Bell Kelly's Teenage Wasteland

August 12, 2001

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Topsy - Susan & the Surftones
Mr. Blue - John Phillips
Get It On - Supersuckers

Something To Believe In - The Woggles
Run Run Run - The Gestures
Don't Trust Whitey - James Kochalka Superstar
Gruesome - Mike Evans
Waste My Time - Dumptruck
People of Tyme - Simple Simon & the Piemen

Football - Iggy Pop
Don't Believe - The Modds
Hunt You Down - The Yayhoos
She Lied (I Know Why) - The Jester IV
Hideous Sun Demon - Funch

The Hives Are Law, You Are Crime - The Hives
Whadaya Want - The Robins
Wiggler Stomp - The Thingz
No Good Woman - The Treez
TV Boyfriend - The Stuck-Ups
Itchycoo Park - The Small Faces

She'll Never Know - The Priests
The Martian hop - The Ran-dells
Get Rid Of Him - The Cuts
Be A Cave Man - The Avengers
The Last Ride - The Boss Martians

Hurry Up - It's My Party
You Stole My Love - Mike Furber & the Bowrey Boys
Left In The Dark - The Vertebrats
I Lost You In My Mind - The Painted Faces
Heaven Only Knows - Les Black's Amazing Pink Holes

Great Caesar's Ghost - The Vertigo-go's
Who's That Knocking - The Genies
She's The One - The Ramonetures
Yeah - The Alarm Clocks
Remembrance Day - B-Movie

Say Hey - The Seconds
Just Out Of Reach - The Zombies
Accidents Never Happen - Blondie
I'm Sufferin' - The Midnight Angels

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