Michio Kurihara Discography

The Janitor From Mars on WFMU

Compiled by Robert Lim (janitor [at] wfmu.org)
Version 2.0

Welcome to the on-line edition of a discography dedicated to the great guitarist Michio Kurihara. For nearly two decades, Kurihara has been lending his talents to a variety of psychedelic bands and musicians, ranging from the blow-out Amon Duul poundings of the first Marble Sheep lineup to his sublimely understated accompaniment to Damon & Naomi. Although he has only two published song-writing credits to his name, like all great guitarists, his contributions can be felt on every song that he plays on.

For a good background on Kurihara, please refer to Alan Cummings' comprehensive interview in issue 31 of the Ptolemaic Terrascope (for which this discography was initially prepared). For links to other resources, please consult my links page.

Although I gratefully acknowledge the many contributors to this work-in-progress, I would like to extend special thanks to Alan Cummings and Phil McMullen.

All recordings as guitarist unless otherwise noted.