Bell Kelly's Teenage Wasteland

October 28, 2001

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Sara - Bob Dylan
Maria - The Short Fuses
Club Monster Mosh - Superdude

Bumble Bee - Los Straitjackets
The Lonely Surfer - Jack Nitzsche
Concrete Jungle Boy - Neil Innes
Pretty Girl - The Bugs
Rockin' In The Cemetery - Ronnie Dawson
Sweets For My Sweet - The Drifters

Put Out - Les Sexareenos
I Want. Need, Love You - The Black Diamonds
Black Kar - The Spits
Blue Girl - The Bad Roads
Where Did He Go - The Briefs

Aloha - The Headhunters
Mr. Tambourine Man - The Byrds
Mindy Ming - The Wontons
Ride The Wild Surf - Jan & Dean
Without You - The Ritchies
Lily - Drusalee & the Dead

I Am Right - The Dictators
She Took My Oldsmobile - The Romancers
Tree Pie - The Orange Alabaster Mushroom
Hang It Out To Dry - Bud & Kathy
Kailee Ann - Michael Carpenter

60 Miles An Hour - New Order
The Monkey's Uncle - Annette (w/the Beach Boys)
Surfin' With The Mountain King - The Surf Trio
Morgen - Ivo Robic
The Sun Always Shines Around You - The Queers

Me And Her Got A Good Thing Goin' Baby - Jonathan Richman
I Vant My Mummy - The Noyz Toyz
Spend Your Life - The First Crow To The Moon
C'mon Over - The Original Sins

No Soy Como Los Demas - The Manganzoides
Lard Ass - The Coyote Men
Porpoise Mouth - Country Joe & the Fish
Vilaines Filles, Mauvais Garcons - Stereo Total
Cindy - The Squalls

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