Dave Mandl: What I Do

  1. Host of weekly radio show, “World of Echo” (WFMU-FM), since 1987

  2. Music editor, the Brooklyn Rail

  3. Freelance writer/journalist: The Wire, the Brooklyn Rail, the Village Voice, Mute, Semiotext(e), American Book Review, Sound Collector, the Chicago Reader, and many others

  4. Editor at large, Semiotext(e)/Autonomedia

  5. Photographer

  6. Graphic designer/typographer

  7. Co-founder, Conflux festival (annual psychogeography festival hosted by Glowlab)

  8. Musician (bass guitar, drums)

  9. Technology geek for a Wall St. investment bank

  10. Board member, Auricle Communications Corporation (owner of WFMU)

  11. Other interests: linguistics, information theory, finance/behavioral finance