“Into the Black” Swag 4 Life October Fundraiser is on!

WFMU’s cash flow problem is the stuff of monster movies, and our October Fundraiser is here to help carry us through the leanest months of the year. We hope you can tune in and help out the Freeform Station of the Nation as we launch our Into the Black campaign to double the number of people making monthly donations and get the station out of the red! If you are not a Swag 4 Life monthly donor, PLEASE join the campaign this month! And if you’re already in the Swag 4 Life program, please increase your monthly donation by whatever amount is doable. We are hoping to increase our roster of Swag 4 Lifers from 2000 to 4000 during this fundraiser.

For your pledge: Two great new tees (including a re-print of our famed Woof-Moo tee!), our 4th annual Mascot Contest, and generally keeping your listening experiences free of interruption until our March ‘thon. Please spread the word and go to www.wfmu.org from now til the end of October!