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June 23, 2000

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In The Nursery

The Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari (ITN Corporation)

"The Swelling Of Leeches"

Sickness Of Snakes

Current 93/Sickness Of Snakes EP (Laylah)


Czecho-Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra

Carmen (Naxos)

"Someone Watches Over Me"

The Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi

Kings Of The Gospel Highway (Shanachie)

"Will I Ever"

Pat Conte

2 X Drop (Varieties Of Musical Experience)

"Levee Camp Holler"


Prison Songs Volume 1: Murderous Home (Rounder)


Bolliger & Gloor

Summloch (Bolliger & Gloor)

"Round Things Rolled"

The Panoply Academy Die-Cast Cadets

The Unaccompanied Voice-An A Capella Compilation (Secretly Canadian)




"Chewin' The Chew-Z"

Tom Tyler

Asleep At The Switch (DC Recordings)

"Yellow Bird"

The Mills Brothers

7" (Dot)

"Pearly Shells"

Lee Roy Matacha's Orchestra

Slow Music-Texas Bohemia II (Trikont)

"Meeny Meeny Chi Chi"

Tutto Matto

Funkulo (Tummy Touch)

"Swing Your Daddy"

Jim Gilstrap

Swing Your Daddy/Love Talk (Sequel)

"Catalpa" remix


7" (Compost)

"Drum Song"

Jackie Mittoo

The Keyboard King Of Studio One (Universal Sound)

"Summer Fling"

Los Chicharrons

Conga Heaven, Bongo Hell (Tummy Touch)


Miriam Makeba and The Skylarks

Women In Sound/The Secret Museum Of The Air (Secret Museum Of The Air)

"Summertime Reprise"

Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince

Homebase (Jive)




"Basso Bongo"

Jay Cloidt

Kole Kat Krush (Starkland)

"The Avalanche"

Jorg Piringer

Commercial Ad-Hoc (Illegal Art)

"Smells Like Teen Disco"


12" (Blackmusic/Illegal Art)

"Desolate Radio"

The Professor

Spatula Scrapings/Left Over Lo-Fi From The Audio Kitchen (The Professor)

"Shut Up" Acapella

Trick Daddy featuring Duece Pappi of 24 Karatz, Trina, Co of Tre +6

12" (SlipNSlide)


Tropical Sounds Orchestra

Classic Memories-1 (EMI Latin)

"Salad Tosser"

Wish Mountain Is Dead

Wish Mountain Is Dead (Antiphon)

"Trouble In The Streets"

Lost Ones

Buzz Buzz Buzz Vol. 2 (Arf Arf)


not listed

Television's Greatest Hits (TVT)


Dat Politics

Tracto Flirt (Tigerbeat 6)

"Arch Melvin"


Eliminator (Suction)

"Don't Call Me Baby"

Madison Avenue

S.I.N. New Music #33 (S.I.N.)



Larry Levan Live At The Paradise Garage (Strut)

"Is It In"

Jimmy "Bo" Horne

Gimme Some! (Westside)

"Love Is Gonna Be On Your Side"


Italo Dance Classics (ZYX)

"Here We Go Again"

People's Choice

Larry Levan Live At The Paradise Garage (Strut)




"An Hour Before The Light"

The Clientele

A Fading Summer (March)

"2 Fingers Crossed"

White Hassle

Life Is Still Sweet (Orange)

"I Love You Because" (alternate take)

Elvis Presley

Sunrise (RCA)



Ohayo! (Tzadik)

"Fractal 4"

Susie Ibarra

Flower After Flower (Tzadik)

"I Got A Life Of My Own"

Kris Kristofferson

Songs Of Kristofferson (CBS)

"Last Day"

Maher Shalal Hash Baz

From A Summer To Another Summer (An Egypt To Another Egypt) (Geographic)

"Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered"

Joanne Greer (for Rita Hayworth)

Soundtrack/Pal Joey (Capitol)

"Amos N' Andy"

not listed

Television's Greatist Hits Volume 4 (TVT)




"Bye Bye Baby"

Jane Russell

Girls And More Girls (Lion)

"Morning Morning"

The Fugs

Fugs 4, Rounders Score (ESP)

"Beautiful People"

We All Together

2 (Lazarus Audio Products)


The Longines Symphonette

The Memory Years 1925-1960 (MGM)

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