The Antique Phonograph Hour with MAC

Playlist for May 28, 1998

Every other Tuesday afternoon, 7 PM to 8 PM.
78s and cylinders played on actual period reproducing devices.

DumbellZez ConfreyVictor 1923
American PatrolSousa's BandVictor 1900
Manhattan Beach MarchColumbia BandColumbia 1901
Colonel BogeyColumbia BandColumbia 1920
Good ScoutVess OssmanVictor 1916
TootsDr. Clarence PennyVictor 1915
Eldorado MarchWilliam ReitzVictor 1916
Tickle ToesAda JonesVictor 1910
Ticklish ReubenCal StewartVictor 1902
Everything's At Home Except Your WifeWalter Van BruntEdison Amberol 191?
Why Aren't Yez Eatin' More OrangesEarnest Hare & Billy JonesVictor 1925
You Ain't Heard Nothin' YetAl JolsonColumbia 1919
When Old Silas Does The Turkey Trot To Turkey In The StrawCollins &
HarlanColumbia 1913
Jesse JamesJames CalhounRadiex 192?
Wallace Reducing RecordWallace Institute 1921

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