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August 3, 2001

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In The Nursery

The Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari (ITN Corporation)


Sister "Sunshine" DJ Planar 78

RKK 13 (Reckankreuzungsklankewerkzeuge)

"Charity Haunted House"


Aero-Mic'd (Aero-Mic'd)

"E Mama Ea"

Cyril Pahinui/Bob Brozman

Four Hands Sweet & Hot (Dancing Cat)


Richard Youngs

Iamaphotographer (Plain Recordings)



Synchronschwimmer EP (Klein)

"Tom Wilson"

Full Dimensional

Compilation (Full Dimensional)

"Prelude & Fugue In C Minor"

The Swingle Singers

Fila Brazilia/Another Late Night (Treacle/BMG)

"Golden Experience"

Stars As Eyes

Freedom Rock (Tigerbeat6)

"Gwai On 45" (Arab Strap Remix)


Kicking A Dead Pig/Mogwai Fear Satan Remixes (Jetset)





Edith Frost

Wonder Wonder (Drag City)

"Excerpt From Dead Pharoah Vs. Smeared On Monkeys Eyeball"

Dylan Nyoukis

The Shield That Pierces Earth (Catsup Plate)

track 7

New Grape

New Grape Time (Time Stereo)

"I Got Your Ice Cold Nugrape"

Nugrape Twins

Sinners And Saints 1926-1931 (Document)

"The World Is Yours"

Macy Gray/Slick Rick

Soundtrack/Rush Hour 2 (Def Jam)




"Last American Blues"

His Name Is Alive

Ft. Lake (4AD)

"What Do You Do?"

Ms. Melodie

Hype According To Ms. Melodie (Jive)

"Slit-Gong Signalling"

Mbuti Pygmies Of The Ituri Rainforest

Mbuti Pygmies Of The Ituri Rainforest (Smithsonian Folkways)

"A Mind Blown Is A Mind Shown"

Hapshashe And The Coloured Coat

Hapshashe And The Coloured Coat (Imperial)

"Mata Air"

The Steps

Krontjong Warna-Warni (Time Stereo)

"Perfect World"

Holger Czukay

Rome Remains Rome (Virgin)




"Acqua Minerale"

Bolliger & Gloor

Summloch (Bolliger & Gloor)



Kohoutek (Tape Mountain)



The Official Secrets Act (Sire)

"Uomo Sex Al Apache"

Bow Wow Wow

I Want Candy (EMI)

"Waiting For You" (Ural 13 Diktators Remix)


Waiting For You At M.I.R. (Ural 13)




"Glass Danse World"

The Faint

Danse Macabre (Saddle Creek)

"At The House Of The Clerkenwell Kid"

(The Real) Tuesday Weld

Where Psyche Meets Cupid (Kindercore)

"Hit Me" (Ragga Mix)

DJ Frank Delour

12" (Buds)

"Bananaticoco Pt. 1"

Max B

7" (Virgo)

"Tema Proluis"

Rosinha De Valenca

Steppin' Out (Around The World)

"Ensam Dance Squad"


Mensa Dance Squad (Tigerbeat6)




"Attention Birds"

Electric Birds

RKK 13 (Reckankreuzungsklankewerkzeuge)

"Bug Rain"


Geometrid (Sub Pop)

"I Think It's Gonna Rain Today"

Peggy Lee

A Natural Woman (Capitol)

"The Last Time"

A.L.O. Orchestra

2069-A Spaced Oddity (Drop)


400 Blows

The New Lords On The Block (CP Inc.)


Rui Da Silva Presents The 4 Elements

Juan Atkins Legends: Volume 1 (Om)

"1, 2, 7, 29, 10, 14"

Individual Orchestra

Juan Atkins Legends: Volume 1 (Om)




"Mixed States Uncoded"

Rafael Toral

Violence Of Discovery And Calm Of Acceptance (Touch)

"Live Old"

Faun Fables

Mother Twilight (Earthlight)

"Opaque Euphoria"

Full Dimensional

Compilation (Full Dimensional)

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