Get to Know Moondog, WFMU’s New Mascot

Some key factoids about WFMU’s new mascot: Moondog¬†was rescued at a Farmer’s Market in Maryland by listeners Ann and John. He is nine months old, and lives on John’s farm in Sullivan County, NY. He’s been trained to to “play” the keyboard of a marimba which is strung up by the gate of his pen, as he tends to fight for his food, which he did to survive back in his toddler days. Moondog has grown to twice the size of his supposed pygmy goat status, so his goatly provenance is still a mystery. He enjoys music, cars and long walks in the woods. Lately he’s taken to imitating the neighbors’ dogs by going “woof” when he wants attention. Here is Moondog in action. More videos and photos are coming!