Some Things I've Written

  • Twenty-Four Reasons to Hope for A Stock Market Crash in the New Millennium (LCD)
  • LCD's Rock and Roll Guide to London (LCD)
  • The Public Servants (1979-1981) (The Wire)
  • "You Lost All My Money!" (Mute)
  • Remembering President Zachary Taylor (LCD and others)
  • The Record Producer as Architect (New Observations)
  • How Awful Is the Radio in Your City? Take This Simple Test (Radiotext[e])
  • The Remailer Is Dead, Long Live the Remailer (The Village Voice)
  • Far from the Madding Mailing List (The Village Voice)
  • Ching Chow's Hidden Agenda (LCD)
  • The Death of the Demo Tape (At Last) (Cassette Mythos)
  • Putting the Dick in Dictionary (The Penumbra)
  • Review of X-Ray (Ray Davies autobiography) (Anarchy)

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    [Last updated: November 16, 2001]