Incorrect Music
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Wednesday Afternoons, 3PM to 4PM

Incorrect Music Playlist for Oct 1998
Program #48 - October 7, 1998
Bob Gedden's Cavaliers"Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do"
Shaggs"My Pal Foot-Foot"
Lucia Pamela"Walking on Moon"
Spring Glen Grade School Orch"Stray Cat Strut"
Little Marcy"I Love Little Pussy"
Leona Anderson"Rats in My Room"
Tiger Lillies"Hamster"
Keith Bradford"Natural Disaster"
Frances Cannon"Earthquakes"
Jan & Dean"Lightning Strikes"
Poet and Picker"The Master's Hand"
Bob Willow"Annabelle Lee"
Jim Noste"Misty"
Program #49 - October 14, 1998
Ken DeFeudis"You Are my Destiny"
Sharon Cook"The Way We Were"
anon"I Am Smiley Emperor"
The Shaggs"Yesterday Once More"
Lucia Pamela"In the Year 2000"
Rod McKuen"Mule Train"
Rod McKuen"Ivy That Clings"
Rod McKuen"Still You Pass Me By"
Lionel Davis"Candy Pants"
Clark Bros."Cathy's Clown"
Ed McMahon"Georgy Girl"
Margaret Sloan"I'd Like to Make Love With You"
Ric Rondone"Get off My Back"
Program #50 - October 21, 1998
Mario Martinelli"Unbelievable"
Ed & Alice Gorin"Into Loving You"
Rose Marie Jun & Jack Carroll"One Big Union for Two"
A. J. Marshall"You've Made Me So Happy"
Jim Noste"Could I Have this Dance"
Ric Rondone"Gotta Be Me"
Adolf Babel"My Feet Start Tappin'"
Congresswoman Malinda Jackson Parker"Mosquito (#2)
Don Howard"Oh Happy Day"
Up With People"Which Way America"
Sylvia Boshers"Wake Up America"
Debbie Ferrar"Would You Believe"
Program #51 - October 28, 1998
Anton LaVey"Start the Day Right"
Shaggs"It's Halloween"
Jimmy Lee"Wicked Words"
Judson Fountain"The Nasty Rumor"
William Shatner"The Transformed Man"
Norm Cox"The Republican Party"
Sing Along with JFK"Ask Not Waltz"
Ivo Araujo"Estrendges Im Da Nai"
Ed & Alice Gorin"California Cruiser"
Jimmy DeSorbo & Country Casuals"Listen to the Mockingbird"
Marty's Misfits"A Misfit"

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