond
4:Ben with 96 votes (10.70%)
Michael Jackson
5:You're So Vain with 75 votes (8.36%)
Carly Simon
6:The Candy Man with 69 votes (7.69%)
Sammy Davis Jr.
7:25 or 6 to 4 with 50 votes (5.57%)
8:A Horse With No Name with 48 votes (5.35%)
9:Your Mama Don't Dance with 45 votes (5.02%)
Kenny Loggins
10:Half Breed with 44 votes (4.91%)
11:Song Sung Blue with 31 votes (3.46%)
Neil Diamond
12:My Ding-A-Ling with 25 votes (2.79%)
Chuck Berry
13:Oh Babe What Would You Say? with 6 votes (0.67%)
Hurricane Smith
14:Back Off Boogaloo with 5 votes (0.56%)

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