Bell Kelly's Teenage Wasteland

March 25, 2001

WFMU 2001 Marathon with co-host Terre T and special guest Little Steven Van Zandt!

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Yes I Understand - The Chesterfield Kings
I'm Down Today - The Drones
Pinhead - The Headcoatees
Walkin' Shoes - The Trolls
(You Must Fight To Live) On The Planet Of The Apes - The Mummies
And Then - The Emperors
You'll Be Sorry Now - The Bent Scepters
I've Got A Girl - Dearly Beloved
Open Up Your Door - Richard & the Young Lions
Raise Your Voice - Bad Religion
Can't Stand It - The Greenhornes
Breakdown - The Trolley
Baby I - The Castilles (early Springsteen)
Love's Young Dream - The Guttersnipes
Gouge Away - The Pixies
You Don't Care - The Tallysmen
Crash Bowler - The Clit Cops
Fragile Child - The Golliwogs
Psycho - The Nozems
Move - The State Of Mind

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