Presenting Big Mama, WFMU’s Mascot for 2018–2019!

After very carefully reviewing all of the many wonderful entries we received for our mascot contest during this year’s October fundraiser, we have chosen a winner:

Big Mama!

Big Mama is a five-year old South American Horned Frog owned by Listener Nicole from Highland Park. Congratulations, Nicole, and a warm and froggy WFMU welcome to Big Mama!

Listener Nicole provided this helpful bio, apparently dictated to her by Big Mama:

Ever since I was a tadpole, I felt I was destined to leave a legacy. Years pass fast. Here I am, 5 years old and already halfway through my life! I am ready to be a part of something bigger than my terrarium. You see moss, tanks, lights – all that changes, but WFMU doesn’t. Like WFMU, I am also a unique, beautiful, bold specimen of my species.

Well put, Big Mama!